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    Parish Office: 1594 Sara Rd SE (in Panorama Plaza)* Rio Rancho* Phone: (505) 892-1511
          Church (Official Mailing Address): 1502 Sara Rd SE * Rio Rancho, NM 87124
                      The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 11, 2007

                                                                                       Holy Mass
Office Hours........................Monday - Friday 9 A.M.- 5 P.M.
                                                                                             Saturday (fulfills Sunday obligation).............. 5:00 P.M.
Parish Directory                                                                             Sunday ....................... 7:00 A.M., 9:00 A.M., 11:00 A.M.
Pastor .......................................... Rev. Msgr. Douglas A. Raun                 .................................12:30 P.M. (Bilingual) & 6:00 P.M.
Vicar (Ext. 110) .................................... Rev. Fr. Scott Mansfield               Monday - Saturday ..........................................9:00 A.M.
      .......................... Rev. Fr. Michael DePalma, in residence                      Monday - Friday............................................... 6:00 P.M.
Deacons......... Rev. Mr. Roger Ayers, James Baca, Tom Burns,
……….Kenneth Hill, David Little, Leroy Sanchez, Frank Smith                             Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Business Manager (Ext. 101)......................... Martin P. Sedillo                       24 hours a day in the Adoration Chapel located on the
Accountant (Ext. 108) ..................................... Ana R. Martínez                  west side of the Church
      Acct Asst (Ext. 111).. ....................................Jeannie Pinel
      Acct Asst (Ext. 109).. ...........................................Liz Large      Sacrament of Penance (Confession)
Adult Ministries (Ext. 104)................ Jeannette Case Schlicher                          Monday - Friday…………………………8:30 A.M. & 5:30 P.M.
Bulletin Editor (Ext. 115) .........................................Bill Mader                Saturday………8:30 A.M., 3:00 - 4:30 P.M., 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.
Catholic Social Action (Ext. 112) .........Deacon Frank L. Smith
Communications and Development (Ext. 115).......Bill Mader
                                                                                       Mission Church of St. John Vianney
Funeral Notices..................................................Extension 350
                                                                                                           St. Thomas Aquinas School
Maintenance (Ext. 129) ................. Patrick Durán and Manuel                                                1100 Hood Road SE
Marriage & Family Life (Ext. 103) .. Deacon Ken Hill, Director.                        St. John Vianney Mass Time
      .....................Deacon Frank L. Smith, Associate Director                         Sunday ................................... 8:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.
Music & Liturgy (Ext. 105) ...........................Steven Woodbury
Receptionist………………. ..............................Maria Harrington
                                                                                       St. Thomas Aquinas School
Religious Education (892-1497) ........ …. Sr. Alma Blume MPF                          1100 Hood Road
   Administrative Asst (892-1497) ....................... Laura Smith                  Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Sacristan.........................................................Anne McCluskey            Sr. Anne Louise Abascal, Principal .................. 892-3221
Secretary to the Pastor (Ext. 107) ..................... Kathy L. Girón
Special Mass Schedule....................................... extension 358             Welcome
Weather Closures/Cancellations ................................ ext. 359              Thank-you for celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with
WEBSITE............................................www.aquinaschurch.org              us today! If you are new to our parish, please call or stop by
                                                                                      the office (east of the church, Mon-Fri 9-5) to register. If you
Youth Ministries (896-8097) ...........………………...Justin Bucalo
                                                                                      want to know more about, or join the Catholic Church, please
          Assistant (896-8097) ............................ Alisha Langlois           contact the priests who will be happy to help you or contact
                                                                                    1 the Adult Ministries or Religious Education offices.
