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                                                                                            Volume 7 Number 1
                                                                                                     April 2000

                                    MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
Dear NAVBO Members,                                      and Vascular Biology (VB 2000) which has an
                                                         excellent program under the co-direction of Paul
I am pleased to update you on the current state of
                                                         DiCorleto (NAVBO/Vascular Biology), Trudy
NAVBO as I prepare to end my year as President.
                                                         Forte (Arteriosclerosis) and Gilbert White, II
When Harry Truman took over the Presidency
                                                         (Thrombosis).    Please take special note of
from FDR he stated to the cabinet that he felt like a
                                                         NAVBO’s Special Sessions on Vascular
load of hay had been dropped on him. The good
                                                         Development, organized by Gary Owens and
news about this year is my burden was minimal
                                                         Mark Majesky and scheduled for Saturday, May
due to the excellent assistance from Bernadette
                                                         20 at 8:00a.m.
Englert and the membership. We have had a very
successful year; several of the highlights are
                                                         Other matters of interest, there have been
discussed below.
                                                         exciting changes in the vascular biology
                                                         community with the reorganization at NHLBI.
We increased membership in NAVBO from 520
                                                         Stephen Mockrin has been appointed Director of
regular and 59 trainees to 572 regular and 122
                                                         the Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases and
trainees. We have updated our web page and
                                                         David Robinson has been appointed Deputy
provided links to our corporate sponsors and to
                                                         Director. In addition, Sonia Skarlatos has been
many of your labs.
                                                         appointed Director of the Vascular Biology
                                                         Program with continuing roles for Momtaz
Most recently we finalized logistical plans for
                                                         Wassef in Atherosclerosis and Paul Velletri in
VB 2001 which will be held May 11-13, at the
                                                         Hypertension. We have made good progress in
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Crystal City,
                                                         strengthening our interactions with the Division
Virginia, just outside and very accessible to
                                                         of Heart and Vascular Disease.
Washington, DC. The meeting, formally known
as the Second Conference on Arteriosclerosis,
                                                         I have very much enjoyed my year as NAVBO
Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, will be co-
                                                         President and thank the membership for their
sponsored by NAVBO, the ATVB Council of the
                                                         great support of this organization. I look forward
American Heart Association and, we welcome a
                                                         to helping Mary Gerritsen as she enters a very
new co-sponsor, the National Heart, Lung and
                                                         exciting term as President.
Blood Institute. Through the involvement of
Elizabeth Nabel, Director, Clinical Research
Programs, NHLBI and a former president of
NAVBO, in the VB2001 meeting, we expect an
even stronger working relationship with NHLBI.

Also, we have begun preparations for IVBM                Yours truly,    Table of Contents
2004, which will be held in Toronto and                            Bradford C. Berk, President 1999-2000
                                                         NAVBO Special Sessions VB2000 .......................... 2
organized by the University of Toronto under the         Highlights – 1st Conference on ATVB ...................... 2
leadership of Avrum Gotlieb. NAVBO has made              Benditt Awardee ....................................................... 3
                                                         Future Meetings ........................................................ 4
a significant commitment to support the
                                                         Member News ........................................................... 4
development of this meeting. In addition, plans          Job Opportunities ...................................................... 5
are    already     completed    for   NAVBO’s            Calendar of Events .................................................. 11
participation in IVBM 2000 in Geneva.                    Officers, Council & Committee Chairs ................... 12
                                                         Corporate Sponsors ................................................. 13
Finally, I urge all of you to attend the First           Editor Search........................................................... 14
Conference on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis               Membership Application ......................................... 15
                                         NAVBO Special Sessions on
                                           Vascular Development
                                      SATURDAY, MAY 20, 8:00 AM
                             Organizers: Gary K. Owens, University of Virginia and
                                Mark W. Majesky, Baylor College of Medicine

    8:00 – 9:45 AM                                          10:00 - 11:45 AM
    Vasculogenesis/Angiogenesis                             Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation
    Chair: Peter Carmeliet, Katholieke Universiteit         Chair: B. Paul Herring,
    Leuven, Belgium                                                  Indiana University School of Medicine
    Tumor Angiogenesis                                      Differentiation of Coronary Vascular Smooth
         Gabriele Bergers, University of California,        Muscle Cell
         San Francisco                                           Mark W. Majesky, Baylor College of
    Regulation of endothelial cell function by                       Medicine
    extracellularmatrix proteins and proteases.             Molecular Control of Smooth Muscle Cell
    An old theme with new players.                          Gene Expression during Vascular
         Luisa Iruela-Arispe, University of                 Development
         California, Los Angeles                                 Gary K. Owens, University of Virginia
    Abstract Presentation: VEZF1: An early                  Abstract Presentation: Mesenchymal and
    endothelial-specific ZN Finger gene required            endothelial cell-cell interactions and the role
    for fetal survival to birth.                            of TGFbeta in a 3-D Angiogenesis Model
         Heidi Stuhlmann, The Scripps Research                   Diane C. Darland, Schepen's Eye Research
              Institute                                              Institute
    Abstract Presentation: Notch as a regulator             Abstract Presentation: Hepatocyte nuclear
    of vascular developmnet                                 factor-3 homolog-1 (HFH-1) represses smooth
         Jan K. Kitajewski, Columbia University             muscle-specific gene transcription.
    Abstract Presentation: VEGF165 is deposited                  B. Paul Herring
    in the subepithelial matrix at the leading edge         Abstract Presentation: The homologue of SM-
    of branching airways and stimulates                     20 is required for normal fly development.
    noevasclarization in the embryonic mouse                     Mark E. Lieb, Mount Sinai Sch of Medicine
         Aileen M. Healy, The Pulmonary Center,             11:45 AM - 12:00 NOON
              Boston University                             Concluding Remarks
                                                            Gary Owens and Mark Majesky

