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									  Volume 12, Number 8                                                       August 2007

                     The Nugget
                     The Newsletter of the Mother Lode DX/Contest Club
MEETING DATE, LOCATION & PROGRAM               Club. At present, the center of NCCC
                                               territory is off Highway 49 near Auburn
What: The August meeting of the Mother Lode
                                               (see NCCC web site for exact location).
DX/Contest Club. Scheduled program is the
                                               Due to our members being spread over a
5A7A Libya DXpedition of last year.
                                               large area, we submit our scores as a
Where: Mountain Mike's Pizza in Martell on     „medium‟ club rather than a „small club.
August 11 at regular time.    Mtn Mike's is    For ARRL contests and others that use ARRL
where the Round Table Pizza was formerly       criteria this will satisfy requirement of
located. It is in the shopping center with     contestant living & operating in club
Save-Mart-ex Albertson's on Highway 88,        territory. I rather doubt that we will be
just west off Highway 49. Our meeting room     placed in situation of PVRC in SS 2006. As
is reserved from 11 AM-3 PM.                   this circle extends over much of northern
                                               California, none of our regular members
When: August 11 at our regular time (The       will be excluded. In 2006 PVRC submitted
room is reserved from 11AM-3PM.)               some scores from stations located out of
                                               club territory and had to remove these
FROM THE PREZ                                  resulting in a second place finish instead
                                               of first.
Any and all mistakes, typos and other
miscues will be blamed on the heat. I did      MLDX/CC    had   three    applications   for
manage to get some weeds knocked down          membership at the joint meeting. They will
before it got too hot. Antenna projects are    be   voted   in  at   the   August  meeting.
in limbo.                                      Applicants are Kevin Rowett K6TD, John
                                               Miller K6MM & Rich Cutler WC6H. Also
The August 11 meeting will be at the           renewing was Rick N6XI & Al AD6E.      Still
Mountain Mike‟s Pizza (site of former RT       not too late to send in dues for 2007.
Pizza) in the Save-Mart (ex-Albertson‟s)
shopping center on Highway 88 in Martell       NAQP CW was Aug. 4 and SSB will be on the
just before Highway 49. We have the space      18th. This is a good chance to see if
from about 11 until 3 PM. Thanks to Ken &      station is still working. Exchange is name
Kay for making arrangements. There will be     & state. Start at 1800Z „til 0600Z. Operate
a DVD on the 5A7A Libyan DXpedition of last    10 out of the 12 hours. Timeouts must be 30
year.                                          minutes or more. Mults are the North
                                               America entities, i.e., PR, 50 states, VE
I encourage our newer members to consider      provinces, etc. See NCJ or NCJ web site for
joining the Northern California Contest        more info.
Club. Most of us belong to NCCC as a result
of the „highly motivated operator; (HMO)       I would also like to see a motion allowing
plan put out by Rusty, W6OAT at a joint        the Board of Directors to set the dues and
meeting a few years back. Last year NCCC       to allow BoD to waive dues for certain
won the Club Competition gavel. I have a       members. As I recall, this was done a few
few application forms that I will bring to     years back but not entered into the by-laws
meeting. Apps are also available at the        as they are posted online.
NCCC web site. Let‟s help make NCCC an
undisputed winner in ‟07.                      73, Dick Wilson K6LRN
I will be asking for a motion to make the     Field Day effort for K6AO,2007:
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club territory the       Band        CW     SSB   Total
same as the Northern California Contest
                                                80         169      43     212

  The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                           Page 1
  40        279      18      297              fall when the scores come out from ARRL.
                                              Here‟s hoping!
  20        717     346    1,163
                                              Jim -WX6V-
  15        116      -       116
   6          0        1       1              Member news/feedback/Announcements.
   2          0        4       4              *New    Section     Manager     Appointed    in
                                              Sacramento   Valley*    (Jul   3,   2007)   Ron
                                              Murdock, W6KJ, of Yuba City, California,
Totals    1,281     412 1,693
                                              has been appointed Section Manager of the
Scoring: QSO Points  5,948 + Bonus Points     Sacramento            Valley            Section
750 = Claimed Score  6,698                Dave
                                              Patton, NN1N, Manager of ARRL's Membership
This is a FB score! We operated in Class 1A   and Volunteer Programs Department, made the
this year due to a general lack of            appointment effective July 2 since outgoing
available operators for any class higher      Section Manager Casey McPartland, W7IB,
than that. Knowing this ahead of time, Jack   will be moving out the section soon.