Dear Family, today is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the
world-wide day of prayer for the sick. Tonight (Sunday) we
                                                                                       NEW PARISHIONERS
will have a healing service for all the sick of our parish at
7:30 P.M. In a special way this day, let us lift up our                      We welcome our new Parishioners:
prayers for all the sick among our relatives, friends, and
                                                                                              Regina Cooper
parishioners, pleading for healing and strength from God
through the prayers of our Lady, for the Health of the Sick!                              Randy & Melissa Dale
__________________________________________                                               Salvador & Cristina Diaz
                                                                                         Sarah East & Ian Bruman
After many years of faithful service, our dear parishioner,                                  Matthew DiGiorgi
Sharon Kuchar, asked to take a break from being coordina-                                Roger & Nariza Jones
tor of our parish Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Commun-
                                                                                          Dennis & Elma Nelson
ion. Sharon has done an outstanding job in this important
                                                                                        Patrick & Heather Reynolds
ministry, and we all owe her a debt of great gratitude. Dear
Sharon, may our Eucharistic Lord bless and reward you!                                       John & Ann Rizzo
                                                                                     Fernando & Genoveva Rueda
I am happy to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Karen                                Juan Siordia & Londy Solano
Taylor have agreed to become the new coordinators of our                                 Gilbert A Trujillo
Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion. We thank them                                  Arthur & Anne VanDereedt
for their offer of service! This change will be effective Feb-
ruary 18th.
__________________________________________                                        SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM
                                                                                         Every Sunday after 12:30 Mass.
                                                                                          Please call our Parish Office.
Our Lord says “Ask, and you shall receive.” and that is cer-
tainly true in our parish. I am happy to announce that Cathie
Watson Goad has donated our new statue of St. Lucy Filip-                      SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY
pini, and Michael and Patricia Gonzales and an anonymous             Please call our Parish Office 4 months prior to your wedding day to make
                                                                                      arrangements and complete paperwork.
donor will provide our new statue of St. Maximilian Kolbe.
The orders have been sent to Italy (from where all the stat-
                                                                                SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING
ues in our church come), and, God willing, should be here
in a few months. Thanks to our donors for their generosity!                                   OF THE SICK
__________________________________________                            If you know anyone who is ill, please call our Parish Office, so we may
                                                                                               serve their needs.
Next Sunday we will take up the pledges for the Annual
Catholic Appeal in our parish. As every fall we make our                                       FUNERALS
commitment to support our parish, so every spring we make             Please call our Parish Office as soon as possible in order to coordinate
our commitment to support our Archdiocese. As the largest                                       liturgical services.
parish we also rightfully have the largest quota. We will
have no problem meeting this obligation as long as every-
                                                                                  Next Week’s Readings 11-18 Feb
one does their part. Thank you for your support of the Arch-
diocese!                                                              Today Jer 17:5-8/1 Cor 15:12, 16-20/Lk 6:17, 20-26
                                                                      Mon      Gn 4:1-15, 25/Mk 8:11-13
A blessed week, Msgr. Doug Raun
                                                                      Tue      Gn 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10/Mk 8:14-21
                                                                      Wed      Gn 8:6-13, 20-22/Mk 8:22-26
                                                                      Thu      Gn 9:1-13/Mk 8:27-33
 Our Knights of Columbus Council will present a
 “sit-down” dinner Feb 18 from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M.                   Fri      Gn 11:1-9/Mk 8:34—9:1
 in Fr. D’Arco Hall. Including three cheese enchi-                    Sat      Heb 11:1-7/Mk 9:2-13
 ladas, condiments, and beans, topped with an
                                                                      Sun      1 Sm 26:2, 7-9, 12-13, 22-23/1 Cor 15:45-49/Lk 6:27-
 egg, the cost is only $6.00! Coffee and ice water                             38
 included; sodas and desserts $0.75 each. Tickets:
 call Roy Jessee at 892-3995 or buy at the door.                      Blessed are you who are poor, for the kingdom of God is
 Proceeds from the dinner will help sustain the                       yours. Lk 6:20
 many charities the Knights support. Come and
 join us & enjoy!                                                     Bienaventurados los pobres, porque vuestro es el Reino de Dios.
                                                                      Lucas 6:20
        UPCOMING EVENTS                                                       LITURGICAL NEWS
                                                                                EUCHARISTIC ADORATION
Lenten Fish Dinner - February 23, 4:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.                           Call to schedule your hour!
