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									ITIL Service Management Essentials

                                     The course enables delegates to understand how an integrated IT Service
                                     Management framework, based on ITIL best practice guidelines, can be
                                     adopted and adapted within their own organizations.
                                     Prepare delegates for the ISEB/EXIN Foundation Certificate in IT Service
                                     Management examination.
                                                         ITIL Service Management Essentials

 Course Duration                                         Structure                                              •   Change Management
 3-day public or single organization course              The course is assignment based, with a strong          •   The need for Change Management
                                                         emphasis on practical coursework. It is based          •   Change procedures
 Overview                                                upon the OGC’s IT Infrastructure Library Books,        •   The role of the change manager
 It is also available as a fully interactive web-based   Service Delivery and Service Support. There is         Release Management
 course.                                                 particular importance placed on developing an          •   Definitive Software and Hardware Libraries
 This course provides IT Managers and                    underlying service culture within the IT               •   Release strategy and control mechanisms
 Practitioners with a practical understanding of IT      organization.                                          Availability Management and IT Service Continuity
 Service Management, the underpinning core ITIL          Most public courses are residential, allowing time     •    Business Impact Analysis
 Service Delivery and Service Support Processes          for delegates to share experiences and discuss the     •    Risk management
 and implementation guidance. It also prepares           practical application of Service Management with       •    The IT Service Continuity Plan
 delegates for the ISEB Foundation Certificate           the lecturer, each of whom is also a practicing        Financial Management for IT Services
 Examination.                                            consultant.                                            •    Financial structures
                                                         For non-residential or single organization courses,    •    Costing and charging
                                                         the lecturer will also be available for delegates to   •    Budgets and IT accounting
 The course enables delegates to understand how
                                                         continue implementation discussions.                   Capacity Management
 an integrated IT Service Management framework,
                                                         Content                                                •   The need for Capacity Management
 based on ITIL best practice guidelines, can be
                                                         Topics covered include:                                •   Elements of Capacity Management
 adopted and adapted within their own
 organizations.                                          Introduction to Service Management
                                                         •    The importance of Service Management              Documentation
 Prepare delegates for the ISEB/EXIN Foundation                                                                 Comprehensive course documentation is provided
 Certificate in IT Service Management examination.       •    Service Management disciplines
                                                         •    The need for a service culture                    including a copy of the itSMF’s* ’IT Service
 Who should attend?                                                                                             Management’ booklet.
                                                         The Service Desk
                                                         •   The purpose and importance of the Service          *The IT Service Management Forum
 This course is for IT Managers and Practitioners
 involved in the delivery and support of business-           Desk
                                                                                                                What next
 focused IT services and who require a detailed          •   Service Desk options
                                                                                                                Following on from this course, you may wish to
 insight into Service Management best practice           •   Skill profiles
 processes and procedures.                               •   Contribution to overall service quality
                                                                                                                •    ISEB Managers Certificate in IT Service
                                                         Service Level Management                                    Management (2 x 5-day ITIL Service Delivery
 Professional qualification                              •    What is an SLA and its purpose?                        and Support courses)
 The ISEB/EXIN Foundation Certificate in IT              •    Typical contents                                  •    Practitioner courses (3-day) covering
 Service Management qualification, which is a pre-       •    Reporting and reviewing                                individual ITIL Processes
 requisite for the ISEB/EXIN Manager’s and               Incident Management                                    •    Planning to Implement Services Management
 Practitioner’s Certificates in IT Service               •    What is Incident Management?                           course (3-day)
 Management. The examination is a 1-hour multiple        •    The Incident Management process                   •    foxMAPS – baseline current operation and
 choice paper, normally taken at the end of the                                                                      outline implementation roadmap
                                                         Problem Management
 course.                                                                                                        •    foxPRISM – web based process tool
                                                         •    What is Problem Management?
 A free examination re-take is provided for any          •    Day-to-day and pro-active activities
 delegates attending public courses.                     Configuration Management
                                                         •    Basic principles and terminology
                                                         •    How Configuration Management underpins
                                                              Service Management

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