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									                       ESSEC Tax Services Questionnaire 2010

   Enter an “x” in the appropriate box below to indicate “Yes”, “No” or “Comment.” When you check
   “comment”, please explain on a separate sheet of paper or find a blank spot on this page.

   Personal Information - Everyone must complete!
   Yes   No Comment

   [ ]   [ ]   [ ] Do you or your spouse want to allocate $3 to the Presidential Election
                   Campaign Fund?

   [ ]   [ ]   [ ] Would you like your refund, if any, to be directly deposited to your bank? If yes,
                   bring your checkbook.

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Indicate if any of the following occurred in your immediate family in 2009:
                 [ ] Births [ ] Adoptions [ ] Marriages
                 [ ] Became a Domestic Registered Partner [ ] Deaths [ ] Divorce
                 [ ] Separations

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Could you be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return for 2010?

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you anticipate that we will need to file an Extension? Please let us know by
                 April 1st. Any estimated balance due must be paid by April 15th, or there may be
                 interest and penalties.

[ ]Dependents - If you do not have any dependents or changes in dependents, check box on left
   and skip this section!

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have any qualifying dependents last year whom you believe may no
                 longer qualify as a dependent for 2010?

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you adopt or care for foster children during the year?

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Are all of your dependents citizens or residents of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico?

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you have children under age 19 at the end of the year (24 if full time

   [ ]   [ ]       Did your child then receive earned income in excess of 50% of his support
                   needs, including scholarships?

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you have any dependent children who are filing their own tax returns? If yes,
                 be sure they do not claim themselves! If they do, you’ll both be audited.

   [ ]   [ ] [ ] Have you been granted or have you been given the dependency exemption in a
                 divorce decree for a child? If so, the custodial parent no longer has to provide a
                 waiver of dependency (Form 8332).
 [ ]Estimated Taxes - If you are not generally required to pay estimated taxes or choose to pay the
   government interest and not pay estimated taxes quarterly, check box on left and skip this section.)

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any estimated taxes, other than through withholding, for 2010? If
               yes, complete the following: Please research this carefully! Client errors in
               reporting these amounts account for the #1 reason for correspondence from the
               IRS and FTB!

                         Date Paid      Federal Amount          Date Paid       State Amount

                         _________      ____________            _________       ____________

                         _________      ____________            _________       ____________

                         _________      ____________            _________       ____________

                         ________       ____________            _________       ____________

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] If you have a refund due on your 2010 tax return (Federal and/or State), would
               you like to have the refund applied to your 2010 estimated tax (instead of
               receiving the refund)?

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you expect your 2010 taxable income and withholding to be generally the
               same as in 2010?

Income Items - Everyone must complete!

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Provide any W2s, 1099s, K-1s from all partnerships, LLCs, Trusts or Estates, or
               any other documents describing any income you received in 2010. Also, bring
               information regarding any income you received even if no documents were
               received for that income.

 REMEMBER:       Anything you receive of any value is income and must be reported, regardless of the
                 amount. There are exceptions, but allow us to identify those for you.

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have any gambling income or lottery winnings? Provide amounts of
               income and expenses incurred to generate that income. Bring all W2-G’s. You
               are permitted to deduct expenses only to the extent of gambling income. You
               must have documentary evidence to support gambling deductions.

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you receive any inheritances or gifts totaling more than $12,000?

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Was any part of your home rented out or used for business?

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you sell your Personal Residence, Investment or rental property this year? If yes,
               we will need the following: This includes properties foreclosed or abandoned.

                 Final Escrow/Settlement Statement from Sale;
                 Final Escrow/Settlement Statement from Original Purchase;
                 List of all improvements ever made to the property;

 [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you start, purchase, or acquire an interest in a Partnership, S-Corporation,
               Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Trust during 2010? If you are planning to
               have ESSEC Tax services prepare the tax return for this entity, please call for an
               appointment ASAP so we can plan the time and let you know what we will need.
[ ] Stock Options & Employee Stock Purchase Plans - If None, check box on left and skip
   to next section.

