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									                                International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
                                                                                         Volume 23 Number 2 March/April 2008

                         The 1833 Report
                         The Publication of Airline Local 1833

           The Delta/Northwest Merger: Storm on the Horizon
                        What’s Our Next Move?
                                                 By Ken Hooker, President

How does it feel to know Northwest          Our members deserve better than to        allowed them to not pay the put price
Airlines along with our possible            be snuffed out of this merger process.    of stock earned for the concessions,
new company, Delta, feels you are           Were we insignificant in 1993 when        that became the ultimate slap in the
insignificant! Well that’s exactly          Northwest threatened bankruptcy           face to our members who made the
what NWA Labor Relations thinks             after raping the wealth and assets of     sacrifices and pulled this company
of us regarding this merger and our         our Company? Who did the Company          back into profitability. Crisis after
job security. In a                                                                                       crisis our members
conversation with                                                                                        and their families
District Lodge                                                                                           have been asked
143 PDGC Steve                                                                                           to sacrifice for the
Gordon when he                                                                                           good of Northwest
asked why the                                                                                            Airlines.
company has not                                                                                          This dramatic play
contacted the IAM                                                                                        we have been a part
or District 143,                                                                                         of was written years
Labor Relations                                                                                          ago. The Richard
Bob Brodien stated,                                                                                      Anderson and Doug
“because Delta                                                                                           Steeland, good cop,
does not have union                                                                                      bad cop scene has
representation in                                                                                        been written by
our class and craft                                                                                      the likes of many
which we represent.                                                                                      famous playwrites,
There is not a need                                                                                      including the scene
to talk to us about                                                                                      where the good guy
the merger.We are                                                                                       has to leave and
insignificant to the merger.”               come to? It was the unions along with     the bad guy has to unleash his doom
                                            the State of Minnesota . Our members      and gloom only to have the good guy
That’s right brothers and sisters,          sacrificed 15% of their wages along       reappear as our opponents leader,
“INSIGNIFICANT’. In a very direct           with vacation time as well. All of us     ready to stomp on the people whom
and pointed barb back to Brodien,           know how they buffaloed the people of     helped him get where he is today.
PDGC Steve Gordon reminded him              this state by backing out of promises     cont’d page 2
that our sacrifice of $190,000,000.00       and contracts. So when they pulled
a year wasn’t exactly insignificant.        out an obscure law from Delaware that

     An Economy That Works                  ESSC Shop Committee Report                Call for Proosed Bylaw Changes
     For All                            2   Great People Come in Bunches          5   Air Transport District Lodge 143      8
                                                                                      Official Call for Nominations for
     Worker’s Memorial Day                  Minnesota State Council of            6   Delegates to the 37th Grand           9
     April 28, 2008                     3   Machinists Conference                     Lodge Convention
     Legislative Committee
     Report                                 The Minnesota State Council               Results of Local Lodge 1833
                                            of Machinists has endorsed            7   Endorsement for Election of           10
     Bldg. D Shop Committee Report          Al Franken for the U.S. Senate            Air Transport District 141 Officers
     Bldg. C Shop Committee Report      4   in Minnesota                              Results of Local Lodge 1833
     Retiree’s Report                       Call for Nominations for Delegates        Endorsement for Election of           11
                                            to the 47th District 143 Convention   8   Air Transport District 143 Officers
At least Richard Anderson is making the      happens when you don’t have a union. You’re an employee at will. What
stand that he will put Delta employees       the company wants you to have, you will get. Sisters and brothers, one
first by protecting senority and job         thing is for sure, we need our union. We need the ability to have our voice
security and will keep their headquarters    heard. If the pilots come to an agreement, which now looks like a stretch,
in Atlanta. Doug Steenland on the other      and the merger goes forward, we could be in a position to lose our union
hand, is assuring us that everything will    and our voice. Most likely we will have the opportunity to vote for our union
be all right. That is reassuring. When       once single carrier status is established. This means every one of us will
you get right down to it and compare         have to be proactive and vote to be union.
the reasons for a merger like this one,
there isn’t much that is good for the        If you want a voice and justice in the work place, if you want your seniority
employees, the state of Minnesota, and       to mean something along with language to use that seniority, then you
Northwest airlines.                          need a union.

