Economic strategy is major focus of council workshop

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					                                                                                                                                                                               February 2003

Economic strategy is major focus of council workshop
    The role of redevelopment in the city’s     to requirements placed on it by manufac-
economic planning, the long-term viability      turers. On a broader scale, the Business/
of Town Hall Arts Center and continuing         Industry Affairs Advisory Committee will
the Littleton Leadership Retreat’s theme of     initiate discussions with all of the car deal-
“Creating a Caring Community” were the          erships on South Broadway to learn if they
major topics at the Littleton City Council’s    plan to expand or relocate. Auto dealers
annual workshop held January 24-25 in           are major employers in Littleton and have
Boulder.                                        a positive effect on the sales tax base.
    The purpose of the workshop was to              Council held a discussion on fund-
look at long-term issues affecting the city     ing for mini-parks. There was consensus
and to set goals for staff to pursue during     that the $500,000 budgeted for 2003 be
the coming year.                                concentrated on completing trails and trail
    During the discussion on redevelop-         connections. This includes a trail on the
ment, council was briefed on the major          Raccoon Ridge property on the north side
public investments in the community over        of Mineral between the Highline Canal
the past 20 years. High-quality infrastruc-     and the Mineral Avenue Light Rail Station,
ture and city services, and the city’s em-      and pedestrian links to the soon to be con-
phasis on helping small businesses, has led     structed Littleton Recreation Center.
to a relatively healthy number of jobs and          The theme of the 2002 Littleton Leader-
stable retail and use taxes. The council re-    ship Retreat was “Creating a Caring Com-
affirmed its policy of retaining the zoning     munity.” To that end, the council agreed to
of the city’s last 329-acres of undeveloped     consider a relationship with the Star Reach          Mayor Susan Thornton; Kathy Noulin, Arapahoe County Community Services; Peggy Parker,
                                                                                                     Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop Director; and Justin Hamel, Arapahoe County Community Services
commercial property. The council studied        Center, which would possibly include the
                                                                                                     Director get ready for the gigantic toy giveaway prior to Christmas. Almost 2,400 children received
data on aging shopping centers and agreed       city providing transitional employment for
                                                                                                     toys in 2002. The Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop accepts new and gently used toys year round. To
to consider redevelopment opportunities         a mentally disabled individual and encour-           donate call 303-794-8439.
on a case-by-case basis.                        aging the private sector to hire these work-
    Council asked staff to look into the fac-
tors that might affect the Arapahoe County
                                                ers. Council also authorized staff to con-
                                                tinue to work with the Village Pre-School
                                                                                                     Public responds to Littleton Center master plan
Sheriff’s and District Attorney’s offices on    to look at sites for an infant and toddler               About 40 citizens, council members             crime lab, separation of detained adults
Littleton Boulevard as a potential redevel-     house, filling in the gap for this age group         and city staff gathered in the community           and juveniles; armory, records, locker
opment project. To aid the discussion, staff    in conjunction with the Greater Littleton            room January 22 to view seven possible op-         rooms and equipment storage is signifi-
will examine how the Overlay Zone and           Youth Initiative. The staff will also work           tions for the Littleton Center Master Plan.        cantly deficient.
Transit Impact Zone interact. Council also      with Arapahoe County to determine what               Roth Sheppard Architects was retained by               The Littleton City Council directed
agreed to research the use of an Urban Re-      impacts funding cuts may have on services            the city to explore future development of          staff to explore several options for plac-
newal Authority at the request of the Ralph     to Littleton residents and to coordinate ef-         the two-block site which is currently home         ing a police administration building on
Schomp Automotive dealership. Ralph             forts to maximize resources.                                                                            the Littleton Center property but to also
                                                                                                     to City of Littleton administrative offices,
Schomp requires a major expansion due                                      see "workshop" on pg. 2
                                                                                                     Fire Station #11, the Geneva Lodge his-            examine other potential development op-
                                                                                                     toric landmark, Geneva Lake and Park,              portunities that could include office, retail
                                                                                                     and the 28-unit Geneva Village senior              or future government use.
                                                                                                     housing.                                               As the long-recognized center of
                                                                                                         The decision to pursue a master plan of        municipal operations, there are practical
                                                                                                     the property was initiated by the Littleton        reasons why the police administration
                                                                                                     City Council following discussions con-            building should be located at the Littleton
                                                                                                     cerning the construction of a new police           Center site in addition to the increased cost
                                                                                                     administration building. More than two             to acquire a three-to-four-acre parcel else-
                                                                                                     years ago, the city retained the services          where.
                                                                                                     of McClaren, Wilson and Lawrie (MWL),                  A number of factors are being evalu-
                                                                                                     nationally recognized architects who spe-          ated including open space, parking, ar-
                                                                                                     cialize in the design of police, court and         chitectural and historic preservation, and
                                                                                                     detention facilities. In August 2001, MWL          impact on senior housing.
                                                                                                     completed a Space Needs Assessment                     The input shared by the public will be
                                                                                                     of police operations and concluded that            included in a presentation to city council
                                                                                                     56,000 square feet was needed to bring the         on Tuesday, February 18 following the
                                                                                                     Littleton Police Department up to current          regular city council meeting. For further
Historic Preservation Board Member Chris Fisher and Planning Commissioner Ross Robbins               national standards. The study determined           information, contact Deputy City Manager
review proposals for the Littleton Center Master Plan at a meeting January 6.                        that additional space for evidence storage,        Phil Cortese at 303-795-3720.

