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									The Golden Ratio and Feng Shui

Since Feng Shui deals with balance, it is not far off to discuss the
matters about the Golden Ratio. The Golden ratio is one of the precepts
that govern Feng Shui. This ratio is numerically described as 1.62. The
Fibonacci numbers that we know today are also directly linked to the
Golden Ratio. When you divide a certain term in a Fibonacci sequence with
the number prior to it, you will find that it approaches the value of the
Golden Ratio.

Beauty Equals Symmetry

The beauty of objects may be measured by its closeness to the golden
ratio. The symmetry of objects is the attribute that tells if a thing is
beautiful or not, for the most part. People naturally love balance of
elements, and for the chi to flow, the Golden Ratio must apply.

The Golden Ratio in History

The Golden Ratio is manifested in various works of art that have been
lauded by the world as masterpieces. The genius in Da Vinci lies in the
symmetry of his works that reflect the Golden Ratio. The drawing of the
Vitruvian Man is a classic example of man who had the ratio of 1.62 all
over his body and was considered as a picture of perfection.

The Golden Ratio in Famous Places

Famous places such as the pyramids of Egypt also employ the Golden Ratio.
The half of the bottom layer of the pyramids of Egypt is also a factor of

The Golden Ratio in Plants

Even plants have distinct characteristics of Golden Ratio. They establish
a Fibonacci sequence in the number of leaves. Even the eyes of a
pineapple follow this golden ratio. Much of the things that are viewed as
beautiful by the naked eye establish the factor that possesses the Golden
Ratio in one way or another. The Fibonacci sequence can be more or less
seen in the beauty of nature. Even human DNA has factors that are
assimilative of the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio to Facial Features

If the ratio of your nose to your chin to the horizontal space between
your nose and one side of your cheek is more or less the same as the
Golden Ratio, you will find that the face is judged as attractive. In
some experimental studies done by scientists, where they showed pictures
of women to infants, the ones which had an impact were the more symmetric

Applying the Golden Ratio in Your Office Space

In your office space, it is quite easy to apply the Golden Ratio for
establishing balance and good Feng Shui. Just make sure that the
rectangular objects in your office follow the 1.62 golden ratio. You
don’t need a ruler to measure it on the dot. Just by looking at relative
sizes between objects that practice the Golden Ratio will already suffice
for giving good balance and Feng Shui to your office space.

Applying the Golden Ratio in Your Home

The Golden Ration may be a bit trickier to apply at home than in your
office. You might have to apply the ratio to different furniture in your
home. Or, if at all possible, the actual room space must at least have
the Golden Ratio in it if your furnishings are round or not viable for
the Golden Ratio.

Good Feng Shui is actually possible if you already have the Golden Ratio
in your home or office.

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