(KF6T) devised an operating strategy that     Murdock was scheduled to become Section
would maximize the use of our 24-hour         Manager on October 1. "I have been looking
operating period. I‟ll talk more about that   forward to this for some time," Murdock
at a future club meeting. Our goal at the     said after getting the word that his term
start of the weekend was to make at least     is starting three months early. He comes to
1,500 QSOs, with about a 60-40% split         the position with strong recommendations
between CW and SSB. AS you can see above,     from   McPartland,     as   well    as   former
we did better on both counts by making 193    Sacramento Valley Section Manager Jettie
contacts over our goal and working 76% cw     Hill, W6RFF. Murdock is active with the
for maximum points. Our goal was derived      Yuba-Sutter       Amateur       Radio      Club
from an analysis of last year‟s class 1A>, and has also served as
winning score. We concluded that on-air       ARRL              Bulletin              Manager
conditions would be comparable this year to
last and, all things being equal, we felt     l>    and    ARRL     Emergency     Coordinator
we could put up a competitive score from
the west coast this year.                     l. Licensed since 1967, he has been
                                              involved in public service events and
However, it actually was our setup that was   emergency    communications      since    1969,
substantially    different    this    year,   helping out with earthquakes, wildfires and
especially with our antennas. For one         floods. Murdock and his wife Jo Anne,
thing, we had our 4-element 20-meter beam     N6YLO, have two grown sons. He can be
up at 60‟ this year. For another, we had a    reached via e-mail
15-meter 2-element monobander up about 25‟
doing a FB job on that band, plus the usual   I missed the 1A0 last week...I heard them
wires on 40 and 80. The weather was almost    on 20 ssb once. I had a good run in IARU
perfect this year – just a little chilly at   Sat evening...mostly west coast and lots of
night with no wind storms.                    W6's. Seemed like CQP! 466 Q's, maybe 50
                                              mults....still struggling with the Micro-
My hearty thanks go out to all of our         Ham    USB   inter-face.driver    and   746
participants who worked hard to put this      combination with N1MM. I hope to work this
all together – (in no particular order)       out before CQP, CU in CQP and at the next
KF6T, AI6V, K6LRN, K6TKD, N6RK, WB6GEF, and   meeting. Ray,ND6S
                                              Howdy!. I Would you let the DX org know
I also want to thank the club for allowing    that   the  annual   Runt   Ranch   SWAP   in
me to be your Field Day Coordinator for       Vacaville is scheduled for 1 September from
another year. We had a great time together    0800-1200 with drawings at 1030.        Three
on Peddler Hill again this year, made a       radios for raffle, three antennas for door
whole bunch of contacts, no one got hurt,     prizes, two "Television's Pirates Books for
and we had an opportunity to demonstrate      door prizes and still scrounging other
ham radio to some RV campers that were        prizes.
sharing our spot on the hill over the         Remember   AMATEUR    “only”    SWAP...    No
weekend. Now – it‟s the long wait until       furniture, No Computers, No CDs. Looking
                                              for radios, feedline, feedline connectors,

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                           Page 2
antennas, microphones, towers and such. We     I have replaced my aged 6 element Mosley
will have hot links, water, and sodas.         classic 36 with a new Force 12 5 band (2
So bring your chairs and come gossip, sell     element rotary beam), I also added a 30M, 2
a bit, buy a bunch and GRIP N GRIN with the    element beam and a new 40M rotary diplole. Larry W6OMF& XYL, Sue               The 30 and 40M designs and fabricating
                                               instructions are on my website.
I am looking for a usable, plain vanilla,      Check em‟ out. de Norm N6JV.
older single or dual bander HT or mobile,
2M   and  440.   Lots  to   trade,  but   in   Not much in the way of working DX lately,
particular, how about some 7/8" coax, 120      but during the lull I am going back through
ft or a BIG, strong shippiing case, or a       my paper logs and putting needed band and
bunch of Andrews 1/2 " feliflex N coax         mode Qs in the computer and sending them
connectors....Lots of other stuff... QRO HV    off to LoTW.    I have gone back through
PS, RF decks, what do you need.                1998.   So far I have picked up several
Call     me:Sincerely,     Pat     Barthelow   "challenge" points, even from 1998, and of         (916)     315-9271   course many QSLs (luckily only a few JAs).                   As soon as it cools down some, I will tilt
Jamesburg Earth Station Moon Bounce Team       over my 45 ft mast and do some needed
                                               repairs on the tribander and 80 meter
                                               dipole, and I hope to install a 17 meter
Part-time efforts in the IARU HF and NAQP      dipole. 73, Jettie, W6RFF
RTTY, focused on testing the new Elecraft
K3. It's an impressive radio with nifty
digital mode support as well as excellent      EDITOR’S NOTES
CW and SSB performance. I could operate        Well the past month I actually worked some
comfortably within 2 KHz of nearby W6EU who    DX, went to a great MLDXCC/NCCC combined
was S9+40 to 50.                               meeting, and replaced all my HF radios.
                                               Wow! I guess I was pretty busy. I sold my
NAQP RTTY was my first ever RTTY contest.      FT-1000 MK-V, my FT-920 and replaced both
Prior to the day before the contest, I         with an Icom 756 Pro III. Why? I now have
hadn't made a RTTY QSO since the late          one radio that has HF and six meters all in
1960's when I was sending public opinion       one box and it does a pretty damn good job
radiograms from Boston to Washington via an    in both areas.   Plus, it frees-up a whole
MIT-Georgetown U. RTTY link. That link         lot of space on the operating table.     On
survived thanks to oil cans, rags and          the negative-side, the Icom just doesn‟t
screwdrivers, none of which are required       drive the old AL-1200 the way the (200W
for RTTY today. Rick N6XI.                     output) FT-1000 MK-V did.