With this merger, headquarters is
gone to Atlanta along with its jobs.
Do you really believe the reports that
Minneapolis/St. Paul will remain a hub?
With Delta’s large presence in the west
at Salt Lake City and Northwest’s new
terminal expanded runways in Detroit,
MSP becomes the odd man out. Sure
Northwest would keep a presence in
MSP. Just through logistics of hub and
spoke operations, MSP would become
less desirable than the other two hubs.
That translates to fewer flights and of
course fewer employees needed to work

What will happen to Building A? With
headquarters in Atlanta, what happens
to our members jobs? Maybe you will
be able to go to Atlanta if there is an
opening. With out our union contract
language for bumping rights most of us
will be left to the Company’s wishes.
There isn’t a B building that our members
work won’t be affected by this merger.
Downsizing translates to loss of jobs
and revenue for the State of Minnesota
as well as the cost of retraining and
unemployment paid by the State. As for
the merged company, the price of oil and
the downturn of the economy will still be
the major factors for the survival of this
merged airline.
Sure the hedge funds investors will make
millions on the deal, but when the plan
fails and losses are inevitable, who is
going to bail them out? I think you can
guess who.

When Delta was going into bankruptcy
they told the employees we need give
backs and then they just took them. No
bargaining, just took what they needed
from their employees. That’s what

   Page 2 1833 Report March/April 2008
WORKER’S                                   what it was created to do. However,
                                           the past eight years has seen
                                                                                       When manufacturers skimp on
                                                                                       materials and use inferior products;
MEMORIAL DAY                               budget cuts amounting to less staff
                                           to make inspections, and little or no
                                                                                       work short staffed and have insufficient
                                                                                       rest; do not have to follow the same
APRIL 28, 2008                             implementation and/or revision of
                                           new or existing standards. Important
                                                                                       guidelines, standards and regulations;
                                                                                       safety and health in the workplace, at
By Mary Sansom, Safety
                                           government safety positions have            home and in the community will suffer.
Committee Member                                                                       I hate to keep harping on politics, but it
                                                                                       is so important to get out and vote for
As we come upon the 38th                                                               legislators who will fight for workplace
anniversary for the creation of the                                                    safety and health protections.
Occupational Safety and Health Act
(OSHA), it is time to reflect on how far                                               This April 28th, I ask you to take a
we have come in safety and health                                                      moment during your work day and
and how much more is needed to be                                                      remember. Especially those co-
done. With the creation of OSHA in                                                     workers who went to work to never
1970, workplace safety and health                                                      return home to their family, friends
protection was put into effect. The                                                    and loved ones: Peter B. Olson;
purpose was to provide work rules,         remained unfilled for the past eight        Gary W. Nielsen; David Anderson;
exposure standards and a course of         years. There has been little or             James Gaunt; Paul Jacovitch; John
action for the employee in the work        no increase in funding to provide           Desmond; Hyogo Takahashi, Robert
place by which management will be          workplace safety and health training        Haavisto and Denise Wilson.
held responsible and accountable.          and education.                              Work Safe in 2008.
For the most part, OSHA has done

By Lonnie Forrester,
Legislative Committee

Conversation with
President Buffenbarger

Last weekend I had the opportunity
to attend the MN State Council of
Machinists meeting in Saint Paul.
This was the first time that I attended
the meeting. I had the opportunity to
meet IAM representatives from other
industries around Minnesota. Guest         assured us that her office will look at     for the better part of an hour. We
speakers were invited to the meetings      every issue that arises if and when the     talked about issues like the Taft-
to make presentations. Among               merger happens. She also informed           Hartley Act, the Employee Free
them were Phil Gruber-IAM GVP              us that she will look at every anti-trust   Choice Act (EFCA), the new dues
Midwest Territories, Lori Swanson-MN       ruling made by the federal courts.          structure that has been proposed,
Attorney General, Rebecca Otto-            She was very reassuring during our          the organization drive occuring at
MN State Auditor, Betty McCollum-          conversation even going to great            Delta, negotiations, and the National
US House OF Represenatives                 length to make it known that she has        Pension Plan. I informed him that we
D-MN, Al Franken-candidate for             an “open door with the IAM”.                need more information pertaining to
the US Senate, and Leon Lilly-MN                                                       the pension plan. He assured us that
House of Represeatives-D (MSP              However, there was one guest                he would take care of it. All in all, I felt
ESE) among others. I spoke with            speaker in attendance last weekend          that it was a very good conversation
Minnesota Attorney General Lori            of great importance that I had the          and that he was very forthright and
Swanson about anti-trust issues            oppurtunity to speak with; R. Thomas        extremely knowledgeable. But the
relating to the proposed merger            Buffenbarger-President International        most important thing that occured last
between Northwest and Delta. She           Association of Machinists. I was able       weekend, was that he heard these
                                           to speak with president Buffenbarger        things right from the floor.
                                                                                            Page 3 1833 Report March/April 2008
                           Bldg D Shop Committee Report
                    By Donald Balducci, Mary Bruce-Konuah,and Dawn Harteau
These are some very uncertain times         • Forced overtime language.                “new NWA” with Richard Anderson at
for airline workers. With all the merger    • Unsecured claims money after             the helm. Were things that much better
speculation around us, it is hard to know   bankruptcy.                                here when Richard was our leader?
what uniform we will be wearing a year                                                 He was at the helm when the company
from now. Up to this point, we have been                                               proposed having only MSP and DTW
fortunate enough to work for a union                                                   as Northwest Airlines and all remaining
carrier. Some of the benefits realized                                                 stations vendored out. He was at the
because of this are:                                                                   helm when the Company proposed
                                                                                       having to work 40 hours in a week
• Guaranteed 40 hour work week for full                                                before overtime rates of pay kicked in.
time.                                                                                  It was under Richard that the Company
• Bid awards to other contract jobs in                                                 proposed 4 weeks vacation top out and
seniority order.                                                                       depleting sick banks of all but 500 hours.
• Bidding of work locations.                                                           Do we need to say more?
• Contract wage increases, not merit
increase based upon a managers              And the list goes on…                      None of us know what the outcome
opinion of you.                             This is the time we all need to stick      will be and we don’t know what Delta
• Contract language to protect our          together. For those members who            employees have or don’t have, but what
vacation time and sick time.                think the grass is greener over there,     we do know is we have a lot to lose
• Overtime awarded by classification        remember the old Delta is now the          without union protection.

