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Optical Character Recognition Using Java Technology by qlp16234

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Optical Character Recognition Using Java Technology document sample

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Port IT, Automation &
Security solutions
Port Technology -
Port IT, Automation and Security solutions

The Portek Group is a turnkey provider of         Its subsidiary, Port Technolgy Pte Ltd, aims to exploit today’s technologies to provide
equipment, services and solutions for the         practical and cost-effective solutions to help terminals improve operational efficiency as
global port industry, as well as an operator of   well as increase overall competitiveness.
container and bulk terminals. Portek’s range
of engineering activities include leasing and     Port Technology Pte Ltd has strong competencies in the following areas:
sale of port equipment, modernization,
modification, and maintainance of port            Container Terminal Management System (CTMS)
equipment and facilities, container terminal      Radio Data System (RDS)
software, as well as distribution of components   Position Detection System (PDS)
and spares.
                                                  Remote Crane Management System (RCMS)
                                                  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System
Portek’s port operation portfolio include
                                                  Terminal Planning & Simulation Systems
terminals in Indonesia, Algeria and Malta.
Headquatered in Singapore, Portek operates        Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS)
globally with offices in Europe, USA, Asia,       Security and Surveillance System
Middle East and Africa.
Container Terminal Management System (CTMS)
CTMS is state-of-the-art application software for operating a modern container terminal serving
international shipping lines. It makes use of Internet technology for easy access by clients of the
terminal and exchange of data files through EDI messaging. It adopts a multi-tier hardware configuration
for easy expansion of the system as handling volume increases in the future. The system is designed
using Object Oriented Methodology and is entirely coded in Java programming language to ensure
easy maintenance and future enhancements.

CTMS Overview

                           Customers                                                              Connected
                                                                              Customs                with
                                                                                                  PDS & RDS

           Berth                    Ship                                  Yard                    Resource
         Planning                 Planning                              Planning                  Planning


            Gate                                                                                  Customer
          Operations                                                                               Billing

                            Vessel &                                               Operations &
                           Container                                               Management
                         Documentation         Yard                Ship              Reports
                                             Operations          Operations
Features of CTMS
- Creation of customer particulars, vessel particulars,        - Creation of import and export container details from
  voyage particulars and other details of shipping lines         Delivery
  and their agents, as well as other customers of the          - Order and Shipping Order brought to the terminal by
  container terminal                                             forwarding agents
- EDI of arrival bay plans using BAPLIE format from            - Updating of Customs release status for import and
  shipping lines or agents through an e-mail interface.          export containers
- Graphical screen to display vessel stowage and yard          - Capturing of entry and exit of containers at the gate
  occupancy                                                      and printing of EIR at exit with inspection details of
- Ship planner can use these screens to plan discharge           container
  and loading sequences by “rubber-banding” and                - Computation of charges for shipping agents and
                                                                                                                               CTMS being used at
  drag-n-drop” groups of containers between ship and             forwarding agents and printing of bills for these        Bejaia Mediterranean Terminals
  yard                                                           customers
- Printing of container discharge list, container load list    - EDI of standard terminal departure reports to
  and special container list after shipping planning is          shipping agents
  done                                                         - Printing of operational performance reports for
                                                                 review by container terminal managers

              Stowage Planning                        Stowage Marking                        Vessel Stability             Yard Planning
Radio Data System (RDS)
Wireless Radio Data System is an extension         Features and benefits of RDS
of the CTMS to provide mobile workers and          - Instantaneous update of data upon collection

container handling equipment like quay             - Real-time control of operations
                                                   - Industry standard 802.11b/g Wireless LAN network
cranes, rubber-tyred gantry cranes, reach
                                                   - Wireless LAN can be used for VoIP applications
stackers, prime movers the means to                  in future
communicate and interact with CTMS in a            - Improve vessel turn-around time
                                                                                                             Access Point
                                                   - Reduce paperwork and improve accuracy
real-time manner, so that container informa-
                                                   - Increase efficiency at yard and gate operations
tion can be updated instantly at the point of      - Able to optimise resources and tasks easily
loading or unloading.                              - Improve container movement handling
                                                   - Overall improvement in customer service,
                                                     operator productivity, competitiveness, etc.                               Wireless Terminal on board RTG