Sponsored by CDA Ct. St. Thomas Aquinas at Fr. D'Arco                       Midnight - 6:00 A.M. - 892-0524 (Pauline)
Hall Tickets: Adults $10.00 & Children (10 years & un-                    6:00 A.M. - Noon - 896-0307 (Louie & Terry)
der) $5.00. Tickets available at the parish office.                        Noon - 6:00 P.M. - 899-0981 (Anise & Paul)
           NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR!                                      6:00 P.M. - Midnight - 892-0205 (Dora)
        For Information call: 896-0256 or 892-8932.              THE FOLLOWING SHIFTS NEED ADORERS (2 DOWN, 50 TO GO!),
                                                               Sunday:   3, 4, 8, 9, A.M. 12, 3, 5, and 7 P.M.
                                                               Monday: 12, 3, 4, and 9 A.M., 4, 6 and 11 P.M.
                SOUP & SCRIPTURE
                                                               Tuesday: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 A.M., 12, 2, 6 and 7 P.M.
 Our parish priests will present this year’s Soup &
                                                               Wednesday:12, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, A.M. 2, 4 and 5 P.M.
 Scripture topic, “Lent and the Virtues,” on Mon-              Thursday: 9 A.M., 12, 1, 3 and 4 P.M.
 days, 2/26/-4/9/, 6:30-9:00 P.M., in Fr. D’Arco               Friday:   4, 5, and 9 A.M. 4, 7 and 8 P.M.
 Hall. We need 10 cooks to make soup for the                   Saturday: 12 and 9 A.M., 1, 5, 6 and 7 P.M.
 first week’s gathering. Each will prepare 20 serv-                                      PERPETUAL ADORATION
                                                                                         (some of the) TESTIMONY
 ings of a specific, provided recipe at home, and                              “Could you not watch one hour with Me,” says Our Lord?
 deliver it to the kitchen in D’Arco Hall between                    Beautiful things do happen in a parish that has Perpetual Adoration.
 5:00 and 6:00 P.M. on 2/26. Kitchen helpers are                     The following favors were granted to those who answered His call:
 also greatly needed. Please contact Jeannette in                        Thank-you for bringing my son back home!
                                                                  Thank-you for my great job—it is a blessing!
 the parish office to volunteer: 892-1511 ext. 104,               Thank-you for bringing Joe back to us!
 or AquinasAM@yahoo.com.

                                                               PILGRIM VIRGIN: To have the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima in your
 ADULT FAITH ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES                          home, and to receive the Blessings in your life, call Gerri Hoover,
Advanced Level Course: St. Paul: Lessons on Being              892-0414.
Church, Wednesdays, February 28th—April 4th, The
                                                               TABERNACLE FLOWERS - Please contact Betty Larson at 891-
Shrine of St. Bernadette, 7-8:30 P.M.                          3577 to reserve a week for your intentions. The weeks run from Sat-
                                                               urday through Friday. The cost for two vases at the Tabernacle is
Basic Level Course 1: Introduction to Scripture Mondays,       $50.00. You may share this cost with another person for both your
February 26th — March 26th, Nativity of the Blessed Vir-       intentions.
gin Mary, 6:30—8:30 P.M.
                                                               ADORATION CHAPEL CANDLES -To donate candles please
Call the Archdiocese Christian Service at 831-8126 or e-       call the parish office.
mail to pmsecretary@archdiocesesantafe.org                     11-17 February Hilda Kotur’s Birthday by Kay

                                                                              St. Thomas Aquinas School
    I have heard some say, “We support our parish. Why
should we give to the Archdiocese?” You should support
the Archdiocese because we offer training, education, for-        Sister Anne Louise, principal of St. Thomas
mation, and support to the many ministries of your parish.        Aquinas School, is proud to announce the win-
The ACA is the main funding source for the seminary train-        ners of the school science fair held on Feb.
ing of our future priests. The 30 priests I have ordained         1. Seventh graders placed as follows: 1st –
have all benefited from the ACA. Do you have catechists           Paul Seaton and Ryan Pigg; 2nd – Jessica van
and teachers for children and adults? Do you have an              Loben Sels; 3rd – Sara Weber; honorable
RCIA process? Do you have youth ministry, senior min-
istry, pro-life ministry? All of these ministries and many
                                                                  mention – Dyea Baldonado and Melissa
more are supported by the Archdiocese through the ACA.            Casaus. Eighth grade winners are: 1st –
In addition, if your parish exceeds the ACA goal, the extra       Megan Rogel; 2nd – Bryce Reagan and Rod
contributions return to the parish to use for local minis-        Frechette; 3rd – Joseph Baltz, age Martinez,
tries and projects.                                               and Duncan Hermanns; honorable mention –
    Please join me and make a generous and grateful               Sara Yardley and Erin Stever.