   Please note that stock option exercises are very complicated tax transactions. It is important to have all the
   relevant documents from which to enter these on your tax return. We cannot complete your return without these
   documents, and not having them when you come in will cause delay in our preparation and may increase necessary
   communication with you and possibly substantially increase the preparation cost.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Have you exercised any of your stock options in 2010? If yes, please bring a copy of
                an exercise report for each exercise. You will probably have to ask your employer
                for this. We will not be able to complete your return without it.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Have you made an early exercise election ((83b) election) during 2010? If yes,
                please bring a copy of that election. This is very important!

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you participate in an employers’ Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)?
                An ESPP is a plan whereby an employee can buy the stock at a 15% discount.
                The purchase of the stock usually occurs via a deduction from your paycheck?
                We will need to know your exercise price and the Fair Market Value of the stock
                on the date of exercise.

[ ] Sale Of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Investment Real Estate, and
    Other Assets - If you did not sell anything, check box on left and skip this section.)

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have any stocks that became worthless in 2010? If so, we will need to
                know details.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you buy or sell any stocks, bonds or other items through a broker?
                Please provide all 1099-B forms and year-end summary statements provided by
                brokers and be sure to provide information on purchase dates and amounts. If
                stocks have split since purchase, provide split dates and amounts. If you have
                several stock transactions, you can ask you’re your broker for a “Tax Report” for
                the year (this is in addition to the 1099-B).

  [ ]   [ ]   [ ] Did you have any other purchases or sales of other investment property or
                  collectible such as coins, stamps, artwork or gems, not shown on 1099 forms or
                  other year-end statements provided to us? Examples include income related to
                  “puts” and “calls”, futures contracts, commodities and regulated stock options. If so provide dates sold,
                  purchase, amounts paid and net realized on sale.

[ ] Business Income & Expenses (including Farms) - If None, check box on the left and
    skip this section.)

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you start,[ ], purchase [ ] or operate [ ] a business or farm during 2010? If yes, we
                will need a complete list of income and expenses related to that business. Each business must be listed

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you purchase or dispose of any business assets (furniture, equipment,
                vehicles, real estate, etc.), or convert any personal assets to business use? If
                so, provide descriptions, dates acquired, and amounts paid for those assets. If
                there is a related escrow settlement document, we will need to see it. For cars and trucks, we will need
                to see purchase or lease contracts.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you use any part of your home exclusively for business purposes? If YES,
                provide details for square feet used for business, total square feet of the home, expenses related to the
                business portion, and general expenses for the interior of the home such as utilities, insurance and
  [ ]   [ ] [ ] If you have self-employment income, did you also pay for medical insurance or
                long-term care insurance on a policy issued to the business or individual
                (not through an employer).

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay wages to any child of yours, under the age of 18, during 2010?

  [ ] [ ] [ ]     If so, have you reported that child’s wages on your payroll tax returns and W2s?

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you keep appropriate records for that child’s work?

[ ] Rental Income & Expenses - If none, check box on the left and skip this section.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you purchase a property or, convert one from personal use to rental use, that
                was used as a rental in 2010? If so, we will need a list of your income and
                expenses, as well as the escrow statement when this property was purchased
                (even if before 2010 unless you are a returning client.) Periods of time in which a
                rental is taken off the market for repairs and/or remodeling, are considered
                personal time. Expenses must be allocated between personal and rental

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you make improvements to a rental property in 2010? If so, provide
                description, approximate date and amount for each improvement. Improvements
                include original landscaping, patios, room remodels, etc.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you travel to your rental property in 2010 to manage, make repairs or
                improvements. If so, we need to know round trip miles (total), any air travel expenses and the number
                of days spent for this purpose. Days are broken down into quarter days (6 hours) beginning at 12:01

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you purchase any assets used primarily for rental property such as
                lawnmower, furniture, appliance, etc. If so, provide description, approximate date and amount for each

  ***Information must be provided for each rental separately, including a room in your home. The organizer
  provides a great place to put this information for returning clients.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you refinance your rental property in 2010? We must have the closing
                statement for the loan and an explanation of use of any “cash out.”