                      Co-Sponsors: NAVBO and the ATVB Council of the American Heart Association
                            May 20-22, 2000 - Omni Interlocken Hotel, Denver Colorado

    SATURDAY, MAY 20 –                                          Earl P. Benditt Award Presentation and Lecture –
    8:00am – Vascular Development (see above)                   2:00-2:45PM
    4:00pm – Conference commences
    7:00pm - Reception                                          MONDAY, MAY 22
                                                                Plenary Session II: Endothelial Cell Dysfunction
    SUNDAY, MAY 21                                                 Endothelial function
    Plenary Session I: Molecular Genetics of Vascular              Tissue factors and cell dysfunction
    Disease                                                        Oxidative events and protective mechanisms
       Genes in atherosclerosis
       Gene therapy                                             Jeff Hoeg Clinical Investigator Award
       Combined Factor V-VIII Deficiency

                  Final program is available online at:

    Judah Folkman, M.D.
        Havard Medical School

           Named the
    Earl P. Benditt Awardee
             of 2000

          Award Presentation and Lecture
                 Sunday, May 21
                  2:00-2:45 p.m.
                 Grand Ballroom
          Omni Interlocken Hotel, Denver

                                      More News about VB2000
As reported from the American Heart                    The selection was based on the abstracts received
Association’s   able     management      team,         and these 40 awards represent both the ATVB
coordinated by Jo Anderson, the First                  and NAVBO membership.
Conference on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and
Vascular Biology received over 300 abstracts,          Of course the entire meeting promises to be very
75 of which have been programmed into oral             exciting but be sure to see page two for special
sessions.                                              highlights of the meeting. The entire final
                                                       program will be available on-line by April 28,
Of special note is the number of travel awards         please be sure to check it out.
that will be presented: 40 awards at $800 each.

VB2001 will once again see NAVBO and the               Virginia.     Program Committee – Paul
Council on ATVB as co-sponsors of the meeting          DiCorleto (Chair), Elizabeth Nabel (Co-chair of
formally known as the Second Conference on             the conference and NHLBI representative),
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular              Gilbert White II (Co-chair, Thrombosis), Linda
Biology. However, in addition, the National            Curtiss (Co-chair, Arteriosclerosis), Gary Owens
Heart, Lung and Blood Institue will join in. Thus      (Co-chair, Vascular Biology), G. Fitzgerald
locating our meeting in the Nation’s Capital           (Chair, ATVB Council), H. Ginsberg (Senior
(actually just outside – but extremely convenient      Vice Chair, ATVB Council), Bradford Berk
by Metro). Dates – May 11-13, 2001. Location           (NAVBO President) and Trudy Forte (Past
– Crystal Gateway Mariott in Crystal City,             Conference Chair).

                                               Member News
                   WEBSITE                                         BUSINESS MEETING
As you know we now have our own domain
name – And as always we are
continually in the process of improving and
updating the NAVBO web page. We now have
several links to many of members’ institutions or
laboratories. Please forward any additional links

Please visit our web page and click on “In             The NAVBO Business Meeting will take place
Appreciation,” there you will find links to the        on Saturday, May 20 at 3PM in the
organizations who have supported many                  ________room of the Omni Interlocken Hotel in
NAVBO activities including, VB99, VB2000,              Denver.
IVBM 2004 and the Blood Vessel Club.
                                                                      2000 BALLOTS
Also, send meeting announcements, positions,           Shortly, the NAVBO Council will decide on
hyperlinks and other information for either the        nominees for a President-Elect and two Council
website or this newsletter to Bernadette Englert       positions.
at the above email address.
                                                       Please remember to vote and return your ballot
                                                       promptly. Thank you.