                                               K6XT and his wife (they lives near Durango,
I am not an accomplished contester but         CO), stopped by to see us on their way back
enjoy participating in contests (when my       home on the 4th of August. They were in N.
schedule    permits).       As  a   regular    Cal to visit their kids, we had a nice
subscriber/reader of CQ I received the         chat, shared lunch and a few beers.
current edition (Aug 07) and immediately
turned to the article on the 2006 CQWW/SSB     I have been re-evaluating my antenna system
Contest to see how I had fared in a contest    and doing antenna repairs, I am trying to
in which I was able to devote a full 24        simplify the operator interface, as well.
hrs.                                           Simple is better. Right? I have also been
     Based upon previous years results I       looking at, and replacing, old coax. Man,
figured my score would be close to the top     it‟s just amazing how fast the center-
10 in my category (SOLP-All Bands).    Upon    conductor insulation falls apart in the
scrutinizing the scores I was pleasantly       summer sun!
surprised to see that AA6K had the top
score (104,139 for 245 Qs) for SOLP-All        I have for sale a Yaesu, DVS-2, Digital
Bands in the 6 call area.           Further    Memory Recorder s/n 6I022. I will accept
scrutinization of the scores revealed that     the best offer for it and ship it via UPS.
there is substantial room for improvement.     This unit will interface with any of the
My score, although tops in 6 land, was the     FT-1000, FT-1000D, FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP-
lowest SOLP-All Bands top score of any call    Field or FT-1000 Mk-V series transceivers.
area.    Shirley L. Rose /AA6K                 It will record and transmit messages via
                                               it's memory (as a voice-keyer) or record
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                          Page 3
off-air receiver audio.    The unit is in     started to wake up about an hour or so
very good physical condition, and functions   later – I could not believe what my eyes
as new. I also have the original box and      saw. Ahead of me were row upon row of
manual. de Rick,W6SR (530) 672-2885           electronic gear set up on tables as the far
Enough for now, CU all the 11th.    de Rick   the eye could see. Very impressive! I saw
W6SR                                          every kind of electronic thing imaginable –
                                              radio gear, parts, books, tools, test
                                              equipment, computers, and a lot of things
  My Trip to the Dayton Hamvention – 2007     that I have no clue what they were. Down on
           By Jim Venneman, WX6V              one end of the row we had guys dressed up
                                              like the Blues Brothers selling little
It‟s been years since I attended the Dayton   laptops for $99 and cracking jokes over
Hamvention – probably at least 35 by my       their PA. Meanwhile, down at the other end
recollection. You see – I grew up in          we had the cute little Icom girls handing
Cincinnati and was first licensed as KN8DBW   out rain ponchos to all the guys. In
in 1961. I lived there until I graduated      between, we had every mixture you could
from college in 1969. So – going to the       imagine, from guys with just a few pieces
Cincinnati    Hamfest   and    the   Dayton   of gear to sell to tent covered walkways
Hamvention were annual activities in those    filled with boxes of stuff. Oh, can‟t
days. My memory of the event was, that        forget to mention the shack-on-belt types
while bigger than the Cincinnati hamfest,     with their interesting assortment of head-
it was no big deal, other than they filled    mounted antenna arrays. Apparently – I was
the main arena and an adjacent hallway with   lucky, because the weather was picture
booths. The flea market was fairly big, but   perfect with highs around 85 during the day
again, no big deal. This time, I was not      and a nice breeze with no hints of rain at
only going back to visit the Hamvention,      all. I loved it!
but primarily to visit with my long time
friend Jim, K8CXM, who I first met on 40      After several hours of this, it was time to
meter cw back in my novice days, as well as   enter the exhibit area and turn in our
my old high-school cruising buddy, Jeff,      prize tickets. Whoa – we couldn‟t even walk
W2FU, who now lives in Rochester, N.Y. and    through the main arena floor!     There was
owns the Green Heron Engineering firm that    just a mass of humanity in there crushing
sells digital rotor controllers. The last     to get a look at all the glittering goodies
time we were together, we were all talking    on display. It was then that I discovered
about cars and girls. Now we‟re all old       just how far the vendor exhibits had
guys with grown kids and when we had a        expanded since my last trip to Dayton. One
chance to get together and talk – what were   of my companions took me on a little walk
we talking about? We were talking about       that ended up encompassing numerous rooms
retirement plans and Medicare coverage.       and over 500 booths of vendors selling
What happened? At least we were all still     anything and everything related to ham
active and playing with radios. Some things   radio. Down on one end we had some small
just never change.                            women   dressed   up  like   shiny    robots
                                              entertaining the guys over at the Icom
I was not prepared for what I was about to    booth. Meanwhile, at the other end, we had
experience in the year 2007. I have never     Gordon West, W5YI wearing a giant size
seen so much electronic equipment and         mortar-board on his head and espousing the
related items located in one place! That      value of ham education to all who would
doesn‟t even begin to mention the mass of     listen. And in between – shiny new stuff
ham radio-related humanity on the premises.   that we all have to have in our shacks, or
Official attendance was set at 19,318 this    so we might think.
year and folks, that‟s alotta ham! We
arrived at the Hamvention around 8:00         At one point, we decided to return to our
Friday morning and started off in the flea    car for lunch. I didn‟t know what to
market area. Still living on California       expect. Out of the trunk came a small
time – my body thought it was 5 AM and here   table, some chairs, and a cooler filled
I was walking (more like teetering) around    with ham and cheese, bread, soft drinks,
in a parking lot looking at electronic        water, chips, and other goodies. Hey –
stuff through blurred vision. I was pretty    these guys know how to attend a ham
spacey and was basically focused on the       convention!! After lunch, on the way back
feet of my two buddies that were with me. I   to the arena, we couldn‟t help but notice
didn‟t want to lose them. By the time I       all of the guys pulling carts into the
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                        Page 4
parking lot loaded with electronic gear       about that new SteppIR antenna or Alpha-
that we couldn‟t recognize. Where did all     Spid rotor or …..…………………….(you name it).
of this stuff come from? What were people
using this stuff for? Just how much money     July Treasurer’s Report
was exchanging hands over the weekend? All    Balance at our August meeting.
