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                                                                                       Spring 2009

  Members can
  receive up to                              $200 OF FREE GAS
                                                  with their next Premier CU auto loan!
Now is a great time to buy a car. Rates are low, plus you can drive away with up to $200 in free gas.
Before you start shopping, make sure to get pre-approved. Not only is it smart to know how much you
can afford, but a pre-approval gives you bargaining power at auto dealerships.

Pre-approved members may request an AutoDraft. An AutoDraft is a negotiable check, good for up
to the amount you’re pre-approved. When you find that car of your dreams, you simply fill in the
purchase amount and sign it over to the dealer. This makes you a cash buyer when shopping, giving
you more power to negotiate. Plus, you don’t have to come into the credit union to close your loan.
All your terms will be pre-arranged with the credit union.

Get pre-approved in minutes by speaking with one of our friendly loan officers at 847.496.1634
or apply online.
                                                                                                                                Members borrowing:
                                                                                                                                 $10,000 or greater
                                   WHAT A TIME TO BUY!                                                                              will receive a
                                                                                                                                   $100 Gas Card;
                                                                                                                                 $20,000 or greater
                   NeW AutoS                                                  uSeD AutoS                                            will receive a
                          AS LoW AS                                                   AS LoW AS                                    $200 Gas Card

                 5.05% aPr**                                                 5.95% aPr**
                                 Paying more with a finance company?
                                   We can refinance your auto loan!

*All loans are subject to approval. Loan must be closed with funds disbursed by May
15, 2009. Auto loans of $10,000 or greater will qualify for a $100 Gas Card, Auto loans of
$20,000 or greater qualify for a $200 Gas Card. There is no pre-payment penalty. Offer
does not apply to existing Premier Credit Union loans. **Rates may vary depending
on credit history and loan term. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to
change without notice.
                                                                                                               WIN A $500
                                                                                                               GIFt cARD to
                                                                                                               KeY LIMe coVe!
                                                                                                               Here’s your chance to experience a true water resort
                                                                                                               paradise! Members can win a stay at Key Lime Cove
                                                                                                               Water Resort in Gurnee, IL by updating their e-mail
                                                                                                               address with Premier CU. Hurry, you must submit your

    3.00%                                                                                                      e-mail address by May 31, 2009!

                                                                                                               Key Lime Cove is a resort paradise inspired by warm

    HoMe equItY LoANS                                                                                          tropical breezes and the laid back island lifestyle.
                                                                                                               Enjoy the indoor/outdoor waterpark, wonderful
                                                                                                               restaurants, Paradise Spa and Riptide Reef Arcade.
    This rate is exceptional. If you were considering a home equity loan,
                                                                                                               Just imagine what you can do
    you can now receive a rate as low as 3.00% on our home equity
    line of credit. Paying more for your line of credit elsewhere? Why not                                     with $500! Simply send your
    refinance with Premier CU? There is no application fee, closing fee or                                     full name and current e-mail
    annual fee.*                                                                                               address to
                                                                                                               You can also submit your
    Our home equity line of credit is a variable-rate loan, indexed to the                                     e-mail when stopping in a
    prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal. Most home equity                                       branch. Your e-mail address
    variable-rate loans are indexed to prime; however, most have a rate                                        is for credit union use only.
    floor. That means that even though prime has decreased to 3.25%,                                           This will give you access to
    your rate will never fall below 5%, for example.                                                           upcoming specials and
                                                                                                               great articles from our
    Premier CU does not have a rate floor. We allow our members to
                                                                                                               e-announcements. Please sign up today!
    benefit from low-rate market conditions. It’s just another credit
    union difference.                                                                                          One entry per member. One lucky member’s e-mail address will be pulled
                                                                                                               randomly the week of June 1.
    It’s time to call Roseann Ryan, Premier CU’s Home Equity Specialist,
    at 847.496.1634. Roseann will be happy to discuss your individual
    situation and recommend the program that fits your needs.