pledge to this year’s ACA. May God bless you as you live                         Congratulations!
out your Catholic faith in today’s world! Sincerely yours in
the Risen Lord,
    Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan Archbishop of Santa Fe 3
                     St. Thomas Aquinas
                                                                          AROUND THE ARCHDIOCESE
               Roman Catholic Homeschoolers                          “E-v-a-n-g-e-l-i-z-a-t-i-o-n” is what our Diocesan Pastoral
                                                                     Plan is about. Ecumenism is another priority of our Pas-
   A support group ministering to home schooling families and        toral Plan. Ecumenism is the work of fulfilling Christ's desire
    those interested in home schooling. For more info, contact       for unity among all Christians. As the Catholic Church, we
                   Stephanie Olguín at 898-7932                      walk together with other Christian Churches and commun-
                                                                     ions to promote the Kingdom of God.

             High School and LIFE TEEN
                     Phone 892-1511 ext. 127
                                                                                       BENEFIT DINNER AND
     XLT-“the LORD is Exalted, Enthroned on High…”                           “ROAST OF ARCHBISHOP SHEEHAN”
                          Isaiah 33:5                                    An evening you will never forget! Saturday, February
XLT is an intense night of prayer filled with Praise and             17, 2007, at the Sandia Resort. Archbishop Sheehan (with
worship, inspirational talks, and powerful ADORATION!                some slight trepidation) has agreed to be “roasted” by local
XLT meets every other week at 7:00 in either Prince of               leaders. He is committed to assisting the people of San José
Peace or St. Thomas Aquinas (15 Feb)                                 parish, a vibrant, humble parish community in Albuquer-
                                                                     que, build a church to serve its growing ministry to the
                                                                     newly arrived as well as long-time residents.
PARENT LIFE                                                               Scheduled roasters include: Loretta Armenta, Dick
All parents (not just parents of teens) are welcome and              Knipfing, Manuel Lujan, and Rev. J. Voorhies, with stories
invited to participate in our newest family ministry! Parent         provided by many others. Other invited roasters include
LIFE is a ministry that offers parent involvement and                Governor Bill Richardson, Sen. Pete Domenici and Mayor
service to the teens of our parish. If you are interested in         Martin Chavez. The MC for the evening will be Bill Gar-
joining our Spirit-filled ministry, contact Justin or Alisha at      cia.
896-8097.                                                                Tickets for this benefit and roast are $125 per person.
                                                                     To receive a reservation form, call 831-8258 or visit the
Birthright Donations Thanks to all who donated! If you               website at www.losamigosdesanjose.org.
forgot your item or would like to donate more items please
contact Birthright at 891-1430.

All high school teens are invited to a day trip to Santa Fe                         ADULT MINISTRIES
                                                                                      Email: AquinasAM@yahoo.com
Ski Area Feb 10th. For more info call the office 896-8097                                     892-1511, ext. 104
or e-mail Alisha at Alisha.Langlois@stanm.org.
                                                                                          ALPHA IS COMING!
MySpace finally for something great! St. Thomas                         “ALPHA for Catholics” is a 20-week course in basic Catholic/
Aquinas LifeTeen moves to the Internet in a big way.                Christian teaching. Participants share a meal, listen to a talk , usu-
go to: http://myspace.com/stalifeteen                               ally presented by one of our own parish clergy, and then discuss
                                                                    the current topic. Topics are, “Who is Jesus?” “Why and How Do
                 YOUNG ADULT                                        I Read the Bible?” and “Who Needs the Catholic Church?”
                       Phone 890-6574                                   All adults, Catholic or not, may participate in our ALPHA .
                                                                    For people wishing to receive sacraments of initiation (Baptism,
The Young Adult Catholic Group
                                                                    Confirmation, and First Communion), ALPHA serves as the first
Upcoming Meetings and Speakers                                      phase of their preparation to receive any of those sacraments in
Feb 23rd Robbie Blea will be our                                    our parish. Active Catholics needing a “recharge,” or returning to
speaker for the evening.