                                         Job Opportunities
  FACULTY POSITION IN PHYSIOLOGY                      research program development will be provided.
West Virginia University School of Medicine.          The department is comprised of three divisions:
The Department of Physiology is seeking a             biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology.
Cardiovascular or Renal Physiologist for a            Departmental      research   is   centered     in
tenure-track appointment at the Assistant/            cardiovascular sciences as well as cell and
Associate Professor level. Preference will be         reproductive endocrinology and include faculty
given to vascular biologists using modern             with funded programs to study the molecular
cellular/molecular techniques to study regulation     mechanism and regulation of smooth/striated
or adaptation of the circulation. We seek             muscle contraction, intracellular signaling,
outstanding candidates with a Ph.D. degree and        hormonal regulation of gene expression,
postdoctoral experience who will establish and        glycobiology       and     reproductive/perinatal
maintain a vigorous, externally-funded research       medicine. Applicants using modern molecular
program, and who are enthusiastic about               and/or biophysical/biochemical methods to study
collaborating with existing faculty in Physiology     contemporary biochemical and physiological
and other departments. The successful applicant       problems will be considered with preference
will join a department of 14 full-time faculty with   given to those whose research interests
expertise in cardiovascular, renal, endocrine,        complement existing faculty. Applicants with a
neural and pulmonary physiology, and will have        Ph.D. and/or M.D., at least two years
access to modern core facilities for transgenic       postdoctoral experience and demonstrated
rodent      production,    recombinant        DNA     potential to develop/maintain a peer-reviewed
technology, cell/tissue culture, and image            research program will be considered with
analysis. The appointee will also be expected to      preference for those with current extramural
contribute to departmental missions, including        funding.
active participation in teaching and graduate         Curriculum vitae, summary of current/future
education. A competitive salary and start-up          research, and names of three or more references
package is available.                                 should be sent to:
                                                      Professor Howard White
Interested individuals should submit a complete       Faculty Search Committee Chair
curriculum vitae, a brief description of research     Department of Physiological Sciences
interests and career goals, and the names and         Eastern Virginia Medical School
addresses (including e-mail) of three qualified       Lewis Hall, 700 Olney Rd.
references to:                                        Norfolk, Va. 23507.
Matthew A. Boegehold                        
Search Committee Chairman
Department of Physiology                              Eastern Virginia Medical School is an
PO Box 9229                                           Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.
West Virginia University                              Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
Morgantown, WV 26505-9229
Review of applications will begin April 28, 2000,          POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
and will continue until position is filled. West      Postdoctoral     Fellowships     are    available
Virginia University is an Affirmative Action/         immediately in the Emory University Division of
Equal Opportunity Employer.         Women and         Cardiology       Vascular     Biology      Center
minorities are encouraged to apply.                   (
                                                      Studies emphasize the molecular regulation of
            FACULTY POSITIONS                         redox state, cell growth, and gene expression in
The Department of Physiological Sciences at           vascular disease. Experimental approaches
Eastern Virginia Medical School seeks highly          include molecular cloning, protein analysis, cell
qualified applicants for tenure track positions at    culture, electron spin resonance spectroscopy,
the rank of Assistant/Associate Professor.            and use and creation of transgenic animals.
Salaries are competitive and commensurate with        Funding is available through an NIH training
experience and initial support for laboratory and     grant. US citizens or permanent residents only.

CV's with a cover letter should be sent to:              on the analysis of newly identified genes and their
Carolyn Morris                                           importance in new vessel formation. Currently we are
Emory University School of Medicine                      investigating the role of the bHLH transcription factor
1639 Pierce Dr., 319 WMB                                 HESR1/HEY-1/HRT-1 in endothelial cell tube
Atlanta, GA 30322                                        formation. Candidates must have experience in
                                                         mammalian tissue culture and a strong training in
Applications may also be sent by e-mail to:              molecular biology, and ideally would have a                                        background in vascular biology and/or developmental
                                                         biology. Minimum salary: $28,536 p.a.
A postdoctoral position is immediately available         Please send CV, a summary of research interests
to study molecular mechanisms of endothelial             and the names and phone numbers of three
differentiation and angiogenesis in the laboratory       references to:
of Dr. Mary E. Gerritsen, Department of                  Chris C.W. Hughes, Ph.D.
Cardiovascular Research at Genentech. Ideal              Dept of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
candidates will have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees         University of California, Irvine
and will have experience with a wide variety of          Irvine, CA 92697-3900
molecular       biology    methods,       standard       Fax (949) 824 8551
biochemical techniques, cell culture and an              E-mail:
interest in therapeutic angiogenesis. Interested         Website:
candidates should send their cv and names of
three references to:                                     UCI is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Dr. Mary E. Gerritsen                                    Employer
Department of Cardiovascular Research
Genentech, MS 42                                                 POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
1 DNA Way                                                NIH supported postdoctoral position is available
South San Francisco, CA 94080 USA                        immediately to study the mechanisms of tissue
Email:                                      injury following ischemia and reperfusion. The
                                                         successful candidate must have a Ph.D. and have
      PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP IN                          published experience in biochemistry and
       MOLECULAR THERAPEUTICS                            molecular biology. Experience in plasmon
The Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research           resonance, protein-protein interactions and
has begun a pre-doctoral program together with           glycobiology is desired.
the Dept. of Molecular Genetics at UMDNJ /
Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine in                A curriculum vitae should be sent to:
Piscataway, NJ. This fellowship, leading to a            Gregory L. Stahl, Ph.D.
PhD from the Dept. of Molecular Genetics,                Center for Experimental Therapeutics              and
allows students to train in both an academic and         Reperfusion Injury
a pharmaceutical environment. Novartis mentors           Dept of Anesthesia
include diverse specialties such as: molecular           Brigham and Women's Hospital
biology, functional genomics, gene therapy,              Harvard Medical School
molecular pathology, pharmacology, chemical              75 Francis Street
modeling and NMR spectroscopy. The                       Boston, MA 02115
fellowship includes a stipend of $19,500, full           FAX:617-278-6957
tuition and health insurance.
                                                                POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS
For further information, contact Dr. Margaret            Two postdoctoral positions available in the
Prescott at:                                             Department of Vascular Biology at The Scripps                    Research Institute. One will study receptor-
                                                         induced conformational changes in plasminogen
       POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN                          using specific antibody probes. The other will
                  ANGIOGENESIS                           study apo(a) structure and function. A Ph.D. in
University of California, Irvine. A postdoctoral         either Biology or Biochemistry is required.
position is available immediately to study the genetic   Applicants must be eligible for NIH training
regulation of angiogenesis. A major emphasis will be     grant support.