    *The credit union has no fees. We even cover the 3rd party fees (i.e., title insurance, appraisal, etc.)   TeachIng youR young aduLT
    unless you close the loan with lien released within one year of origination. The Prime Rate as listed
    in the Wall Street Journal. Prime Rate as of 12/16/08 = 3.25%. 3.00%APR is based on Premier CU’s
    Home Equity Line of Credit with a minimum approved credit limit of $100,000. Approved Lines of
    Credit of $50,000 and above receive rates at Prime, approved Lines of Credit under $50,000 receive
    a Prime + .25% rate. Minimum loan advance at origination is $5,000. Rates are subject to change
    without notice.
                                                                                                               Premier CU offers our members a free online tool to

    AtteNtIoN teAcHeRS                                                                                         aid in teaching young adults about personal finance.
                                                                                                               The tool is an interactive, online course taught by
                                                                                                               young people, for young people. The program,
    Premier CU offers FoolProof for Students FREE for your school district.
                                                                                                               FoolProof, is a turnkey financial education program
    FoolProof offers self-grading tests and support materials for nine
                                                                                                               consisting of online “modules.” The program not only
    45-minute classroom sessions. There is NO cost to your school, and
                                                                                                               teaches young consumers about the importance
    it is easy for teachers to add to their curriculum. (It really is turnkey —
                                                                                                               of maintaining their finances, but it actually
    grading and all!) The program has been approved by the Jump$tart
                                                                                                               demonstrates the consequences of poor decisions.
    program and is designed to fulfill most major
                                                                                                               Young consumers are attractive targets of financial
    curriculum guidelines presented in both NEFE® and

                                                                                                               scams. It is important to arm the young adults in your
    Jump$tart programs. Please take a preview tour by
                                                                                                               family with information before they fall victim. To find
    visiting our Web site or e-mail Jennifer Fournier
                                                                                                               FoolProof, visit and click on Resources.
    at if you are interested in
                                                                                                               You can preview the interactive modules yourself. You
    learning more.
                                                                                                               may even learn a thing or two!
how can you
In today’s economy, many consumers are becoming more conscious of their own personal finances. Saving money seems
to be at the top of everyone’s list. One way to take advantage of current market conditions is to research mortgage rates.
Low mortgage rates have created a good refinance opportunity for many homeowners.

It is important for consumers to exercise due diligence when speaking with lenders advertising very low rates. Many credit
union members have reported fees in the range of $2,000-$4,000 in return for these low advertised rates. These charges consist
of closing costs and points. Closing costs (title insurance, appraisals, processing and documentation, etc.) have increased
since lenders have tightened criteria for the approval process. Points, or pre-paid interest, are a percentage of the loan value
that lenders charge to “buy down” the mortgage rate. The practice of paying points has resurfaced in popularity due to the
uncertainty of market rates.

Premier CU does offer first mortgage products that may be very helpful to homeowners looking to reduce their current
interest rate. Our programs are easy to understand and there are no ambiguous fees. Closing costs average $400-$500. Plus,
the credit union has not tightened its lending guidelines. We have money to lend and do not make you jump through the
hoops other lenders commonly do today.

Depending on your situation, it may be very prudent to take a look at the credit union’s fixed rate of 4.85% on a 10-year, first
mortgage loan. If you’re currently paying a higher rate of interest elsewhere, now is the time to refinance. Perhaps you don’t
owe much on your first mortgage but you were considering a home equity loan for improvements, college expenses, etc.
Refinancing your first mortgage and adding the funds you wanted to borrow onto this loan may be a home run.

Another loan offered at 4.85% is our balloon note. The balloon note can be an excellent choice for members wishing to
lower their payment. The loan is amortized for 30 years, making your payment low, while you receive a fixed 4.85% interest
rate for five years. This is not an adjustable rate. After five years, you must pay the loan in full. However, if you know that you
will be selling your home or refinancing within five years, why not pay only 4.85%?

We are more than happy to discuss your options. Give Roseann a call at 847.496.1634. She is our real estate loan expert. She’ll
walk you through your options and help you save money! It’s what we do.

Rates are as of 3/20/09. Rates are subject to change without notice. APRs will vary depending on loan amount, term, and closing costs.

heRe one day…
GoNe tHe Next
LaSalle, Washington Mutual, National City — it’s hard to believe these large banks no longer
exist. They seemed to have it all together. They were advertising extreme rates and
attractive account incentives up until the very end. Evidently the old saying “when
something seems too good to be true, it probably is” applies to banking as well.

Yet, your not-for-profit credit union remains strong, safe and secure.