                                                                    the Church after an extended absence, also find a welcome in
For more information call Deacon Dave at 890-6574.                  ALPHA. Non-Catholic spouses and fiancé(e)s wishing to learn
                                                                    more about their loved ones’ faith may also take the Course. We
The meetings at Deacon Dave’s home @ 7:00 P.M.
9309 C. Anderson Dr. NW, Albuquerque 87114.                         encourage couples to attend together; they will find their ALPHA
                                                                    experience strengthens their relationships. Again, any adult may
BeFrienders Ministry will start their 10-week training              come!
March 3rd, ending May 5th. If you would like to consider
                                                                        Yes, we plan to provide childcare. Infants under one year
being a part this Listening Ministry, reaching out to those
in need, please let us know soon! The deadline to sign up           old remain with their parents, however. Our next ALPHA session
for this training is February 23, 2007. Call 892-1511, Ext          begins Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 6:00 P.M., in Fr. D’Arco
357, to leave a message or email us at:                             Hall, Tuesday nights. Also, there will be a weekend retreat .
                    befrienders@stanm.org.                        4     Call Jeannette at x104 to register.
                                                                      O, Holy Mother of God, our hearts are filled with
YOUNG AT HEART: Parish seniors are invited to join their
                                                                      sorrow at the number of abortions across our land as
social meeting (normally) every 2nd & 4th Thursday, 1 P.M.,
                                                                      these are sins committed against Our Heavenly Fa-
Fr. D’Arco Hall. Questions? Call Earl, 896-
                                                                      ther. We grieve for the unborn infants who will never
2400. February 15th Bingo (3rd Thurs-
                                                                      know what it means to love and be
day!) (due to 8 Feb CDA Day of Recollec-
                                                                      loved in this life, who will never ex-
tion) February 22nd Pot Luck at Noon
                                                                      perience a parent's embrace nor ever
                                                                      know the happiness of family life.
         MARRIAGE & FAMILY LIFE                                       But above all, they will never be able
                                                                      to hand on to their children their hope and faith in a
                                                                      loving God. (from the Prayer for Life in The Helpers
          Pre-Cana couples must attend one introductory
          session on Natural Family Planning. We suggest
                                                                      of God's Precious Infants Prayer Book by Msgr.
          couples attend a session 4-6 months before their            Philip J. Reilly)
         wedding date. To schedule a session and for
        more information, please contact Rosanne Sloan
at 892-2927.                                                                 Respect Life Prayer Vigils & Rosaries
                                                                                  God bless the defenders of life!
All Married Couples: the worst enemy of a happier marriage is            Every Saturday groups from the parish will pray
a contented marriage! A Marriage Encounter weekend can               in front of the offices of 2 abortion doctors located on
move your marriage beyond contentment! Come make that                Medical Arts Drive in Albuquerque. The group will
move by joining the next Marriage Encounter weekend 24-25            leave from the Religious Education building after the
February. It will be held at the Madonna Center of the Catho-        9 A.M. Mass and will return before Noon. For more
lic Center complex in Albuquerque. Contact the Archdiocese           information email: frstephen@defendinglife.org or
Family Life office at 831-8117 or Ed and Angelique, 232-8370,        call Maura Jans at 892-3267.
AandEWilliams@aol.com for more information.                              In 2007, we begin our 7th year of praying the entire
                                                                     Rosary on First Fridays at noon and after the 6 P.M.
                                                                     Mass for an end to abortion. We need many more
St. Thomas Aquinas Counseling Center offers individual, cou-
            ple and family counseling with afternoon and eve-
                                                                     parish members to join us—we need you!
            ning appointments. A fee is charged for each hour
             session. For more info call the Counseling Cen-
             ter, 417-2467 or Deacon Burns, 892-1511, ext.
