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									              African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
 Protecting, preserving & managing African Indigenous Knowledge

                                 10- 11 March 2010
                       Gaborone Sun Hotel, Gaborone,Botswana

Tel: +27 11 781 9131              Email:
                                        African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
                           Protecting, preserving & managing African Indigenous Knowledge

 Synopsis                                                                   Who Should Attend?
“African universities are essentially consumers of knowledge                 Academic scientists
produced in developed countries. This is not only negative for the           Members of Houses of Assembly
African continent, but it also deprives global higher education of           Non-Governmental Organisations staff
access to the indigenous knowledge of Africa, and deprives                   Researchers
Africans of the opportunity to develop their indigenous knowledge            Members of provincial legislatures
systems and strengthen their relationship to western and eastern             Parliamentary Committee of Arts, Culture,Science and
knowledge systems.” Dr.Blade.E.Nzimande, South African Minister of           Technology members
Higher Education and Training, addressing the World Conference on            College and university lecturers
Higher Education in Paris: 6 July 2009.                                      Traditional healers
                                                                             Traditional Leaders
Within this conference, the notion Indigenous Knowledge Systems              National House of Traditional Leaders of South Africa
has been defined as the sum total of the knowledge and skills which          Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa
people in a particular geographic area possess, and which enables them to    Department of Higher Education and Training Staff
get the most out of their natural environment (Grenier, 1998)                Department of Arts and Culture personnel
                                                                             Council for Scientific and Industrial Research personnel
Although it has been recognised that the preservation and protection of      Department of Science and Technology staff
indigenous people and their knowledge is a means to achieving                Department of Trade and Industry personnel
Sustainable Development, much still needs to be done at the policy and       National Indigenous Knowledge Systems Office staff
development programming levels. The trend is that IK is being abandoned      Regional Culture and Language Associations
by the elite in Africa who resort to alien and “modern” but unsustainable    UN Economic Commission for Africa: African Centre for
development values and practices.                                            Gender and Development
                                                                             SADC Secretariat
This conference has, therefore, been organised to address the urgent need    New Partnership for Africa's Development officials
to nurture AIK to form the backbone of sustainable development in            Economic Community of West African States Secretariat
Africa. Governments need to revitalize and re-engineer development           East African Community Secretariat
policies/programmes, legal and institutional frameworks to support           Chiefs' Councils in the SADC member states
vigorous promotions and development of AIKS and sustainable                  Southern African NGO Network officials.
development.                                                                 African Union Secretariat Officials

Reason to Attend                                                            Panel of Speakers
To illustrate the importance of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems        Prof Richard Tabulawa: Dean of Education:
(AIKS) in the sustainable development process                               University of Botswana
                                                                            Dr. Mogomme Masoga: General Manager: Knowledge Systems,
Recognising, accommodating, promoting and strengthening the role of         International Author: African Indigenous Knowledge Systems,
indigenous people and communities and their knowledge systems               Development Bank of Southern Africa
                                                                            Dr.Maitseo MM Bolaane: Senior Lecturer;
To lobby for AIKS research in colleges and universities in Africa           Department of History University of Botswana
                                                                            Dr Otsile Ntsoane: Reseacher,
Identify different indigenous technologies in the different communities     University of Pretoria, Independent Scholar
in South Africa                                                             Dr. Jacob Mapara: Director: Office of Research and Development
                                                                            Great Zimbabwe University
Explore and investigate these technologies to determine those that have     Ms Alice Mogwe: Chief Executive Officer:
potential to be developed into business enterprises for possible job        The Botswana Centre for Human Rights.
creation                                                                    Prof Jose Castiano: Head, Department of Linguistics
                                                                            Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique.
Review legislation and policy for the protection of Intellectual            Prof Gregory Kamwendo: Senior Lecturer: Department of
Property Rights for AIKS                                                    Languages and Social Sciences Education.
                                                                            University of Botswana
Paving a way for the establishment of a much wider platform for             Dr. John Mushaandja: Senior Lecturer: Educational
developing IKS in SADC and the African Continent.                           Foundations and Management, Editorial Advisor: Indilinga
                                                                            African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Magazine.
To design strategies for the protection and promotion of AIKS in Africa     University of Namibia
                                                                            Prof Isaac Mazonde: Director: Office of Research
Recognise and affirm the role of women as holders and practitioners of      Development University of Botswana
IK Appreciating the role of non-governmental organisations in
protecting and preserving indigenous knowledge

10-11 March 2010                                                                           Gaborone Sun Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana
                                   African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
                      Protecting, preserving & managing African Indigenous Knowledge

08:00 Morning Coffee & registration                                  12:15 Promoting Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous People's
                                                                           Rights of Southern African: A Case Study of The
08:45 Welcome Address by Chairperson                                       Botswana Centre for Human Rights (Ditshwanelo)
09:00 Research and Capacity Building and its Impact on                     State of ethnic Minorities in Southern Africa
      Institutional development at universities in Africa.                 Public awareness of Rights and Responsibilities
      Building and enhancing critical capacities                           Advocacy to change discriminatory laws, policies and
      Sustaining Growth and Development of African                         practices
      Institutions of higher learning                                      Children's rights programme
      Promote and encourage research-intensive                             Developments and rights issues related to relocation of the
      universities                                                         Basarwa/San people.
      Development and nurture national higher                              Ms Alice Mogwe Chief Executive Officer: The Botswana
      education systems                                                    Centre for Human Rights.
      Strengthening Research and Innovation systems                  13:00 Lunch & Networking
      Prof Richard Tabulawa: Dean of Education:
      University of Botswana                                         14:00 Researching IKS in African Cultural context: Issues of
09:45 Ecosystems and Livelihoods in the Okavango Delta:                    Properly understanding the concept of African Indigenous
      Linkages between Community Based Natural Resource                    Knowledge Systems
      Management and IKS                                                   Underlining the importance of indigenous knowledge
      Promoting wise-use and prudent natural resources                     systems to sustainable development
      governance                                                           Mobilising appropriate and adequate knowledge capital as
      Enhancing the understanding of policy, legal and                     an imperative in the fight for attaining Sustainable
      institutional (formal and informal) frameworks that underpin         Development in Africa
      natural resource allocation, use and management within the           Shifts in the field of cultures and speculation on the future
      national and local context                                           development of the study of cultures and knowledge systems
      Institutional capacity and effectiveness in natural                  Expand research and foster recognition of the value of
      resource management                                                  customary laws for the preservation of indigenous cultures
      Community empowerment for national resources                         and traditional knowledge practices.
      management                                                           Affirmation of African Cultural Values in the face of
      Dr.Maitseo MM Bolaane: Senior Lecturer; Department                   globalisation.
      of History University of Botswana                                    Prof Jose Castiano: Head, Department of Linguistics
                                                                           Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique.

