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									             EducationUSA Opportunity Application

What are Opportunity funds?
Opportunity funds are provided by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and
Cultural Affairs and are designed to increase access to U.S. higher education institutions for
highly qualified international students of limited means. Through Opportunity funds,
EducationUSA is committed to helping international students have the best possible chance
to experience higher education in the United States.

Who can receive Opportunity funds?
Opportunity funds are awarded to talented Turkish students of limited financial means who
have a good chance of being offered financial aid from a degree-granting program at an
accredited U.S. university, but who cannot afford the up-front costs of applying to a U.S.

What kinds of expenses can be covered by Opportunity funds?
Opportunity funds can be used to fund the upfront costs of applying to a university in the
United States, including application fees, translations, mailing expenses, and standardized
testing fees.

How can I apply for Opportunity funds?
Fill out the Opportunity application fee and send it to one of the following educational
advisers in Turkey. The educational adviser will review your application and contact you
within 3 weeks of receiving your application.

 Turkish Fulbright Commission         EducationUSA Office         Turkish Fulbright Commission
      Istanbul Branch Office      Turkish-American Association         Ankara Main Office
 Gumussuyu, Dumen Sokak 3/11       Cinnah Cad. 20 Kavaklidere       Sehit Ersan Caddesi 28/4
  fulbrightistanbul@yahoo.com     useducation@taa-ankara.org.tr     ogankara@fulbright.org.tr
          0212 244 1105                  0312 426 2648                   0312 427 1360
      Educational Advisers:           Educational Adviser:            Educational Adviser:
    Mevlude Bakir, Ulku Inal              Aylin Dewan                   Meltem Bilikmen

Educational advisers in Turkey can also provide you with advice on how to apply to a U.S.
university, choose a university, prepare an application form, write a statement of purpose, and
find scholarship support/financial aid.

What are the selection criteria for Opportunity funds?
Opportunity funds are awarded to prospective students on the basis of a combination of
demonstrated financial need and academic achievement. To be eligible for funding, students
must be applying to degree-programs (AA/AS, BA/BS, LLM, MA/MS, MBA, Ph.D., etc.).
Opportunity funds offer no guarantee of acceptance or financial aid awards at U.S.

How many people are awarded Opportunity funds every year?
Opportunity funds are provided to a limited number of the most talented students.

What is the deadline for applying for Opportunity funds?
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until December 1, 2010. You can apply at
any time.
                 EducationUSA Opportunity Application
                                      All sections should be completed in English.

                                                   Personal Data
Full Name:                                                       Date of Application:
Permanent Address:
Current Address:
Home Phone:                                                      Mobile Phone:
Date of Birth:                                                   Place of Birth:
Email Address:                                                   Gender:      Male               Female
Citizenship:                   Turkish                 Green Card/US Citizen                  Other:
Marital Status:           Single         Married                Widowed              Separated           Divorced

Do you have relatives in the US?         Yes         No            Have you previously applied for this grant?
Have you ever received a US
                                            Yes      No           If yes, list US visa type and date(s):
                                               Plans for Study in the US
                                                                      Associate (AA/AS)
                                                                                                   Doctoral (Ph.D.)
                                                                      Bachelor (BA/BS)
Intended major:                                     Level:
                                                                                                   Transfer student
                                                                      Masters (MA/MS)
                                                                      LLM        MBA
Enrollment date:              Spring 2011              Fall 2011                Spring 2012          Other:
Career plans:
                           Just starting
Stage in                   Choosing/have chosen US universities to which I’d like to apply
application                Taking/have taken entrance exams (SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.)
process: (mark all         Have applied for admission to one or more US universities
that apply)                Have been admitted to one or more US universities
                           Have accepted an offer of admission at a US college or university
Are you applying for financial aid (scholarship and/or research/teaching
                                                                                                    Yes            No
assistantship) offered by US universities?

Are you applying                              Turkish government scholarship
                        Yes                   Fulbright Scholarship
for other sources
                        No                    Private sponsor. List name: __________________________
of financial aid?                             Other:

Do you have any personal/family funds to
cover the cost of your education in the US?               Some funds, but only for:       tuition/fees    housing/food
     US Universities: Please list colleges/universities to which you will apply or have applied.
                  Institution Name                      Reason for choosing this institution.
                                               Educational Background
        Please list all educational institutions attended (or currently attending), including high school.
Name:                         City/Country:       Entry Date:     Graduation Date:     GPA:        Degree/Major:

                                               Test Information/Results
Test of English as a        Paper-based (PBT)
Foreign Language            Internet-based (iBT)                              Date Taken:                     Score:
(TOEFL)                     Institutional TOEFL (ITP)/practice test           Date Taken:                     Score:

IELTS                    Score:                                               Date Taken:

GRE General         Date:               Verbal:                               Quantitative:             Analytical Writing:

GRE Subject         Date:               Subject:                              Score:

GMAT                Date:               Verbal:                               Quantitative:              Analytical Writing:

SAT (Reasoning)     Date:               Critical reading:                     Math:                      Writing:

SAT Subject         Subject:                                Date:                          Score:

SAT Subject         Subject:                                Date:                          Score:

SAT Subject         Subject:                                Date:                          Score:

ACT     English:            Math:              Reading:                    Science:              Composite:            Writing:
                                                   Academic Publications
Please list publications that you have authored or co-authored (attach a c.v., if you have more than six).
Include name, title of your article/work, name of publication, date.