                                                                     The Helpers of God's Precious Infants a ministry of
                                                                     Project Defending Life invites you to come pray and
                                                                     sacrifice for the unborn. Join us at the monthly
  AROUND THE ARCHDIOCESE                                             prayer vigil Saturday, February 17th, beginning with
                                                                     Mass at 8:00 A.M. at San Ignacio church, 1300
                         WINGS MINISTRY                              Walter St NE, Albuquerque 87102. For more informa-
           RISEN SAVIOR CATHOLIC COMMUNITY                           tion contact Yolanda at 220-8891 or e-mail
    Our Wings ministry invites you to the Celebration of the Mass    helpers@defendinglife.org.
and a pot luck dinner on Sunday, Feb 25, at 4:00 P.M. We want
to introduce you to this special ministry. We welcome mentally
and physically challenged persons, deaf and blind, their families,                        The CASST
friends, and caretakers. Come join us for worship and fellowship.     (Catholic Adult Singles of St. Thomas Aquinas)
Please call the church office at 821-1571 to RSVP or with any        Saturday, Feb 17th, 7 P.M. Mystery Café.
questions. We will provide the main entrée and request you bring        Contact Sandy at 453-3620 thecasst@yahoo.com
a side dish or dessert. There will be a speaker following the sup-
per. Our location is 7701 Wyoming NE.
               MINISTRY for DYING WORKSHOP
    The Office of Pastoral Outreach will sponsor this workshop,
                                                                                ONGOING WEEKLY MEETINGS
very helpful for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
                                                                                (Religious. Education. Building)
for the homebound, 17 Feb, 1-4 P.M., at the Catholic Center,
                                                                AL-ANON: Thursday, Noon, rm. 6
4000 St. Joseph’s PL NW. Registration deadline is Feb 14.
                                                                BIBLE STUDY: Contact Jeannette, x104
Call 831-8174 for information.
                                                                BLUE ARMY: Monday, 10 A.M.; Contact Eileen, 896-4529
                                                                BLUE ARMY: Tuesday, 10 A.M.; Contact Loretta, 867-3770
St. Thomas Aquinas Bereavement Support Group will begin
a new eight week session on Feb. 12th. If you have experi-      ROSARY MAKERS: Friday, 10 A.M., room 6
enced the death of a loved one and feel you might benefit from  CHARISMATIC PRAYER MEETING: Thursday, 7 P.M.
the support of others who have sustained a loss, please join us         (Fr. D’Arco Hall)
on Mondays at 5:00 PM in the St. Lucy Filippini room. For       PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS/Chaplet of Divine Mercy: Wednesday,
more information please contact Mary Davidson at 892-9886. 5            after 9 A.M. Mass (Church)
Sunday       February 11, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time                 6:00 P.M.        James Sandoval Birthday by Sandoval Family
                                                                                         Dolores Romero Birthday by Sandoval Family
7:00 A.M.    Alexander W. Eckel by Anthony & Mary Eckel                                  Ana Martinez Birthday by Sandoval Family
             Corinne Vellon by Richard Vellon
             Castilo Montoya by Son                                     7:15 A.M.        @ STAS For those out of work
9:00 A.M.    For the People of the Parish                               Friday           February 16, St. Jordan
             John Pignataro by Family
                                                                        9:00 A.M.        Hugo Larson by wife Betty
             Clifford Ricci by Wife
                                                                                         Bruce Franco Sr. 1st Anniversary by Wife and Family
11:00 A.M.   Felicia Marίa Valdez 6 month Anniversary by Alberto                         Tillie & Stanley Pochron by Mr. & Mrs. Paul
             Valdez & Family                                                             Cywinski
             Rose & Anthony Scaraglino by Children
                                                                        6:00 P.M.        Maria Dolores by the Family
             Rose Vigil 4th Birthday by Mommy & Daddy
12:30 P.M.   Gerald Lopez 5th Anniversary & Birthday by Silvia          8:15 A.M. @      Robert Klersey repose soul by Student body at STAS
             Newton                                                     STAS
             Jaime Alvares by wife Rosario Alvares & Family             Saturday         February 17, St. Daniel
             Robert & Harold Gallegos by Terry Gallegos
                                                                        9:00 A.M.        Margarito Aragon by The Aragon Family
6:00 P.M.    Erlinda Gabaldón by Mary Beth Rodgers                                       Joe I. A. Gallegos by Felix & Maria Ann Gallegos
