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Finally you could sit and lose weight….The original indoor cycling program
                       Exclusively at California Fitness

The word “spinning” was created when an African American cyclist wanted to be
trained more efficiently, and invented a stationary bike at home way back in the
80s. It became a fun class when his teammates joined him at the garage with
their favorite music played in the background. Today, California Fitness has
introduced this pioneer brand into Hong Kong to get you beach-ready for this

“Spinning is a good cardio exercise, not only because it burns more than 400
calories every class, but it also lessens the burden for your knees so it is good for
everyone”, says Stanley Wong, one of the 10 Spinning Master Instructors in Asia.
“I have different kinds of students; from housewives who want to lose weight to
professional triathlonists who want to have a safer training environment. The
great advantage of a class setting is that, people are motivated and unlike other
Group X classes, the students can always exercise at their own pace and style,
in spite of my insistent spur”, Stanley laughed.

Stanley even shared a little secret for weight loss, “Some students complain that
they have gained weight even they join the spinning class everyday and push
their limit. This is not the right way to exercise; in order to lose weight, you have
to maintain your heart weight at the fat-burn zone but not the maximum zone
whereby your muscles will be burnt as your body cannot supply the energy
immediately from your fat storage.” This is definitely good news for the ladies
who always complain about how hardcore the spinning class is; losing weight is
not as hard as imagined. Also, it is a misconception that cycling would create a
pair of bulky legs; if the seat and resistance are adjusted at a suitable level, plus
post-exercise stretching, spinning should tone a pair of slim legs after an average
of 8-week course.

For those who are a little bit less disciplined and tech-prone you can consider a
new class that is supported by Polar technology. Each student’s Spinning bike is
connected to a monitor with blue-tooth. The figures such as heart rate, speed
and distance will be displayed and recorded by the monitor to keep track of your
progress and performance.
For more information on Spinning, exclusively available at California Fitness,
please call 2522 5229 for Hong Kong Island clubs or 2522 1000 for Kowloon


About California Fitness
California Fitness, established in 1996, is a wholly owned subsidiary of 24 Hour Fitness
Worldwide and renowned for pioneering the fitness industry in Asia. The company
introduced the mega gym concept to Hong Kong with the opening of their first club in the
Central district. Currently, California Fitness operates 22 clubs in Asia including 10 in
Hong Kong, 6 in Taiwan, 4 in Singapore and 2 in mainland China, offering a wide range
of features and amenities to help members live better through fitness. For more
information, please visit www.CaliforniaFitness.com.

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