Position Detection System (PDS)
Based on state-of-the-art Precision Differential   Features and benefits of PDS
GPS system the Position Detection System           - Automatic recording of container location when
                                                     loading/unloading and relocation
captures the location of container automati-
                                                   - Reduce error due to manual entry of container
cally during loading and unloading by the            location
Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes in the            - Reduce misplaced containers
yard and updates the location in the               - Prevent unauthorized move
                                                   - Immediate update of container location in CTMS
Container Terminal Management System                                                                    PDS Module
                                                   - Can make use of existing WiFi network for
(CTMS).                                              correctional data transmission
                                                                                                                                    PDS at work on RTG

                                                                                                         PDS installed on RTG
Remote Crane Management System (RCMS)
The Crane Management System (CMS) monitors physical and operating conditions of the crane on a
real-time basis. The parameters are logged, so that trends can be established, and the performance
of equipment and crane operator can be analyzed.

One possible inconvenience with CMS is that it is a       Key Features of RCMS
stand-alone application that runs on a particular         - Fault Diagnostics
crane. Often times when there is a fault detected on      - On-Line Operation Data
the crane, the operator will have to contact the          - Drive Online Monitoring
maintenance engineer who will then make his way to        - PLC Status
the crane and logs on to the CMS to check on the fault.   - Crane Utilization History
A lot of time could be spent on getting up the crane,     - Maintenance History
troubleshooting and picking the correct spares from       - Trending                                 RCMS Main Screen for RTG
the workshop if required.                                 - Crane Elementary Drawing
                                                          - PLC Programming
A much better way to control and monitor several          - Drive Programming
cranes at one go is to have a central location whereby
all the CMSs from all the cranes are linked back to the
maintenance office via wireless LAN. And this is
commonly termed “Remote CMS” or RCMS. The
maintenance engineer can through his workstation PC
view status of all the cranes, on a real-time basis.                                                  Hoist Operation for RTG

Once a fault is detected, he is informed immediately
and will then log on into the CMS via Wireless LAN,
does the troubleshooting and prepares the parts for
repair. This saves considerable time and labour, hence
increases the productivity of the maintenance

                                                                                                         Motors and Brakes
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System
Optical Character Recognition system is a container terminal gate processing system, ideally suited
for capturing, recognising and recording of container numbers together with the truck license plate.
The system typically comprises a Triggering System, Capturing System, Recognition Software and
Database for storage of images. The OCR System is normally integrated to the CTMS for verification
and update of container number coming into and out of the terminal.

Features and benefits of Container                       Related OCR solution
Number Recognition System                                Container Damage Inspection (CDI) System
- Increases efficiency and throughput at the container   The objective of the CDI System is to record the
  terminal gates by processing images at less than 1     container surface into high-resolution images so
  second per image                                       that the operator can investigate if there are          OCR at Gates
- Improves terminal entrance and exit security, by       damages on the container surfaces, offline. The
  providing 24-hour non-stop container number            system is installed at the in/out gate or gantry so
  recognition                                            that the four surfaces (the left, right, top & rear
- Container ID numbers, ISO codes and chassis            side) of the container are captured and logged.
  numbers reading on both moving and stationary          As high-resolution images of the container surfaces
  containers                                             are captured, the CDI system, combined with the
- Automatic real-time recognition, recording and         Container Number Recognition System, provide the
  verification of container                              container number recognition system together with
                                                         the damage inspection capability.
                                                                                                               OCR on Quay Crane

        Capture / Recognition screen                       High-resolution images of container damages            Camera
Terminal Planning & Simulation Systems
Portek offers consultancy services in Terminal Planning and Simulation. Using graphical simulation
and animation, we assist our customers in determining the optimum operational processes. This is
done using the following softwares:

    Berth                                                                                                               Berth
                       CRASY                                                                    SCUSY                  capacity
                      Analysis of
                     ship-to-shore                                                              Analysis of
 Max. annual                                                                                                          Max. annual
                        cranes                                                               terminal capacity        throughput