             Jim James by Pesko Family                                                   Alysia Battraw by the Xavier Family
8:00 A.M.    Joseph Erker by Wife                                       5:00 P.M.        Matthew Pytel by Richard Costa
@ SJV        Our Lady of Lourdes for the Benefactors of Mission                          Dawn Olvanti by Bob & Gerri Hoover
             Rosary Makers                                                               Bruce Victor Houk by Katherine Torretto
             Frank D. Mares by Leo & Patsy Padilla
                                                                        Sunday           February 18, Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
11:00 A.M.   Wilbur Hartranft by Sal & Helen Russo
                                                                        7:00 A.M.        Robert & Harold Gallegos by Terry Gallegos
@ SJV        Wilbur Hartranft by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Uhrich
                                                                                         Chuck Smith for his health by the McCluskey Family
             Juan Montaño by Leo & Patsy Padilla
                                                                                         Robert Klersey repose soul by Virginia Klersey
Monday       February 12, St. Buonfiglio Monaldo                        9:00 A.M.        For the People of the Parish
9:00 A.M.    Gertrude Waldele by George & Pat Waldele                                    Jay McEvitt in Memory
             Special Intentions for the Holy Family by Sullivan                          Agnes Hvizda by husband George & daughter Fran
             Family                                                     11:00 A.M.       Eleanor & Charles Caggiano by Daughter
             Alysia Battraw by Xavier Family                                             Wilbur Hartranft by the Altar & Rosary Society
6:00 P.M.    Richard Jones by Darrick Jones Family                                       Bill Mader Sr. 11th Anniversary by Bill & Judy Mader
             Anna Marie Cantwell recovery by Shirley Saavedra           12:30 P.M.       Frank Padilla Anniversary & Birthday by daughter
             Elaine Yont for her health by the McCluskey Family                          Silvia
7:15 A.M.    Robert Klersey by Sr. Anne Louise                                           Robert & Harold Gallegos by Terry Gallegos
                                                                                         Dianne Sandoval by Mom & Dad
Tuesday      February 13, Catherine de Ricci
                                                                        6:00 P.M.        Monica Sandoval Bap Anniversary by Sandoval Fam.
9:00 A.M.    Mary Hayes by Geraldine Ryan                                                Anna Marie Cantwell recovery by Shirley Saavedra
             Thanksgiving for the Holy Family by the Sullivan Fam                        Matt & Jamie Syed and Family
             Frank Borrowiak repose soul by Altar Rosary Society
                                                                        8:00 A.M.        Janet Farrell by Mother
6:00 P.M.    David Mader by Bill & Judy Mader                           @ SJV            St. Joseph Cupertino for helping my children in their
             In Thanksgiving to St. Jude by M.R.                                         studies/school
             For the Health of my Family                                11:00 A.M.        Wilbur Hartranft by Phil & Lenna Pizzo
7:15 A.M.    Robert Klersey repose soul by Faculty & Staff at           @ SJV            Joseph Ortiz by Leo & Patsy Padilla
@ STAS       STAS
                                                                               St. Jude Relic for Pilgrimage of Hope and Healing
Wednesday    February 14, St. Abraham of Carrhae                            Fr. Jim Spahn, O.P., Director of the Shrine of St. Jude in Chi-
9:00 A.M.    Gerald Lemerich by Sister                                  cago, will bring an arm relic of St. Jude to Albuquerque. The
             James McGrath                                              pilgrimage will take place in four parishes:
             Robert Keehan by J.H.                                          St. Jude Thaddeus, Feb 13th 6-8 P.M. Rosary & confession.
6:00 P.M.    John Key Logan, Jr. for Baptism Anniversary by Rex             Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis Assisi Santa Fe February 14,
             & Jeannette Schlicher                                      4:30-7 P.M.
             Judy & Bill Mader 15th Wedding Anniversary                     Our Lady of the Annunciation, Alb., Feb 15 7-9 P.M.; Rosary
             To St. Jude for favors granted by Clorie Chavez                Aquinas Newman Center Alb. Feb 16 5:30-8:30 P.M.;
8:15 A.M.    For the Poor Souls in Purgatory
                                                                            Sincerely yours in the Risen Lord,
                                                                            Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop of Santa Fe
Thursday     February 15, Sts. Cyril and Methodius
9:00 A.M.    Woody Heims Birthday by Jane                                                         FOUND!
