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Twist in the charming and exaggeration in the waist, in the exotic music of unrestrained passion, this is the belly dance. Belly dancing originated in ancient Egypt, a few years ago Hollywood stars have a "used", will become a shaping exercise, and in recent years, more and more popular in Europe and America began to heat. Belly dance exercise, the body effectively tighten the line, minus the arms, buttocks, thigh fat, if you learn the basic dance steps, such as vine-type, Ap ka style, screen-meter style, camel-step so that, through the Coach guidance and their own practice, is essentially a self-completion of belly dance movements.

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									SPRING 2011                                                                                                       ACTIVE ADULTS

         Beginning Belly Dance
Learn the ancient and graceful art of belly dance. Women
of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy its youthful benefits
while learning a complete new dance each session. Improve
poise and develop self-confidence for the mind, body and
spirit with this fascinating, glamorous way to work out. This
class focuses on low-impact fundamentals that make up the
“building blocks” of this dance. Gain historical insight as you
learn the basics of making your first costume. Be prepared to
have fun and meet new friends. Suggested attire: form fitting
stretch pants and tee shirt, one-piece leotard or unitard (no
baggy clothes). Bring a scarf to tie around your hips. Instructed
by Donna Lewis. (KM)
  Location:   Viking Community Center
  Max/Min:    12/8
  Classes:    8
  Day:        Monday
  Age:        16 yrs. & up
                                                                                   Wedding Dance
ID#             DATE            TIME            FEE (R/NR)              Prepare for your first dance as a couple or learn how to shine
1537-0         4/4-5/23       6:45-7:45p         $80/$100               on the dance floor during wedding season with this special
                                                                        occasion class. You’ll learn how to lead and follow in waltz,
         Intermediate Belly Dance                                       swing, contemporary and slow dance. Singles are welcome.
This class is a continuation for students who enjoy the art             Instructed by Jan Keller. (KM).
of belly dancing. This class builds on and combines the
movements learned in Beginning Belly Dance. Students will                  Location:          Viking Community Center
learn an entire dance each session and begin using finger                  Max/Min:           20/12
cymbals, which can be purchased on your own or through                     Classes:           3
your instructor. Attire is the same as Beginning Belly Dancing.            Day:               Wednesday
Prerequisite: At least 2 recent sessions of prior belly dance              Age:               19 yrs. & up
classes and/or consent of the instructor. Instructed by Donna
Lewis. (KM)
                                                                        ID#                     DATE          TIME        *FEE (R/NR)
  Location:   Viking Community Center                                   1539-0                 4/20-5/4    7:30-8:45p      $25/$31
  Max/Min:    12/8                                                      * fee is per person
  Classes:    8
  Day:        Monday
  Age:        16 yrs. & up
ID#            DATE             TIME             FEE (R/NR)
1538-0        4/4-5/23        8:00-9:00p         $80/$100
                                                                                   Enhance Your Dance
                                                                        Brush up on your skills, add new variation or just come for
                                                                        your first taste of ballroom, Latin and swing. Individual
                                                                        instruction is given. Singles are welcome. Requests are
                    Honey Orthodontics, PC                              honored if time permits. Instructed by Jan Keller. (KM).
                    Oana Honey, DMD and Robert
                    Bard, DDS                                              Location:          Viking Community Center
                    The Sweetest of Smiles!                                Max/Min:           20/12
                    We pride ourselves in the excellent orthodontic        Classes:           3
                    treatment we provide for both children and adults      Day:               Wednesday
                    in a friendly and comfortable environment.             Age:               19 yrs. & up
Saratoga Square
5101 Washington St, Gurnee, IL 60031                                    ID#                      DATE         TIME        *FEE (R/NR)
Phone: (847) 244-0155                Sponsors of Family Fun Day         1540-0                 5/11-5/25    7:30-8:45p     $25/$31                      (see page 57 for details!)
                                                                        * fee is per person

Gurnee Park District Spring 2011                847-623-7788        4374 Old Grand Avenue and 920 N. Hunt Club Road, Gurnee, IL 60031    67

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