  Deductible Losses and Adjustments to Income - Everyone must complete!

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have property stolen, damaged or destroyed during 2010 due to an
                accident, storm, flood, fire, etc?

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did any non-relative owe you money which became uncollectible in 2010?

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you, or do you plan to contribute to any of the following retirement plans for
                tax year 2010?

              ( ) 401K    ( ) solo 401K ( ) 403b, TSA       ( ) 457 ( ) SIMPLE Pension Plan
              ( ) SEP    ( ) KEOGH      ( ) IRA             ( ) Roth IRA

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Prior to becoming a client of ESSEC Tax Services, have you made any non-
                eductible contributions to an IRA, Roth IRA or other retirement plan? Please provide total amounts as
                these contributions must be accounted for separately, as they will not be taxed when distributed. If
                you’ve given this before, never mind!

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have any service in Iraq or Afghanistan or any other war zone during
  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay or receive any alimony, spousal support, or family support? If you
                paid, we will need the name and social security number of the person you paid.
                (If we have this information from a previous year you will not need to provide this
                again.) If this is the year of a court order requiring such payments, or if you are a
                new ESSEC tax Services’ client, we will need a copy of the marital settlement
                agreement and court order.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay for any college or trade school education expenses for yourself
                or a dependent for whom you are entitled to claim as an exemption? Allowed
                expenses include tuition and required equipment paid directly to the institution as
                a condition of enrollment.

[ ] Itemized Deductions - If you do not itemize and there were no major changes from last
   year, check the box on the left and skip this section (except for did you pay any property tax in
   2010 on your residence? If so, check here: [ ]

  Note - Medical Expenses are deductible to the extent they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, if you
              itemize. Almost every medical expense, including medical insurance, long-term care insurance, and Medicare
              insurance, counseling, etc., except for unprescribed medications, vitamins and supplies, counts.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any significant amounts of medical expenses (over 7.5% of total
                income)? Don’t forget doctors, dentists, home care by medical practitioner,
                psychiatrists (just in case taxes drive you crazy), psychologists, chiropractors,
                home improvements for medical care, but only to the extent they increase the value of your home,
                marriage and family counseling, etc., etc., etc. Also including medical travel at actual cost or 14-19 cents
                per mile if driving.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Were you on a “Physician Prescribed” Weight Loss Program? Expenses for
                this are now deductible.

  Note -Taxes: Almost every tax you pay is deductible somewhere on your return, if you
  Itemize except for excise taxes (telephone tax).

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any city, county or state property tax in 2010? Please provide a
                record of payments made. Tax paid on any real estate is deductible. We can
                look it up for you if you live in Santa Clara County.

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Please….don’t forget your DMV fees. You must bring in the statement from the
                DMV. Only the VLF (Vehicle License Fee) is deductible, not the part that is
                registration, personalized plates, etc.

  Note-Interest Paid: Personal interest (credit cards, unless used exclusively for business,
  personal loans, etc) are never deductible (well, almost never). Mortgage, Investment and
  business interest is.

  Bring all your 1098s and make sure the property is identified on the face (write on it; that’s ok).

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you purchase or refinance your principal residence or second home? (This
                includes Equity Lines of Credit or Home Equity Loans.) Please provide final
                escrow, settlement or closing statements for each and a list of what you
                did with any cash-outs from the loan. (Improvements, bought a car,
                invested, paid off credit cards, etc.)

  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Do you own a second home, such as a motor home or boat or Timeshare?
                Note: A boat must have cooking and toilet facilities in order to qualify as a
                second home for interest expense deduction purposes. If so, need interest paid
                on loans and property taxes paid on Timeshare.
  [ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any interest on margin debt? If so, please bring supporting
                documents. This should be on your 1099 form supplied by your broker.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay interest on any loans or credit card debt where the amount
              borrowed was used to purchase or sustain investments? Examples of this would
              include purchase of land, or using loan proceeds to invest in the stock market,
              mutual funds, or CDs. If so, give us amounts and use for each item.

