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									           ROTARY CLUB OF RICHMOND

    Meeting 2108                                                    30 August 2010

                             VISIT TO RC FITZROY

                             Rotarian Emanuel Tumino
                              Rotary Youth Exchange
                                ( Details on page 6)

    Date        Meeting    Speaker & Topic                           Chair

    6 September 2109       Stephen Yolland                           Melissa Carfax-Foster
                           - Exec Director “Decisions, Decisions”
                            The Slade Award

    13 September 2110      Pete Smith                                Tim Baker
                           - A Lifetime in Media

    20 September 2111      Show ‘n Tell Time                            John Liddell
                           - Time to share a Special Object of Interest

    27 September 2112      Matter Machar                             Janice Kesterton
                           - Sudan to Melbourne
                            A story of survival and success

                                  Maureen Pang - 1st

                               Wedding Anniversaries
                              Maureen & Trevor Pang- 3rd

                               Induction Anniversaries
                                  Tim Baker - 1992

Richmond Rotary website:     http://www.rotaryrichmond.org.au
District 9800 Home Page:     http://www.rotarydistrict9800.org.au
District E-Zine:             http://www.rotarydistrict9800.org.au/current_networker
Rotary International:        http://www.rotary.org
                  Greetings Rotarians and Friends,
The highlight for the week was the 46th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Richmond’s Charter. We
had many guests all whom at some stage have been connected - or remain connected - to our Club. I
was very proud on behalf of the Club to acknowledge a major sponsor, Arnold, Bloch and Leibler,
Past Presidents’ Sue Bolton, Trevor Pang, Michael O’Sullivan and Simon Marriott for the
contribution they all make to ensuring our club continues to sustain and grow our projects in the
local and international community.
News from the Board
The Board agreed that the Club would donate $1,000 to Disaster Aid Australia in support of their
request for a contribution to the natural disaster which has affected Pakistan. To allow the Club to
continue its support of our projects and programs I submitted a proposal to the Board for a greater
commitment to the Abbotsford Car Parking initiative. We will continue to manage the Abbotsford
Convent car parking every third Sunday but will now include Friday nights (5.30pm to 8pm) from
late October to late February (with a Christmas Break). The Board unanimously agreed to this
fantastic opportunity to grow this project for our Club.
What else is happening around the Club?
Elissa Marriott has been busy planning a number of Fundraising functions and events for the coming
year and I encourage you to support these. Annie and Sandy are also arranging a fundraising activity
with a ‘Wine and Chocolate’ night planned for the 19 March 2011.
New Generations Chair, Nia Holdenson. held a committee meeting on Monday. The Slade
committee is also busy preparing for the Slade Literary Awards. We welcome back Barbara
Woodberry, International Chair, from her latest trip to Timor Leste and look forward to hearing
more about this and our International project.
President Elect, Rob Mactier and I attended the RC Melbourne Park meeting on Tuesday night and
we were warmly welcomed by their President Nicole Nutall and members. I also attended the
Heritage Cluster meeting on Wednesday night and we can look forward to continuing our support of
Rochester and its district and the Indigenous Health Program through Australian Rotary Health.
September is the RC Richmond’s ‘Family and Friends’ month and we have an exciting
program planned, commencing with the Slade Literary Award Night on Monday 6 th .I
encourage you all to bring a guest or two to the meetings in September where we can showcase
our Club and it’s projects.
Until next week -
Jo Cowling
                                                                                                 BUILDING COMMUNITIES
President 2010-2011                                                                       BRIDGING CONTINENTS