good questions.                               Carolyn Wilson K6TKD, Treasurer

Up the next morning (Saturday) and off we     General Meeting Minutes,7 July 2007.
went to the Hamvention for day #2. This was   The joint meeting of the MLDXCC and the
the day that we intended to buy all of the    Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) was
goodies that we scoped out on Friday. Off I   held at the Senior Center in Jackson,
went to the Microham booth to buy that new    California, with 63 members, guests and
Microkeyer that I had been eyeing for         XYLs.   Following the potluck meal, Dick
several months. Not bad - $25 off the         Wilson, K6LRN, MLDXCC President Pro Tem,
regular price, no sales tax, and no           called the group to order at 1:10 PM and
shipping – about a $50-60 savings! Off my     abbreviated meetings for both clubs were
buddy went to get that new 144/440 Mhz.       held,   stressing   involvement   in   ARRL
dual band antenna out in the flea market. I   Sweepstakes and the California QSO Party.
also stopped by the ARRL booth to have my
DX qsl cards checked. I had brought enough    Ken Anderson, K6TA, introduced Bob Vallio,
cards with me to confirm over 200 contacts.   W6RGG, ARRL Pacific Division Director, who
Not expecting them to allow me to submit      in turn introduced our new Sacramento
this many cards, Bill Moore, NC1L, head of    Valley Section Manager, Ron Murdock, W6KJ,
ARRL DXCC, was gracious enough to take my     who is replacing former Section Manager and
cards back to his hotel room and checked      club member Jettie Hill, W6RFF. Jettie was
them that night. I returned the next day to   honored with the presentation of the ARRL
pick them up and pay my fees. Now that‟s      Diamond Award (the Joe Knight Distinguished
first-class service!                          Service   Award),    “for  his   long   and
                                              distinguished career as a Section Manager
Ran into some California folks that I knew    and his numerous contributions to Amateur
during the weekend, such as W0YK, K7NV,       Radio and the ARRL.”
N6BV, & W6RGG. Needless to say – 6-land
callsigns on hats, shirts, and name badges    Bob, W6RGG, presented a slideshow talk on
were few and far between.                     his involvement in the recent Scarborough
                                              Reef DXpedition, BS7H.
By the end of the day, with tired legs, an
empty wallet, and a bag full of goodies, it    Meeting adjourned and clean-up complete at
was time to head back home. Did I mention     4:30 PM.
all of the neat free stuff that was given
out by vendors – like Icom and Yaesu hats,    Kay Anderson, K6KO, Secretary
mouse pads and pins from Kenwood, and
catalogs galore. My last day in Cincinnati    UPCOMING EVENTS
was spent helping my buddy put up that        Old Foothill Flea Market
144/440 dual band antenna on his roof and     1st Sunday of each month at DeAnza College,
replace the coax on his 6-meter beam with     intersection of I280 and State Highway 85.
some “good stuff” that was purchased from     The flea market is going under the name
“The Wireman.”   In the meantime, I ate as    "ASVARA"
often as possible over the weekend at         Livermore Swap Meet
“Skyline Chili.” If you have never been to     (see website for new location), 7:00 AM to
a chili parlor in the Cincinnati area,        noon, all year.   Talk in 147.045 from the
you‟re missing out. Just like that, it was    west 145.35 from the east. Check at:
time to head back to the airport and the
flight back to California.
                                              SELECTED - UP-COMING CONTESTS
So – would I be willing to go back again?     WAE DX Contest, CW 0000Z, Aug 11 to 2359Z, Aug 12
Absolutely! Only problem is – next year‟s     Maryland-DC QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 11 to 0400Z, Aug 12
                                              and   1600Z-2359Z, Aug 12
event falls on my 20th wedding anniversary.   SARTG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z-0800Z, Aug 18 and   1600Z-
Sorry guys – I‟m not that foolish! Maybe      2400Z, Aug 18 and   0800Z-1600Z, Aug 19
I‟ll be back in 2009 instead. I‟ll probably   ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Aug 18 to 2400
need a new transceiver by then, or how        local, Aug 19
                                              North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Aug 18 to 0600Z,
                                              Aug 19
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                                 Page 5
New Jersey QSO Party 2000Z, Aug 18 to 0700Z, Aug 19 and you will be placed on the
and 1300Z, Aug 19 to 0200Z, Aug 20                       list for update.
Hawaii QSO Party 0700Z, Aug 25 to 2200Z, Aug 26 SCC
RTTY Championship 1200Z, Aug 25 to 1159Z, Aug 26
Ohio QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 25 to 0400Z, Aug 26            FP, ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON. Operators
All Asian DX Contest, Phone 0000Z, Sep 1 to 2400Z, Sep   John/W9ILY and Bob/K9MDO will be going to
2                                                        Miquelon (NA-032) and be active as FP/W9ILY
WAE DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Sep 8 to 2359Z, Sep 9
Arkansas QSO Party 1400Z, Sep 8 to 0600Z, Sep 9 and      and FP/K9MDO. John informs OPDX that the
1500Z-2400Z, Sep 9                                       operations     will    begin    on    Thursday,
ARRL September VHF QSO Party 1800Z, Sep 8 to 0300Z,      September 13th (or possibly the evening of
Sep 10                                                   Wednesday, September 12th) and continue
Tennessee QSO Party 1800Z, Sep 9 to 0300Z, Sep 10 ARCI
ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Sep 15 to 2400    through Tuesday, September 18th. Operations
local,                                                   will be from the famous MAXOTEL that
Sep South Carolina QSO Party 1300Z, Sep 15 to 2100Z,     has   been    used     by   several    previous
Sep 16                                                   DXpeditions. Activity is planned for all
Washington State Salmon Run 1600Z, Sep 15 to 0700Z,
Sep 16 and 1600Z-2400Z, Sep 16                           bands    80-10     meters.    They   will    be
QCWA Fall QSO Party 1800Z, Sep 15 to 1800Z, Sep 16       concentrating on SSB (primarily FP/K9MDO)
North American Sprint, SSB 0000Z-0400Z,                  and RTTY/PSK (primarily FP/W9ILY). Their
144 MHz Fall Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Sep         equipment will be two TS-570D(G) rigs, 100
                                                         watts and no amps, and they plan to use the
The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster                           antennas that were donated by previous
DX Bulletin No. 820, August 6, 2007                      DXpeditions. Due to the strict weight
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW                            restrictions    of   Air   St.   Pierre,   they
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)                 believe that 100 watts with good verticals
                                                         at the sea will provide good, workable
6C60, SYRIA. Look for Syrian hams to use                 signals.   QSL    routes    are   as   follows:
the special prefix 6C60 to celebrate the                 FP/W9ILY - QSL direct or by the Bureau.
