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									                 Project                  Workpack        Contact Name
Packaging Databases                       WP4      Alan Brown
                                          WP4      Changhai of MEMS Components by Assembly of Ba
Identification of Assembly Solutions for Low Cost Packaging Wang
Properties of materials used in microsystems       Alain Bosseboeuf
MOEMS packaging in harsh environment      WP4      Serge Habraken
                                          WP4      Changhai Wang
Investigation of Laser Based Processes for MEMS Assembly and Packaging
MOEMS packaging solutions - data collection        Serge Habraken
MEMS Testing through Bias Superposition   WP1      Pascal Nouet
Reliability of MOEMS in harsh conditions WP3       Hoc Khiem Trieu
                                          WP2;WP4 Orla Slattery;Alan Brown
To investigate and model the key trade-offs, relevant to die attach adhesives for packaging/ CoB
                                          WP2      Catalin Tibeica
Simulation of the stiction effect in the metal-to-metal resistive contact occurring in MEMS swit
DfT for Biosensor and for Biosensor Interface      Andrew Richardson
                                          WP2      Cristian Kusko
Investigation of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with micro and nanostructures using th
                                          WP3       of MEMS
Methodology and high level design of failure modes Marc Desmulliez
                                          WP2      H.G. Kerkhoff
Fault modelling and System Simulation of FlowFET MEF Arrays
                                          WP2;WP7 Conor O„Mahony
Measurement, Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Properties of MEMS
                                          WP2      Krzysztof Cieslicki
Mechanism of Formation of Preferential Flow Paths in Microcirculation Vessels (Microfluidic mixe
                                          WP6      Patric Manufacture (DfMM)“
Dissemination and Communication in „Design for Micro Nano Salomon
                                          WP4       MEMS design
Identification of missing simulation parameters in Veronika Timar Horvath
                                          WP4      Marta
Missing packaging material parameters - Data collection Rencz
Reliability of MEMS basic moveable structures      Marius Bazu
                                          WP3      Marius Bazu
MEMS test structures for material, process and reliability characterization
MEMS failure modes database               WP3      Marc Desmulliez
                                          WP2      Attilio Frangi
Simulation of damping in MEMS over the whole working-pressure range
                                          WP2;WP3 Marc Desmulliez
Methodology and high level design of failures: specific application to thermal actuator
                                          WP7      Marius Bazu
Internet-based System for On Line Access to characterization Results - SOLAR
                                          WP7       a methodology for reliable, packaged of Micro
Scoping study for future programme to “Demonstrate Alan Brown
                                          WP4      Alan Inertial Microsystems Packaging
Data collection/ collation on the “state of the art” in Brown
                                          WP4      A. Wilkinson
Data collection/ collation on the “state of the art” in Microfluidic Systems Packaging
                                                   Alan Brown
Methodology for the assessment of the impact of packaging on the performance and reliability of
Biocompatible packaging of implanted sensor systemsRobert Puers
Technology Roadmapping: Packaging of MEMS WP4      Fabien Holler
        Contact Email                     File Name            PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_databases.pdf                  PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_CoB.pdf PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_material properties.pdf           PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_moems in harsh environment.pd                  PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_laser bonding.pdf           PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_moems data collection.pdf                 PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp1_Bias superposition.pdf               PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_harsh environment moems.pdf
                               PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_wp4_round robin.pdf;                PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_stiction.pdf     PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp1_Bio sensor.pdf               PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_IMT-CSL.pdf            PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_vhdlams.pdf        PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_FlowFET.pdf       PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_7.pdf    PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_C_micromixer.pdf                  PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp6_dissemination.pdf             PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_Identification of simulation               PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_data collection packaging par                   PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_ Moveable structures1                   PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_ Test structures1          PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp3_Summary_failure_modes_databas       PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2_poster damping polimi1          PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp2-3_ Methodology and design of                   PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp7_ Solar.ppt            PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp7 Methodology-demonstration            PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4 DataColl-inertial        PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4 DataColl-microfluidics            PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp1-4 Methodology         PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4 biopackaging_desc              PATENT-DfMM Project_description_wp4_Roadmap_FH
ct_description_wp3_material properties.pdf
ct_description_wp4_moems in harsh environment.pdf
ct_description_wp4_laser bonding.pdf
ct_description_wp4_moems data collection.pdf
ct_description_wp1_Bias superposition.pdf
ct_description_wp3_harsh environment moems.pdf
ct_description_wp2_wp4_round robin.pdf
ct_description_wp1_Bio sensor.pdf
ct_description_wp4_Identification of simulation param.pdf
ct_description_wp4_data collection packaging parameters.pdf
ct_description_wp3_ Moveable structures1
ct_description_wp3_ Test structures1
ct_description_wp2_poster damping polimi1
ct_description_wp2-3_ Methodology and design of failures -thermal actuator.ppt
ct_description_wp7_ Solar.ppt
ct_description_wp7 Methodology-demonstration
ct_description_wp4 DataColl-inertial
ct_description_wp4 DataColl-microfluidics
ct_description_wp1-4 Methodology
ct_description_wp4 biopackaging_desc

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