                  Crane           Slot                                                   Crane             Slot              Berth
                                                          Optimisation                requirements     requirements
               requirements   requirements                                                                                  capacity
                                                           of terminal
                                                          productivity                                                                              CRASY                        SCUSY

                                                         Determination of
                                      Max. annual                                  Berth
                                                         terminal capacity        capacity

                                                       Crane           Slot                                                                                       CAPS
                                                    requirements   requirements

CRASY                                                                    SCUSY                                                         CAPS
Simulation and analysis of different dispatch                            Comparison of terminal handling systems and                   Determination of terminal capacity and ship-to-
strategies with different kinds of ship-to-shore                         analysis of terminal operations by simulation of              shore crane requirement
cranes                                                                   interactions of container handling equipment.                 - To determine handling capacity of existing or
- To simulate each type of ship-to-shore container                       - Tools for decision making processes on the                    planned container terminals
  crane and determine the optimal number of                                  strategic and design level when planning for a            - To determine utilization of stacking area,
  cranes operating the vessel                                                new terminal                                                maximum utilization overrun
- Applicability of ship-to-shore cranes for predefined                   - Re-organization of existing terminals with regard           - To determine quay capacity, stacking area
  vessel types                                                               to the modification of the layout                           capacity
- Planning and analysis of vessel service                                - Provide a platform for evaluating and testing of            - To determine maximal and operational terminal
                                                                             different operational strategies                            capacity
Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS)
VTMS is a real-time software that helps port operators manage the vessels in port waters. The scalable
VTMS provides safe navigational services to vessels at the port and can be enhanced to form a
Command Centre for Crisis Management Operations such as SAR, oil spill detection and anti-terrorist

Functions of VTMS                                         Key Features of VTMS
- Provide vessel traffic information and navigational     - High performance navigation radar system for target    - Vessel/vehicle transponder (AIS, Mobile-T, etc.)
  advice                                                    detection (up to 2000 targets per radar, oil spill     - Radio communication on IP
- Monitoring of shipping lanes and separation scheme        detection, 3D, etc.)                                   - Digital CCTV on IP
  to enforce compliance of safe navigation regulations    - PC-based radar target extractor and tracker for        - Metrological sensors
- Protection of vessels carrying harzadous cargoes          multiple targets, out of heavily cluttered area with   - RF Directional Finder
- Assistance to Coast Guard and other Authorities           low false alarm rates                                  - Recording and playback function
- Command Centre for SAR or other applications            - Multi-sensor tracker function to correlate tracks in
- Detection of oil spill                                    areas with overlapping radar coverage
- Improve overall port efficiency                         - GPS unit for accurate positioning
- Scalability allows small ports to start with a simple
  VTMS system that can be scaled up in future while
  maintaining the same backbone infrastructure

                           Vessel Traffic
Security and Surveillance System
Today’s surveillance system not only provides simple CCTV video images for monitoring but also
encompasses different technologies such as Access Control, Video Analytics, Wireless and well as
recognition systems. Portek customises and integrates best-of-breed technologies and equipment to
cater to your specific security needs.

Features and benefits of our Security and
Surveillance System
Our System typically comprises industrial grade
equipment that are reliable with high performance and
suitable for outdoor environment like ports and power
plants. Some of the features are as follows:

                                                                              Monitoring 16 Sites
                                                                                                                              Crane Camera
Remote Monitoring                                           Night Vision System
Network-based surveillance enables you to monitor           High resolution day and night cameras with advanced
your multiple assets and infrastructure from anywhere,      infra-red illuminators allow surveillance in the dark,
anytime, 24 X 7, remotely via the internet.                 even in total darkness (0 lux).

Wireless Surveillance                                       Video Analytics
With wireless technology you can set up your surveillance   Intelligent video surveillance software that tracks only
system in unreachable places, quickly and easily and        humans and not animals or other moving objects,
relay live images from the remote sites wirelessly via      detects suspicious behaviour, unattended objects,
today’s technologies such as cellular network (3G,          hence minimizing false alarms.
GPRS, GSM) or WiFi Wireless LAN networks.
                                                                                                                       Remote Monitoring of Dredging
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