Please send C.V. and three references to:                contributions to mankind. Our efforts are at the
Lindsey A. Miles, Ph.D.                                  leading edge of science, medicine and technology
Department of Vascular Biology, CVN26                    in bringing novel solutions to major unmet
The Scripps Research Institute                           medical needs. We currently have Post-Doctorate
10666 N. Torrey Pines Rd.                                opportunities available in our Cardiovascular
La Jolla, CA. 92037                                      Sciences Department in Wilmington, DE.

       POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP                           The first position is in the field of Molecular
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Gene                 Cardiology, researching heart failure through
Therapy for Vascular Thrombosis. The Division            cellular, molecular and biochemical strategies
of Plastic Surgery Molecular Biology Laboratory          and in vivo disease models. A Ph.D. in cardiac
has an immediate opening for a qualified                 related research areas with cellular and
Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The laboratory is          biochemical expertise is required; experience in
investigating nonviral gene therapy techniques to        monitoring signal transduction mechanism in
prevent and treat thrombosis in the context of           cardiac cells is desired.
microsurgery and other vascular pathologies.
The focus of the research is to further develop          The second position offers an opportunity to
the program, based on animal model and human             study the role of nuclear hormone receptors in
tissue culture results, to level suitable for clinical   metabolic diseases. Candidates will hold a Ph.D.
trails. A strong background is required in both          in molecular or cellular biology. Experience in
basic and advanced microbiology techniques.              transcription based assays, bioinformatics,
                                                         mRNA and protein analyses, in situ hybridization
Candidates should have a working knowledge of            and gene transfer techniques is desired.
many, if not all, of the following laboratory
skills: plasmid DNA preparation and cloning,             Along with a competitive compensation and
ELISA, PCR, in situ PCR, rtPCR, cell culture             benefits, we offer excellent facilities with state-
and tissue culture, and immunohistochemistry.            of-the-art technology and the opportunity to gain
Previous experience in vascular biology, gene            pharmaceutical discovery research experience.
therapy, and liposome/DNA complex preparation
is advantageous.                                         Interested candidates should forward their
A PhD is required. PhD applicants should view            resume to:
this opening as a career development opportunity         The DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
with a progressive level of autonomy matching            Human Resources, E400-2413
one’s previous experience and current abilities.         P.O. Box 80400
The fellowship will provide an opportunity to            Wilmington, DE 19880-0400
interact with the Division’s industrial and              E-mail:
academic (Center for Cell and Gene Therapy)              An equal opportunity employer, M/F/D/V
                                                                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE &
Interested candidates should email their CV and                POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP
at least 2 letters of reference to:                      Research Associate - Available at non-profit
Saleh M. Shenaq, MD                                      research institute affiliated with UCSF. Our
Division of Plastic Surgery                              laboratory is primarily focused on the biology of
Baylor College of Medicine                               blood vessels. Blood vessel disease is the
6560 Fannin, Suite 800                                   primary cause of heart attacks and strokes in
Houston, TX 77030                                        humans. We are interested in discovering the                                      mechanism by which blood vessels develop
                                                         disease and in applying this knowledge to
       POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                            developing gene-based therapies to prevent or
Post-Doctorate Opportunities with DuPont                 reverse this disease.         Our experimental
Pharmaceuticals,    Cardiovascular     Sciences          approaches include gene transfer using viral
Department.      The DuPont Pharmaceuticals              vectors and transgenic mice models of vascular
Company is a multinational, multibillion dollar          diseases. The applicant would, in general, assist
research-based company recognized worldwide              postdoctoral fellows with these projects.
for superior service to customers and                    Experience in biochemistry, molecular biology