60th anniversary of amateur radio in Syria               Contacts will be uploaded to LoTW ASAP
during the period October 15th to November               following the DXpedition.
15th on all HF bands.                                    FP/K9MDO - QSL via W9NJB direct or by the
                                                         Bureau. John states, "This will be a 'laid-
AM/AN/AO/EG7, SPAIN. Members of the El                   back' type of DXpedition to give us and the
Grupo RASE DX will be on the air between                 DX community the maximum enjoyment. Thus,
September    3-16th,   to     celebrate   the            we do not envision a 24-hour operation,
centenary of the "I Centenario of the Royal              especially with only two operators."
Betis" football club in Spain. They are
expected to use the special prefix AM, AN                GB, ENGLAND (Special Event). Robert, G8ATE,
and AO, and the special event station                    states,   "A   small  group   of  satellite
EG7CRB during this event. Activity will be               enthusiasts in the East Midlands of England
on VHF and HF bands, CW, SSB and the                     are planning to operate a special event
Digital modes. A special diploma and QSL                 (GB) station to celebrate the forthcoming
card is available. For more details about                50th anniversary of the world's first Earth
the    event,    visit    the     Web   page:            orbiting satellite SPUTNIK ONE from October
http:/                                     3rd for one month." More details are
Ulli, DL2AH, will be active as CE0Z/DL2AH                IOTA NEWS..................
from March 18th to April 7th, 2008 (not                  AS-039. Operators Vlad/RV1CC, Yuri/RA0FU,
March 11-26th as first announced; this is                Serge/ UA1ANA, Oleg/UR3IFD, Victor/RV2FW,
due to airlane flight problems). Activity                Valery/UA0ZC, Serge/UA0ZAZ, Alex/UA0ZCC and
will be holiday style on 40-10 meters                    Elena/RV3ACA will be active as RK1B/0 from
mainly on SSB and RTTY using a FT-897. QSL               Bering Island, August 9-14th. This is a
via DL2AH, direct or by the Bureau.                      rare RDA (Russian Districts Award). RRC
                                                         reference is RR-12-07. QSL via RV1CC. Check
DXCC NEWS. Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL DXCC                   their Web site for more details at:
Manager, informs OPDX that the following       
operation is approved for DXCC credit:                   For RDA info,see:
9UØX - Burundi; 2007 Operation
BS7H - Scarborough Reef; 2007 Operation                  AS-066.       Operators        Igor/RW0LBM,
J5UAR - Guinea-Bissau; 2007 Operation                    Vlado/UA0LCZ,  Alex/RU0LM  and   Andy/RW0LC
If   you   had   cards   rejected  for   this            will be active as UE0LAA from Chikhachev
operation,    please   send   an  E-mail   to            Island (RR-16-09, RDA PK-27) until August
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                                    Page 6
7th. QSL   via   UA0LCZ,   direct   or   by   the   NA-041.   Rick, K6VVA, will be active as
bureau.                                             K6VVA/KL7         from         Revillagigedo
                                                    Island (USI AK141S, WW Loc. CO45IP, 1st
AS-151. Operators BY1TT, BD1PTA, BA3CE and          South Eastern County, Alaska), September 7-
possibly   others   will   be   active   as         9th. Activity will be holiday style on
homecall/2 from Juhua Island between August         40/30/20/17 meters primarily on CW. He
10-12th. QSL via BD1PTA.                            plans to operate in the CW Sprint Contest.
