How Important Is It To Avoid Black Hat SEO In Your Campaign

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                How Important Is It To Avoid Black Hat SEO In Your Campaign?
                Black Hat SEO Detremental To A Campaign

                06.12.2009 – The Internet is full of rival businesses striving to become the first
                position on all major search engines. Search engine statistics for the UK show that      Twitter Pitc
                97% of people only search for a product or service shown within the first 3 pages of     The Creare Gr
                                                                                                         the dangers of
                a search engine result.

                                                                                                         News Facts
                Figures like these are vital for companies, especially in the current economic climate     The Creare
                as the amount of business generated from listing in the top three pages can help a         search engi
                business succeed against fierce competition.                                               techniques.
                                                                                                           Gain Google
                Like many aspects of life, people often look for a short cut and this is very much the     White Hat S

                case for Search Engine Optimisation. Many companies have reached top spots
                                                                                                         Resource Li
                through dishonest and unnatural link building over a short period of time. The trade
                                                                                                         Website Des
                now recognise this as Black Hat SEO.
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                There are web design and search engine optimisation consultant firms that                Search Engi
                understand how vital it is to avoid using black hat SEO techniques within a web
                design campaign.                                                                         Tags
                                                                                                         web design,
                The techniques that The Creare Group practice ensures that all of the sites that they
                                                                                                         engine opti
                develop follow White Hat SEO techniques the legitimate and natural building of links.
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                The importance of avoiding Black Hat techniques ensures that major search
                engines such as Google, reward a web site accordingly and recognise the hard
                work and continuous dedication that is put into a site.

                The Creare Group begin their White Hat SEO campaign within the development of a
                website design. They incorporate desired phrases that are best suited to the
                company and have been agreed with the customer.

                Offering national and regional phrases, The Creare Group are confident in their
                techniques that they will have phrases ranking highly in all the major search engines
                including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

                The Creare Group continuously review the performance of their own and their
                customers sites to ensure that their listings remain the higher positions. They have
                proved that following the rules of White Hat SEO get a site listing and maintains that

                “We have never practised the techniques of Black Hat SEO and will never proceed to
                do so. We know the detrimental effects these techniques have on a site and have
                proved in our own listing how much success that hard work and dedication can give
                to a business.” Mike McKinlay M.D
Currently page one for both competitive phrases ‘web design’ and ‘search engine
optimisation’ The Creare Group are prime examples of their own techniques and for
their own customers.

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