and in managing mouse colonies. Requires                      POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
B.S./B.A. and at least one year of relevant       In Vascular Developmental Biology. A newly
experience. Job# C00-08N                          funded postdoctoral position is available in the
                                                  Department of Vascular Biology at the Scripps
Postdoctoral Fellow - Projects are focused on     Research Institute. The research focus in the lab
understanding molecular pathogenesis of           is to study the molecular mechanisms that control
atherosclerosis and to develop gene-based         normal       and    abnormal      processes       of
strategies for the prevention and treatment of    vasculogenesis and angiogenesis. Using a “gene
vascular disease. Experimental systems include    trap” screen in mouse ES cells and embryos, we
viral vector-mediated gene transfer in blood      have recently identified a novel Zn finger
vessels of adult animal and generation of         transcription factor gene, Vezf1, that is restricted
transgenic mice with germ-line targeting to the   to the vascular endothelium and its precursors in
artery wall. Position available immediately.      the yolk sac blood islands (Xiong et al., Dev.
Candidate should have interest and abilities in   Dyn. 212: 181-197, 1998; Xiong et al., Dev.
animal surgery and molecular biology or           Biol. 206: 123-141, 1999). The candidate will
virology. Candidate should possess a Ph.D. or     study the biological role of Vezf1 during
M.D. or both. Job# C99-066N.                      vasculogenesis and angiogenesis and its
                                                  involvement in signaling pathways by using a
To apply for a position, send your curriculum     combination of biochemical, molecular, and
vitae or resume and list of references to:        genetic approaches, including loss-of function
Job# ____________                                 and gain-of-function studies.
J. David Gladstone Institutes
P.O. Box 419100                                   Requirements: Qualified candidates should have
San Francisco, CA 94141-9100                      experience in molecular biology and/or
Fax to: (415) 431-4039                            biochemistry and embryology, have a recent
Email to:                   Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree in a related area, and
                                                  be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents. Please
       POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                     submit letters of interest and CV to:
Pathogenesis of Vascular Disease. Positions are
now available to conduct research on the          Heidi Stuhlmann, Ph.D.
mechanisms of signal transduction in vascular     Associate Professor
endothelium. Challenging opportunities exist to   Department of Vascular Biology, Mail CVN-26
study nongenomic steroid hormone responses        The Scripps Research Institute
and the compartmentalization of signal            10550 North Torrey Pines Road
transduction (Cell 78:751, 1994; JBC 271:6518,    La Jolla, CA. 92037
1996; PNAS 94:13666, 1997; JCI 102:176,           Tel: (858) 784-7338
1998; JCI 103:401, 1999) in model systems         Fax: (858) 784-7374
addressing the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis    E-mail:
and hypertension.
                                                              FACULTY POSITION
Candidates      desiring   to     work in   an    The Section of Leukocyte Biology in the
interdisciplinary A laboratory without walls@     Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of
research environment should send a CV and         Medicine, and The Institute of Biosciences and
description of research goals to:                 Bioengineering,     Rice     University,     invite
                                                  applicants for a tenure track position at the level
Richard G.W. Anderson, Ph.D. or                   of Assistant Professor with joint appointment at
Philip W. Shaul, M.D.                             Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University.
Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center        Candidates must have Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.                            degree with a strong background in
Dallas, TX 75235                                  bioengineering and a strong interest in
E-mail: or                inflammation.      Applicants are expected to                           develop or have previously established a funded
UT Southwestern is an Equal                       research program in areas related to basic
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer           research in inflammation or immunology. A
                                                  strong record of research accomplishments