                                                                                                                                                                                      PRSRT STD
   What’s Inside                                                                                       2255 West Berry Ave.
                                                                                                       Littleton, CO 80165
                                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                                      Littleton, CO
  Council approves rec center design . . . . . . . . . .                                   2                                                                                         Permit No. 205

  Earned Income Tax Credit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                               3
  Railroad vibration mitigation installed. . . . . . . .                                   3
  Littleton Police select outreach officers . . . . . . .                                  5                                                          ECRWSS
  Annual tree planting program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                6                                                         Postal Patron
  Bemis Library activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                           7
  Winter’s Day at the Museum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                8
                                                                                                                                                               February 2003 • Page 2

"workshop" continued from pg. 1

    The historic Town Hall on Main
                                                the city contracting for trash services
                                                to reduce the impact of multiple waste          AT&T Broadband to be available by summer
Street has been leased to the Town Hall         haulers on neighborhood streets; work               By this summer, Littleton
Arts Center for many years. Like most           with the Littleton Housing Authority to         residents will have access to
cultural arts facilities in the Denver area,    better define the appropriate goals for         the latest broadband technol-
the weak economy and other pressures            affordable housing in Littleton; provide
                                                                                                ogy. AT&T Broadband is
beyond THAC’s control, are impacting            more information to citizens on crime
the facility’s revenues. The center has a                                                       upgrading its cable system
                                                prevention; revisit the issue of recreational
current shortfall of $100,000 and projects                                                      to bring new products to the
                                                vehicles stored in residential areas to
the need for an additional $7,200 per month     include the number of complaints and            City of Littleton. The upgraded
to proceed with 2003 performances. In           the extent of the problem; explore a ban        AT&T Broadband cable sys-
addition, there is immediate work needed        on 18-wheel trucks on Main Street, as           tem will provide the platform
to repair the heating and air conditioning      their size and noise is not conducive to        for additional cable television
systems. Council directed staff to prepare      the atmosphere in historic downtown             channels and high-speed cable
the necessary budget amendments to              Littleton; respond to South Suburban            Internet service.
address the immediate revenue shortfall         Parks and Recreation’s proposal to change           This winter, AT&T Broad-
and work with the Town Hall Arts Center         the name of Centennial Golf Course              band contractors, CCG Con-
staff and board to prepare a long-range         to Littleton Golf Course to eliminate           struction Company, began
financial plan for physical improvements        confusion created with the incorporation        working on the existing un-
needed to keep the center economically          of the City of Centennial; and continue         derground and overhead cable and fiber         • Weekly construction updates are
healthy.                                        to provide assistance to Littleton Public       optic lines in various locations in the City   provided on the automated AT&T
    During the Open Forum, council              Schools to address declining enrollment         of Littleton. Once the upgrade is complete,    Broadband Upgrade Update Phone Line
members discussed a myriad of issues            and to explore ways to maintain a strong        the first advanced service provided will       at 303-603-6036, or check cable chan-
including: explore the possibility of           district.                                       be the enhanced video channel line-up.         nel Littleton 8, or the city’s website at
                                                                                                High-speed cable Internet service will be
                                                                                                available approximately one month later.
                                                                                                As these services become available, AT&T       • Temporary, intermittent cable service
                                                                                                Broadband will mail residents information      interruptions may occur during the upgrade
                                                                                                with further details.                          process. If you are experiencing a service
                                                                                                    Through a franchise agreement with         outage after 6 p.m., call AT&T Broadband
                                                                                                the City of Littleton, AT&T Broadband          Customer Service at 303-930-2000.
                                                                                                crews will work in the easements and
                                                                                                public rights-of-way. Truck signage and        • Information about AT&T Broad-
                                                                                                personal identification badges can identify    band services can be found at
                                                                                                AT&T Broadband cable workers. For your
                                                                                                convenience, the following information is
                                                                                                provided about the upgrade and new ser-        • To order service and get price in-
                                                                                                vices:                                         formation on the various packages, call
                                                                                                                                               AT&T Broadband Customer Service at
                                                                                                • Door tag notices describe the type of        303-930-2000.
                                                                                                work to be performed in the easements.
                                                                                                Please keep your door tag and call the         • AT&T will change its name to Comcast
Mike Davis, Joan Davis, Council Member Stew Meagher (back), Council Member Ray Koernig,         contractor listed on the tag with any ques-    in February.
Council Member Rebecca Kast, Business Industry Affairs Director Chris Gibbons, and Mary Kay     tions or concerns. If you receive a door tag
McCarty from the South Metro Chamber of Commerce enjoy the December 5 ribbon cutting at                                                        • If you are unable to resolve issues after
                                                                                                notice, please secure your pets and unlock
Downtown Littleton’s Sanctuary Decor.                                                                                                          first contacting AT&T, call Video Producer
                                                                                                any gates. AT&T Broadband contractors
Council approves recreation center design                                                       will also restore property disturbed by
                                                                                                cable upgrade work to the same condi-
                                                                                                                                               Doug Reed at 303-795-3910 or Assistant to
                                                                                                                                               the City Manager Kelli Narde at 303-795-
    At the January 7 Littleton City Council     clinic. A lounge and game room will be          tion before the work began. Please contact     3733.
meeting, South Suburban Parks and Rec-          adjacent to the lobby.                          CCG for restoration issues.
reation staff and representatives of Barker,        According to the architects, “The build-
Rinker, Seacat Architecture, presented the      ing seeks to reflect the community’s tra-
design for the Littleton Recreation Center.     ditional values in its history and environ-
Of primary interest to the council is the       ment. The central idea behind the design
compatibility of the building’s design to       is the concept of a village or townscape,
the recently renovated Littleton Municipal      comprised of many different buildings
Courthouse (see rendering below).               connected by infill buildings. The over-
    The new facility will be built at the       hangs and roof brackets make references
northeast corner of Littleton Boulevard         to the neighboring rail lines and historic
and Court Place, formerly housing offices       railroad architecture. The recreation cen-
and a detention facility for the Arapahoe       ter’s arched windows and low profiled hip
County Sheriff’s Department. The City of        roof at the main entrance make reference
Littleton purchased the site from Arapahoe      to another Littleton gem – The Carnegie
County at a cost of $1.2 million dollars and    Library.”
will lease it to South Suburban for 50 years.       The color and material of the building
The 2.85-acre site will be transformed into     will be of warm toned brick masonry in
a center benefiting citizens of all ages with   complimentary colors and textures to the
spectacular mountain views. Included            neighboring courthouse. Brick accents
are a Natatorium featuring a three-lane,        or base may compliment the courthouse’s
25-yard lap pool; a therapy pool, locker        base brick – a rich green moss color.
rooms, an outdoor whirlpool, a central          Pitched roofs will also compliment that of
leisure pool with a variety of water depths,    the courthouse in color.
a current channel, and other interactive            Demolition of the sheriff’s building
play features. The recreation wing will         should take place this spring with con-         The Lee Gulch Trail from lower Ridgewood Park to the Mary Carter Greenway will remain closed
house a fitness room, aerobics and dance        struction to follow soon after. The building    for several more months as contractors expand the bridge over Santa Fe Drive.
room. The community wing will include a         should be completed in late 2004.
multipurpose classroom that can be used as
an informal performance stage, a kitchen,
computer rooms, a babysitting room and
                                                                                                                                                                   February 2003 • Page 3