Bldg C Shop                                                        Retiree’s
Committee                                                          Report
Report                                                             By Lauree Cook,
                                                                   Recording Secretary
By Ruth Dorsty,
Tom Hoppenstedt,
and Patty Bledsoe

We have filed an et al grievance on behalf of all members due      The 1833 Retiree’s Club has started this year with two
to numerous complaints regarding the new pace clock system.        exciting gatherings. All former IAM members and their
With the implementation of this new system, many concerns          spouses are welcome to join at a cost of $7.00 each. Our
have been brought to us. These concerns include sanitary           next business meeting will be held on March 20th which is
issues, discrimination, the system does not operate properly       the same day as the Wing’s Financial meeting. Our business
on a regular basis, and it interferes with the employees’ normal   meetings begin at 12:30 at the Eagle’s Club in Bloomington
daily routine which causes unnecessary stress. Some of these       and the Wing’s meeting is at the Eagan Community Center
clocks have had to be repaired or replaced more than once.         at 5:30PM. Other business meetings this year will be held on
We have held the first step hearing on this grievance and          May 15th, July 17th, September 18th and November 20th.
received the company’s response that “measures are being
explored to resolve this issue.” It has now advanced forward       Our luncheons are on April 17th, August 21st, and October
to the second step.                                                16th. Our April luncheon will have ham & augratin potatoes,
                                                                   etc. The social hour starts at 11:30 and food is served at
With the closure of the BWI reservations center, we would          12:30 with the cost being $16.00 each for members and
like to welcome any and all who transfer to Minneapolis/St.        guests adding $1.00. The picnic date is June 19th at
Paul, Sioux City, the Iron Range, or any other area within the     Highland Park. The Cristmas party will be December 18th at
Company. We wish the very best to those who still have a very      The Royal Cliff in Eagan as are all the luncheons.
difficult decision as to what path they chose to take. Keep in
mind that they do have many options available to them per our      The travel club has published their list of trips and they are
negotiated IAM CONTRACT. They can exercise their seniority         going to Meskawaki Casino on March 6th & 7th. There is a
into any other reservations office for which the company would     fly/coach trip to Washington D.C. April 22nd-24th. That is a
pay for their move. They may exercise their seniority into other   WWII Veteran’s Tribute Tour. Also, they travel to Black Bear
areas of the company or they can even chose to go on lay-off       Casino on April 29th and Prairie’s Edge Casino on May 7th
for up to 60 months. Let’s all make their transition a pleasant    & 8th. There are also trips planned for the remainder of the
experience.                                                        year.
                                                                   We hope you can join us at a gathering soon. Any questions,
                                                                   call Maynard or Shirlee at 651-454-3482 or Lauree at
      Page 4 1833 Report March/April 2008
ESSC Shop Committee                                             Great People
Report                                                          Come in
By Kip Hedges,                                                  Bunches
Lee Largent,                                                    Iron Range Report
and Dan
McCurdy                                                         By Dave Thompson,
                                                                Gina DelGrande
New Bid Coming                                                  And AnneMarie Kobal
In just 6 weeks                                                 We recently reported one of our
we will begin our                                               very own was diagnosed with
new job bid. In our                                             breast cancer which required a
discussions with Ben                                            double mastectomy and a follow
Humphrey, who has                                               up regimen of chemotherapy
been designing the bid, and Bill White, Director of MSP         treatments and an extended
Ramp Operations, we have expressed great concern. We            recovery period. In December, her co-workers in our GRC
have told them that we believe this bid represents another      Department ignited a spark of week-long fundraising
ratcheting up of the rate of work for ESEs.                     adventures in order to try and help offset some of the
                                                                medical costs. The group of GRC employees who organized
One of the features of the bid is real time staffing on the     it had a goal in mind and were looking for ways to spice
F Concourse. This will allow the Company to keep very           things up. They approached their manager and asked if
close tabs on the utilization of every ESE and ESL on that      she would shave her head if they reached their goal. Her
