colorissimo_shades by xiangpeng


A blend of all primary colors, resulting in neutral. Available in 10 levels, Level 1 (Blue Black) to level 10 (Light
Blond). The neutral family is useful in determining the natural level of hair. If the hair falls between two levels,
choose the darker one.
When coloring gray hair, neutrals used alone or added to other COLORISSIMO or RENCOLOR total families give
great results. Neutrals will accentuate the natural highlights and the predominant tones on natural or tinted hair.

A mixture of blues and violets. Available in levels 4 to 10. The pewter shades of 6P and 8P are included in this
family. The ash family is useful for toning down brassy and unwanted orange and red tones.
Ash tones are not recommended for pure white hair. On “salt and pepper” hair it will tone down the “pepper”
color, and the salt will appear more silver gray.
The blues and violets of ash are an important part of many color corrections. Ash levels, being drab without the
reds and golds, appear darker than other tonal families in the same level.
 A base of reds and yellows with yellow being the predominate tone. Available in levels 4 to 10, with the added
 bonus of 7SG, a gold intensity shade.
 Provides soft golden shades on gray hair when formulated with other tonal shades. Gold tones are an excellent
 choice when formulated for Mediterranean skin types. May be successfully mixed with red, neutral, beige and red
 violet families.

 A base of red and yellow with the red being the predominate tone. Available in levels 4 to 8. A series of soft
 reddish blondes, dynamic red violets and warm coppery browns. Red Flame and Red Violet are included in this
 Reds are not suited for use alone on gray hair, but used as part of a formula will give warm tonal values. Turn out
 glowing sensational redheads on all levels of natural hair except levels below but not including 4.
          Red Flame                                                 Red Copper
          A base of reds and yellows with strong red tones.          A mixture f red and yellow
          Red Violet                                                Orange Red
          A mixture of red and blue, red is predominate.             A base of red and yellow.
 A blue base
 A blend of red, yellow, and blue, more intense than the neutral family. Available in levels 6 to 8. The beige family
 is made up of Beige, and Honey Beige.
 Beige should be an important part of most formulations for gray hair coverage. Beige contains all the tonal values
 that are lost with gray tones. Excellent mixed with the gold and red families.
         Nordic Beige                                               Honey Beige
          A base of red, yellow and blue,                           A mixture of red, blue, and a hint
          with an emphasis on blue.                                  of violet. Yellow is the predominant tone.
 Made up of 10PL: a blue and violet bas), 10 PK: a hint of red, blue, and violet with yellow, and 10SB: with a base
 of red, yellow, blue (blue is predominant) and a hint of violet.
 Pastel shades are best used on levels 6 to 10 with 30- or 40- volume hydrogen peroxide. Levels darker than 6 must
 first be pre-lightened.
   Includes 100A (ash), 100B (beige), 100G (Gold) and 100N (natural).
   Designed to lift natural and tinted hair with more control and one process. To lift 4 more levels, mix 100 family
   with equal amounts of 30- or 40- volume hydrogen peroxide.

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