Railroad vibration mitigation installed Jan. 15
     The Regional Transportation District        number of studies conducted in 2000 and
(RTD) and the Union Pacific Railroad have        2001 failed to provide any conclusive
installed an experimental padding material       findings. Finally, a joint study conducted
that may mitigate ground-transmitted             by RTD and the City of Littleton in
vibration from railroad freight traffic along    2002 documented that that there were
1,000 feet of track just north of Mineral        groundborne vibration readings that
Avenue. The special padding, which was           exceeded federal standards. However, the
installed January 15, required the removal       Federal Transit Administration ruled that
of the existing tracks and installation of       there was not a violation of the airborne
new tracks with the padding attached all in      standards because the levels did not
one day to minimize disruption of freight        exceed the decibels already generated by
operations. The $250,000 cost of the             northbound trains on track that had not
project was paid for by RTD in an effort         been moved. Another problem with the
to mitigate increased levels of vibration        groundborne vibration was that there was
caused by moving the southbound freight          very little data on effective solutions.
tracks 100 feet to the east to accommodate            After reading about the testing
the Southwest Light Rail Line.                    in the local papers, a company that           Littleton Public Services staff accepted hundreds of Christmas trees for recycling at the drop off
     The vibration issue arose shortly after      manufactures the padding contacted            site at Cornerstone Park. Thanks to South Suburban Parks and Recreation and the City of Littleton,
the opening of the Southwest Light Rail           RTD. After reviewing the specifications,      residents hauled away all of the free mulch.
Line in July 2000. Residents of homes             RTD engineers and staff recommended
along the east boundary of the corridor
from just north of Mineral Avenue to
                                                  to the RTD Board that the pads be tried
                                                  on an experimental basis. Even though
                                                                                                Tips for preparing for Colorado’s wild weather
approximately St. Mary’s Church and               it was not legally required to do so, the          Most of the time living in Littleton we      prepare for such incidents but newcom-
School began to complain of increased             RTD Board approved $250,000 for the           are blessed with ideal weather. But living        ers may be caught off guard when sudden
noise and vibration levels in their homes.        project. The padding and new tracks           in Colorado means being prepared for sud-         changes occur. Residents may also have a
Airborne and goundbourne noise and                were installed by Union Pacific crews.        den changes. It can be a warm sunny day           false sense of security if winter weather is
vibration are both measured in decibel                Now that the special padding is           and then thunder clouds develop followed          unusually warm.
levels, with the difference being the            installed, RTD intends to retest two of        by a downpour of rain. Or a warm winter                The key to managing weather is plan-
mode of transmission. The Environmental          the impacted homes later this spring           morning can turn into an evening blizzard         ning. So, keep these points in mind all
Impact Statement for the Southwest Light         to determine the effects on reducing           that snarls traffic and strands families in-      through the year. The tips listed in the box
Rail Line had predicted that moving              groundborne vibration. The Littleton city      doors.                                            below will help your family handle sudden
the freight tracks would not exceed the          staff is continuing to research possible            Longtime residents know how to               weather changes.
federal limits for noise and vibration. A        solutions to the airborne noise.

Don’t forget your Earned Income Tax Credit                                                          Tips for dealing with sudden weather changes
     Each year, thousands of workers fail to     Campaign, Bemis Library is providing free
                                                                                                    •    Always make sure you have enough food on hand in case you are snow
collect the tax refunds they deserve because     tax return preparation for taxpayers who
                                                 cannot afford professional assistance. IRS              bound.
they don’t file for the Earned Income Tax
Credit (EITC). The EITC is the largest           trained volunteers will be available at the
federal aid program aimed at assisting           library from February 4 through April 15           •    Keep an extra supply of water. In an emergency you can use water in your
lower-income working people. Last year           on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. and                   hot water heater.
the average EITC recipient received a            on Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. The City of
refund of $1,600. The City of Littleton          Littleton is also providing a telephone            •    Have pre-planned relocation sites for family members. If one is caught in
has launched a campaign to educate local         hotline that provides information on all                a winter storm, have an alternate site with a relative or friend.
taxpayers about the EITC and to encourage        locations in the Littleton area where you
more people to file. If you qualify for the      can receive free tax preparation assistance.       •    Maintain adequate supplies of all family medications in case you are snow-
benefit, you’ll owe less in taxes, and you       That telephone number is 303-734-8301.                  bound.
may get cash back. Even if you don’t             If you are an employer and would like
owe income tax, you can get the credit,          someone to come and speak (in English              •    Make sure elderly people do not overwork shoveling snow.
but you must file a federal tax return.          or Spanish) to your employees about the
Workers who were raising children in their       EITC, or would like to have free posters           •    Always keep your gas tank over half full.
homes in 2002 and who earned less than           on the EITC, contact Phyllis Larison at the
$33,178 can receive an Earned Income Tax         library at 303-795-3961.                           •    Be sure to have warm blankets, food, water and warm clothes in your car.
Credit up to $4,140. As part of the EITC

