Opportunities in Singapore Tourism Industry

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Opportunities in Malaysian Tourism Industry (2007-2009)

Description:    In the market research report on "Opportunities in Malaysian Tourism Industry (2007-2009)”
                provides an in-depth analysis of the present and future prospects of the Malaysian tourism
                industry. The report focuses on different tourism parameters: Inbound Tourism, Outbound tourism,
                Expenditure by Inbound tourists, expenditure by outbound tourists, accommodation facilities,
                transportation facilities and medical tourism. This report helps clients to analyse the opportunities
                and factors critical to the success of tourism industry in Malaysia.

                Key Findings
                - Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are important sources of visitors for Malaysia. Beyond ASEAN,
                tourist arrivals from China and India will remain an important influence throughout the forecast
                period (2007-2011).
                - The promotion of education tourism will continue to be expanded to expedite the development of
                Malaysia as a preferred destination for international students. The projected foreign exchange
                earnings from this potential source of growth are estimated at RM 900 Million by 2010.
                - It is expected that expenditure by international tourist in Malaysia will increase by 7.2% per head
                by 2011 as compared to 2006.
                - Youths are generally considered to be the adopters of the new products and concepts. This
                provides the tourism industry with the opportunity to target the young age group as their potential
                customers. It is expected that the population aged between 15-65 years will constitute 64.1% of
                the total population by 2011.
                - Increasing disposable income will definitely open the opportunities for the outbound tourism and
                domestic tourism. It is expected that Malaysian per head disposable income will increase with the
                CAGR value 6.29% for the period spanning from 2007-2011.
                - It is expected that the domestic tourism trip will increase with the CAGR value 6% for the period
                spanning from 2007-2011, which can bring plethora of opportunities for other industries (aviation,
                hotel, retail etc).
                - Tourist arrivals from China will remain an important influence throughout the forecast period, as
                the majority of Chinese tend to weigh their spending towards consumer purchases as opposed to
                luxury hotel accommodation.

                Key Issues and Facts Analysed
                - How is the performance of Global tourism, Asia-Pacific tourism and ASEAN tourism Industry?
                - What is the position of Malaysia tourism industry with respect to the ASEAN tourism industry?
                - What are the emerging trends in the Tourism sector in Malaysia?
                - What is the future Outlook of the Tourism industry in Malaysia in terms of Inbound Tourism,
                Outbound tourism, Expenditure by Inbound tourist, expenditure by outbound tourist?
                - What are the Key driving forces in the Malaysian tourism industry?
                - What opportunities exist for the Tourism industry in Malaysia?
                - What are the Challenges being faced by the industry?
                - Who are the key players in the Malaysian tourism industry?
                - How is the market affected by other factors prevailing in the economy?

                Key Players Analysed
                This section covers the key facts about players currently operating in the Malaysia tourism industry
                including Malaysian Airline System Berhad, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, SilkAir, Accor Hotel Group,
                Sol Melia S.A., PYOtravel and Ping Anchorage Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.

                Research Methodology Used
                Information Sources
                Information has been sourced from namely, books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers,
                industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and
                developments, and through access to access to more than 3000 paid databases.

                Analysis Method
                The analysis methods include the following: Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear
                Regression Analysis using software tools, Judgmental Forecasting and Cause and Effect Analysis.
Contents:   1. Analyst View

            2. Why Malaysia Tourism Industry?
             2.1 Promotional Activities
             2.2 Low-cost Carrier
             2.3 Crime Rate
             2.4 Shopping Destinations
             2.5 MICE Industry
             2.6 Education Tourism
             2.7 Young Population
             2.8 Personal Disposable Income
             2.9 Transportation System
             2.10 Investment Incentives
             2.11 Tourism Infrastructure Investment
             2.12 Political Stability

