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Welcome to our Premier Issue of Destination Wedding _ Honeymoon

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					                                               Welcome to our Premier Issue of
                                             Destination Wedding & Honeymoon

                                             Our monthly newsletter offers great advice and
                                            useful tips for couples planning a honeymoon or a
                                            wedding away. We will provide monthly featured
                                             destinations, special offers and tips on how to
                                             make your destination wedding or honeymoon a
                                                             dream come true.

Corey and Michelle- 19 April, 2010          TO DO … OR NOT TO DO
Grand Sunset Princess, Mayan Riviera        Destination weddings are hot - and we are not
                                            just talking about temperature. While the term
         YOUR SPECIALISTS                   was virtually unheard of just a decade ago,
 We as Destination Wedding Specialists      destination weddings now account for 10% of all
have the passion, expertise, training and   North American weddings.
   a world of contacts to assist you in
    creating the ultimate destination       SNEAK PEEK OFFER
wedding or honeymoon. We want you to
have the peace of mind knowing that we
                                            El Dorado’s get a FREE WEDDING - when booking
have taken care of every last detail and
                                            a Casita Suite for 7 nights or more plus 5 rooms
that we are truly delighted to be part of
            your special day.               (any category)
                                            Complimentary Honeymoon Packages available.
604-608-4359 / 1-888-608-4359
Marsha Steeves- Principal Planner          See all that El Dorado Resorts have to offer.
Jennica MacPhee- Assistant Planner          Whether you walk down the isle of rose petals or   
                                            honeymoon under the gentle hum of swaying
                                                palm trees, our award winning resorts will
                                                pamper you with indulgent amenities and
                                                personalized service. From beachfront weddings
                                                to Gourmet Inclusive dinning, from luxurious
                                                accommodations to a dedicated team of wedding
                                                professionals, from romantic beach dining to

NOW Resorts and Spas have taken over            bridals suites, from beachfront wedding chapels
the Paradisus Riviera Cancun the new            to Sky weddings, they are the premier wedding
name is Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun.            and honeymoon resorts in the Mayan Riviera
Now Resorts provide extravagant                 Mexico.
wedding packages for all budgets.

                                                SOUTH PACIFIC STYLE
                                                Australia, along with the South Pacific paradise
                                                islands of Tahiti and Fiji, are a dream for your
Up and Coming
                                                senses; they offer some of the most breathtaking
Honeymoon Hotspots                              locations anywhere on earth. Romantics can pop
Pondering where to go for your post             the question, tie the knot or even renew their
nuptial holiday? Consider these new             vows with any of these unforgettable places as
contenders:                                     the perfect backdrop.

       Colombia. A stellar culinary scene      PAUL GAUGIN -TOP ROMANTIC CRUISE
        coupled with picture perfect
                                                Considered being one of the most romantic ships
        scenery and affordability puts this
        South American country high on the      in the world. MS Paul Gauguin boasts spacious
        hot list.                               suites and staterooms (70% with balconies) as
       Prague. The architectural               well as an onboard water sports marina, three
        preservation of this city appeals to
                                                open seating dining venues and extensive spa,
        culture buffs and couples who love
        to walk arm in arm in a setting         fitness center, casino and a piano bar. Add a
        steeped in romance.                     unique Tahitian personality to every cruise.
       Loire Valley.    Castles and
        vineyards are chock-a block in this
                                                WEDUCATION         “It’s a piece of cake!”
        valley in central France, perfect for
        a fairy-tale-like getaway.              We have created Weddings Away 101 to answer
       Alaska. What better place for cozy      all basic questions you may have about your
        nights together? Choose a cruise        Destination Wedding. Please contact us for
        along the wild Alaskan Coastline.