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Chelsea, Chris, Julie
                                   •   Lung Disease

 Chronic                           •   Takes 15 to 30 years to show
                                   •   Locate in the chemical

Beryllium                              compounds of coal, oil,
                                       volcanic dust, and two types
                                       of mineral rocks (bertrandite

 Disease                           •
                                       and beryl)
                                       Has a distinct smell

            -persistent coughing
            -shortness of breath
                  -chest pain,
                -night sweats
                -blood in spit
              -rapid heart beat
              -loss of appetite
                 -weight loss
                 Case Study
• A study of 689 patients(421 men) with
  beryllium disease consisted of 28 deaths from
  lung cancer
  – Adjustments of smoking did not make a difference
  – A point later was made that one was more
    pronounced with acute disease than among those
    with chronic disease.
• Construction workers at Department of Energy
  • less than 1% have been found to have CBD.
•Machinists in beryllium operations
  •10 to 14% of the workers have gotten chronic beryllium disease.

• No cure for chronic beryllium disease.

• Treatment is available that can help slow the
  progression of the disease
Use/work in areas which are as ventilated as possible

Work with non-beryllium metals, alloys, ceramics and salts.

Do not eat, drink or smoke in areas where beryllium is in use.

Before entering work areas where beryllium is used, change
into work clothes, including shirt, pants and shoes.

At the end of the work shift take a shower and thoroughly
clean your hands and hair before changing into street clothing.

Use respirators for tasks that result in higher exposures.
  Cases of chronic berylliosis were first described in 1946 among workers in plants
  manufacturing fluorescent lamps in Massachusetts. Chronic berylliosis resembles
   sarcoidosis in many respects, and the differential diagnosis is often difficult. It
    occasionally killed early workers in nuclear weapons design, such as Herbert

 A new case of chronic beryllium disease is described, occurring in a 33-year-old man
who had worked with beryllium alloys in 1961. Weight loss and muscle pains were the
   main clinical features while radiological changes were minor. Serial lung function
  studies showed improvement after corticosteroids, but impairment of gas transfer
                       Fun facts

• Beryllium is the lightest alkaline earth metal
• The element beryllium is rare in the universe because
  beryllium was created by the Big Bang and is not typically
  formed by the nucleosynthesis reactions of stars.
• The name originates from the Greek word beryllos meaning
• Beryllium was discovered in France by Nicolas-Louis
  Vauquelin in beryl and in emeralds in 1798 and was isolated
  as the metal independently by Friedrich Wöhler and A.A.
  Bussy in 1828.