Concourse. This will inevitably lead to more work and less      manager agreed, as did the new manager that was entering
down time.                                                      GRC. With this carrot out there, the group set out to meet
                                                                                                     their goal and they did.
Northwest will also make greater use of concourse                                                    In fact, they were well
pools and big board type situations. For example, the G                                              beyond their goal.
Concourse will now have 2 separate pools, one for G1
through G10 and one for G11 through G22. There will be                                               On February 1, 2008,
an International pool on the G concourse that will work                                              agents flooded the
all international flights, from G1 to G10. This will include                                         reservation floor in
positive ID, matching baggage with passengers. This will                                             anticipation as our own
allow increased utilization of those workers.                                                        Grievance Committee
                                                                                                     member, Anne Marie
Another feature will be use of different shift start times to                                        Kobal, fired up her
allow more utilization of ESE’s. An example will be on the                                           clippers and began
C/D concourse where a small crew on each unit will be                                                shaving. The front row
augmented by a 09:00 start and a 10:30 part time start.                                              seat was occupied by
All units on the C/D concourse will be 07:16 starts. There                                           the agent and the look
will be no units with all 09:00 starts.                                                              of “awe” on her face,
                                                                                                     as well as all the others
We have told the Company the net effect of these                                                     present, was priceless.
changes will be a higher rate of injury as bodies give out.                                          The outpouring of
While we cannot stop the Company from implementing              support is greatly appreciated by the agent. It goes to show,
this bid, we can control the way in which we work. In           we have a great bunch of people working in our office.
order to avoid injury, do not work one person in a bin,
depending on the bag count on 757-200 aircraft, A-320
aircraft, DC-9’s, or the AFT of A319’s. Make sure you get
assistance when lifting heavy bags. Do not scan bags with
one hand and lift bags at the same time. In addition, make
sure all your equipment is functional. Follow all NWA
safety procedures. These are meant to provide a safe

                                                                                            Page 5 1833 Report March/April 2008
  Minnesota State Council of Machinists Conference
                              By Vicki Beebe, Legislative Committee Member
R. Thomas Buffenbarger, International President, IAMAW, spoke at the
Conference about the 120 year history of the IAM and the importance of
restructuring our outdated dues structure to ensure the vision and strength for
the IAM in the next 100 years. President Buffenbarger described his vision of
continuing the emphasis on education, not only providing for our members at
3W, but also by establishing apprenticeship programs and training for future
machinists. These initiatives would create the knowledge and ability needed to
fill the thousands of job openings for skilled machinists. “We will train our own to
regenerate the next generation of Machinists to secure our future and to keep
the good jobs here in the U.S.”

Local 1833 members had the opportunity to discuss this issue directly with
President Buffenbarger and ask questions. President Buffenbarger requests
our members to “take seriously the proposed changes. “We are out of ways
and gimmicks to secure the funds needed to run our organization, support our
district and local lodges, and ensure our leadership and membership have the
tools and resources to get their jobs done.
The issue of dues structure changes generated many questions among the
local officials at the three-day Principal Officers Conference held in February.
A dialogue with the Local Lodge officers there was established. They can take
the proposal back to their local committees to give members and officers the
opportunity to discuss the union’s future and to make recommendations.

“The IAM has endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. Our members were polled
asking them which candidates, both Republican and Democrat, would address
our concerns. The candidates were asked to tell us why they deserve our
endorsement. Mike Huckabee was the only Republican who asked for our
endorsement. Barack Obama told the IAM he did not want our endorsement. If
Senator Clinton was elected, we would have a President the IAM organization
could talk to,” advised President Buffenbarger.

