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									Feng Shui For Education

Education has always been very important in China and feng shui cures
have always been used to help children learn. The Western part of your
space is connected to the well being of your children.

If the energy is focused positively, it can improve every aspect of your
children s lives and one of the most important parts is education.

The Western feng shui element is Metal which prefers the colors white and
gray. Earth complements metal so using yellows or sandy colors are

You should avoid anything fire related as fire melts metal. The use of
your children s artwork in the area is a great idea. When placed in white
or metal frames, the increase in positive energy will soar.

There are many other things you can do to help increase your children s
ability to learn successfully. By placing a map or a globe between the
North and West area s of your child s room, they will draw in energy that
can expand thinking abilities and encourage long term goals.

Avoiding clutter is a large part of feng shui and it should be cleared
out before rearranging the room. This has many practical applications if
the Western area of your home is used as a place of study.

By having a positive environment surrounded by artwork that your children
are proud of, it can be a great and peaceful place to do homework or
study for tests. It is a much more distraction free area than a bedroom
where there are toys, television, games, or siblings.

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