CHARA HOUSE by suchenfz

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									Sponsored by the Caring Ministries of Morgan County

Pam Hernandez- Assistant director
               Pam has been with
                  Caring Ministries for
                  3 years. Before
                  coming to Caring
                  Ministries she was the
                  Assistant Director for
                  Adult Basic
                  Education for the
                  community college
                  and has worked with
                  in-need clients for ten
   The client
    must be
homeless or at
    risk of
  They can't
have warrants         Residents of the Chara House have a
    or any            maximum of 30 days to stay, and after
convictions of         that they can apply for an extension,
violent crimes,        which is granted if they have shown
    such as             some progression with stability and
   domestic                        employment.
"Hope is the great gift from God.
Hope is the sign of life."
                         Local Fundraisers
Occasionally, a local business will host a fundraiser for Chara House, with 100% of
  the proceeds going toward Chara House and disposing of the funds with how
                               Chara House sees fit.
Donations are always welcome
Thank you. I hope you enjoy
my PowerPoint presentation
on the Chara house located in
   Fort Morgan, Colorado

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