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									           CANBERRA LAKES PONY CLUB
                             Founded 1961                             PO Box 518
                                                                      Curtin ACT 2605

Canberra Lakes Pony Club is proud to nominate Judy Hare & Vicki Boyd for the
ACT Equestrian Association 2009 Outstanding Service Award.

Judy and Vicki have been active members of the ACT and NSW equestrian
communities for well over 30 years. They first joined Canberra Lakes Pony Club
(CLPC) in 1977 as riding members, and continued for seven years. During this
time Judy achieved her K Certificate for both her riding skills and her horse
management skills, and was the newsletter editor, whilst Vicki joined the
committee and was active in the running of the club.

In 1908 Vicki was (together with another member) the first person to be
awarded the perpetual Lady Peake trophy for club service by an associate.

Judy later became the secretary of Bungendore Pony Club, and was a judge
at the Braidwood Show.

Judy and Vicki then rejoined CLPC as parents in 1995.
In 1997 Judy became the Secretary, a position she is currently still doing 13
years later.
Vicki has taken on many club committee positions including President and Vice
President since 1995.

Judy and Vicki became Pony Club Instructors in 1995 and have since
progressed to be two of only a few Level 2 Instructors in Zone 16. Judy is
currently the Zone 16 Deputy Chief instructor. Judy and Vicki are currently two
of only four instructors in Zone 16 who are qualified to mentor all instructors who
are looking to obtain their National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)
level 1.

Judy also joined the National Capital Horse Trials Association in 1007, where she
became an active member. Although she is not still a member, to this day Judy
and Vicki can still be found at working bees constructing and mending cross
country jumps or behind the BBQ at their major events.

Judy and Vicki have been Zone 16 team managers for many Pony Club State
events including Dressage, Eventing, Equitation and Mounted Games. This
required Judy and Vicki to travel to different parts of NSW to assist their teams.
Judy and Vicki have also continued doing this after their own children stopped
riding, the most recent event being the 2009 State Mounted Games at Albion
Judy and Vicki also assist the Zone 16 Committee in running a very successful
Pony Club camp in April each year. They have been doing this job for over 10
years. Judy is currently the Zone 16 Camp Treasurer, and both Judy and Vicki
can be found during the week doing a multitude of jobs such as instructing,
taking registrations and assisting guest instructors.
During the camp week Judy and Vick become ‘adopted’ parents for all CLPC
members. They are always ready to give comfort and support to those who
need it.

To this day both Judy and Vick can be found working hard at any event run by
Zone 16 or CLPC.

Canberra Lakes Pony Club would like to see Judy and Vicki presented with this
award as we feel they are in invaluable part of not only CLPC but the overall
equestrian community.

Thankyou for taking the time to consider our application.

Kind Regards
Canberra Lakes Pony Club.

Katherine Breitkopf
18 Eppalock Street
Duffy, ACT, 2611
Phone: 62052421 (w)
        0400430623 (m)
        62885645 (h)

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