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									                                                      GIS Steering Committee Action Log
 Assign                                                                    Due     Revised    Comp.
           Person                          Action                                                                                        Notes
  Date                                                                    Date     Due Date    Date
11/20/08   DS / LS Project Status Report                                 1/26/09                        Add other work such as map products to reflect more work being done
                                                                                                        in GIS Unit. On-going
                                                                                                        Add color coding key to top of report
                                                                                                        Move legend key from bottom of report to the top
                                                                                                        5/18: Laura will continue to work on formatting issues within this
11/20/08     DS     Communication Plan                                   1/26/09              3/23/09   Get Communication Plan from Asset Management.

11/20/08     DS                                                          1/26/09                        Develop GIS Communication Plan. Get on agendas for PBLT, TLT, and
                                                                                                        9/18/09: Still in draft form.

11/20/08     DR     ELA (Enterprise Licensing Agreement)                 1/26/09              2/25/09   Dennis talk with Cy regarding ELA status and Help Desk. DAS is not
                                                                                                        anticipating the use of the ODOT Help Desk. Staff from both Help
                                                                                                        Desks have met to discuss business practices.

01/26/09     DS                                                          3/23/09              3/23/09   Draft exception letter for three software packages.

03/23/09     DS                                                          5/18/09                        Work with purchasing on how to flag attempted ESRI/software
                                                                                                        purchases without contacting Dennis.
                                                                                                        Update software licence list and send to Ben Berry.

             BB                                                                                         Put together a payment proposal to present to Steering Committee. Get
                                                                                                        assistance from Barry Nathan.

                                                                                                        Dave met with Ron Winterrowd and Jerri Bohard to discuss
                                                                                                        payment process. Need to meet with Stefan Hamlin regarding
                                                                                                        highway funding.

             BB     GIS Project Delivery Model                           3/23/09                        Send Project Delivery Office examples to Phil and Dennis
                                                                                                        Identify Region GIS contacts.
            PS/DS                                                                                       Prepare document tying all resource planning documents together.
                                                                                                        5/18: Add links for Implementation & Strategic Plans,
                                                                                                        Add Risk Management to all plans. 9/18/09: A draft document will be
             PS                                                                                         presented to the committee after the November meeting.

             BB     GIS Infrastructure                                   3/23/09              3/23/09   Work with Virginia Alster and Ron Winterrowd on creating a GIS
                                                                                                        software support model for SDC servers.
                                                                                                        Need to review templates to work out service level agreements.

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                                                         GIS Steering Committee Action Log
Assign                                                                       Due      Revised    Comp.
             Person                          Action                                                                                      Notes
 Date                                                                        Date     Due Date    Date
               LS     November STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING.                 07/17/08              ongoing   Attendees: Jerri Bohard, Ben Berry, Dave Ringeisen, Laura
                       - Set up meeting and send out agenda one week in                                    Wipper, Brian Dunn, Robb Kirkmann, Doug Bish, Fred Eberle, Hal
                      advance.                                                                             Gard, Terry Cole, Dan Wells, Cy Smith, Dennis Scofield, Phil Smith,
                                                                                                           and Laura Strauch

         C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\faf3beb3-5560-48d4-9c15-9517db98b35c.xls                                                                                   Page 2
                                                    GIS Steering Committee Decision Log                                                                  Revised 4/22/00
No.    Assigned
                                                     Decision                                                                       Notes
1       04/13/00     PROJECT STATUS REPORTS - Use OTMS project status report form
                     with project health listed in red, yellow and green.

2       05/01/00     GIS STRATEGIC PLAN - Members review and return to Dennis                   No revisions presented. GIS Strategic Plan accepted as written.
                     with changes by April 19th.

3       05/02/00     GPS STANDARDS - Members to review and return to Heather King by No revisions presented. GPS Standards accepted as written.
                     the 19th.

4       05/23/00     ALTERNATE VOTE - The committee decided that an alternate can
                     have the members voting priviledge as long as the alternate does not
                     become the primary member.
                     decision is to list as one project and assign numbers, do not split into
7       08/24/00
                     CY SMITH - Has been invited and will attend future meetings.
8       11/30/2000   PROJECT STATUS REPORTS - The decision is to expand the                     Obtain the information from User Group to identify relationships between
                     Projects Status Report to include other Regions projects throughout
9       11/30/2000
                     APPROVED DOCUMENTS - The deceision is that all approved
                     documents contain approval date and name of approving body.
10      11/30/00     IMPLEMENTATION PLAN / ACCURACY WHITE PAPER - Both were
                     approved by the committee.

11      02/22/01     METADATA & ATTRIBUTES WHITE PAPERS - Approved at
                     February 22nd meeting by committee. Disclaimer is at AG's office for
12      02/22/01     SPATIAL REFERENCE FOR WASCO & UMATILLA COUNTIES- The Dennis will contact U of O and Cy Smith to see if this can be completed
                     committee decided to start pilot project now.        by 6/30/01.

13      03/22/01     MEETINGS EVERY TWO MONTHS - Should we change to every                      The committee agreed to continue the monthly meetings at least for the
                     month meetings or is there a need to have monthly meetings.                time being.

      GIS Decision Log

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