Popular Italian restaurant opens in Littleton South Suburban Matching Gifts Program returns
     Buca di Beppo restaurant, known for         (3287). The restaurant is open seven days
                                                                                                      South Suburban Parks and Recre-                   Requests must be submitted by Fri-
its immigrant Southern Italian specialties       a week: Monday-Thursday, 5-10 p.m.;
                                                                                                ation’s Board of Directors has allocated          day, March 14, 2003 and it is preferred that
and recognized by Gourmet magazine as            Friday, 5-11 p.m.; Saturday, noon-11 p.m.;
                                                                                                $15,000 for its annual Matching Gifts Pro-        the funding match be in dollars, but con-
“Tops for Fun,” recently opened its doors        Sunday, noon-9 p.m. Reservations are
                                                                                                gram. This program matches donated dol-           sideration will be given for documented in-
to the Littleton neighborhood January 15.        welcome. Major credit cards accepted.
                                                                                                lars with district funds, resulting in double     kind services. Projects must be completed
     The Littleton restaurant is located at      Take out is always available.
                                                                                                the money available for the development           by December 31, 2003 including all final
7301 South Santa Fe Drive, 303-738-EATS
                                                                                                and improvement of community parks,               billings and reimbursements.
Police offer valuable tips to avoid mail theft                                                  trails, facilities and programs. Community
                                                                                                organizations are encouraged to make an
                                                                                                                                                        Applications may be picked up at
                                                                                                                                                  the South Suburban Administrative Of-
     The Littleton Police Department             •   Never send cash through the mail.          application for matching funds to complete        fice, 6631 South University Blvd. Anyone
receives a number of reports during the year                                                    their community projects on district-owned        interested in additional information may
concerning theft of mail from mailboxes.         • Have items such as payroll checks,           or leased property.                               contact Karen Bay at 303-798-5131.
It is important that this type of theft be       social security checks and pension checks
reported to police and postal authorities as     deposited directly into your bank account
soon as possible. Free-standing mailboxes        whenever possible.
at the sidewalk or edge of roadway are easy
targets for thieves to open very quickly and     • When you send out mail with a check
remove mail. The following tips will help        in it, the best and safest way to protect
protect your mail:                               it is to drop it into a secure postal box
                                                 receptacle or stop by any local post office
• The criminal who is interested in              to send valuable items.
stealing mail is usually looking for cash,
blank checks or other valuable documents         • When dropping off mail at a curbside
that may be used to steal your identity.         collection box be sure that your items drop
If you see a person loitering in your            all the way into the storage area of the box
neighborhood, on the sidewalks or sitting        and never leave mail items in the receiving
in vehicles, and something just doesn’t          chute where they may be easily removed.
look right concerning their behavior, play
it safe, call the police with a description of   • If you must use your own mailbox, it
the subject(s) or their vehicle.                 is always best to only place the envelope
                                                 in the mailbox shortly before your mail
• Be sure to remove your incoming mail           carrier is due to arrive. Never leave mail     The intersection of Caley, Datura and Sterne Parkway will soon undergo a dramatic transforma-
from your postal box as soon as possible,        attached to the outside of a mailbox.          tion. Sterne Parkway will permanently close at Caley starting this spring. The closure is due to
and don’t leave it in the box overnight.                                                        residents’ requests to eliminate cut-through traffic.
                                                                                                                                                                       February 2003 • Page 4

2002 a busy year for Littleton Fire Rescue Car seat safety checkpoints announced for ’03
      In 2002, Littleton Fire Rescue ran a people, and more than 170 engine tours                      Littleton Fire Rescue per-
total of 11,663 calls. Approximately 70 were presented throughout the district.                     sonnel will conduct ten child
percent of Littleton Fire Rescue’s calls Two hundred seventeen life safety classes                  car seat check points in 2003.
continued to be Emergency Medical Ser- were presented to children and adults                        Research shows that up to
vice or rescue incidents. Littleton Fire throughout the community in a variety of                   90 percent of car seats are
Rescue services 80                                              formats. General fire               improperly installed. Check
square miles and a                                              safety, CPR and first               points are designed to help
population of ap-             Fire losses for the               aid, fire extinguisher              parents and child care pro-
proximately 200,000                                             training and summer
that includes parts of        Littleton Fire Rescue             safety are just a few
                                                                                                    viders feel confident in their
                                                                                                    ability to install children’s
Arapahoe, Douglas,            coverage area totalled of the life safety top-                        car seats. Install the car seat
and Jefferson coun-                                             ics covered in these
ties. Littleton’s eight       $1,450,000 which is               classes. Two mini fire
                                                                                                    prior to arriving so it can be
                                                                                                    checked for a proper fit. Be-
fire stations are staffed     down from $1,975,000 academies for children                           ing familiar with the owner’s
with career firefighters                                        ages 8 to twelve were
24 hours a day. Each          in 2001.                          also conducted during               manual for both the car seat
of the eight Littleton                                          the summer.                         and the vehicle is also help-
engines and four res-                                               The Fire Prevention             ful. At the check point, you
cue vehicles is staffed by a minimum of Bureau reviews plans for construction and                   can expect to install your own
one paramedic for advanced life support remodels of existing buildings and systems,                 car seat under the watchful
capabilities. All on-line firefighters are as well as inspects those establishments for             eye of a trained technician.
certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Tech- compliance with codes. Firefighters also                    If you would like to benefit
nicians).                                  conduct business inspections and then re-                from this free service, please
      In addition to responding to emer- port their findings to the Fire Prevention                 bring your vehicle to one of
gency incidents, Littleton Fire Rescue Bureau for follow up compliance. The                         the following check points
members spend time providing life safety focus is to ensure that businesses conform                 listed below. All car seat
education programs and prevention in- with fire code provisions to minimize loss                    check points are from 10 a.m.
formation to the community. Fire station of life and property.                                      until 1 p.m.
tours were given to approximately 6,200