                                                    QSL   via   N6AWD.   More   information   at
EU-003.   Falko, DG1WIM, will activate the
Island of Sao Miguel (AZ-002 for the
Portuguese Islands Award, WLOTA LH-2016) as         NA-083. Operators Dave/W4SAR and Joe/K4SAR
CU2/DG1WIM between now and August 14th.             will be active as W4SAR/p from Chincoteague
Operations will be holiday style. QSL via           Island   (USI   VA002S,   WW   Loc.   FM27HW,
his home callsign, direct or by the bureau.         Accomack   County,   Virginia)   from   0100z
                                                    August 12th to 0100z August 24th. Special
EU-025. Alberto, IT9MRM, will be active as          note: Look for sporadic activity on 6m SSB
IT9MRM/p from Isola delle Palme (IIA SR-            and on 20m SSB and 20m PSK31. QSL direct to
010, MIA MI-266) between August 6-8th.              W4SAR (
Activity will be on the HF bands SSB. QSL
direct or by the bureau.                            NA-140.   Page, WA3EOP, will be operating
                                                    mobile from Kent Island (USI MD004S, WW
EU-030.   Jens, DL8WOW, will be active as           Loc. FM18UW, Queen Annes Couty, Maryland)
OZ/DL8WOW from Bornholm Island(BO-001 for           on August 11th (1600-1800z). Activity will
the Danish Islands Award, WLOTA LH-2203)            include the MDC QSO Party. He plans to use
between now and August 17th. Activity will          both 40 and 20 meters, perhaps both SSB and
be on 40-10 meters, mainly CW, using a FT-          CW from the mobile. Suggested frequencies
897 with 100 watts. QSL via his home                are: 7230, 7060, 14266 and 14060. Most
callsign.                                           activity will be SSB, and if there is any
                                                    CW it will be slow speed. QSL via his home
EU-054.       Operators   Raffaello/IT9ATF,         callsign.
Gianni/IT9ORA, Renato/IT9NPR, Pippo/IT9PPG,
Giuseppe/IT9RZU and Pino/IT9WDC will be             OC-142.   Steve, G0UIH, will be active as
active as IF9A from Favignana Island (IIA           VK2IAY/4 from Great Keppel Island, December
TP-011, MIA MI-025, WLOTA LH-1545), between         16-22nd. As with previous DXpeditions the
October 26-28th, for the CQWW DX CW                 main operation will be centered around
Contest. Activity will be on all bands and          14260 kHz, but with some possibility of
modes. QSL via IT9ATF.                              15/17 meters operations. His equipment will
                                                    be   an  IC-706MK2G   with   homebrew  wire
EU-055.       Operators     Henk/PA3FMC    and      dipoles. QSL either direct or by the
Ruud/PE1BTV     will      be     active     as      bureau. Check out the website for further
LA/PA3FMC from the lighthouse (ARLHS NOR-           details at:
264, WLOTA LH-2373, WW Loc. JP21GA), on
Utvar Island, August 16-22nd. They will             OC-160.   Steve, G0UIH, will be active as
participate     in     the      International       VK2IAY/4 from South Molle Island, January
Lighthouse/Lightship   weekend.       Activity      7-11th (2008). As with previous DXpeditions
will be on all HF bands using SSB and BPSK,         the main operation will be centered around
plus 2 and 6 meters with meteor scatter.            14260 kHz, but with some possibility of
QSL    via   PA3FMC     (     Further      15/17 meters operations. His equipment will
information     can      be     found      at:      be   an  IC-706MK2G   with   homebrew  wire                        dipoles. QSL either direct or by the
                                                    bureau. Check out the website for further
EU-175.          Operators     Jorge/CT1FMX,        details at:
Mary/CT1YTS   and    Jose/CU3EQ    will   be
active as CU3F from Terceira Island (AZ-003         IPY STATION. Look for Charles, MØOXO, to
for the Portuguese Islands Award, WLOTA LH-         again activate the special event station
0524, WW Loc. HM68KP), Azores, between now          GB4IPY between August 30th. Activity is to
and August 9th. Activity will be on 80-6            celebrate the "Inter-national Polar Year
meters CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. QSL via             (IPY)". The International Polar Year Events
CT1FMX, direct or by the bureau.                    run until 2009 and has been set up to raise
                                                    awareness about the plights of our Polar
                                                    Regions in respect of Global Warming and
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                               Page 7
other matters of interest. The GB4IPY          operation. Bruce now tells OPDX that he was
station is the only station active from the    wrong on the QSL info, and he is sorry for
U.K. and for the World-Wide Antarctic          the false info.
Program it has a reference number of WAP-
098 for the WAP chasers. The station will      GOLIST QSL MANAGER DATABASE HELP NEEDED.
be active on the HF bands and 6m using SSB,    John, K1XN, from the GoList                informs:
CW and PSK31 modes several times each week.    "During     my    QSL      Manager     confirmation
There is also a new award now available by     process, I have accumulated a list of QSL
the operator and can be claimed for working    Managers for which I could not find a
a combination of GB4IPY and GB0ANT stations    published E-mail address, or the E-mail
on various bands and modes. Details about      address that I found is not valid and
the GB4IPY/GBØANT award can be found on        bounces mail. Listed below are some of
MØOXO                Web               site    those QSL Managers that I am having
at: There are    problems with. I hope that maybe they will
three levels ranging from a certificate to     read this message and take the time to
a trophy.                                      update their E-mail address on or
                                               send     them       to       me      direct     at:
JD1/O, OGASAWARA (Real Early Announcement).        "       DB2GO         DF2IY
Koya, JI5RPT (JD1BLY), and possibly others     DF6IC      DJ5ZWS     DK7PE       DL2VK      DL5RMH