Some of the other speakers at the Conference were:
                                                                                       Local 1833 members Lonnie Forester,
Phil Gruber, IAM General Vice President, Midwest Territory                             Rob Cloutier, Jr., and Scott Olson take
Mr. Gruber gave a presentation on the proposed restructured dues plan to be            the opportunity to speak with IAMAW
presented at the Grand Lodge Convention in September, 2008.                                   President Buffenbarger.

Lori Swanson, Minnesota Attorney General
Ms. Swanson spoke about her plan to grow the policies that support and protect
the middle class and ensure corporate America is not allowed to take advantage
of consumers.

Rick De LaFuente, IAMAW Legislative Director
Mr. De LaFuente talked about the targeted Senate and House races across the
country in 2008. He also touched on proposed airline mergers. The Department
of Justice has jurisdiction over a merger. Currently the DOJ is filled with
President Bush appointees and employees.
                                                                                       Local 1833 member John Hendrickson,
                                                                                           IRRC, listens to the speakers.
Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum
Betty McCollum is the senior democratic whip. She represent the 4th District.
She talked about what they have done to ensure the American Dream can
be obtained by everyone. The House has passed a minimum wage increase
and is working on the College Expense Reduction Act, an investing in America
package, protection for child workers, a ban on genetic discrimination, the
right of share holders to vote on executive pay, and amend the Constitution to
provide healthcare as a citizen’s right, to be healthy and productive.
                                                                                       Amy Klobachar, MN Senator and Lonnie
Page 6 1833 Report March/April 2008                                                     Forrester having a laugh during lunch.
    State Council                              The Minnesota State Council of Machinists has
    of Machinists                               Endorsed Al Franken for the U.S. Senate in
     Conference                                                Minnesota.
   March 1st & 2nd,                           Al Franken was the unanimous choice of the delegates attending the
     St. Paul MN                             annual Minnesota State Council of Machinists Spring Conference in St.
                                                              Paul, MN at the Hilton Garden Inn.

                                                                                                         “The Minnesota
                                                                                                         State Council of
                                                                                                         Machinists is proud
                                                                                                         to give our support
                                                                                                         and commitment
                                                                                                         to our endorsed
                                                                                                         candidate, the
                                                                                                         next U.S Senator
                                                                                                         from Minnesota, Al
                                                                                                         Franken. We in the
                                                                                                         Machinists Union
                                                                                                         believe Al Franken
  Leon Lillie, MN State Rep.,District 55A
                                                                                                         is by far the best
                                                 All of the Machinists at the Conference with Al Franken candidate to
                                                                                                         protect Minnesota’s
                                                                                                         working families. Al
                                                                                                         will carry our voice
                                                                                                         to Washington
                                                                                                         and not only vote
                                                                                                         for the Employee
                                                                                                         Free Choice Act,
                                                                                                         he will proudly
                                                                                                         co-sponsor it. He
                                                                                                         is a “fair trader”,
                                                                                                         and will insist that
                                                                                                         trade agreements
Rick De LaFuente, IAM Legislative Director                                                               include enforceable
                                                                                                         labor, safety, and
                                                                                                         standards. We will
                                                 Al Franken with Lisa Stager, President; Julie Anderson, stand by him in this
                                                 Secretary-Treasurer; Mary Sansom, Recording Secretary
                                                                                                         campaign and work
                                                                                                         in the “Fighting
                                             Machinists” tradition to defeat Norm Coleman.” stated Lisa Stager, President
                                             of the Minnesota State Council of Machinists.
                                             “Norm Coleman has been no friend of working families in Minnesota; he has
                                             been complicit in the Bush Administration’s attack on Unions and the middle
                                             class. Our members stand ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Norm
   Scott Olson, Legislative Committee        Coleman and elect Al Franken as our next Senator” said Secretary/Treasurer
                                             Julie Anderson.

                                             The IAM represents more than 15,000 active and retired members in
                                             Minnesota in varied industries such as transportation, manufacturing,
                                             auto and truck mechanics throughout Minnesota.
                                             For more information about the Minnesota State Council of Machinists, or the
                                             Machinists Union (IAMAW, IAM or Machinists) please contact:
                                             Julie Anderson, 651-207-1713,anderson@iam77.org or Lisa Stager
                                             651-365-3365, lstager@iamdl143.org..
 Myron Drellack, Legislative Comm. Chair
                                                                                          Page 7 1833 Report March/April 2008
FOR DELEGATES TO                                                CALL FOR PROPOSED
THE 47th DISTRICT 143                                           BYLAW CHANGES AIR
CONVENTION                                                      TRANSPORT DISTRICT
                                                                LODGE 143
In accordance with the Bylaws of IAMAW Air Transport
District Lodge 143, call is hereby issued for nominations to
elect delegates to the IAMAW Air Transport District
Lodge 143 Bylaws Convention. The District Bylaws
Convention will be held in San Diego, CA from July
22-24, 2008.