Are you a Rotarian? If not, would you like to be a volunteer? Then you’ll just love Richmond
Rotary! We’re all volunteers raising money for a wide range of inspiring humanitarian service
projects & programs, both local & international. There’s something in it for you too. By becoming
a Rotarian you’ll gain a better understanding of humanitarian issues & also build fundraising, public
speaking, planning, organization & communication skills which will help you motivate, inspire &
guide others. Opportunities to make lasting friendships with like-minded people are another plus!
E: secretary@rotaryrichmond.org.au Check out our award-winning Club website at:
                                A night of fine fellowship, shared Club history and
                                a special meeting programme helped mark the 46th Charter
                                anniversary of Richmond Rotary. Meeting 2107 for the 23rd
                                August was called to order by the Sergeant, Annie Wysham,
                                gavel in hand, before introducing the 47th Club President, Jo
                                Cowling. President Jo warmly welcomed over 50 attendees,
                                especially our many guests - including Joey Borensztain of
                                Arnold Bloch Leibler and visiting Rotarians from the Rotary
                                Clubs of Melbourne, Wyndham and Melbourne Park; along with
                                the Friends of Richmond Rotary and Susanna Chan's friend,
                                JayJay from the USA. (All aforementioned listed in the Meeting
                                2017 report page 5)

Our Guest Speaker, Gonny Rundell, was introduced by Chair,
PDG Judy Nettleton, ARH Director. In 2009 Gonny, a
grandmother, rode around Australia in the Great Australian Bike
Ride fundraiser to benefit Australian Rotary Health - Mental
Health Research. She shared her many wonderful experiences
with humour, feeling and pathos (See Speakers Corner
Summary page 6)

Richmond Rotary Members and Friends just love a get-together and shared dining,
along with a catch-up with Rotary friends and supporters. The 46th Charter Anniversary
celebrations were all of this and more .....


                Susanna Chan
     ON         Daughter of Rtn. Chew Chan and Lulu,
     THE        Rotary Club of Richmond
    SPOT        2010-2011: Friend of Richmond Rotary ( FoRR)
                Personal Tamer of her Dad, Chew;
                brand-new Aunty to Baby Keith Chan,
                just 3 weeks old!!
What year and why did you join the Friends of Richmond
I joined Friends of Richmond Rotary in 2008 just after Christmas. Everyone involved with
Richmond Rotary is friendly and united to make a positive difference.
What keeps you committed to Richmond Rotary?
My Dad is a dedicated member and I fully appreciate his will to do good things for others.
We have a good relationship so I try to support him in any way I can.
What was your first Rotary memory?
I believe it was the Pets on Parade Carnival in 2007. I remember little dogs in tutus and
little outfits!
What’s been your favourite FoRR involvement and why?
Collecting and wrapping gifts to be given away by Richmond Rotary to deserving children
every Christmas. Christmas is the best time of year to see people in the giving spirit!

What keeps you awake at night?
Scary movies hahaha!

YOUR NEW-LOOK DISTRICT WEB SITE: www.rotarydistrict9800.org.au/

                                 Why Biggin&Scott?
                                 Supreme Service for ALL Property Transactions
                                 28 Bridge Road Richmond 3121

                                 Tel   9429 9177

                                OUR 46TH CHARTER MEETING CELEBRATIONS -
                                In celebration of each President's year, presentations were
                                also made by President Jo to Past Presidents' Sue Bolton
                                (2002-2003), Trevor Pang (2008-2009) and Michael
                                O'Sullivan (2009-2010) of individually inscribed Rotary desk
                                trophies -

   Our President, Jo Cowling, presented PP Simon Marriott
   with a Certificate of Appreciation for the generous personal
   and professional 'behind-the scenes-support' he willingly
   favours our Club with.

                              Tim Baker, Community/Vocational Services Chair,
                             acknowledged special guest of the Club, Joey Borensztajn of
                             Arnold Bloch Leibler, with a framed Certificate of Appreciation
                             for his role in implementing RCR's youth initiative, Next Step
                             Trust. The Trust was set-up by Arnold Bloch Leibler at no cost
                             to the Club. It offers tax deductibility to all donors to the Next
                             Step program. Both Tim Baker and Aivars Lode are also to be
                             congratulated on achieving such great results.

   Aivars Lode accepted Club gifts of a bottle of fine wine and
   an indoor plant from President Jo in acknowledgement of
   the 50th wedding anniversary of he and Nellya.
   Salutations and congratulations to you both from all at
   Richmond Rotary!