Littleton Fire Rescue offers tips for ice safety                                                              2003 Car Seat                                     Saturday, June 28
    During the first week in January,             own. You could quickly go from rescuer to                 Safety Checkpoints                                Dry Creek & University
Littleton Fire Rescue had two ice rescue          victim. Call the fire department immedi-
calls, illustrating the importance of ice         ately for assistance. If by some misfortune                  Saturday, February 22                            Saturday, July 26
safety. Be aware that ice thickness and           you fall through the ice, the first rule is not                   Station # 17                          Isaac Newton Jr. High School
strength can vary from location to location,      to panic. Get your arms onto the ice and                    9554 S. University Blvd.                  Colorado Blvd. and Arapahoe Rd.
and can rapidly change with different cli-        kick hard with your feet to help yourself
matic conditions. Snow on top of ice can          onto the ice, then roll to safety.                             Saturday, March 22                             Saturday, August 23
hide many dangerous conditions.                       Be sure to keep a close eye on children,                       Station # 16                                   Station # 18
    If you see a person or animal in distress     and teach them not to play on or near the                      8119 Blakeland Dr.                             401 Timbervale Trail
on the ice, do not attempt a rescue on your       ice.
                                                                                                                 Saturday, April 26                           Saturday, September 27
                                                                                                           St. Phillip’s Lutheran Church                            Station # 17
                                                                                                                Ken Caryl & Kendall                           9554 S. University Blvd.

                                                                                                                  Saturday, May 24                            Saturday, November 22
                                                                                                                     Station # 11                                  Station # 16
                                                                                                                 2255 W. Berry Ave.                             8119 Blakeland Dr.

                                                                                                     “Life Safety House” to be used as safety tool
                                                                                                         An early holiday gift arrived for             telephone simulator gives children an op-
                                                                                                    Littleton Fire Rescue in November in the           portunity to practice placing a 9-1-1 call to
                                                                                                    form of a new Life Safety House. The               an emergency dispatcher. This helps them
                                                                                                    safety trailer is a 36-foot long, three room       learn what to expect if they are ever in a
                                                                                                    teaching tool. Simulated smoke can be              situation where they need to call 9-1-1 for
                                                                                                    piped into each room, giving people an             help.
                                                                                                    idea of how it would feel to be in a smoke             A heated door in the bedroom allows
The Littleton Fire Rescue Water Rescue Team trains at Chatfield Reservoir.
                                                                                                    filled room.                                       visitors to practice feeling a closed door
                                                                                                         Important cooking safety tips are dis-        with the back of their hand to check for
Littleton Fire Rescue presents “Safe TV Live”                                                       cussed in the kitchen, which includes a            heat. If the door is hot, a second exit
    The Littleton Fire Rescue Characteriza-       quests and artist interviews, commercials,        “Safety Stove.” The stove burner has a pan         should be used. Children can practice
tion Team consists of ten fire department         a game show, a seat belt fashion show, and        on it, and if the handle of the pan is stick-      escaping from the smoky bedroom by
personnel who have a talent for teaching,         the “Safety Squad” cheerleaders are just          ing out, the instructor can push a button to       opening the window and climbing down
drama, and fun. The team combines pup-            some of the features of the program.              rotate the handle until it is in a safe position   an escape ladder.
pets and characters to teach children im-             The music is unique because team              where it cannot be knocked off the stove or            The new Life Safety House will be
portant safety messages. Topics covered           members take popular songs and rewrite            pulled down by a child.                            used at safety fairs, community events, and
include fire safety, match and lighter safety,    the lyrics to include safety messages.                 The living room has an electric fire-         schools. As a culmination of the fire safety
pedestrian and bike safety, 9-1-1, stranger       For example, the tune “Mambo #5” by               place that lends itself to discussion about        education they have received throughout
awareness, and seat belt safety. Each year        Lou Bega becomes “Safety #1” and “I’m             the importance of keeping matches and              their school career, all third grade class-
the team writes a new script, designs a set,      Coming Up So You Better Get This Party            lighters safely stored out of the reach of         rooms will be given an opportunity to have
finds costumes, and writes songs to create        Started” by Pink turns into “I’m Buckled          children, as well as keeping combustibles          the trailer visit their school for a half day.
a new program.                                    Up So You Better Get This Car Started.”           away from the fireplace area. A 9-1-1
    The Characterization Team originally          This year the team went to a recording stu-
started many years ago with a few dedicat-
ed firefighters who saw a need to teach fire
                                                  dio and recorded all of the music.
                                                      The “Safe TV Live” crew performed
                                                                                                    Everyday heroes launch “Life Training Skills”
safety in a different format. In the begin-       sixteen shows during fall 2002, and has al-            Firefighters and teachers may seem            Littleton teachers rearranged their already
ning, they had a tape recorder and two pup-       ready scheduled ten shows for this spring.        an unlikely team, but not in the City of           compact schedules, and firefighters volun-
peteers behind a curtain. Over the years it       All of the feedback has been positive from        Littleton; when both were approached               teered to teach some of the courses during
evolved into a full-scale production with         teachers, parents, and students. One teach-       to teach an effective drug and alcohol             their off-hours. The success of the pilot
elaborate sets and a state of the art sound       er said, “This is the best program I’ve seen      prevention/social skills pilot program             program has been so outstanding that LST
system.                                           in ten years of teaching.” There have also        in Littleton schools, both jumped at the           will be implemented in the four remaining
    “The enthusiasm has been maintained           been requests from outside the Littleton          chance. Life Skills Training (LST) is a            middle schools in the fall of 2003.
throughout the years, and each year we            Fire Protection District from people who          top-rated program across the nation, and                The firefighters and teachers were
try to outdo ourselves,” said team leader         saw “Safe TV Live” at the 9 Health Fair in        also a Blueprint program. Blueprint pro-           honored at an appreciation gathering Mon-
Tracee Hollman. “Everyone on the team is          September.                                        grams achieve their designation from in-           day, January 13. Several local businesses
so dedicated, and it is extremely rewarding           In February, the Characterization Team        tensive and extensive testing of effective-        donated or offered large discounts on food
to interact with the kids.”                       will do two special shows in downtown             ness by CU Boulder’s Center for the Study          including Romano’s Pizza, Brookwood’s
    Each year, the team analyzes the needs        Denver. As a special event for Valentine’s        and Prevention of Violence. The Greater            Fine Catering and King Sooper’s grocery
of the community and tailors the program          Day, the crew will perform at the Chil-           Littleton Youth Initiative (GLYI), created         store. Hudson Gardens provided use of
to those needs. This year’s program is            dren’s Hospital on February 11. Students          following the Columbine tragedy, is imple-         their entertainment hall and Panera Bread
called “Safe TV Live” and is a series of          at Crofton Elementary will also have a            menting several Blueprint programs at this         donated a $25 gift certificate to each vol-
skits, with each skit focusing on a different     chance to see the program the same day.           time.                                              unteer.
aspect of safety. Breaking news, video re-                                                               In order to teach the LST curriculum,
                                                                                                                                                                   February 2003 • Page 5

