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					         Your opinion is important to us – Personal Lending Customer Survey.

Capital G Personal Lending is committed to providing superior customer service while supplying
innovative and competitive financial solutions for all stages of your life.
We value your relationship with us and we want to ensure that you are pleased with all of your business
transactions and experiences at Capital G Bank. It is therefore important that we get feedback from
our customers in specific areas such as customer service, which we strive to consistently deliver at a
very high standard. Here at Capital G we are always trying to introduce and deliver products and
services that meet the demands of all members of our community.

We would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete the attached Customer Survey and
either drop it off at one of our drop box locations in the branch, email it to or fax
it to + 441.294.3162. All comments will be treated as Private and Confidential.

Please select one option by placing a check in the appropriate section. You may provide additional
comments following the survey.

                                                  Strongly                       Strongly
                                Disagree                           Agree                           N/A
                                                  Disagree                        Agree

The signage in the Bank
made it easy to find the
Lending Department:

The Lending
Receptionist was
knowledgeable of
Capital G’s lending
products and processes:

The Lending Officer
listened and suggested
suitable options and
solutions specific to my

The Lending Officer
followed up in a prompt

The interest rate and
fees offered were
competitive with
other local financial
Capital G’s Lending
products were
presented clearly:
Capital G’s Lending
application materials
and process were self
explanatory and easy to
Capital G’s Lending
Products will serve me
well for my future
I will refer others to
Capital G based on my

Additional Comments:

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Home Tel:                                           Work Tel:

            Yes, I would like to be contacted by Capital G.

I am interested in receiving information about:

            Investments                                         Trusts
            Savings (CDs)                                       Credit Cards
            Online Banking                                      Mortgages and Loans
            Private Banking