RE: 46th CHARTER ANNIVERSARY CLUB MEETING, NO 2107, 23rd August, 2010
Collated by Sue Bolton, our Sensational Club Secretary!
Jean Marc Berthier, Brian & Jenny List, Jenny Crofts, John Liddell,
Tony Webb, John Nairn
Board Meeting: Pres. Jo Cowling, Annie Wysham, Sue Bolton, Melissa Carfax-Foster, Chew Chan,
Mark Dwyer, Nia Holdenson, Janice Kesterton, Simon Marriott, Judy Nettleton, Michael O’Sullivan
Yarra P/S: Pres Jo Cowling                   RC Wellington: Jean Marc Berthier
RC Wellington Central: Jean Marc Berthier
Visiting Rotarians:
RC Melbourne: PAG Chris Wang, President Phillip Endersbee, PP Peter McCall & Kay
RC Melbourne Park: President Nicole Nuttall, PE Saxon Mitchell, Irene Tung, Carly Nuttal,
Stefane Vadja                 RC Wyndham: PAG Darrel Carpenter & Bronwyn
Guest of the Club:
Joey Borensztajn (Arnold Bloch Leibler)
FoRR: Ann Baker, Sue Roberts, Michael Cowling, Andrea Michaelides, Wilma Mylecharane, Sally
O’Sullivan, Nancye Ainger, Susanna Chan and Jay Jay, Magdalena & Frank Wheatland and Orietta La
SPEAKERS’ CORNER: 46th Charter Meeting 2107, 23rd August ‘10
                               Guest Speaker:       Gonny Rundell
                               Topic:               By Pedal Power Around Australia - Raising
                                                    Funds for Australian Rotary Health (ARH)
                               Chair:               PDG Judy Nettleton
                                 Synopsis: Sounds corny I know, but there was a lot of love in the
                                 room last Monday at RCR! The meeting room at the Amora Hotel was
                                 abuzz with the fellowship chatter of the Members, Friends & the many
                                 visitors who gathered to celebrate the 46th Charter Anniversary of the
Club. But when our guest speaker was introduced by Chair, PDG Judy & began to share her story of
Australian Rotary Health’s major fundraiser, the ‘Great Australian Bike Ride’ (GABR) & her part in
it, she had our undivided attention! In her opening remarks, Gonny said that while cycling between
Darwin & Perth she asked a fellow cyclist to describe his childhood. The answer came back as
‘terrifying!’with a mother who had mental illness & a father who drank because he couldn’t cope.
‘This was what the GABR was about!’ she thought. They were on the road to create mental health
awareness thru ARH. ‘So we spread the message!” she stated, “To the media & to over 180 Rotary
Clubs.” To ride around Australia was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Gonny & a physical, mental
& emotional experience as her youngest daughter has the incurable disease, Lupus, plus depression.
Stage 1 riders departed from Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens in March 2009 & headed to District
9810 conference in Hobart. It was hills, hills & steeper hills & beautiful scenery! In total there were
180 participants in the ride including a support crew. Gonny stayed overnight in 180 different
locations! They were busy from the first day, what with the Rotary meetings & all the many media
interviews! Stage 2 was Melbourne to Sydney then next stage, Sydney to Brisbane then riding
through the cane fields to Townsville. The longest journey began from Townsville & they were then a
group of 18 with a few new crew & cyclists, stopping to let the road trains pass. It got hotter & they
had to camp &self-cater. Between Richmond & Julia Creek they stayed in Maxwelton (a dot on the
map, with 2 derelict houses & a racecourse!) on their one day of the year, the annual horse races! The
GABR’ers had a ball & the locals supported ARH with overwhelming generosity! On to the top of
Australia, Kakadu then Darwin, with its own beauty & magnificence. Down the west coast to Perth
then across the Nullabor, a very tough ride for Gonny - finally heading towards home & Melbourne
via the Adelaide Hills & Mildura! On the 10 th October the cyclists finished their journey – 4 cyclists,
including Gonny, cycling the entire trip – 16,756km! The GABR raised $250,000 for ARH ‘so it can
continue its work & continue to be the champion of mental health awareness’. Our 46th Charter
meeting was made even more memorable thanks to Gonny’s endearing GABR anecdotes, power
point presentation and magnificent still photographs – especially of grand-daughter, Avah!
www.australianrotaryhealth.org.au – Great Australian Bike Ride


