Wildcat Hill Definitive Subdivision by Massachusetts


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Commonwealth of Massachusetfs                                                fiecutive Offie of Environmental Affairs
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   ENF                     Notification Form
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                        The information requested on this
form must be completed to begin MEPA Review in accordance with the provisions of the
Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, 301 CMR I 1.00.
  Project Name: Wildcat Hill Definitive Subdivision, Norwell, MA

 Street: Wildcat Lane
 Municipality: Norwell                       Watershed: South Shore Coastal
 Universal Tranverse Mercator Coordinates:   Latitude: N42O 08' 27"
 349532E 466701 1N                           Longitude: W70° 49' 15"
 Estimated commencement date: Spring 2007 Estimated completion date: 2010
 Approximate cost: $30 million               Status of project design:    80 %complete
 Proponent: Casa Development, Inc. (c/o A.W. Perry, Inc.)
 Street: Twenty Winthrop Square
 Municipality: Boston                      I State: MA        I Zip Code: 02110
 Name of Contact Person From Whom Copies of this ENF May Be Obtained:
 Bradley C. McKenzie, P.E.
 FirmIAgency: McKenzie Engineering Group, Street: 150 Longwater Drive, Suite I 0 1
 Municipality: Norwell                       State: MA        I Zip Code: 02061
 Phone:781-792-3900                 Fax:781-792-0333           E-mail:

  Does this project meet or exceed a mandatory EIR threshold (see 301 CMR 11.03)?
                                                 OYes                                              BIN0
  Has this project been filed with MEPA before?
                                                 OYes (EOEA No.                1                   (XINO
  Has any project on this site been filed with MEPA before?
                                                 D y e s (EOEA No.             )                   BIN0
  Is this an Expanded ENF (see 301 CMR 11.05(7))requesting:
   a Single EIR? (see 301 CMR I .06(8))
                               I                        UYes
    a Special Review Procedure? (see ~OICMR I .09)
                                              I         OY~S
    a Waiver of mandatory EIR? (see 301 CMR I .I)
                                             I          Dyes
    a Phase I Waiver? (see 301 CMR 11.11)               Dyes
  Identify any financial assistance or land transfer from an agency of the Commonwealth, including the
  agency name and the amount of funding or land area (in acres): Not A ~ ~ l i c a b l e

  Are you requesting coordinated review with any other federal, state, regional, or local agency?
                nYes(Specify                                    ) @No

  List Local or Federal Permits and Approvals: NPDES (not filed), Mass. Hiqhwav Dept. Indirect Access
  Permit (not filed). DEP - Groundwater Discharse Permit (314 CMR 5.00) (ConceptualApprovall
  Norwell Planninq Board Definitive Subdivision (approval), Order of Conditions (local bv-law and WPA -

Revised 10199       Comment period is limited. For information call 617-626-1020
     filed); ORAD (local bv-law and WPA - approved)

      Which ENF or EIR review threshold(s) does the project meet or exceed (see 301 CMR 11.03):

      (XI Land                         [7 Rare Species                  Wetlands, Waterways, & Tidelands
           Water                       IXj Wastewater                   Transportation
           Energy                               Air                     Solid & Hazardous Waste
           ACEC                        [7 Regulations                   Historical & Archaeological

1)       & Environmental Impacts        I              I                I                I          Approvals
                                                                                             IXj Order of Conditions
                                                                                             17 Superseding Order of
     New acres of land altered                                                                   Chapter 91 License
     Acres of impervious area               o              9.51 acres
                                                                                             IXj 401 Water Quality
     Square feet of new bordering                                                                MHD or MDC Access
     vegetated wetlands alteration                                                                Permit
     Square feet of new other                                                                    Water Management
     wetland alteration                                                                           Act Permit
                                                                                                 New Source Approval
     Acres of new non-water                                                                      DEP or MWRA
     dependent use of tidelands or                                                               Sewer Connection1
                                                                                                 Extension Permit
                                                                                                 Other Permits
                                                                                                (including Legislative
     Gross square footage                   0              176,000          176,000
                                                                                                 Approvals) Specify:
     ~urnber housing units                  o              43               43

                                            o              34               34
                                                                                -DEP Groundwater Discharae
     Maximum height (in feet)                                                                Permit (314 CMR 5.00)

                                                                                             Permits alreadv received:
                                                                                             Order of Resource Area
     Vehicle trips per day                  0              500              500              Delineation (DEP File ME-52-
     Parking spaces                         o              o                o

      Gallonslday (GPD) water use
                       of               10
      GPD water withdrawal                  o
     GPD wastewater generation1             0
      Length of waterlsewer mains
      (in miles)
                         Water              o

     I                   Sewer              o

     CONSERVATION LAND: Will the project involve the conversion of public parkland or other Article 97 public natural
     resources to any purpose not in accordance with Article 97?
         OYes (Specify                                           )  m

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