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					                                                    Network Security
                                                          Encryption And Passwords

Tutorial by: Snoop

In this tutorial i will try to explain the basics of encryption, please email me if you have any questions or if
you think this tutorial has some errors i might write about Encryption. My email is
or you can add me to messenger at

there are many forms of encryption, but i will only explain the most popular ones. Starting with
DES(Digital Encryption Standards) which uses a 56-bit key, is one of the most use form of encryption on
the internet. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is responsible for the creation of DES
since 1975. Also DES is the most readily available encryption standard. Now lets talk about PGP(Pretty
Good Privacy) is a softare that lets you encrypt your files, PGP is one of the most popular software for
Theres 2 kinds of encryption mechanisms, public keys and private keys, public keys encryptions use 1
key to encode the data and another to decode data, private keys use 1 key to encode and decode the
data. When you encrypt and decrypt the data this is how it works.

Encrypt: Plain Text ---> Encrypted text ---> Cipher Text

Decrypt: Encrypted text ---> Cipher Text ---> Plain Text

as you can see the plain text which holds the data you saved its turned to the encrypted texts then from
there the text changes to cipher texts, then when you want to decrypt your file, it actually those the
oposite, but when u encrypt a file, its gonna ask u to type in the password, when your done the text turns
into an encrypt file, no one else can red that text unless they know the password, many people to get the
password would try to brute force it, thats why you have to make sure u use a strong algorithm. To open
that text you just need to enter your password and the text is gonna to into a plain text.

There are many algorimths that you can choose like, des,rsa,blowfish,trippledes,idea and so on. now
taking 1 algorithm from this list we will explain more about 3des which is also called tripple des. In 3DES,
we apply 3 stages of DES with a seperate key for each stage. So the key length in 3DES is 168 bits. what
happens is that 3des is more then des times 3. so now the key bits are larger and stronger to brake.

Thats all i can say for now about Encryption, now i will explain more about Good Passwords and bad
passwords. To Start i will say that %80 of the network that been hacked are because bad passwords,
most admins think that by putting a simple password will help them remember for the next time they want
to get on the computer, but this is a very bad idea, since hackers are looking for systems with simple
passwords like your name or your lastname, your dogs name, sports words and ect.. basically words that
you will find in a dictionary. A good password will be like lets say your name with numbers and such,
example: maria0012005 or maria10000 or you can put ASCII characters on your password aswell. just
make sure that your password dont appear in the dictionary, because hackers can have a word list text
which have all the words in the dictionary. So make sure that you have a good password. Many Hackers
use a method to hack basic password called "brute forcing" this type of method what it usally those is gets
all the words from a User.txt and a password.txt and trys to force all the words untill it gets to the right
username and password, alot of systems have been hacked by brute forcing, so please be careful about

well this is the end of the tutorial, i hope i did explain the basics of encryption and passwords, im sorry if i
missed spell some words, my english isn't that good, im just trying to help as much people as possible. if
you have any questions about Encryption and Passwords please come down to the irc
#Hackers-Palace or #c0de or just email me at, Thank You for reading my

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