Guest Speaker:       Rotarian Emanuel Tumino (RC Footscray)
Topic:               'Rotary Youth Exchange' - plus the opportunity to
                     meet and chat with 2 of the students who are                            BUILDING COMMUNITIES
                     currently here on the Rotary Youth Exchange Program              BRIDGING CONTINENTS

Time: 6.00pm         Where: Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club Address: 578 Brunswick
Street, Fitzroy North (Mel Map: 2C/C1)       RSVP: To Secretary Sue at sbolton@globaldial.com
so numbers can be confirmed with RC Fitzroy's President Bev MacFarlane.
Car Pooling available and encouraged where feasible – own arrangements
?     NEED TO NOTE – 2010
? Monday, 6 th September –2010 Slade Literary Awards, 6.30pm for 7.00pm, Amora Hotel,
Bridge Road, Richmond. Cost: $30 pp. Friends welcome (Contact: Melissa C/Foster)
? Monday, 13th September Club Meeting – DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Special Guest Speaker:
Pete Smith (Channel 9 fame). Topic: A Lifetime in Media
? Monday, 20 th September Club Meeting – It’s ‘Show ‘n Tell’ Time – Time to Share A Special
Object of Interest! Time allotted: 5 minutes per person. Members/Friends to bring along
something that is of interest and tell us about it. It could be an objêt d’art, or some curio or a sample
of a collection or something they made or…the list of options goes on! Please book in your item with
Chair, John Liddell. E: liddellx@bigpond.net.au
? Monday, 27 th September Club Meeting – OF SPECIAL INTEREST - Guest Speaker: Matter
Machar. Topic: Sudan to Melbourne - A story of survival & success. Chair TBA
? Friday 1st October – BRING PARTNERS & LOTTSA FRIENDS! Film Night with FoRR -
Balwyn Cinema plus supper: Movie: ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’- stars Michael Douglas.
Cost: $30 pp –supports Disaster Aid Aust.(Book: Sue Roberts-see flyer)
? Monday, 4 th October- NO CLUB MEETING – see Thurs 7 th October entry
? Thursday 7th Oct –. Combined Club Meeting @ RC Brunswick (TBC by Pres Jo)
? Wednesday 13 th Oct – Fashion Night at Boo Radley, Richmond, to raise money to purchase
Disaster Aid Australia Family Survival Packs/Tents. Further details TBA by Elissa.
? Wednesday, 20 th October – RYAP - ‘SNAP/HOP’ EXHIBITION (See Tim Baker)
? Monday, 25th October – PARTNERS & FRIENDS NIGHT! Fantastic Mock Racing Night
&Club Meeting. Wear your fanciest race-gear and hat!(Contact: Dot Brown)
? Monday, 15th November – PARTNERS & FRIENDS NIGHT! Ambulance Vic’s ‘4 Steps For
Life – CPR Program’. Includes participation by RC Fitzroy. Friends & family welcome.
(bookings essential: Melissa CF)
? Friday, 19th November - FoRR’s Visit to the Johnston Collection, East Melbourne. Maximum
no of guests is 20. Further details TBA. Bookings: Jenny List (FoRR Chair)
? Monday, 22 nd November – PARTNERS & FRIENDS NIGHT! Visit to the Club by our new
District Governor, Iven Mackay & Marilyn (Rotary Club Toorak) All our Members are asked
to support DG’s RCR meeting visit. Apols/acceptances to Sec. Sue
? Thursday 2nd Dec: Variety Club Children’s Christmas Party, Southbank. .(Set–up volunteers
needed for Wed 1 st Dec) Christmas party vols. needed 2 nd Dec (See PP Michael)
? Monday 6th Dec: PARTNERS & FRIENDS NIGHT! Combined Club Meeting @ RC Fitzroy
- Wine & Cheese Night (Apols/acceptances to Sec. Sue)
? Monday, 20th Dec. éééClub’s Festive Christmas Meeting & Toy Collectionééé
? Saturday 19 th March 2011 – Wine & Chocolate Fundraiser at Sandy’s. (See Annie W)
? Saturday 31st Mar-2 nd April 2011: Rotary District 9800 Conference Adelaide (Janice)
                     RICHMOND ROTARY ROUNDUP –Compliments for 46t h
                     Charter Anniversary meeting, 23 August 2010
                     PFrom the Sergeant: Just enough formality, just enough fun, just enough
                     fellowship and the right balance of Rotary-based content ....with a great speaker
                     to top it all off! It was Richmond Rotary thru and thru and having the extra 30
                     minutes took the rush off it all..........Just lovely to see Warren and hear his recap
                     story re the RCR project too.