supported by publications in peer-reviewed           studies and/or with nuclear hormone receptor
journals is necessary.                               biology. These postdoctoral positions have
                                                     highly competitive salaries and benefits.
Send letter of application and a curriculum vitae
to either:                                           Interested candidates should forward their CV to:
Larry McIntire, Ph.D.                                Michael E. Mendelsohn, M.D.
E.D. Butcher Professor and Chair                     Email:
Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering          Fax: (617) 636-1444
Rice University                                      NEMC is an equal opportunity employer.
MS 144                                               References: 1. Science 1999; 286: 1583-1587. 2.
6100 Main Street                                     Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 1998; 95: 4888-
Houston, Texas 77005-1892                            4893. 3. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1999; 96:
or                                                   15133-15136. 4. N Engl J Med 1999; 340: 1801-
C. Wayne Smith, M.D.                                 1811. 5. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2000; (in
Head, Section of Leukocyte Biology                   press). 6. J Clin Invest 1999; 103:401-406. 7.
Professor, Department of Pediatrics                  Nature Medicine 1997; 3:545-548.
Baylor College of Medicine
1100 Bates, Room 6014                                        POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS
Houston, Texas 77030-2600                            Postdoctoral positions (NIH based) in
                                                     microvascular physiology to study: (1) signaling
Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University       among smooth muscle and endothelial cells in
are equal opportunity, affirmative action, and       resistance microvessels; and (2) interactions
equal access employers.                              between muscle fiber recruitment and
                                                     microvascular     perfusion.        Experimental
        POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS                       approaches     include:    video     microscopy,
Two postdoctoral positions are available to study    electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, and
molecular signal transduction in the laboratory of   fluorescence imaging. Start: early-to-mid 2000.
Michael E. Mendelsohn, M.D. in the Molecular
Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI) at Tutfts-      Send CV and references to:
New England Medical Center (NEMC) in                 Dr. Steven S. Segal
Boston, MA. Dr. Mendelsohn's laboratory              The John B. Pierce Laboratory
studies the molecular mechanisms of action of        290 Congress Avenue
two endogenous vascular protective molecules,        New Haven, CT 06519 USA
estrogen and cyclic GMP, with a focus on: (1)        Email:
Cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase signal           EOE
transduction pathways (refs1,2), and (2) rapid
(non-genomic) and longer-term (genomic)                       POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
estrogen receptor-mediated signaling pathways        The Vascular Bioengineering Laboratory in the
(refs 3-7). The MCRI is one of Tufts-New             Biomedical Engineering Department of The
England Medical Center's premier Research            Johns Hopkins School of Medicine seeks to fill a
Centers of Excellence, with a focus on molecular     postdoctoral position to study the effects of
mechanisms of human disease, and translation of      hemoglobin-based          blood         substitutes
bench findings to new bedside strategies for         (recombinant        and      chemically-modified
diagnosis and therapy. The MCRI recently             hemoglobins) on the signal transduction, gene
received a five-year $9.8M grant from the            expression and protein synthesis of cultured
NHLBI establishing a Specialized Center of           vascular endothelial cells under static and flow
Excellence (SCOR) in Ischemic Heart Disease          conditions (shear stress). Emphasis will be
focusing on the molecular biology of estrogen        placed on production of free radicals, nitric oxide
receptors in cardiovascular diseases. NEMC is        and superoxide, and cell defense mechanisms
the primary teaching hospital for and is located     against damage by oxidative stress.
next to the Tufts University School of Medicine      The work is accomplished by an
in the heart of Boston. Ideal candidates will have   interdisciplinary group of basic and medical
earned Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees and will have       scientists from the JHU Depts. of Biomedical
experience with a wide variety of molecular          Engineering and Medicine (Hematology and
methods, as well as with signal transduction         Pathology Divisions). The requirements

include either Ph.D. or M.D. degree and a               vascular cell biology. The successful candidate
sound background in cell biology and                    will participate in research, investigating the
biochemistry.                                           angiogenic nature of engineered in-growth
                                                        matrices - both in vitro and in vivo. The ideal
Interested candidates should send curriculum            candidate should have vascular cell biology
vitae plus names and telephone numbers of               experience and should be highly motivated and
three references to:                                    be prepared to work independently but within
Dr. B. Rita Alevriadou                                  laboratory structures.
JHU Sch. of Med.
BME Dept., Traylor 619                                  The fellowship will be awarded for two years
720 Rutland Avenue                                      renewable for a total of three years. It will be
Baltimore, MD 21205                                     determined by relevant experience and will be
(410) 614-2951                                          highly competitive in terms of local cost of
Fax (410)614-8796                                       living.
JHU is an equal opportunity employer                    The position will include the option to spend up
                                                        to three months per year either at the laboratories
       POSTDOCTORAL & SENIOR                             of the Materials and Bioscience Center of
  RESEARCH SCIENTIST POSITIONS                          Medtronic Inc. in Minneapolis, USA or the Swiss
The Finnish Academy Center of Excellence                Federal Institute of Technology (EHT and
Program in Cancer Biology has postdoctoral and          University of Zurich / Prof. Jeffrey Hubbell) in
senior research scientist positions available in the    Switzerland.
studies of Growth Factor Regulation of
Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis                      Interested persons should send a detailed C.V.
Applications should be sent to:                         and the names and contact telephone numbers of
Dr. Kari Alitalo                                        two referees to one of the two addresses:
Research Professor
The Finnish Academy of Sciences                         Prof P Zilla, MD, PhD
Molecular/Cancer Biology Laboratory                     Director: Cape Heart Center
Haartman Institute/Biomedicum                           University of Cape Town
University of Helsinki                                  Anzio Road
POB 21 (Haartmaninkatu 3)                               Observatory 7925
00014 Helsinki, FINLAND                                 South Africa
Fax 358-9-1912 6448                                     Fax: -27-21-4485935
E-mail: Kari.Alitalo@Helsinki.FI                        Email:
                                                        Mike F. Wolf
          RESEARCH PO SITIO N:                          Center for Materials and Bioscience
University Of Cape Town, The Medtronic                  Medtronic Inc
Institute at the Cape Heart Centre is a multi-          7000 Central Avenue N.E.
disciplinary institute of the University of Cape        Minneapolis, MN 55432-4000 USA
Town which covers cardiovascular cell biology,          Fx: 0931 4335 66519
immune       biochemistry,    polymer     science,      Email:
morphology and experimental surgery. The
focus of the group is two-fold: the development
of long-lasting bioprosthetic heart valves and the
development of a tissue engineered small-
diameter vascular graft. The main thrust of the
group is towards the development of ingrowth
matrices for tissue engineered cardiovascular
prostheses with a special emphasis on MMP and
integrin work.