Note -      Contributions: No more guessing on cash donations because no receipt, no deduction. Also,
            contributions by check or credit card must be provable by cancelled check or line item on credit
            card statement. If you gave over $250 at one time, a contribution letter by the organization is
            required. No….we don’t need to see them but you better have them!

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you use your car for charities? If yes, we will need to know how many miles
              were driven for that purpose. You get to deduct a whopping 14 cents per mile.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have volunteer expenses, for example, buy supplies for your church
              activity or travel on their behalf? If you traveled on behalf of a “Non-profit, tax-
              exempt organization” you’d better get a letter from them that says you did.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you donate a vehicle to a charitable organization? We must have a copy of
              that letter from them.

Non-Cash Contributions: You know those things you give to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. and assign
            values that defy imagination? You must write down the detailed list of the stuff you gave, the
            value at the time of donation, the condition (new, good, lousy) and attach it to the receipt. If
            it’s “lousy” it’s not deductible.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you donate non-cash items? If so, see right above. We need the receipts.
              Make sure they have the name of the organization and their address.

Note - Miscellaneous: These are deductible only to the extent they exceed 2% of your adjusted gross
            income. They include union dues, tax preparation fees, uniforms (not suits no matter what you
            do), professional subscriptions, agency fees and continuing education for your job (must
            maintain or improve your skills in your present trade or business. Also, internet expense
            allocated between personal and job use; computers and cell phone cost for work (yes, even that
            fancy new Ipod or Blackberry).

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you work out of town any part of the year? If so, and your employer did not
              reimburse you in full for your expenses, please bring in information related to
              number of days, lodging, meals and incidental expenses incurred. Include taxi,
              tips, laundry and telephone calls. If you are self employed, you need to provide
              us with that information as well.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you use your car, bus or taxi to travel between two different jobs on the
              same day? If so, need total miles.

[ ]   [ ]   [ ] Did you have any expenses for special licenses, permits or certificates,
                educational courses, seminars, or fees for professional societies relating to your
                employment? If so, provide that information.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you use the internet primarily for investment, employment, or business use?
              If yes any related online fees may be deductible. We need the business portion
              only. Yes, you must allocate!

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you incur any job search expenses, including auto mileage, last year? All
              costs to find another job, even if you flew to Outer Mongolia are deductible…..

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any fees or expenses for the management of investments? This
              amount can usually be found on your 1099 from your broker. We’ll find it if it’s

Note - Moving Expense: You must have moved a minimum of 50 miles from your previous home or
            from your previous job location to your new home, whichever is shorter.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you incur moving expenses due to a change of employment? If so, bring
              information related to the cost of moving your household goods and autos, and
              the cost of traveling to your new location. Also provide mileage from former
              residence to former place of work and mileage from former residence to new
              location. Nothing else is deductible.

Note - Gambling Expense: Gambling expense is deductible only to the extent of gambling income. (They know
            about picking up tickets at the race track from the ground). This includes, money put in the slot machine,
            poker stakes, roulette, etc. and your cost of getting there (bus, airplane) but not your food. You must have
            some proof, so make sure you’re prepared. The IRS wins nearly every time they audit this item because of
            lack of proof.

Note: Moving and Gambling expenses are deductible even if you don’t itemize as are some other
top secret items known only by us (Just kidding….I always wanted to say this).

Vehicle Expenses – Everyone must complete!

[ ] [ ] [ ]     During 2010, did you purchase a hybrid vehicle that may have qualified for an
                “Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit?” If so, please provide a copy of the purchase

[ ] [ ] [ ]     Did you travel at least 100 miles, or otherwise pay any related traveling expenses
                to perform duties as a member of the National Guard or the Reserve?