10:30 Panel Discussion: Is the SADC region ready for
      National IK Systems: given the current political, social       15:30 Interactive Session
      and economic situations?
      IKS Policy and Project background in South Africa.             16:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks
      Current economic,political and social situations in the
      region                                                                                 End of Day One
      Are SADC countries practically committed to IKS: is there

      legislation and policy related to the above?
      Past regional summits on IKS and their outcomes.
      Challenges facing member countries in implementing
      IK Systems
      Dr.Mogomme Alpheus Masoga General Manager:                                           C o m munications
      Researcher and Author: Indigenous Knowledge Systems.                                        & Training Solutions
      Development Bank of Southern Africa
                                                                                    In-House training
11:00 Morning Refreshments & Networking                                   Do you have a group of 10 or more people with
11:15 Interactive Talk: How far will the Southern African                        similar educational requirements?
      Customs Union protect the use and abuse, access and                  This option is to focus more time on elements
      regulation of IK regionally?                                          of the course that are of a specific interest
      SACU Trade Facilitation Framework and its effectiveness                              to your company
      Strategic positioning of SACU in the protection and use of               raising the knowledge level of a group
      IK                                                                              rather than an individual.
      Economic policy coordination and harmonisation
      Improving the functioning of SACU                                         should you wish to enquire training
      Managing the challenges of SACU participation in the                Please contact or call
      access and regulation of IK in the SADC region.                                    +27 11 781 9131
      Dr.Jacob Mapara: Director: Office of Research and
      Development Great Zimbabwe University

10-11 March 2010                                                                        Gaborone Sun Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana
                              African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
                 Protecting, preserving & managing African Indigenous Knowledge

08:00 Morning Coffee & registration                              12:00 Building on African Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation
                                                                       Systems for Sustainable Development
08:45 Welcome Address by Chairperson                                   Promoting the cultural dimension of development
09:00 Curriculum Challenges of IKS in the SADC                         Cross cultural understanding and promoting the cultural
      How far have countries gone: have we done                        dimension of sustainable development
      enough?                                                          AIK provide the basis for problem-solving strategies for
      Devise a culturally-responsive curriculum                        local communities
      Reviewing school or district – level goals, policies and         Increasing responsiveness to local communities
      practices with regard to curriculum and pedagogy.                Adapting international practices to local setting for
      Devise locally appropriate ways to review learner and            sustainable development
      teacher performance as it relates to nurturing and               Is IK a fully utilised resource in the development process in
      practising culturally healthy behaviour                          Africa?
      Lessons from South Africa:Bachelor of Indigenous                 Dr Otsile Ntsoane: Reseacher, University of Pretoria,
      Knowledge Degree.                                                Independent Scholar
      Prof Gregory Kamwendo Senior Lecturer: Department
      of Languages and Social Sciences Education.
      University of Botswana
                                                                  13:00 Lunch & Networking
10:00 The role of key regional bodies in promoting IK and its
                                                                  14:00 Intellectual Property Protection for IKS in Africa
      Innovative models.                                                Who should benefit from such protection?
      Necessary for African structures (AU) to accommodate the          Who holds the rights to protect indigenous knowledge
      perspectives of local communities                                 What objective is sought to be achieved through
      Achieve desired outcomes for Africa while promoting the           according intellectual protection to such knowledge?
      'African Renaissance'.                                            How should foreign rights holders or beneficiaries be
      Coordinated response needed among and coming from                 treated
      SADC, NEPAD and AU.                                               For how long should protection be accorded?
      African Union-recognising the value of IK and the                 Prof Isaac Mazonde Director: Office of Research and
      advantages it provides.                                           Development University of Botswana
      The protective role of the African Regional Intellectual
      Property Office and African Intellectual Property           15:30 Interactive Session
      Are these regional and continental bodies doing             16:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks
      Dr.Mogomme Alpheus Masoga General Manager:                                         End of the Conference
      Author: Indigenous Knowledge Systems.
      Development Bank of Southern Africa Researcher
11:00 Morning Refreshments & Networking
11:15 Women, IKS and Millennium Development Goals
      Recognising women as IK holders and practitioners
      Involving women in research initiatives relating to IKS
      Encouraging indigenous women to discuss problems and
      challenges affecting their communities
      Addressing nutrition needs of women and children using
      locally available resources
      Achieving women's economic empowerment by
      engaging in income-generating projects using indigenous
      Dr.John Mushaandja Senior Lecturer: Educational
      Foundations and Management, Editorial Advisor:
      Indlinga African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Magazine.
      University of Namibia

10-11 March 2010                                                                      Gaboron Sun Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana

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