(using JD1 callsigns) will be active from      DL8RM      DB3LSP        DF3FN      DF7GB     DJ6EA
Chichijima Island (AS-031) between February    DL1DWR    DL3AMA      DL5SE       DL9DYL      DB8JO
13-28th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters      DF3IAU    DF7ZH        DJ6SI       DL1GDS    DL3APO
on CW, SSB, Satellites and Digital modes.      DL6CT     DL9GFB        DC8HG        DJ2AVB   DF7ZS
They will focus on 160 and 80 meters. QSL      DJ7SX      DL1YMK      DL3BUM     DL6HBX     DL9HCU
via their home callsigns. Meanwhile, Koya,     DC8HV       DF3NZ       DF9TM      DJ7ZG     DL2AAZ
JI5RPT, will be active as JD1BLY during the    DL3ML      DL6LAU     DL9MS      DC8TS        DF4TD
ARRL DX CW Contest (February 16-17th) as a     DH2FW      DJ8VC        DL2AH       DL3OCH    DL6NI
Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via JI5RPT.      DL9USA      DC8XL         DF5AN     DJ1MH     DK1BT
For more details and updates, visit the        DL2AU      DL4FF       DL6QT      DM2AYO      DD1TG
webpage at:          DF5IW      DJ2EH       DK2CL       DL2GAC    DL4VBP
                                               DL7AFS    DM5DX       DF0CB         DF5UG     DJ2VO
KH3, JOHNSTON ISLAND. Skipper of the USSV      DK4DV    DL2JRM DL5DYL DL7CN           DO1ARS
Dharma, Susan Meckley, W7KFI, who was             DF1IC       DF5UL      DJ3EH     DK4YJ    DL2NUD
expected to depart sometime last week for      DL5JMN    DL7UGO     DS2GOO       DF1IM       DF6EX
Johnston Island (OC-023, USI OI-006), has      DJ3KR      DK5TX        DL2SWW     DL5KUD    DL7UUO
once again postponed her departure. Susan      DF2IY       DF6FK       DJ4MZ      DK5VD     DL2VFR
informs   OPDX   (as   she  apologizes   to    DL5NAM DL8NU
everyone) that it seems the hurricane
weather coming from the Mexican area does      VK9DNX QSL STATUS. Mario, DJ2MX, reports:
not look good. Apparently, she started to      "I would like to inform you about the
head out and heard about hurricane Erik.       status of VK9DNX direct QSLs. On last
The hurricane was heading her way and it       Friday (July 27th) the last big batch with
was expected to pass to the south. Susan       VK9DNX cards has been sent out. The next
states, "I am heading into Honolulu for the    step will be processing of all requests
hurricane ends in Nov. If there    received via OQRS (Online QSL Request
is a break in the WX then I will schedule      System) followed by answering the bureau
to KH3."                                       cards. Please notice that 3 USDs or 1 IRC
                                               are   sufficient   for   return   postage   to
QSL INFO AND NEWS.....................         destinations outside of Europe. Once again
3Y0X ON LOTW! QSL Manager Bob Schenck,         the VK9DNX team wants to thank you very
N2OO, announced that the 3Y0X logs has been    much for your support and donations. The
uploaded to LoTW as of August 3rd, 2007.       planning   of   the   next   DXpedition   just
AM7HQ via EA4URE.                              YI1BGD QSLS. Paul, ON6DP, received the
QSL AM3A via EA3FHP.                           following  mail  from  YI1IRQ,   from  the
                                               Society I.A.R.S. (Baghdad, Iraq) stating
CORRECTION: In OPDX.818, under - UPDATE on     that they "lost the logbook of YI1BGD for
"Has anyone received XU7ADB QSLs yet?"         the last perioud after 2003". The location
Bruce, AA9RN, stated that he has received      of their old club has been looted and all
his QSL from EA4URE from the October 2000      papers burned. No one was there "to keep
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                         Page 8
the log safe at that time (it was war)."          illustrate living and working conditions in
They still suggest to send QSLs to their          Sudanese desert environment are available
QSL Bureau (P.O.Box 55072, Baghdad - 12001,       at:    Jovica's    new
Iraq) and they may be able to find a way to       assignment with UNHCR (United Nations High
answer some of them (for YI1BGD). They will       Commissioner for Refugees) is in Dakar,
send the QSLs to people who visited their         Senegal, and will start on September 1st.
club station at that time before 2003.            Details   about   his   activities   will   be
Operators like G0TLC and OM6TX who used           forthcoming once he has time to settle in
that callsign sometime, and they may have a       at his new location. Being in the regional
copy of the log.                                  office of the UNHCR, Jovica's work area
                                                  covers the whole western part of Africa and
Nilay, TA3YJ, reports that the YM1907FB           he hopes to activate most of countries in
online   log    has    been   updated    at:      the    region.     Boris,    T93Y,     states,       "Information    about   HAM   activity    from
fb                                                countries   other   than   Senegal   will   be
                                                  distributed   accordingly.    Jovica    thanks
CALLSIGN CHANGE! Chris informs OPDX, "After       DXers for the QSOs from Sudan and hopes to
14 years of being Z31GX, I have changed my        see you on the bands from Senegal."
callsign to Z35X as of August, 1st 2007. 73
and greetings from Macedonia de Chris, Z35X       SV9,   CRETE  (EU-015).   Look  for   Marc,
(ex. Z31GX)"                                      ON7SS/OO9O, to be active as SV9/OO9O/p from
                                                  here during his holiday between August 7-
QSLS VIA LOTW: 1A0KM, 3Y0X, BS7H, E30NA,          17th. Bands and modes of activity were not
OH1MA, OJ0/SM0EPO, SK3GM and ZF1A                 provided. QSL via ON7SS, direct or by the
5X1Z, 6V7F, A92GR, BS7H, FK8CP, N8S, TR8CA,       T31, CENTRAL KIRIBATI ISLAND (Possibly Also
VK9DNX, YA/LY1Y and ZK1VVV                        T33). Toshi, JA8BMK, plans to be active
                                                  from Kanton Island (OC-043) as T31XX in
P4, ARUBA (Special 911 Event). Earlier this       late October. He plans to stay there for
year,    Bob/W3BTX    (P49T)    and   Roy/W3TEF   about a couple of weeks (minimum 1 week).