                         Academic Honors/Awards/Scholarships/Exchange Programs
Please list any academic honors, scholarships received, or exchange programs in which you have participated
since 9th grade:




                                                      Family Background
            If parent/guardian is retired, please list current occupation and salary and previous employment.
Mother’s name:                                                                                            Deceased/Unknown?
Home address (if
different from yours):

Occupation:                                                                Monthly Salary:
                                                                           Highest Degree Earned:
Name of Employer:

Father’s name:                                                                                                Deceased/Unknown?
Home address (if
different from mother):
                                                                           Monthly Salary:

Name of Employer                                                           Highest Degree Earned:

Parents’ marital status:           Never married              Married                 Divorced        Separated          Widowed
                                  Both parents            One parent              Other            Number of brothers and sisters:
With whom do you live:

Please list the names of your brothers and sisters and where they are currently studying and/or working:
Name of Brother/Sister     School/University/Workplace                Name of brother/sister          School/University/Workplace

1.                                                                    4.

2.                                                                    5.
3.                                                    6.
If you are married, what is the occupation and monthly salary of your spouse?
                                             Monthly Expenses
List the average monthly expenses of your household, including utilities, rent, education, pocket money, etc.

                                          Work Experience
Please list any jobs that you have held during the past three years, including summer employment:
Position             Employer                City           Dates               Hours/week    Monthly Salary




Please describe any non-academic achievements (in sports, music, community service, etc.):

Have you ever traveled abroad? If so, where and why? How did you finance your travels? Explain.

In fewer than 500 words, please describe how studying in the United States will help you to achieve
your academic/career goals. Why should you be considered for the Opportunity Scholarship? Please
include a description of your financial reasons for needing this award.

Have you ever applied for a Fulbright graduate scholarship and/or do you intend to apply for a
Fulbright graduate scholarship this year?
   Yes, I plan to apply          Yes, I have applied in the past       No, I have never applied
Have you used the resources of an EducationUSA Advising Center (Fulbright, TAA)?     Yes     No
If yes, please check all that apply:
     General lectures           School/University Presentation          Advising Center Library
     Computers/Internet         Individual Consultation                 Other:
How did you learn about the Opportunity Scholarships? Please check all that apply:
     at EducationUSA center          School/University Presentation       Poster/Flyer
     Individual Consultation         EducationUSA Website                 Friend/Relative
     Media Publications, specify:                       Other:
I certify that the information in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge:
Printed Name:                                          Date:
                         For EducationUSA & US Embassy Staff Only!
EducationUSA Adviser Comments:

Selection Committee Comments:
                                            Opportunity Scholarship Expenses

Please fill out your requested budget in US dollars. Grantees will be asked to verify their budgets and provide
                             evidence of expenses (original receipts, invoices, etc).
                 *Indicate the expenses you are applying for with this OG application only*
                                             APPLICATION FEES:
            University name                   application fee                    university name                     application fee

1.                                            $                     4.                                               $

2.                                            $                     5.                                               $

3.                                            $                     6.                                               $
                                                  Sub-total, Application Fees: $
                                                                 Certification of Educational Credentials:
Translations of Educational Credentials:

Postage and Courier Fees:                                        Other application-related expenses:

                                           Sub-total, Translations/Certifications: $
                                                          TESTING FEES
Please put an “X” next to tests that you would like to take. Fill in the number of additional score reports (if
                                                                                                                          Date of test
any), and the date of each test. Testing companies will send your scores to 4 universities for free.

TOEFL:          Internet Based: $185          Paper Based: $160      Additional score reports ($17 each):

GRE General:                     $190                                Additional score reports ($23 each):

GRE Subject:                     $160    Which subject:              Additional score reports ($23 each):

GMAT:                            $250                                Additional score reports ($28 each):

SAT (Reasoning)          $75 (test & international fee)              Additional score reports ($9.50 each):

                         $49 (test & processing fee)      Additional subject tests       Additional score reports
SAT (Subject)
                                                          ($10 each):                    ($10 each):

                                                          ACT:    $33                    Extra Scores Reports ($10
IELTS:                   120 £
                                                            $48 (with writing)           each):

Travel cost to test center (for students from cities where test is not available): $

                                                    Sub-total, Testing Fees: $
US Visa:    $140 + $20                      SEVIS fee:    $200                       Travel Expenses for Visa Interview:
Round-trip airfare to US (estimate):
                                                                                     Your travel itinerary:
Copy of I-20 and acceptance letter
must be submitted before funding
                                                                                     (see Fly America Act Checklist for guidelines)
can be considered
Stipend for settling in at university:                                               Explanation:
Other university-related
                                                  Sub-total, Other Expenses: $
                                                       TOTAL EXPENSES: $

I certify that the information in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge:

Printed Name:                                                                        Date:

     Send the completed form (and the budget request) to one EducationUSA Advising Center in Turkey (see
     addresses above). Forms sent to more than one advising center will NOT be processed and you should
     expect to receive a response within 3 weeks.

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