Use of Vehicle Deductions - Everyone should read; then skip if not
relevant to you:

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you use your car on the job (other than to and from work)? If so, and your
              employer did not reimburse you, please bring information related to total mileage,
              business mileage, commute mileage and total expense incurred, by type (gas
              and oil, maintenance, insurance, tires, parking, tolls, lease payments, license
              fees, etc.) for each vehicle during the year. If we used mileage last year or you
              choose to use mileage this year (54.5 cents per mile, on average), never mind
              the actual expenses.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Have you maintained a log, diary or calendar for each vehicle that you used in
              business or for employment for which you are taking a deduction? Guessing
              the mileage is no longer acceptable. We will not require you to show us your
              log, diary or calendar, but if you are audited the IRS will require this information. The IRS is
              still locked into the last century and likes to see pen/pencil entries on a log. Need a
              logbook? Ask us for one.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you sell a vehicle that you previous used in business or for employment
              related expenses? If you did, we will need to know what you sold it for, what you
              bought it for and how many miles you deducted. If we’ve been doing your return
              since you bought that car, no problem. We always recommend you give away a
              vehicle so used to a charitable organization or family member to avoid this
              problem unless it is worth more than you care to donate.
Tax Credits - Everyone must read and complete.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you or your employer pay child care expenses, including before and after
              school, during 2010? If so, bring information relative to day care providers:
              amounts paid, names, addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security and
              Taxpayer ID numbers. (This includes amounts reimbursed by your employer
              under cafeteria or other plans.)

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay any income taxes to foreign governments during 2010? Please
              provide record of any amounts and dates paid in US denominations as well as
              the gross income so earned.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Is your mortgage certified under a “Qualified mortgage credit certificate”
              program? If you don’t know, it probably isn’t.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you pay rent in 2010? If so, for how many months? __________

Miscellaneous Information - Everyone must complete!

[ ]   [ ] [ ] California Residents only: Do you want to pay sales tax on your out of state
              purchased goods on your CA tax return? If yes please provide us with an
              itemized list of items, purchase price of each item and amount of sales tax paid
              to the other state(s) on each item. Or, if you prefer, you may satisfy requirements
              by filing a separate form with the Board of Equalization. The Board of
              Equalization has been loudly threatening to audit taxpayers from records
              obtained by out of state sellers of computers, TVs, etc. who do not charge sales
              tax. If you get caught, the penalties will be unbelievable.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you make gifts of more than $12,000 to any individual in 2010? If so, a gift
              tax return may need to be filed. Adding a child to the title of a home, bank
              account or securities account, even for convenience purposes, may be
              considered a gift of half the equity (ask your preparer about this). No t a good
              idea……You will, no doubt, avoid gift tax but the return must be filed anyway.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Were any Gift Tax Returns filed in previous years? If “yes”, and they were not
              prepared by ESSEC Tax Services, please bring copies of the returns.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Have you received or paid “cash” (NOT CHECKS OR WIRE TRANSFERS) in the
              amount of $10,000 or more for any transaction during the year (cash, money
              orders, cashiers checks, and travelers checks)? In order to protect the US from
              terrorist actions, the US Treasury Department and the IRS Criminal Investigation
              Division are required to follow up on Cash Transactions of $10,000 or more. All
              banks and businesses are required to report these transactions to the IRS when they occur.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you have an interest in, signature, or other authority over a financial account
              in a foreign country, such as a bank account, securities account, or other
              financial account? If so, bring account information and year-end statement if your aggregate balance in
              such accounts, at any time of the year exceeded $10,000.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Did you engage the services of any household employees during the year to
              whom you paid more than $1600? Do not include weekly gardeners,
              housekeepers, etc., who have their own businesses.

[ ]   [ ] [ ] Were you audited, including correspondence audits, by either the Internal
              Revenue Service or a State taxing agency? If yes, please bring in copies of all correspondence.
                                   Additional Information regarding Preparation of your Tax Returns

       Please note that most of our mass communication with clients is by e-mail. This format allows us to get important information to you
       faster. Please be sure to send us your e-mail address changes throughout the year. You may send new information to your preparer
       listed on the front page.

       We will make every effort to complete your returns in a timely way. If you think it is taking too long, it is possible that your returns
       have “fallen off our radar screen.” A friendly reminder from you may be helpful in getting things back on track.

