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					     2010 Catalogue
  Decorative quotes for your walls and more.

Wine           a little,

you’ll feel better!

        No Gossip, Just the FACTS
Home Goss is as easy as 1,2,3! Our vinyl lettering is premium quality and so lightweight, it looks
like it has been hand painted.

The surface must be smooth and clean and surfaces with fresh paint must cure according to
the manufacturer’s instructions.
Although Home Goss is quick and easy to apply, it’s important to take your time and measure
twice because it’s removable but not reusable.

Home Goss comes packaged as a single roll of product. However you can apply it in any order
and it will look great, like this....

                 CHERISH yesterday DREAM tomorrow LIVE today
                              OR you can lay it out like this

                           CHERISH yesterday
                                   DREAM tomorrow
                                             LIVE today

Home Goss can be cut into increments, applied in multiple patterns and looks great wrapped
around corners and curved surfaces. Whether you just want to be creative or perhaps you’re
looking for that “something” to fill an unusual or awkward space, the possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match! There are so many pieces in the different collections that can be used together.

Home Goss, can withstand the elements of heat and humidity so, feel free to apply it in
the bathroom and the back splash. However, over an extended period of time and depending
on the amount of humidity generated, the adhesive may weaken.
Home Goss, should last up to 1 year depending on the conditions and temperature of where it
is stored. For best results, we recommend that you apply your Home Goss soon after you
purchase it for best results. Why wait?

Washing your Home Goss,
use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with cool water. It’s best to avoid using cleaners that
contain alcohol, abrasives, citrus additives, or ammonias. If you have applied Home Goss to a
window or mirror, avoid glass cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.

Home Goss is easily removable by warming it slightly with a blow dryer on the low heat
setting to soften the letters and then peel them off of the surface.
                              ORIGINAL Goss
     Add an interesting new twist to your space with HOME GOSS
         decorative quotes and words for your walls and more!

A GOOD LAUGH is sunshine in a home
approximately 165 x 6cm Product CODE HG1001

                                                Home Is Where The Heart Is
                                                                  approximately 103 x 8cm Product CODE HG1002

          CHERISH yesterday DREAM tomorrow LIVE today
approximately 140 x 6cm Product CODE HG1003

                                      If you obey all the rules, you miss all the FUN!!!
                                                                        approximately 125 x 7cm Product CODE HG1004

Life is simple                        EAT SLEEP DANCE
approximately 116 x 7cm Product CODE HG1005

                                                 ALWAYS....Kiss me Goodnight
                                                                  approximately 117 x 10cm Product CODE HG1006

 Dreams are the windows to the world
approximately 114 x 8cm Product CODE HG1007

  Available in Black and frosted glass $29.95 ea.
                               ORIGINAL Goss

                                                    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
                                                                            approximately 127 x 8cm Product CODE HG1008

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
approximately 195 x 8cm Product CODE HG1009

                                                  BE         your own kind of             BEAUTIFUL
                                                                       approximately 98 x128cm Product CODE HG1010

   Defining beauty my way
   approximately 95 x12cm Product CODE HG1011
                                              BIG Goss
    Create A BOLD statement with BIG Goss words!

  approximately 67x20 Product CODE HG3001

                                                         approximately 54x12cm Product CODE HG3002

                                                    CARPE DIEM
  approximately 54x21cm Product CODE HG3003

                                                         approximately 78x16cm    Product CODE HG3006

      approximately 50x20cm Product CODE HG3005

                                                     approximately 78x16cm       Product CODE HG3006

  New York
  approximately 54x10cm Product CODE HG3007

   approximately 27x10cm Product CODE HG3008

Available in Black, Gold & Brushed Silver $29.95 ea.
                                              BABY Goss
    BabyGoss makes a great gift for a newborn! You can also apply
 BabyGoss on toy boxes, headboards and dressers and storage containers.

from SMALL BEGINNINGS come great things!
approximately 190x10cm Product CODE HG7001

                                                          how loved Product are
                 Twinkle, twinkle little star do you knowapproximately 197x12cm you CODE HG7002

Angels danced the day you were born.
approximately 88.5x10.5cm Product CODE HG7003

                                                  belly laugh            peekaboo                    snuggle
                                                                approximately 90x11cm Product CODE HG7004

  Pretty in PINK
  approximately 99x10cm Product CODE HG7005

                                                                      ABC                              123
                                                                      approximately 94.5x15cm Product CODE HG7006

Snails, trails and puppy dog tails
approximately 174x12cm Product CODE HG7007

                                      Sugar and spice and everything niceapproximately 185x10cm Product CODE HG7008

The Princess sleeps here
 approximately 97.5x15cm Product CODE HG7009
                                                                          Pretty in PINK

Available in Black, White, Pink & Blue $29.95 ea.
                                                   3 Simple Words
With 3 simple words you can make your space a reflection of your favourite words.
                  Words of encouragement, love or inspiration.
         Words that proclaim your passion for good food and great wine.

    approximately 35.5x2.5cm Product CODE HG2001
                                                        Merlot    cabernet
                                               Shiraz     CHARDONNAY                              pinot noir
                                                                          approximately 90x8cm Product CODE HG2002

          eat drink be merry
    approximately 90x8cm Product CODE HG2003

                               Faith                     Believe              Blessing
                                                                     approximately 78x5cm Product CODE HG2004

    approximately 73x7cm Product CODE HG2005
                                                   Laugh         Love
                                                Relax       Enjoy          Rejuvinate
                                                                              approximately 70x7cm Product CODE HG2006

  Dance Love Sing
   approximately 84x12cm Product CODE HG2007

                                               Available in Black $29.95 ea.
                                              TEEN Goss
                                              For the “Teens and the in betweens”!
                                                 Create a collage about YOU.
                                       Or give as “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Always wear cute pyjamas to bed...
approximately 295x7.5cm Product CODE HG5001
                                            you never know who you might meet in your dreamS

                                                                       Beached As Bro
                                                                   approximately 90x15cm Product CODE HG5002

 Forget being a Princess I’d rather be a
 approximately 192x20cm Product CODE HG5003                        Vampire
                                                     Good girls keep diaries, BAD girls don’t have time!
                                                                                         approximately 92x6.5cm Product CODE HG5004

I                  JUSTIN
approximately 60x15cm Product CODE HG5005

                            Available in Black $29.95 ea.
                                      SIMPLE Goss
                            Simple Goss, is just that “Simple” one word at a time.
                                                Sometime 1 word is all it takes!

Courage                           approximately 49x20cm Product CODE HG4001

                                                                              approximately 37x18.5cm Product CODE HG4002

approximately 32.5x13.5cm Product CODE HG4003

                                                                                     approximately 43x19.5cm Product CODE HG4004

                    approximately 32.5x18.5cm Product CODE HG4005

                                                                                    approximately 25.5x20cm Product CODE HG4006

                            approximately 40x19.5cm Product CODE HG4007

                                                                                              approximately 28x14cm Product CODE HG4008

 approximately 30.5x14cm Product CODE HG4009

                                                                                              approximately 35.5x13cm Product CODE HG4010

                         Available in Black $19.95 ea.
               COLLECTIVE Goss
COLLECTIVE Goss, is a delightful themed offering of quotes, words & graphics all in
                            ONE value packed piece.


          Wine Time Product CODE HG7001                              Spice it up Product CODE HG7002

 Keep an eye for heaps more to come in this line.............................................................

           Available in Black $39.95 ea.