An immediate opportunity exists within this
group for a post-doctoral fellow in the field of

                                Calendar of Scientific Meetings
April 12-15, 2000. Groningen, The Netherlands    July 2-7, 2000.      Plymouth State College,
9th International ANCA Workshop and Clinical     Plymouth, NH. Gordon Research Conference
Vasculitis Symposium. Systemic Vasculitides      on Vascular Cell Biology. Chair: David A.
and the role of ANCA in these diseases.          Cheresh, Vice-Chair: Gary K. Owens. Contact:
Contact: Groningen University Hospital Centre
for Postgraduate Education Ch. L. Brugman,
Coordinator Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen      September 5-9, 2000. Geneva, Switzerland
The Netherlands                                  IVBM 2000: The XIth International Vascular
Telephone: +31-50-3612745                        Biology Meeting. Scientific Committee: Goeran
Fax: +31-50-3611819                              Bondjers, Alexander W. Clowes, Patrice
E-mail: Ch.Brugman@RVB.AZG.NL                    Delafontaine, Daniel Hayoz, Thomas F.
                                                 Luescher, Sei-itsu Murota, Rodolfo Paoletti,
April 14, 2000. San Diego Convention Center,     Michael S. Pepper and Giulio Gabbiani. Local
San Diego, CA. Blood Vessel Club. Co-            Committee:     Marie-Luce      Bochaton-Piallat,
sponsored by NAVBO and the American Society      Christine Chaponnier, Sophie Clement, Pascal
for Investigative Pathology.        Contact:     Neuville and Myriam Vitali.                             For more: or
                                                 email the Organizing Agency at:
May 20-22, 2000. Omni Interlocken Hotel,
Denver,    CO.     First   Conference      on
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular        October 19-22, 2000. Washington University
Biology. Co-sponsored by NAVBO and the           Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The
ATVB Council of the AHA.           Contact Jo    Biology and Pathology Of Extracellular
Anderson at the AHA:               Matrix, An International Workshop.             A
                                                 comprehensive meeting emphasizing new
May 20, 2000. Denver, CO. NAVBO Special          directions in extracellular matrix biology. This
Session on Vascular Development at the First     workshop will be organized to promote
Conference on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and   interactions among established investigators,
Vascular Biology.          Contact NAVBO:        trainees, and students. Plenary Sessions are                            planned for mornings with poster sessions and
                                                 informal workshops in the afternoons. There will
June 4-7, 2000. Stockholm, Sweden. 21st          also be daily social events. Workshops will
Conference on Microcirculation        for the    include featured speakers and short presentations
European Society of Microcirculation.            from selected abstracts.
Contact:                                         For more information, please visit the meeting         web site at:
June 24-July 3, 2000. Knossos Royal Village,     Local Organizing Committee:
Crete, Greece NATO Advanced Study                Robert P. Mecham,
Institute: Vascular Endothelium: Source and      William C. Parks,
Target of Inflammatory Mediators                 Linda J. Sandell,
This conference is limited to 100 people. To     Robert M. Senior,
apply, send letter to:
John D. Catravas, Ph.D., Vascular Biology
Center, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta,
GA 30912-2500, USA. tel:706-721-6338; fax:
706-721-9799; email:

                                 NAVBO OFFICERS AND COUNCIL

President                                         Alexander W. Clowes
Bradford C. Berk                                  Tel: 206 543-9890
Tel: 716 273-1947                                 Fax: 206 543-8136
Fax: 716 473-1573                                 Email:
                                                  Tucker Collins
Past-President                                    Tel: (617) 732-5990
Gary Owens                                        Fax: (617) 278-6990
Tel: 804 924-2652                                 Email:
Fax: 804 982-0055
Email:                            Donald Heistad
                                                  Tel: 319 356-2706
President-elect                                   Fax: 319 353-6343
Mary Gerritsen                                    Email:
Tel: 650 225-8297
Fax: 650 225-6327                                 Mark Majesky
Email:                               Tel: 713 798-5837
                                                  Fax: 713 798-8920
Secretary-Treasurer                               Email:
Linda L. Demer
Tel: 310 206-2677                                 Marlene Rabinovitch
Fax: 310 825-4963                                 Tel: 416 813-5918
Email:                     Fax: 416 813-7480
Guy Chisholm
Tel: 216 444-5854
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                                          NAVBO COMMITTEES
Program Committee Chair                           Membership Committee
Paul E. DiCorleto                                 Elizabeth Nabel
Tel: 216 444-5849                                 Tel: 734 763-5103
Fax: 216 444-9404                                 Fax: 734 763-4851

