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13:58 Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 42 Section 894 extortionate means on the collection of extensions of credit.
Anybody who knowingly engages in that process is subject to 20 years in jail.

22:00 1 the bonds, 2 piracy & terrorism, 3 auditing a contract for forfeiture because historically, customarily its not enough
to just provide an A4V for most people... the first 4 parts [books] of the WHFIT

28:10 this is a trust that exists already. and so there's two ways to approach this because they don't tell you which way you
have to approach it so until they tell you feel free to be creative.
The first trust

32:xx 3904a to release funds...4506T shows bank as payer and you as recipient, why have they seized the funds?
1098 you get from bank...all you paid in is refundable.
when you request all the money paid in interest back you are letting them know that you are the creditor on the

USC 26 section 7101 subtitle f chapter 73 form of bonds that the IRS will take from you and it differentiates between your
private bond and one of these huka huka bonds, you know what I mean?
next one is 7102 single bonds in lieu of multiple does apply to the IRS but I would apply this personally to local
court problems.
cross references 7103
bond to stay assessment and correction 7485

the safe harbor status is allowing them to recognize you as the Trust Interest Holder as the authorized representative
for the strawman
when you report as a safe harbor under widely held fixed investment trust as a fungible agricultural commodity producing in
a non mortgage widely held fixed investment trust that gives you the status of safe harbor.

if you have a FRN in your pocket you are a private banker

42:38 so when you're standing as the authorized representative for the fungible agricultural commodity producing in a non
mortgage widely held fixed investment trust, you have the right to safe harbor..middle man.

46: if u want to issue bonds you have to learn about securities.
when you dont get results you must audit them for forfeiture..another extension of administrative remedy..evidence of
ongoing piracy

48:xx title 18 violations never passed into positive law. it only applies to the one that has accepted the benefit and privilege
of acting like a franchise of the corporate guv
if dealing with court get on and obtain their DUNs number which is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt they
are no longer acting as guv but they're acting as a business operation. They have an EIN number and now what they're doing
is outside the scope of their authority because 99% of the time there's no victim and no injured party, so they're violating
your unalienable rights because they're causing you harm, financial harm as evidenced by 52.201 [patriot act] supporting act
of terorism..effective technologies act of 2004. 49:39 found in Federal Acquisition Regulations FAR, which is the matrix
and then you audit for forfeiture [matrix is link to guv contracts, at top is a legend, [found in book 3.]

72:xx 31 CFR 500.314 incidentally involved in banking and that's everybody that has a federal reserve note dollar in their
pocket. 31 CFR 5118 d 2 it talks about the requirement for the repayment of the loan, a specific type of legal tender is no
longer required as of October 27, 1997 [should be 1977]...the bonds take on a much more important factor in what we're

75:xx open for questions...
you dont fire anybody, you just pay it with your currency and if that doesn't work you audit the contract for forfeiture. That
puts you in the system of the way things work by the people who own the guns & handcuffs & jail. So you want to put 5
people on notice and what have they done to you already.
76:xx we never told you to put 5 people on notice. First of all we don't fire anybody. if you pay it with your currency and if
that doesn't work you audit the contract for forfeiture.
William: I've done 2 WHFIT's successfully. With the 1099 OID, and 26 CFR and then the rest of the code.

80:48 the principal founding of our vision of the WHFIT its called a commercial intercourse. Fungible agricultural
commercial intercourse interexchange means that you will give them the credit and they will give you the receipts or
[interference] audit the investigation.

82:55 why can't somebody issue a 1099 A abandonment of funds and then a 1099 C cancellation of debt to cancel any debt
that we know has already been paid because of our signature?
83:xx if you're showing that you want to pay the debt by your signature then you need to come up with some sort of
instrument that shows it more than just the first instrument [like a 1099 A], and that's my opinion only... If you want to make
a claim on someone's pirating of your signature that claim turns into a security, an exempt security, but a security none the
less, and when I say security I just mean a bond or a note or a banker's acceptance, its just a little more of an adult word that
we can all use. Its exempt when we do it on a small level like this. So if you wanted to collect on that you're gonna have to
make a bond from that claim and that would be more appropriate. Otherwise you're building a house of sticks or straw. And
if they just want to knock down the house of straw or sticks they will cause its easy, they'll huff and puff and blow it down,
your simple signature you're trying to get the money on. Instead of having such a flimsy provision to stand on, take your
claim, which you know you have the right to, cause its true, and make yourself a certificate stating that claim. That
certificate will become a security. Don't wait for someone to give you a template on how to do that. Just draw up what you
think you should be doing and that will be the very best thing to start with. Some have luck with this. You make your own
luck when you're prepared for everything. When you know these laws you become a thousand times more lucky. Because
all of a sudden any little glimpse of one of your options will come to your mind from knowing these laws so much more
than just..well I can only memorize 10 pages, I'm only gonna do a ten page process. Then you wont be lucky if you're just
doing a 10 page process.
88:xx Angela; William got his property back after foreclosure and they're gonna pay his property tax for the next 2 years.