More and more consumers are turning to credit unions today for the added financial
stability and not-for-profit structure. Credit unions operate in the best interest of their
members. Unlike banks, which operate to create profits for outside stockholders or
private owners, the credit union operates to serve our owners, you.

You were smart to join a credit union. You’ve made a wise financial move. If your
friends or family are not current members, please encourage them to join.

                                                 MESSagE from the CEO
                                                 Everyday there is more distressing information about the
                                                 financial industry. Real estate foreclosures, rising delinquencies,
    847.843.6500 •                  bailouts, tight credit markets, investment writedowns and low
                                                 capital levels have all been front-page news.
    PAM (AUDIO RESPONSE)                                                                                                                           James Roche
    847.843.6503 • 888.700.7728 (out of state)   Here, at your credit union, things are different.

                                                 Real estate foreclosures. We have had two since our inception in 1961. Our
    CORPORATE OFFICE                             total loss was under $30,000. Both came from loans acquired in a merger. Both
    1212 W. Northwest Highway                    occurred more than four years ago. We have over $41 million in real estate
                                                 loans outstanding.
    Palatine, IL 60067-1897
                                                 Rising delinquencies. At the end of February, we had 16 cents in loans delinquent
                                                 60 days or more for each $100 outstanding. Our peer group had $1.19. Only one
    DISTRICT 15 SERVICE CENTER                   real estate loan for just over $9,000 was delinquent 60 days or more.
    580 N. First Bank Drive
    Palatine, IL 60067-8110                      Bailouts. Our credit union and our national industry have never had a
                                                 federal bailout.

                                                 Tight credit markets. We have millions to lend.
    1750 S. Roselle Road                         Investment writedowns. At the end of February, our investments were worth over
    Palatine, IL 60067-7336                      $54,000 more than their carrying value.

                                                 Low capital levels. We have $15 million in equity, which is 12.8% of total assets.
    GLENBROOK SERVICE CENTER                     Credit unions average a little over 10% and banks are at 9%.
    1334 Shermer Road
                                                 We have followed a very conservative financial plan that has kept your credit
    Northbrook, IL 60062                         union safe and sound. The most important thing we provide to our members is
                                                 trust. You can trust that the credit union will continue to operate prudently and in
                                                 the best interest of our members.
    22 W. Schaumburg Road
    Schaumburg, IL 60194-3502

                                                 ceRtIFIcAte SPecIALS
    Via                            SHARe ceRtIFIcAte oF DePoSIt
                                                          29-month CD Special                 19-month CD Special                      9-month CD Special

                                                   Rate      APY      Rate      APY     Rate       APY      Rate      APY       Rate       APY       Rate       APY
                                                   2.38%     2.40%    2.48%     2.50%   1.84%      1.85%    1.94%     1.95%     1.54%      1.55%     1.64%      1.65%
    Find one near you via
                                                   $5,000 Min Bal     $50,000 Min Bal   $5,000 Min Bal      $50,000 Min Bal     $5,000 Min Bal       $50,000 Min Bal

                                                                                                                                       Quarterly Compounding and Posting
    Glenbrook and Schaumburg
    Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
    District 211 and 15
                                                 MONEy MarkETS
    Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM             Need a more liquid investment? Our Money Market rates are very attractive and
                                                 offer the flexibility you need. Money Market rates are as high as 1.40%.
    Loan Department
    Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM             The credit union offers very competitive deposit rates. Invest with someone you
                                                 trust. Your credit union will always be here.

                                                    MONEy MarkET aCCOuNTS
    Memorial Day  Monday, May 25
                                                            Regular   $1,000 Min. Balance                   Wealth Builder     $100,000 Min. Balance
                                                            Balance            Rate     APY                         Balance              Rate         APY
                                                      $1,000-$4,999           1.00%     1.00%              $100,000-$149,999            1.39%        1.40%
    Day               Saturday, July 4                $5,000-$9,999           1.05%     1.05%              $150,000-$199,999            1.39%        1.40%
                                                    $10,000-$24,999           1.09%     1.10%                     $200,000 +            1.39%        1.40%
                                                    $25,000-$49,999           1.19%     1.20%
                                                          $50,000 +           1.29%     1.30%

                                                                                                                               Monthly Compounding and Posting

                                                 Rates as of 3/20/09. Rates subject to change without notice. APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

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