            3. ASEAN - Tourism Profile
             3.1 ASEAN Tourism
             3.2 Regional Segmentation

            4. Malaysia Tourism - Performance Indicators
             4.1 Tourist Arrivals
             4.1.1 Intra-ASEAN & Extra-ASEAN Tourist
             4.1.2 Top 10 Tourist Generating Countries
             4.1.3 Purpose of Visit
             4.1.4 Tourist Arrivals Forecast (2008-2012)
             4.2 Expenditure - By Inbound Tourists
             4.2.1 Tourism Receipts
             4.2.2 Tourism Receipts Forecast (2008-2012)
             4.3 Outbound Tourism
             4.3.1 Outbound Tourists
             4.3.2 Outbound Tourists Forecast (2008-2012)
             4.4 Expenditure - By Outbound Tourists
             4.4.1 Outbound Tourism Expenditure
             4.4.2 Outbound Tourism Expenditure Forecast (2008-2012)
             4.5 Domestic Tourism
             4.5.1 Trips
             4.6 Accommodation
             4.6.1 Hotel & Room Supply
             4.6.2 Average Occupancy Rates
             4.7 Transportation
             4.7.1 Air Services
             4.8 Medical Tourism
             4.8.1 Healthcare Infrastructure
             4.8.2 Medical Tourism Industry
             4.8.3 Medical Tourism Industry Forecast (2008-2010)
             4.8.4 Key Drivers for Medical Tourism

            5. Industry Analysis
             5.1 Opportunities
             5.1.1 Malaysian Airlines
             5.1.2 Online Visa & Employment
             5.1.3 Medical Tourism
             5.1.4 Chinese Visitors
             5.1.5 Liberalization of Air Route
             5.1.6 Retail Industry
             5.1.7 Outbound & Domestic Tourism
             5.1.8 Space Travel & Tourism
             5.1.9 MICE Industry
             5.1.10 Education Industry
             5.2 Challenges
             5.2.1 Heavy Dependency on Singapore
             5.2.2 India & MAS
            5.2.3 Strengthening Currency
            5.2.4 Fierce Competition
            5.2.5 Crisis Management

            6. Appendices
             6.1 Incentives for the Tourism Industry
             6.2 Malaysia Visa Information

            Table   2-1:   Malaysia - MICE Industry Statistics (2001-2005)
            Table   2-2:   Malaysia - Population Breakup by Age Group (%), 2003-2007
            Table   3-1:   ASEAN - Tourist Arrivals (in Million), 2006 & 2007*
            Table   3-2:   ASEAN - Tourist Arrivals by Selected Country/Region (in ‘000), 2006 & 2007*
            Table   4-1:   Malaysia - Major Attractions
            Table   4-2:   Malaysia - Tourist Arrivals from Intra-ASEAN & Extra-ASEAN (in ‘000), 2004-2007
            Table   4-3:   Malaysia - Top 10 Tourist Generating Countries (in Million), 2006 & 2007
            Table   4-4:   Malaysia - Hotel & Room Supply by State (in Number), 2006 & 2007
            Table   4-5:   Malaysia - Average Occupancy Rates of Hotels by State (%), 2006 & 2007

            List of Figures
            Figure 2-1: Malaysia - Share of Shopping in Tourism Receipts (%), 2006E
            Figure 2-2: Malaysia - Education Tourism Revenue (in Million RM), 2000-2005 & 2010F
            Figure 2-3: Malaysia - Per Head Personal Disposable Income (in US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-1: ASEAN - Distribution of Tourists by Country (%), 2007*
            Figure 4-1: Malaysia - Inbound Tourism by Purpose of Visit (%), 2006
            Figure 4-2: Malaysia - Forecast for Tourist Arrivals (in Million), 2008-2012
            Figure 4-3: Malaysia - Forecast for Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2010
            Figure 4-4: Malaysia - Tourism Receipts (in Million US$), 2003-2007
            Figure 4-5: Malaysia - Forecast for Tourism Receipts (in Million US$), 2008-2012
            Figure 4-6: Malaysia - Outbound Tourists (in Million), 2003-2007E
            Figure 4-7: Malaysia - Forecast for Outbound Tourists (in Million), 2008-2012
            Figure 4-8: Malaysia - Outbound Tourism Expenditure (in Million US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 4-9: Malaysia - Forecast for Outbound Tourism Expenditure (in Million US$), 2008-2012
            Figure 4-10: Malaysia - Domestic Tourism Trips (in Million), 2000-2007E
            Figure 4-11: Malaysia - Foreigners Seeking Healthcare Services (in Number), 2001, 2006 & 2007E
            Figure 4-12: Malaysia - Medical Tourism Market (in Million RM), 2000, 2006 & 2007E
            Figure 4-13: Malaysia - Forecast for Foreigners Seeking Healthcare Services (in Number), 2008-
            Figure 5-1: China - Forecast for Outbound Tourists (in Million), 2008-2012
            Figure 5-2: Malaysia - Forecast for Per Head Personal Disposable Income (in US$), 2008-2012
            Figure 5-3: Malaysia - Forecast for MICE Visitors as Percentage of Tourist Arrivals (2008)

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Description: Opportunities in Singapore Tourism Industry document sample