90:xx Thomas; you have right to complete forensic audit
William the attorneys were begging me to take the lien off them. Their credit was ruined. Maritime lien on a UCC 1.
Mayor; that is just about a Agricultural lien if you read UCC 9.
Angela; We'll see William Monday night (3/15/10) to tell us all about his win.
97:xx there are companies that do a forensic audit.
mortgage company sent 1098, Tom says order a 4506T from IRS.

102:xx Pastor evoked their marriage certificate to the marriage bureau.
Tom: Didn't you have to show a birth certificate and social security number when you got married? Then you forgot about 5
places; state dept of vital statistics, dept of commerce, dept of agricultural, federal trade commission and the social security

106: when she signs that promissory note for that home equity line of credit or whatever you're gonna do that is going to be
registered as the one who has created the credit for the use by the strawman so they can go access the credit through the
treasury incentive program, the bureau of public debt or the DTC.

us district form online, $375 to start a us court case.
optional form 90

121: release form to release accounts that are being held up, foreign to US, but also a WHFIT that has an agency
relationship w/the US.
Caller: If I wanted to...I want you to transfer these funds from the widely held fixed investment trust account to my account,
I would be able to do that?
Well if you are going to use that form its because you have funds that are being held right now in the account. So only use
that form if you have a bank account that has funds frozen in it. If you dont have a bank account that has funds frozen in it
then dont use that form.
Caller; If I have a bank account wouldn't I be able to tell the bank, you can transfer funds from the trust account to the bank
Yea, you can if you tell them in the right need to make a security that the bank will accept and not all banks
accept securities. But if you want the bank to get you the money from the federal reserve directly from you..well start
studying the CFR 1.1271 section so you start to see how notes and bonds are working on a simple level that way..
There's a couple ways to do it; one involves the federal reserve, becoming like a bank that works with them. There is just so
many ways, its really such an ambiguous question. You have to put the security into an account that will accept that security.

124:xx what is the #1 prerequisite for using the WHFIT?
There's a couple but the #1 is your awareness that it exists already. No you don't need to be a secured party creditor (SPC)
but it would help to have those docs filed in case you ever need them.
126:xx no one can stop you from issuing an IOU.
Caller: You just said something really interesting; you can use the WHFIT for making purchases.
Its that we are using the provision that the WHFIT creates so that we can issue our own currency. If you say it like that
you're really right in the zone of lawfullness. We're not using the WHFIT to get money, we're using the provisions of the
widely held fixed investment trust to justify our issuing of our own currency. That's so much better sounding. We all know
money came from nowhere but that's the whole thing. If we make it sound like money is coming from nowhere they get
really uptight about that...and they start to accuse you of like fraud and you ay no, you just don't understand Uniform
Commercial Code. A lot of you have probably talked to your local banker and they don't know how to write a security, they
only know how to write a loan...128:xx

Caller: in judicial state; according to RESP only the director of HUD can foreclose in the district court

mortgage is an advanced debt collector problem.

134: note pay to the order...signature signed by somebody else.
statutes they violated in WHFIT 2

139:xx Caller: Pennsylvania statue, they have equivalent of a next friend statue that he can quote under the full faith and
credit clause of the united states constitution to make it applicable in any state of the union.

Any techniques you use, title 18 or the CFR's you have to be prepared for the other side to object profusely and immediately
right away. Its actually when you see them jump inside then you know you struck a nerve and you're in the right area.
Caller: I do a lot of foreclosures for people and I'm successful and the way I come, they can't even talk. I put the court and
attorneys on notice right from the beginning that the attorney cannot speak for the plaintiff. He's not a competent witness [ ]
with personal knowledge and its good that you're getting into the federal rules of evidence..because once you utilize them to
your benefit the attorney is essentially mute. Unless he's speaking from a self authenticating document he cant talk, unless
he has a witness there.
when they first file that summons and complaint I immediately attack with a pre answer motion to dismiss on the issues of
standing and jurisdiction. #1 when the attorney come in he's coming in with an unverified complaint therefore anything he's
submitted into the record you immediately attack, you put in a motion to strike it because its not authenticated an he cannot
do it [authenticate it] so you force them out of the closet right away to prove that they have standing and the court has SMJ
subject matter jurisdiction and that's how I win most of my cases.
anything that they put in you must attack because the presumption of regularity, if you dont rebut the presumption its
deemed okay.
151:xx I hate demurrs
what would you do if they already sold the house? I put in a constructive notice and demand for the return of the
original unaltered note and if they fail they are to pay the face value of the note, all equity that you put into the
property, renovations, mortgage payments, electricity payments, everything that you put into the property, and you
can get about 10 dollars an hour for your protection of the property [?], and all of the derivatives that came off of
that note, and then default them out if they don't respond and then you go into court and sue them, on the equity. Its
cheaper for the bank to let you keep the property.
Can I buy that form from you?
Go thru Angela...