PTo the President: Hi Jo - congratulations on a fantastic meeting last night. I felt a distinct buzz in
the air, friendship, fun, enjoyment, pathos within the accomplishments of a very active/visionary
Club. I was also buoyed by our visitors from other clubs, our Friends & supporters; it's a testament
of the esteem of Richmond & of your leadership. Well done to your Team on the quality running
sheet & the skills required to plan & co-ordinate it all - I am well aware of the work it requires to put
it all together. Always looks easy from the audience but very difficult from the stage! Last
night's result is the formula we should be striving for at every Richmond Club Meeting. Keep up the
great work. All the very best, Trevor
PGreat News from RC Rochester per Rtn. Bryan Griffiths: You will all be pleased to hear we
are finally getting much needed rain! The grass is growing, crops are looking good, water allocations
are increasing, Lake Cooper at Corop is filling with water - a lovely view from Lake Cooper Winery.
A long way to go for the district to be considered over the drought, but better at this stage of the year
than what it has been in previous years.

PFrom President Jo: I am very pleased that Kieran Moore, Rotarian & Paul Harris recipient has
accepted the Honorary Membership offered to him by the Club. Kieran will celebrate his 30th
anniversary as a member of our club next year & until the Club moved to evening meetings, had a
100% attendance record. Kieran had also agreed to remain the Auditor for the Club.

PTHE 2010 SLADE LITERARY AWARDS will be held at the Amora Hotel next Monday 6th
September, 6.30pm for 7.00pm. Please bring family and friends – it’s literally a great night! Speaker
is Stephen Yolland, Executive Director of ‘Decisions, Decisions’ and a published poet. (Sue B.)

 Thank you to the Ed. & IM-PRESS PROMOTIONS for meeting the added cost of printing
 last week's Tiger Rag in colour for the 46th Charter Anniversary edition.
 It looked fabulous and is a great memento.

      Thank you to our 'O' So Clever ' Sally O'Sullivan for creating those unique Rotary
      centrepieces for the tables at the 46th Charter celebrations ……………….
      (with a little help from Simon M!) .

      WEB UPDATE from Trevor - View the New Rotary Youtube presentation –
      'END POLIO NOW - The Last Hurdle.' at www.rotaryrichmond.org.au



                                         Friday, 1 st October,
                                       7 P. M. FOR 7.30 P.M. START
                                        University College
                                     College Crescent, Parkville

                                            Cost: $20 per head
                                     Supper, tea and coffee provided
                                   Please bring own nibbles and drinks
                         Maximum of 8 people per table. Tables can be arranged.
                                               Good Prizes!
                                  Tickets available from John Elligate
                                     Email: john.elligate@acu.edu.au
                                    PH: (H) 9827 0397 (B) 9953 3286
                     Proceeds from the evening will support Rotary projects including a
                                    scholarship at University College.


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