(P4/W3TEF) requested a special prefix that        Activity will be on 160-6 meters, CW, SSB
could be used over the upcoming anniversary       and RTTY. He has started to prepare for
of the September 11, 2001, attack on the          activity and has sent necessary equipment
USA.    On    Saturday,    August   4th,    the   like a generator, food, antennas,.etc. to
government of Aruba issued their requested        Tarawa, in Western Kiribati. Toshi is
callsign P41USA for the period of September       scheduled  to   leave   Japan  sometime  in
1-15th,    2007.   In   addition,   they   also   September and will head towards Western
received permission to use several photos         Kiribati (T30) via Fiji (3D2). He will
taken at NYC by the National Park Service         leave T30-land for T31 in mid-October. It
for their special prefix QSL card. The QSL        will take Toshi a week's sailing trip to
card will also mention that they are              reach Canton Island. If Toshi has some
affiliated with the PVRC. Bob and Roy will        extra time, there is the possibility he
be operating 160-6 meters (including the          will visit Banaba Island (OC-018) and
WARC Bands) at various times during this          operate as T33ZZ before or after the T31
period using the special callsign. It's           operation. QSL via his home callsign.
possible    that   several    bands   will   be
operating at the same time. All QSLs should       W9DXCC APPROACHING. Start planning for the
go to Roy, W3TEF,(direct with SASE or via         55th W9DXCC DX Convention/Dinner Banquet.
bureau).                                          The event will take place on September
                                                  15th.       Details       are     available
ST2A QRT. Boris, T93Y, informs OPDX that          at:
after 40,660 QSOs logged as ST0RM and ST2A,
operator    Jovica's,  T98A    (ex.  T94FC)       Z360, MACEDONIA. Look for members of the
assignment in the Sudan has come to an end.       well known contest Radio Club "Nikola
During the past two years spent in the            Tesla", Z37M (ex.Z30M), to use the special
Sudan, Jovica has made 35,012 QSOs on CW,         callsign   Z360M  (Z-three   sixty-M)   from
3386 on SSB, 2249 on RTTY and 13 on PSK31.        August 1st to the end of the year. Activity
He also provided many new ones working 843        is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the
QSOs on 160m, 3916 QSOs on 80m and 585 QSOs       Radio Club Nikola Tesla in Stip, Macedonia.
on   6m.   Some   of  the   pictures  which
The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                               Page 9
PROPAGATION FORECAST Bulletin from the AARL    Membership criteria may be obtained         by
Tad "Ain't No Sun(spots) When He's Gone"       writing the Secretary/Treasurer at:
Cook, K7RA, this week reports: Average         MLDXCC
daily sunspot numbers rose very little this    PO Box 1073
week, less than 6 points to 7.3. There were    Pine Grove, CA 95665-1073
no major geomagnetic upsets, only slightly     The club website is:
unsettled conditions on the first day of
August. We saw eight straight days of no       The MLDXCC NEWSLETTER
sunspots, then a spot or two over four         Information may be reproduced         provided
days, then no spots on the first two days      credit is given MLDXCC.
of August. A week from now, August 10, we
may see the beginning of several days with     2006 Officers of the MLDXCC
a few sunspots every day. Expect unsettled     President, Dick Wilson, K6LRN
geomagnetic conditions centered on August 7
and   again  on    August   10.  Geophysical
Institute Prague predicts quiet conditions     Vice President, ??
August 3-5, quiet to unsettled August 6,
unsettled to active August 7, and back to      Director, Richard Hill, NU6T
quiet August 8-9. Sunspot numbers for July
26 through August 1 were 0, 0, 13, 14, 13,
11 and 0 with a mean of 7.3. The 10.7 cm       Director, Ken Anderson, K6TA
flux was 68.4, 68.7, 69.9, 69, 68.9, 68 and
68.8, with a mean of 68.8. Estimated
planetary A indices were 9, 8, 4, 14, 10, 6    Treasurer, Carolyn Wilson, K6TKD
and 17 with a mean of 9.7. Estimated mid-
latitude A indices were 6, 6, 3, 11, 10, 4
and 15, with a mean of 7.9. For more           Secretary, Kay Anderson, K6KO
information concerning radio propagation,
visit   the   ARRL    Technical  Information
Service            Propagation          page   Nugget Editor, Rick Samoian,W6SR
                                               QSL Manager, Norm Regan, WA6SJQ
MLDXCC 2007 Meetings 3rd Saturday (pending
contest or other conflicts). Tentative
Schedule below:                                Publicity   Chairperson,   Brandt     Woodard,
Sept 15 (SSB Sprint at 5 PM local)             K6BEW.
Oct 13 ( Pacificon is 20-2, RTTY Sprint
starts at 5 PM local on 13)                    ARRL Awards Checkers
Nov 10 (In between SS weekends + last          DXCC, Gary Stillwell, KI6T & Ken Anderson,
weekend is CQWW CW)                            K6TA
No meeting in December (only 8 at meeting
last year in Dec.)                             ARRL Sixth District QSL Bureau
January 2008 ( the least congested weekend     P.O. Box 970 Fairfax, CA., 94978-0970
I see is 26-CQWW 160 CW is on, but no          Comments or questions on this bureau's
activity at noon)                              operation     may     be     directed    to
                                      See the W6 Bureau home page
Membership Criteria                            (

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                            Page 10

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