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              Badminton Intramurals
 Mandatory Captain’s Meeting- Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 in Kaiser Hall Room __
                                   @ 7:00pm
*A mandatory captain’s meeting will be held to discuss the rules and regulations. If there
is no representative from a team at the meeting, that team will be put on the bottom of the
                             waiting list to rejoin the league.*
           Rosters Due ONLINE!!! Monday, January 31st 2011 by 10pm @ For questions stop by the RECentral Office in Kaiser Hall
                                       Room # 044.
                           Games Played Sundays – Thursdays
                         Fridays may be used for make-up games
    Badminton schedules are subject to change depending on court availability. All
 desired game changes must be submitted a week before the scheduled game. Schedule
                    changes can be requested but are not guaranteed.
                     All participants must be current CCSU students, faculty or staff.
                 Participants are only allowed to play on one intramural badminton team.
                     All participants must show a valid CCSU ID prior to each game.

   1.   RECentral will provide an official size birdie and official size rackets.
   2.   Proper badminton attire is mandatory (gym shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, etc…)
   3.   No street shoes, must wear scuff-proof sneakers (no boots or sandals).
   4.   Teams are required to wear the same color and provide numbers on the back.
   5.   Colored mesh shirts will be available if needed.
   6.   No exposed jewelry of any kind (rings, earrings, etc.). No taping of jewelry is allowed.

   1. Games will last no longer than 50 minutes.
   2. Games will be played to 15 with a best out of 3 series. (or 50 minutes)

   1. A regulation team consists of two players.
   2. A team roster may not exceed two players.
         a. Players can not switch teams or play for two teams at all during the same sport
            even if they are in separate divisions.
         b. If a player is found to be playing for more than one team that player will be
            thrown out of the league and will not be able to play again for the rest of that
            intramural sport.
         c. The teams that have that player play for them will receive forfeits for any game
            that they participate in.
   3. You need to have two players in order to start or finish a game.
   4. If a team can’t field two players then they will be forced to forfeit the game, no matter at
      what point the loss of players occurs.

Game Rules:
   1. Only the team that is serving may score a point.
   2. All points made in badminton are called ACES.
   3. When the score is an even number the partners should be in their courts in which they
      started the game and when there is an odd number for the score they should be in the
      opposite courts.
   4. No player may receive two consecutive serves in the same game.
   5. Anything that is deemed a fault will result in the other team getting possession and if they
      were the team serving they will receive a point.
   6. Faults include but are not limited to:
          a. A server hitting the birdie above their waist on the serve.
          b. During the serve the birdie being hit into the wrong receiving court.
          c. If the partner of the designated receiver takes the serve instead of the person that
             should be taking it.
          d. If a player touches the net themselves or with their clothes or racket.
          e. If the birdie is hit before it crosses over the net to the other side.
   7. Some other general rules include:
          a. Do not serve until your opponent is ready, however if your opponent attempts to
             return the serve they should be considered ready.
          b. If you are serving and miss the birdie you may serve again as long as you didn’t
             make contact with the birdie.
          c. If the service results in the birdie hitting the net and landed in the right zone then it
             will be deemed a LET and the server will receive another chance to serve.
          d. If the birdie lands on the line it is considered in.

   1. Home and away teams will be predetermined by scheduling.
   2. At least one trained RECentral employee will be there to oversee all games.
   3. The game clock will start and the teams will have fifty minutes to complete the game.
   4. Teams are allowed to keep a score book, but they are responsible for filling it out.
   5. Only the CAPTAINS may speak to the officials over any disputes.
   6. Any physical altercation will consist in automatic suspension of the game. RECentral
      supervisors will make final decision on the future of players and teams involved.
   7. Any swearing towards a referee, opponent or other teammate can result in possible
      ejection from the game.

        *Remember, intramurals are a recreational activity meant for friendly competition and fun for all
        participants. RECentral employees attempt to make intramurals as enjoyable as possible, and
        expect that participants and spectators to do the same.

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