Dan Stocking, Littleton Police P.I.O., retires Cops conduct commercial vehicle inspections
                                                               Dan has been involved, from               On November 14, 2002, three Department of Revenue Inspectors, four Littleton Po-
                                                          the very beginning, in many im-           lice Officers from the traffic unit, and four Englewood Police Officers conducted a truck
                                                          portant Littleton Police Depart-          inspection site at the 4900 block of South Santa Fe Drive. The results of the inspection are
                                                          ment programs that today form             as follows:
                                                          the basis of how they present them
                                                          services and protect the commu-
                                                          nity. In 1994, Dan was awarded
                                                          the Colorado Crime Prevention
                                                          Association’s Crime Prevention
                                                          Practitioner of the Year Award.
                                                          Some of the Littleton programs
                                                          that owe their success to Dan
                                                          include Operation Identification,
                                                          National Night Out, Neighbor-
                                                          hood Watch, the McGruff Truck
Police Chief Gary Maas (left) and retired Littleton Po-   and the McGruff House programs.
lice P.I.O. Dan Stocking.                                                                           •   The 126 vehicles inspected represented 108 different companies. Seven companies
                                                              In addition to providing an in-
                                                                                                        had multiple vehicles inspected.
      Dan Stocking has worked as a full-                  credible amount of service directly
time police officer in the Littleton Police to the citizens in Littleton, Dan has been
Department since 1972. He retired January instrumental in crime prevention initia-                  •   One vehicle had 16 violations, which was the most of any single truck (Thuan Lawn
23 with over 30 years of law enforcement tives throughout the area teaching crime                       and Landscape). Four of these were “out of service” type violations, including de-
service to the citizens of Littleton.             prevention programs to citizens and police            fective brakes.
      For most of his career, he performed officers.
the special assignments of crime preven-               Dan is one of the founding members           •   88 of the 126 trucks inspected had no violations (70 percent).
tion officer and public information officer. of the association known as the Emergency
In 1979, after performing patrol duties Services Public Information Officers of                     •   Two vehicles were cited for being overweight. One was 4,500 lbs. over and the
for over eight years, Dan was assigned to Colorado (ESPIOC). As recently as 1999                        other was 3,600 lbs. over
full-time crime prevention duties. Because he worked with members of law enforce-
of his expertise and the unique service he ment, district attorney’s offices and various
provided to the police department, he was media outlets in the greater Denver area to
appointed the department’s only crime develop protocols for sharing of informa-
prevention officer in 1990. His dedication tion with the public through the media.
for his entire 30-year career is without               Dan’s personality and demeanor al-
question. His contribution is most clearly lowed him to represent the best of law
demonstrated by the fact that he is known enforcement and the need of the public to
everywhere in Denver as the public voice know what has occurred in the community,
of the department during many of the while demonstrating an honest compassion
department’s most noteworthy criminal for the plight of the victims in each case.
investigations over the past 25 years.

                                                                                                         On December 19, 2002, three Department of Revenue inspectors, five Littleton Po-
                                                                                                    lice Officers from the traffic unit, and one Englewood Police Officer conducted a truck
                                                                                                    inspection at the same site. The results of the inspection are as follows:

One of two new, mobile electronic speed radar detection signs was located on Caley Street for
about two months. The goal is to reduce speeds on residential streets. It has recently been relo-
cated to Powers Avenue.

