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					       Preparing for a job
 Career planning and development
The process of getting a job begins with
proper understanding and planning of your
career which is possible only if you know
the importance of career and its various
         Career planning
Career planning is one of the most
crucial consideration in life,since your
entire future depends on it.
A wrong choice of career can ruin your
It is essential to realize your career
A man without a plan is a like driver of a
vehicle on a bumpy track
You need to have clear understanding
of what you want to be.
Chalking out your career path
Information about yourself will lead
successful career path.
Information about various occupation.
Each working possibility has specific
characteristics and requirements.
You need to know your personal
 interest,values and skills.
You have to find out which career relates
your aspirations and interest.
         Develop yourself
A successful career begins with proper

The education you pursue should be the
one that would help you enhance your
career interest.

The academic education you receive may
not be sufficient.
Planning is your responsibility
Career planning and self-development is
the individuals responsibility.
Job boredom is the individuals
Lack of opportunity for personal growth,
financial gain is a failure on the part of
Individual who reaches the top rungs will
plan for self development and growth.
Need for self-development

  • It implies a process where individual
    improves his knowledge,skills and
  • Having a vision of future will help
    him to motivate to reach the
  • To bridge the gap between the
    present and future ,one should take
    measures to develop himself.
     Need for continuous
An individual should concentrate on the
neglected areas to make for a balanced

The responsibility for self-development is
primarily with individual the concerned.

“ A vision is where you are going;
   a plan is how you get there”.
Learning skills and practicing skills
   Skills are obtained through a combination
   of knowledge and practice.

   Skills are lost quickly if they are not

   An individual acquires new skills gains
   self-confidence and self-esteem.
 Successful in self-development
Be aware of your own strength and
weaknesses Opportunities and
resources,constraints and challenges.

Be willing to adapt to change,learn from
mistakes and take risks.

Have the ability to control emotion, behavior
and give feedback creatively.
   Concentrate on yourself
You have to update your knowledge and
If need be,enroll for short-term course
after checking their utility from experts.
Keep up to date with the latest
developments in your field.
Keep contract with colleagues who had a
spectacular career growth.
Success in your career necessitates firm
commitment,vision, managerial ability to
solve your problems.
 explore the opportunities that are
available for your career.
To innovate and create opportunities for
your career success.
To, think act big,to rise rapidly in your
Essentials for getting a job
Analytical ability to analyze is a great

The success or any failure is
determined by an attitude of mind.

Keep your General Knowledge updated.

One of the most essential elements of
ensuring success is your job hunting.
    Tips to Grab success
Set an aim to achieve what you are
deeply interested in
Choose your goal which is within your
Do your best for whatever work is at
your hand.
Instead of anticipating trouble,act
fearlessly to build your future.
Take positive risk if it is necessary
Don’t be afraid of making
mistakes,everybody learns by own
Learn how to control your emotions in
adverse condition,never allow your
emotions to override you.
Accept the fact that you cannot get
everything you desire.
Work sincerely and conscientiously with a
sense of dedication.
            Time factor

Time is both an important and valuable
Using time wisely is a great art in itself.
Time is perhaps the most important
factor and important resource when it
comes to planning for success.
Make best use of time to reach the top
of your career.

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