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					Ms. Stewart-Mitchell                Reader’s Response Blogging Rubric
                          1                       2                       3                        4

 Overall Use    Blog entry is           Required blog entry      Blog entry and         Blog entry comments
  of Blogs      generally simple        has been completed.      comments are           are submitted, all
                retellings of events.                            submitted, though      substantial. Blog
                No comments are                                  very little evidence   includes many more
                made on blogs of                                 of a substantial       reflections.
                others.                                          contribution.

 Intellectual   Blog entry makes no     Blog entry makes         Blog entry             Blog entry
 Engagement     reference to issues     some reference to        demonstrates           demonstrates
  with Key      raised through          issues raised through    awareness of most      engagement with the
  Concepts      readings and/or         readings and/or class    of the key issues      important issues raised
                class activities        activities               raised through         through readings and/or
                                                                 readings and/or        class activities, many
                                                                 class activities       connections to other
                                                                                        issues made

  Personal      Blog entry shows no     Blog entry conveys       Blog entry conveys     Blog entry conveys
 Response to    personal response is    little evidence of a     evidence of a          extensive evidence of a
Key Concepts    made to the             personal response to     personal response      personal response to the
     And        issues/concepts         the issues/concepts      to the issues raised   issues raised in the
 Connections    raised in the           raised in the            in the readings/       readings/ activities, and
                readings/activities     readings/activities      activities, and        demonstrate the
                                                                 demonstrate that       author's growth
                                                                 the author is          through reflection on
                                                                 capable of             learning, technology and
                                                                 reflecting on          society.
                                                                 technology, and

  Engaged       Blog entry uses         Blog entry               Blog entry shows       Blog entry shows
  Writing       incorrect grammar       demonstrates some        proper sentence        excellent sentence
                and syntax              evidence of correct      structure and very     structure and almost no
                consistently, making    spelling, grammar,       few mechanical         mechanical errors.
                it difficult for        punctuation, etc.        errors. No problems    There is some flair and
                others to follow.       Audience will have       for your audience in   originality in ideas
                                        little trouble reading   reading the blog.      presented in the blog.
                                        your blog.

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