LEAF grant helps combat drunken driving                                                             •   The 120 vehicles inspected represented 110 different companies. Four companies
     The Littleton Police Department has           to detect and arrest suspected intoxicated
                                                                                                        had multiple vehicles inspected.
been awarded a $33,000 grant from the              motorists. In addition to having a DUI
Colorado Department of Transportation              LEAF enforcement officer every Friday
to continue enforcement efforts to combat          and Saturday night on the street through-        •   One vehicle had eight violations, which was the most of any single truck (Angle
drunk driving in the City of Littleton in          out the year in Littleton, the Littleton             Tree Company). Two of these were “out of service” type violations, including defec-
2003. The Littleton Police, along with 37          Police will participate in both the State of         tive brakes.
other police departments and 19 county             Colorado “2003 Heat Is On” DUI enforce-
sheriffs departments, will participate in the      ment campaign and the U.S. Department            •   93 of the 120 trucks inspected had no violations (77 percent).
statewide DUI enforcement campaign that            of Transportation’s “National Mobiliza-
provides extra officers throughout the year        tion” effort to remove drunk drivers from        •   Two drivers were issued summons’ for suspended driver’s licenses.
to patrol the streets and highways to arrest       the roadways during selected holiday times
alcohol/drug impaired drivers.                     such as St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day          Community Outreach Program gets new officers
     The Law Enforcement Assistance                weekend, Labor Day weekend, Halloween
                                                                                                         On January 1, 2003 Officers Marty         step” when working with citizens, whether
Funds (LEAF) are comprised of monies               weekend, and the December winter holi-
                                                                                                    Keilman and Steve Skundberg were as-           it be during a criminal investigation or a
that are collected from convicted DUI              day season.
                                                                                                    signed to the Community Outreach Unit.         routine contact. Marty is assigned to dis-
drivers in the State of Colorado. No tax                The Littleton Police completed a very
                                                                                                    They replace Officers Mark Edson and           trict two.
dollars have ever been used to fund this           successful DUI enforcement campaign
account which is administered by the Of-           last year using LEAF funds that helped to        Wendy Kane, who have completed their                Steve Skundberg has served in law
fice of Highway Safety at the Colorado             net a total of 338 DUI arrests in the city.      assignments and rotated back to duty in the    enforcement for over eight years with the
Department of Transportation. Lieutenant           The LEAF grant continues to provide a            patrol division.                               Denver Police Department and Littleton
Jim Williamson administers the grant for           valuable resource to the city by having a             Marty Keilman brings over 20 years        Police Department. He just completed an
the Littleton Police Department. It pro-           specialized enforcement officer available        of law enforcement experience with the         assignment in investigations. Steve is also
vides extra police officers, who are paid          to help remove intoxicated drivers before        Littleton Police Department and Douglas        a Field Training Instructor. He is assigned
overtime from the LEAF funds, to be on             they can cause traffic accidents, injuries or    County Sheriff’s Department. Marty has         to district one.
the street during the weekend peak times           even fatalities.                                 always had an interest in taking that “extra
                                                                                                                                                                   February 2003 • Page 6

2003 Tree Planting Program begins soon
                                                                                                   parallel wings. Sometimes the color of the samaras is such a vivid red that, when set against
                                                                                                   the green summer leaves, the tree almost appears to be in flower. Its summer leaves are
                                                                                                   medium green, with irregular fall color: yellow, orange or red to reddish brown. Tatarian
                          The City of Littleton is continuing its annual tree planting
                                                                                                   Maples tolerate drought and alkaline soils.
                             program with 14 species of trees available. In response to
                                                                                                        Downy Serviceberry (Robin Hill) has a pink flower in the spring and a small red
                              the drought, all of the species offered for 2003 are either
                                                                                                   fruit in fall that birds love. The foliage is medium to dark green in the summer, changing
                              low or low-moderate water-demand trees. All newly trans-
                                                                                                   to yellow to orange to deep red in the fall. Although it prefers acid soil, it tolerates many
                              planted trees require small amounts of water, regularly applied
                                                                                                   types of soils, and rarely requires pruning.
                             in all seasons. Once established, all of the trees offered in this
                                                                                                        The Ruby Red Horsechestnut is a medium sized tree with 5-12" long showy rose
                              year’s program require minimal supplemental watering. The
                                                                                                   red flowers appearing in May or June. It will tolerate alkaline soils and prefers full sun or
                                 current drought will undoubtedly result in the loss of many
                                                                                                   light shade and moist, well-drained soils. It produces light brown, spiny 2-2 1⁄4" nuts which
                                 trees throughout the city. The City of Littleton Tree Commit-
                                                                                                   mature in September and October.
                               tee and staff feel it is important to continue to promote tree
                                                                                                        Summer Charm Chinese Tree Lilac has dark green summer leaves that sometimes
                                  planting to compensate for these losses.
                                                                                                   turn yellow in the fall and are slightly smaller than those of the Japanese Tree Lilac. Its
                                                 The Tree Program is intended to encourage
                                                                                                   impressive creamy white flowers in 3-6" panicles appear in late May to June after the
                                                   tree planting, species diversity and water
                                                                                                   leaves appear. It is a tree form of Peking Lilac. Lilacs generally are adaptable to many soil
                                                      conservation and is open to all property
                                                                                                   types and will tolerate high pH soils.
                                                      owners in the city. On Saturday, April
                                                                                                        Japanese Tree Lilac (Ivory Silk) has 5-6" clusters of creamy white flowers in early
                                                      12, the city’s Tree Committee will
                                                                                                   to mid June after the tree has leafed out that are not as fragrant as those on the shrub form.
                            distribute 300 trees for planting throughout the city. Program
                                                                                                   This cultivar flowers at a young age. They prefer well drained soil and for best flowering,
participants will pay $20 for bare root trees and $30 for balled & burlapped trees, with the
                                                                                                   full sun.
city absorbing the balance of the purchase price. These trees must be planted within the
                                                                                                        Interested citizens should fill out the application form and return it with a check pay-
Littleton city limits.
                                                                                                   able to the City of Littleton. These trees are available on a first-come first-serve basis,
     Seven types of trees will be provided in bare root form requiring immediate plant-
                                                                                                   with a March 7 application deadline. Please call 303-795-3766 for more information.
ing. Bare root trees are light and easy to handle with a very high survivability rate when
properly planted. The remaining seven species of trees are “balled & burlapped” (B&B),
with root balls weighing 50 to 100 pounds each. These trees are heavier and a little more
difficult to handle. All of the trees will initially be five to 12 feet in height, with initial
trunk calipers and mature sizes as indicated on the order form. They may be planted in
the public right-of-way or on private property in the city, with an initial limit of eight trees
per single-family residential property. Additional trees may be available depending upon
the response to the program. School PTO’s, businesses and homeowners associations are
encouraged to purchase larger quantities. Participants of all ages and backgrounds have
successfully planted 1,950 trees in the previous seven years of the program.
     Participants must make arrangements to pick up and plant their own trees and
are responsible for all maintenance, pruning and watering. The trees must be picked
up on Saturday, April 12 between 8 a.m. and noon at the Littleton Center at 2255
West Berry Avenue. Master Gardeners from the CSU Arapahoe County Extension office
will be on site to answer plant questions and give out information. Detailed tree planting
instructions will be provided. Volunteers will plant trees for those who are physically