Nominations for delegates will be accepted on
Thursday, April 10, 2008 at the Eagles Post #3208,
9152 Old Cedar Ave., Bloomington, MN. Election for
District 143 Convention delegates will be held
Thursday, May 8, 2008.
Nominations will be accepted for the following delegates:
10 Northwest Airlines from MSP
 1 Northwest Airline from HIB
 1 Northwest Airline outside MSP and HIB                        District Lodge 143 Bylaws Article XIV, Section
 1Great Lakes Aviation                                          1 states, “ Bylaw proposals shall be submitted
                                                                on a standard form provided by the Secretary-
Local Lodge Bylaws Article VI, Section 2 states,” No            Treasurer. Each Bylaw must be discussed and
member shall be placed in nomination for any office or          voted upon at each Local Lodge meeting where
delegateship without his or her previous consent. No member     the proposal originates prior to being forwarded
shall run for or hold an office who has not maintained their
membership in good standing for at least 12 months prior to     to District 143.”
their nomination and who has not been working at the trade
for 6 months prior to nomination. The membership outside        Proposed changes to the District Lodge 143
MSP will be allowed a proportional number of delegates to       Bylaws MUST be submitted on the standard
attend the District Lodge and Grand Lodge conventions.          form supplied from District 143. Unless the
These delegates are to be nominated and elected by and
from the membership outside MSP. The MSP delegates will         proposed bylaw changes are on the forms
be nominated and elected by and from MSP.”                      supplied, they will not be considered. Proposed
                                                                Bylaw changes must be received by the Local
Local Lodge Bylaws Article VI, Section 8 states, “Members       Lodge Recording Secretary no later than 4:00
who reside in outlying districts more than 25 miles from the    PM June 6, 2008.
designated polling place, members who are either confined
because of verified illness or on vacation or on official
IAMAW business approved by the Local Lodge, District            Forms for proposed District 143 Bylaws
Lodge or Grand Lodge or on employer travel assignment or        Changes will be available from the Local Lodge
reserve military leave, as the case may be shall be furnished   Recording Secretary, shop/grievance committee
absentee ballots. Any member entitled to receive an absentee    offices or District 143.
ballot shall make written request therefor to the Recording
Secretary of the Local Lodge by delivering in person or
mailing such request not later than 30 days before the          All proposed changes will be read, discussed
election.” It is important everyone understand that whenever    and voted upon at the June 12, 2008 day-shift
the term “mail” is used in voting procedures, it means by the   union meeting.
U. S. Postal Service.
Deadline for absentee ballot requests will be April 8, 2008.
Absentee ballot request forms will be available through the
Local Lodge office, the Grievance/Shop committee offices and
the Local newsletter.
     Page 8 1833 Report March/April 2008
                                                      OFFICIAL CALL FOR
ABSENTEE BALLOT                                       NOMINATIONS FOR
                                                      DELEGATES TO THE 37TH
I Request an Absentee Ballot for the
District 143 Convention (NWA or Great Lakes
                                                      GRAND LODGE CONVENTION
members only) or the Grand Lodge Convention
(all members) on Thursday, May 8, 2008.               Official call is hereby issued for nominations
(please circle one)                                   of delegates from IAMAW Airline Local 1833
                                                      to the 37th Grand Lodge Convention of the
Date of Election_______________________________       International Association of Machinists and
                                                      Aerospace Workers in Orlando, FL, September
Employee Clock Number________________________         7-13, 2008.
Name: ______________________________________          Nominations will be accepted for the delegate positions listed
                                                      below at the regular union meeting on April 10, 2008 held at
Address: ____________________________________         the Eagles Club Post 3208, 9152 Old Cedar Ave, Bloomington,
                                                      MN at 4:00 P.M.
City: _______________________________________
                                                      29 Delegates from MSP
State: ____________________ Zip: ______________        3 Delegates from Outside MSP