Development Committee                             NEWSLETTER/WWW HOME PAGE
Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr.                          Newsletter Editor
Tel: 617 732-5901                                 Mary Gerritsen
Fax: 617 732-5933                                 Tel: 650 225-8297
Email:           Fax: 650 225-6327
Meritorious Awards Committee
Mark Majesky                                      NAVBO Web Master
Tel: 713 798-5837                                 Bernadette Englert
Fax: 713 798-8920                                 Tel: 301 530-7130
Email:                       Fax: 301 571-1879

     NAVBO acknowledges the generous contributions from the following organizations:

                                    ABBOT LABORATORIES
                                         AMGEN, INC.
                                        ASTRA ZENECA
                                    BAYER CORPORATION
                                         BIOGEN, INC.
                                   BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM
                                   BRISTOL-MEYER SQUIBB
                                    CHIRON CORPORATION
                                       GENENTECH, INC.
                                   ELI LILLY AND COMPANY
                                         PFIZER, INC.
                                SEARLE – A MONSANTO COMPANY

 In support of NAVBO’s efforts to promote vascular biology, in particular Vascular Biology ’99 and the First
 Conference on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (VB2000), attendance at VB meetings by
 fellows and students, and funding for future International Vascular Biology Meetings held in North America.

                                          (Even we don’t know all the details!!!)

         WHAT?                        IVBM in North America

         WHERE?                       Toronto!!!

         WHEN?                        Late Summer 2004

         WHO?                     Hosted by the University of Toronto
                                       Chair: Avrum Gotlieb
                                       Co-chair: B. Lowell Langille

                               S e a r ch i n g f o r a N e w E di t o r
                                F o r t h e NA VBO Ne w s l e t t e r

     Looking for an interested person willing to donate a small amount of
     time to the coordination of this Newsletter, published twice a year.
     Responsibilities include (but of course are not limited to): overseeing
     content, making contributions from time to time and seeking out
     articles to be included.

     Current Newsletter Editor, Mary Gerritsen, will begin her term as
     President on July 1, 2000 and we need someone to step in and take over.
     Mary is willing to talk to anyone interested in this endeavor. The
     NAVBO Administrative office handles the layout and publication of the
     newsletter including the submission of job opportunities and meetings for
     the “Calendar of Events”

                If interested please contact Mary:
        Bernadette Englert, NAVBO Administrator: bernadette

 NAVBO MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION                       NAVBO Application for Membership

 Membership in NAVBO is growing! As of July         Name: _________________________________
1, we have over 650 active members and a            Position: ________________________________
substantial number of members are trainees          Department: _____________________________
(which we encourage)! Now is the time to            Institution: ______________________________
encourage your colleagues and trainees to join      Street Address: ___________________________
NAVBO and network with other members of the          _______________________________________
vascular biology community!                          _______________________________________
                                                    City: ___________________________________
How do I apply for membership?                      State: __________________________________
                                                    Zip: ____________________________________
Complete the membership application form in         Phone: _________________________________
this newsletter and return it, along with a check   Fax: ___________________________________
or authorization for credit card payment (Visa or   Email: _________________________________
Mastercard only) for your first year membership     Degree: MS__ PhD__ MD __ Other ___
dues ($45 Regular, $25 Trainee, payable to          Trainee: Fellow/Resident Graduate Student
NAVBO). There are two membership categories:        I hereby apply for (check appropriate box):
                                                     Regular
Regular Member: Those who hold an advanced
                                                     Trainee* membership in NAVBO.
degree (M.S., M.D., Ph.D) or who have
professional experience in the field.
                                                    Signature: _______________________________
                                                    Submit this form and current curriculum vitae
Trainee Member: Graduate students, residents,
                                                    (*letter from supervisor/department head) along
postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate students,
                                                    with a check payable to NAVBO ($45 regular,
technicians with interest or experience in
                                                    $25 Trainee) to:
vascular biology. Applicant must be sponsored
by their academic supervisor, laboratory head or
                                                    9650 Rockville Pike
department chairman.
                                                    Bethesda, MD 20814-3993.
                                                    If paying by VISA or Master Card please include
                                                    Card number: ____________________________
                                                    Expiration date: __________________________


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