       Please remember that our employees are here to help you. We understand that emotions sometimes run high when
       it comes to your taxes. We also believe that taxes are too high, too complex, unfair, unreasonable and too expensive
       to have prepared. If you choose to use our services, please remember that we here to assist you throughout the
       process and, above all, we are on you side.

       We are not perfect and occasionally may overlook an item that was provided to us in written form. We are happy to correct any
       mistake we make, at no cost. However we will not be responsible for an input error or the omission of any item on the tax return
       where the information was not provided to us in writing.

       If the IRS or State taxing agency discovers an error on your return resulting in a higher tax liability, you will be responsible for paying
       the additional tax and interest. If we made the mistake, we will pay the penalties provided you send us a copy of the notice received
       within 10 days after receipt and give us an opportunity to challenge the additional tax and/or penalties and interest. We think it is
       fair that you pay the interest, since you had the use of the money in the interim and either earned interest on it or saved interest
       expense by not paying out the funds.

       Please read through all of the following statements completely. Initial each line if you are in agreement:

       ________ I have provided ESSEC Tax Services with information about all the income I received during the year. I understand that
       failure to provide all information in writing relieves them of any financial or other liability for taxes, penalties or interest related to the

       ________All the information included in this questionnaire and in any submitted organizer is true to the best of my knowledge.

       ________ I understand that fees for preparing my tax returns are payable before the completed returns are provided to me unless
       prior credit arrangements have been made? (Credit arrangements cannot be made if you owe for any prior work or if not requested
       during or before your tax interview.) This is not a matter of trust; it is just a matter of sound business practice. The minimum fee for
       the return is required to be paid up front.

       ________ I understand that if I do not provide all information to ESSEC Tax Services necessary to prepare my returns by the 25th of
       the month prior to any due date, that ESSEC Tax Services may file extensions and charge me the appropriate fee to do so. This
       provision is waived for new clients. If all information for personal tax returns is not received prior to October 1st, I understand that
       ESSEC tax Services may not be able to complete the return and there may be significant penalties as a result.

       ________ I understand that I can save significant penalties and interest by filing my tax returns on time and that extensions avoid
       late filing penalties, but not late payment penalties or interest.

       ________ I am aware that there is a computer charge for all business returns and out-of-state returns equal to the amount charged
       to ESSEC Tax Services on your behalf plus a separate charge for package and mailing your completed returns to you.

       ________ I understand that ESSEC tax Services provides important tax updates and information via e-mail and that it is my
       responsibility to advise ESSEC tax Services of any changes to my e-mail address and to ensure that my e-mail service accepts ESSEC
       Tax Services’ e-mails. ESSEC Tax Services is under no obligation to send this information in any other way.

       Our goal at ESSEC Tax Services is to quickly and accurately prepare your tax returns and make sure you don’t pay a penny more in
       taxes than you need to. If, after talking with your preparer, you feel that your needs are not being properly met, please contact me
       personally. I will do my best to make sure we fulfill our promises to you as quickly as possible.

Signature: ________________________________________                        Signature: _______________________________________

Date: ____________________________                                        Date:_____________________________

Print Name: ________________________________________ Print Name: _______________________________________

Sandra M. Garcia
ESSEC Tax Services
                                             Privacy Statement

We are providing you this privacy notice to make certain you are aware of the privacy policy of ESSEC Tax

It is the policy of ESSEC Tax Services to handle the information you provide to us with the utmost
confidentiality and care. We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to members of our
firm who need to know this information in order to complete the work you have hired our firm to do. We will
not disclose your personal, financial, tax or any other confidential information to anyone outside our firm
without your express written permission to do so. New IRS regulations do not permit us to send your
information on verbal request.

These privacy restrictions do not apply to your spouse on any jointly filed return but do apply to other family
members, employees, agents, attorneys, any taxing agency, etc.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your
non-public personal information. Our employees are well instructed in this regard and are also instructed to
avoid speaking out the name of a client when a non-employee is present. You are welcome to report any
violations of this policy.

It is our policy to use a professional shredder service for any items with any client information on it that we
choose to dispose of and safeguard that information while it is in our possession.

Please initial here: ________

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