                                                      Election of delegates will be held May 8, 2008 The polls in
Mail to:Airline Local Lodge 1833                      MSP will be open from 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM at the Eagles
8030 Old Cedar Avenue                                 Club and in IRRC from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Chisholm Inn &
Suite 200                                             Suites at 501 Iron Drive, Chisholm, MN.
Bloomington, MN 55425
                                                      Requests for absentee ballots will be made in accordance with
                                                      the IAMAW Constitution and Local Lodge Bylaws. Requests
Reason: (Circle One)                                  must be made in writing to the Recording Secretary no later
                                                      than ten (10) days prior to the date of the election. All requests
I reside more than 25 miles from the designated       must be received no later than April 28, 2008.
polling place.
                                                      Any member wishing to nominate but unable to attend
                                                      the meeting may turn in written nominations and letters of
I am confined due to verified illness.                acceptance of the nominations to the Recording Secretary
                                                      prior to the nominating meeting.
I will be on vacation.
                                                      IAMAW Constitution Article II, Section 4, provides that
I will be on official IAM business.                   delegates to the convention of the Grand Lodge must be
                                                      members in good standing of the L. L. from which they hold
                                                      credentials for at least one (1) year prior to their nomination.
I will be on employer travel assignment.
                                                      Local Lodge Bylaws Article IV, Section 2, states, ”No person
I will be on Family Leave.                            shall qualify as an officer of the Local Lodge, delegate to the
                                                      Grand Lodge and District Lodge conventions or any body with
                                                      which this L. L. may affiliate, or any function which this
I will be on Military Leave                           L. L. either sponsors or contributes to without having attended
                                                      at least six (6) regular L. L. meetings during the twelve (12)
Request must be received no later than                months immediately preceding the close of nominations for the
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 for District 143 Convention.   position.“
Request must be received no later than
                                                      Local Lodge Bylaws Article VI, section 2, states, “The
Monday, April 28, 2008 for the Grand Lodge            membership outside MSP will be allowed a proportional
Convention.                                           number of delegates to attend the District Lodge and Grand
                                                      Lodge convention. These delegates are to be nominated and
Signature: _______________________________            elected by and from the membership outside MSP. The MSP
                                                      delegates will be nominated and elected by and from MSP.”
                                                                                 Page 9 1833 Report March/April 2008
Results Of Local Lodge 1833 Endorsement For Election of
       Air Transport DIstrict Lodge 141 OFFICERS
     Nominations and endorsement of candidates for District 141 Officers was held Thursday, February 14, 2008
      at the Eagles Club Post # 3208 in Bloomington, MN. The UAL and US Airways/America West members of
                              Airline Local 1833 endorsed the candidates listed below:

                       President/Directing General Chairman – 4 year term
                                                        Rich Delaney

                                      Secretary – Treasurer – 4 year term
                                                        Dave Atkinson

                                       Vice President – East - 4 year term
                                                 Richard “Brad” Burson

                                     Vice President – Hawaii – 4 year term
                                                         Sandy Olmos

                                      Vice President – West - 4 Year Term
                                                       Sandy Gardner

                                    Vice President –At-Large 4-Year Term
                                                          Chris Lenzi

                                               2 Trustees - 4 Year Term
                                                         Greg Brown
                                                         John Nielsen

                      3 Assistant General Chairpersons –Special 2 Year Term
                                                   Michael Crowell
                                                    Mickey Hughes
                                               Robert “Bobby” Worthman

                           11 Assistant General Chairpersons - 4 Year Term:
                                               Arthur “Big Dawg” Croker
                                                      Alex Gerulis
                                                    Nick Handlow
                                                     Kris Hannah
                                                  Shawn Humphreys
                                                      Mike Klemm
                                                    John Medeiros
                                                   Frank O’Donnell
                                                     Erik Stenberg
                                                      Laura Stone
                                                       Ray Wallis

The General Election for District Lodge 141 will be held June 12, 2008 at the Eagles Club Post # 3208. The polling place will be
open from 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM .Members may request an absentee ballot providing they meet the following criteria: live more
than 25 miles from the polling place; are confined by verified illness; are on vacation, official local, district or grand lodge union
business, employer assignment or on military leave. Requests for an absentee ballot MUST be made singley, in writing, by the
requesting member and delivered in person or mailing such requests to the Local Lodge Recording Secretary not later than 30
days before the election. The deadline for receiving an absentee ballot request will be May 13, 2008.

