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FROM                                :         GENERAL SECRETARY

DATE                                :         8 June 2010

SUBJECT                             :         PROGRESS ON WAGE NEGOTIONAS: FINANCIAL YEAR END 2010-2011

On Monday 7 June 2010 the wage negotiations resumed and labour tabled a revised demand as follows:

        Wage increment from 9 .5% to 9%.
        Housing allowance R1000.00 to all employees on persal.
        That the council write a letter to the Minister for department public service and administration to stop the appointment of the
         board members to GEMS

         The response from the employer was as follows:

                Medical aid : that we allow the task team to finalize their work.
                Wage increment: the employer tabled the revised offer from 6.2% to 6.5%.
                Housing allowance: the employer tabled a revised offer from R600.00 to R620.00 and this is in line with the current
                 policy which means that those that are married and employed by the state cannot all enjoy the housing allowance,
                 but only one.
             The employer also made it clear that they are still committed to the implementation date of 01 July 2010.
             Labour rejected the employer revised offer in its totality because we found it to be insignificant move.
             The employer is to go back to their principal and come back on Wednesday 09 June 2010 with an improved counter
                 labour tabled the revised demand as follows:
         Wage increment from 9.5% to 8.6%.
         Housing allowance at R1000,00
         Implementation date 1 April 2010.
       The employer requested that we postpone and come back on Wednesday the 09 June 2010 18H00 so that they can go and
       seek the mandate from their principal on the revised demand.
       The outcome of that meeting will be reported in due course.

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