             Frank Borowiak by Bob & Gerri Hoover                       If you lost black & white picture of a young man in a
             Marguerite Gallegos for Successful Recovery by the         sailor’s uniform, standing next to a wrought iron fence, we
             Large Family                                               found it in Jan 28’s collection. Please call the office at
 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS MINISTRIES                                          Ushers: Larry Large - 994-4503
                                                                        Welcoming Team: John & Mecki Kahrs - 890-6534
Altar & Rosary Society: Stella Manzanares - 892-0927
                                                                        Young Adult Catholics: Deacon Dave Little - 890-6574
Altar Servers: Jason Mosher - 410-5123
Apostolate Our Lady of Fatima: Gerri Hoover - 892-0414                              CRISIS AND IMMEDIATE HELP
BeFrienders: Gloria Hultine - 891-0388                                  Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center: 266-7711
Bereavement: Mary Davidson - 892-9886                                   All Faith’s Receiving Home: 271-0329
Catholic Daughters of America: Mary Chambers - 896-0256                 Catholic Charities: 247-9521
Catholic Adult Singles Group of St. Thomas (CASST):                     Child Abuse/Neglect: 841-6100 or 1-800-797-3260
         Sandy 453-3620                                                 Haven House: 896-4869 or 1-800-526-7157
Charismatic Prayer Group: Nila Baker - 892-1511 or                      Missing Children’s Hotline: 1-800-587-4357
         Helen Salvo 891-2393                                           National Runaway Switchboard: 1-800-621-4000
Counseling Center: 417-2467 or Dn. Tom Burns - 892-1511, ext. 113       S.A.F.E. House 247-4219
                                                                        Suicide Crisis Hotline: 247-1121 or 266-7711
Elizabeth Ministry: Cyndee DeBlassie - 922-0145
Eucharistic Adoration: Bob & Mary Ann Gahl - 891-3806
                                                                                  SUPPORT AND OTHER GROUPS
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
          Sharon Kuchar - 892-3865                                      AIDS Hotline: 1-800-342-2437
FAMILIA: Phil & Cathy Casaus 890-3222                                   Ala Teen or Al Anon: 262-2177
Finance Council: Phil Casaus - 890-3222                                 Alcoholics Anonymous: 266-1900
                                                                        Birthright Rio Rancho: 891-1430
Home & Hospital Ministry: Bob Esquibel - 205-1477
                                                                        Blue Star Mother: 792-4552
Holy Cross Association: John & Penny Marselle - 400-7245                Boy Scouts: Bob Ortiz - 891-8941
Knights of Columbus #6696: Allen J. Rowbotham - 899-2516                Children, Youth & Families: 841-4482
         Fourth Degree Color Guard: Bill McCarty - 899-1570             Concerned for Disabled: 892-6467
Lectors: Bill Mader - 892-7603                                          Consumer Credit Counseling: 884-6601
Life Teen Liturgical Coordinator: Doug Taylor - 896-7985                Cub Scouts: Claudine Rood - 771-9216
Natural Family Planning: José & Elvira Guillén - 892-5783               Gamblers Anonymous: 260-9899
Parish Social Committee: Debbie Hanko - 892-1511                        NAMI (Mental Illness): 792-9981 or 867-9517
Pastoral Council: Rick Torretto - 994-2038                              NM Commission for the Blind: 841-8844
Pre-Cana: Dn. Tom Burns - 892-1511 ext. 113                             Overeaters Anonymous: 896-1359
                                                                        St. Felix Pantry: 891-8075 - Food Support
Public Affairs Committee: Felicie Truscio - 891-1304
                                                                        St. Thomas Aquinas Counseling Center: 417-2467 or 892-1511 ext. 113
Respect Life: Maura Jans - 892-3267                                     St. Vincent de Paul: 892-1511 ext. 106
Rosary Makers: Jim Tauer - 896-6127 or Jane Ricci - 892-9260            United Way Information & Referral Help Line: 247-3671
Secular Franciscans: Ernest & Elena Duran - 890-7040




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