     Page 10 1833 Report March/April 2008
Results Of Local Lodge 1833 Endorsement For Election of
       Air Transport DIstrict Lodge 143 OFFICERS
                 Nominations and endorsement of candidates for District 143 Officers was held
               Thursday, February 14, 2008 at the Eagles Club Post # 3208 in Bloomington, MN.
               The Northwest Airlines members of Airline Local 1833 endorsed these candidates:

                                                      1 Trustee - 4 year term
                                                                   Vicki Beebe

                                              5 General Chairs - 4 year term
                                                             Kevin Graf
                                                        Candice Hendrickson
                                                           Bill Holloway
                                                            Steve Kelton
                                                            Ruth Dorsty

          The general election for District 143 will be held June 12, 2008 at Eagles Club Post # 3208.
                           The polling place will be open from 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

                Members may request an absentee ballot providing they meet the following criteria:
         live more than 25 miles from the polling place; are confined by verified illness, are on vacation,
          official local, district or grand lodge union business, employer assignment or on military leave.

       Requests for an absentee ballot MUST be made singley, in writing, by the requesting member and
       delivered in person or mailing such requests to the Local Lodge Recording Secretary 1833 not later
  than 30 days before the election. The deadline for receiving an absentee ballot request will be May 13, 2008.

                                        ABSENTEE BALLOT
 I Request an Absentee Ballot for the District 141 or 143 Officers Election on Thursday, June 12, 2008.
                                          (please circle one)
         Date of Election____________________ Employee Clock Number______________
        Name: _______________________________________________________________
        Address: _____________________________________________________________
        City: ____________________________ State: _______________ Zip: __________ _

    Mail to: Airline Local Lodge 1833                        Reason:  I reside more than 25 miles from
    8030 Old Cedar Avenue                                    (Circle  the designated polling place.
    Suite 200                                                 One)    I am confined due to verified illness.
    Bloomington, MN 55425                                            I will be on vacation.
                                                                     I will be on official IAM business.
                                                              I will be on employer travel assignment.
                                                                     I will be on Family Leave.
                                                                     I will be on Military Leave.
                     Request must be received no later than Tuesday, May 13, 2008.
        Signature: ____________________________________________________________

                                                                                  Page 11 1833 Report March/April 2008
        International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
      Airline Local 1833
8030 Old Cedar Avenue South
                                                                                               Non-profit Organization
           Suite 200
                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
   Bloomington, MN 55425
     Phone 952-854-6313                                                                        Minneapolis, Minnesota
      Fax: 952-854-1323                                                                          Permit No. 32186
   Toll Free: 888-999-1833
  Email:IAM1833@qwest.net                                                          Return Service Requested

Mark Your 2008 Calen-
dar for the
2nd Annual Local 1833
Summer Picnic
Saturday, June 21st
Johnny Cake Ridge Park
Apple Valley, Minnesota
For more information or to volunteer at the
picnic, please contact Ken Hooker, Brian
Smith or Pat Sullivan at 952-854-6313 or
contact us by visiting www.localiam1833.org.

                                                                 Local Lodge 1833 Officers
                                                                 President, Ken Hooker
 Local Lodge 1833                                                Vice President, Lisa Stager
 Meeting Information                                             Recording Secretary, Mary Sansom
 Executive Board Meetings                                        Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Bennek
 Local 1833 Conference                                           Conductor-Sentinel, Roger McCausland
 Room                                                            Trustees, Robert Cloutier Jr., Myron Drellack,
 8030 Old Cedar Avenue                                           Kris Hannah
 Bloomington MN                                                  Educator, Patty Bledsoe
                                                                 Communicator, Vicki Beebe
 Union Meetings - Eagles Club #3208
 9152 Old Cedar Avenue, Bloomington MN                           Please feel free to submit articles, letters or pictures
                                                                 you would like to have printed. Submissions can be
 Executive Board Meeting               March 12, 2008    3PM     dropped off at the Local or sent via fax or email.
 Day Shift Meeting                     March 13, 2008    4PM     All submissions to the May/June newsletter are due no
 Executive Board Meeting               March 27, 2008    3PM     later than 3PM Thurs, April 9th..
 Late Shift Meeting                   March 27, 2008 11:15PM     According to the bylaws of LL1833, content must be
                                                                 approved by the LL1833 Executive Board prior to
 Executive Board Meeting                  April 9, 2008 3PM      printing. It is understood that materials published in
 Day Shift Meeting                        April 10, 2008 4PM     the Local Lodge paper are the opinion of the writer
 Executive Board Meeting                  April 24, 2008 3PM     and do not necessarily constitute neither the opinion of
                                                                 the Local Lodge 1833 Executive Board nor that of the
 Late Shift Meeting                     April 24, 2008 11:15PM
                                                                 IAMAW. FAX: 952-854-1323 ,
                                                                 EMAIL: editor1833@qwest.net

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