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Business Name
City, Province

Dear Name:

We are very excited to be working in partnership with you as we move forward to grow our
Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer event in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-
Prairies/NWT Region. We are truly honored to have the support of Business Name.

In 2007 Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer, one of the largest car shows in Alberta, raised $45,000 for
cancer research.

We have prepared a sponsorship proposal for you to review at your convenience. Providing this
one is complete and to your satisfaction, please sign and return it to us.

Once again, we greatly appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.


Steve Maguire
Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer
Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer
     Silver Sponsor –
      Business Name
    Calgary, AB – Date
  Sponsorship Agreement
                                     Agreement Details

Throughout this partnership, Business Name will provide:

 Cash    donation of ($2000-$5000) to support Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer 2008 in Calgary,
   Identify a minimum of one staff member who will serve as the main contact for the CBCF
    in a decision making capacity

In return, the Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer organizing committee will provide the following
recognition opportunities at and surrounding Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer:

                                       Silver Benefits

 Logo and /or name placement on all promotional materials including but not limited to
    solicitation packages, prizing inserts, posters, registration forms, event programs,
    recognition materials, local television and radio advertising, etc.

 Opportunity to show one car at event, which includes access to all events associated with

 Opportunity for up to two people to attend the event and enjoy the BBQ
 Corporate logo included on event Web site as Silver Sponsor
 Corporate logo sticker showcased on pink hummer
 Opportunity to hang (1) one corporate banner at event
 Opportunity to provide sampling/information to participants in kits such as discount on
    future product purchases

 Corporate logo included in schedule as Silver Sponsor
 Logo included in post event thank you advertisement to be published in a local newspaper
Partnership Agreement
This document will serve as the official Presenting Sponsorship Agreement between Business
Name and the Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer organizing committee.

Materials and signage, which are the responsibility of the respective sponsor, must be approved by the organizing
committee of Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer and received two weeks prior to the event. The respective sponsor is also
responsible for collecting their materials and signage within 72 hours of the event. Organizers will ensure banners are
hung in appropriate places as indicated.
An electronic version of your corporate logo is to be provided to Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer within 3 days of signing a
sponsorship agreement.

Canada Revenue Agency does not allow for the issuance of tax receipts when the donor receives value in return for
their contribution. Given that sponsors receive advertising benefits, tax receipts cannot be issued. Business letters
recognizing your sponsorship for income tax purposes will be issued to each sponsor. Tax receipts will be issued for
cash donations over $20.00.

Questions about the CBCF can be addressed to:

Tamara Collins
Coordinator, Urban Partnerships
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Prairies/NWT Chapter
430, 1324 17th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 5S8
Phone: (403) 209-2233
Fax:      (403) 209-2366

Thank you again for this partnership. We look forward to working with you on Cool Cars
Cruising 4 Cancer and to raise money for advancement of breast cancer research, education,
diagnosis and treatment here in the Prairies.

_______________________________________________                                  _____________________
Memorandum of Agreement Accepted for                                             Date
Business Name

_______________________________________________                                  _____________________
Memorandum of Agreement Accepted for the                                         Date
Cool Cars Cruising 4 Cancer organizing committee
(Steve Maguire)

Please Note: Additional sponsors such as media, graphics, product and other sponsors will also be
approached and receive recognition for their contributions.

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