The large shade trees require a minimum 30’ by 30’ clear area to grow. They should not
be planted within 20’ measured horizontally of any overhead utility lines. This year’s pro-
gram features a great selection of shade trees, including Green Ash, Honeylocust, English
Oak, Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Kentucky Coffeetree and Hackberry.
     The Patmore Green Ash has leaves that are very glossy dark green in summer, turn-
ing yellow in fall. This variety has fewer insect problems and a more irregular open form
than other Green Ash trees.
     The Shademaster Honeylocust has a straight trunk and dark green glossy leaves in
summer that turn yellow in the fall. Honeylocusts generally have open-spreading crowns
with a filtered shade and small leaflets that allow grass to grow under them. They are
relatively tolerant of high pH soils
     English Oak tolerate a wide range of soils and are extremely long lived. Their leaves
are dark green in the summer and brown in the fall, and may hang on into winter.
     Swamp White Oak is a very rugged and hardy oak with much better drought tolerance
than the name implies. The summer leaves are a lustrous dark green on top with a velvety
whitish-silver underside resulting in a bicolor affect in the breeze, hence the name quercus
bicolor. In fall the leaves usually turn yellow, but sometimes reddish bronze, and usually
do not hold on into winter.
     Bur Oak, also called Mossycup Oak (from its acorn), has rough dark gray to gray-
brown bark which becomes deep ridged and furrowed. It is believed that the thick bark
helped Bur Oak survive the heat of prairie fires. Bur Oaks grow well in various soil types
and are very adaptable to city heat and pollutants.
     Kentucky Coffeetree is an unusual tree that tolerates higher alkaline soils. The leaves
come out late in spring with new leaves tinged pink to purplish, gradually changing to
dark green almost dark bluish green in summer and then yellow in fall. The shade of this
tree is filtered because of the open shape and small leaflets. It produces 5-10” brown pods
in the fall which hang on in the winter, giving the tree an even more interesting winter
appearance. It has no serious disease or insect problems.
     The Hackberry is a large rounded tree with widely spread branches and medium to
bright green foliage that turns yellow-green in the fall. It is hardy in all areas and in all
soils, including difficult alkaline soil conditions. The trunk bark is corky. Some cities are
using Hackberries to replace American Elms because they are hardy and relatively disease
resistant. The tiny berries of this tree are flavored like dates and relished by birds.

     Smaller ornamental trees are offered for planting in tight spaces or under higher
utility lines. The seven ornamental species offered this year are Spring Snow Crabapple,
Mayday Tree, Tatarian Maple, Robin Hill Serviceberry, Ruby Red Horsechestnut, and
both Chinese and Japanese Tree Lilacs.
     Spring Snow Crabapple blooms between mid-April and mid-May with large white
flowers that last three to four weeks depending on weather. This type of crabapple does
not produce fruit. Its bright green summer foliage turns yellow in the fall. It is only
slightly susceptible to fire blight and should be planted in areas with full sunlight.
     The Mayday Tree or European Purple-leafed Birdcherry has leaves that emerge green
in spring and turn copper-maroon in a few weeks. The fragrant flowers are white in loose
drooping racemes 3– 6" long, and are supposed to flower on May Day. The fruit is black,
1/4-1/3” diameter drupes that appear in July to August. This tree will grow in any soil
and is very hardy. It sometimes grows suckers at the base which should be cut back to
preserve a tree form.
     Tatarian Maple has red samara (fruit) that appear in July, 3⁄4 to 1" long, with almost
                                                                                                                                                                        February 2003 • Page 7

 Xeriscape Gardening among winter programs at the library
                                                             and his presentation covers per-       will be featured in a series of bookmarks.         meetings and snacks will be served. For more
                                                             sonal experiences, hypotheses,         One winner in each age category (6-12, 13-         information, call Jan Knauer or Becky Fenn
                                                             and scientific research. Russell       17, and 18+) will receive a $50 gift certificate   at 303-795-3961.
                                                             has been the Midwest Regional          to the Tattered Cover Bookstore. Pick up an
                                                             Director for the Centre for Crop       entry form at the library beginning March 1.       BLACK HISTORY MONTH
                                                             Circle Studies since 1986, and as      Entries may be submitted through March 31.         Help us recognize and honor the outstanding
                                                             a professional artist, has worked      Winners will be announced April 9.                 achievements of individuals throughout his-
                                                             with NASA, the Smithsonian,                                                               tory with trivia, book displays, a guessing
                                                             Star Trek, and the Guggenheim          Also on April 9, members of the group “The         jar, and other special activities throughout
                                                             Museum. He has also appeared           Kindred Spirits” will play renaissance music       February.
                                                             on numerous television programs,       and Celtic aires in the library’s main reading
                                                             including CNN, the Discovery           room. From 3:30-4:30 p.m., you are invited         READ ACROSS AMERICA
                                                             Channel, and ABC’s 20/20.              to share a favorite piece of literature (prose     On March 3, Read Across America wishes
                                                                                                    or poetry, one to five minutes in length) at an    happy birthday to Dr. Seuss! Celebrate by
                                                             IRISH MUSIC                            open microphone. All those who participate         joining us in the Cloud Forest for a day of
                                                             To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day         will receive a free book of their choice. Reg-     reading and other special activities.
                                                             and Irish heritage month, harpist      istration is not required to participate in our
                                                             Gael Kathryns will perform on          second annual “read-in.”                           SPRING BREAK FUN
                                                             March 17 from 2-4 p.m. in the                                                             Join us March 24-27 for spring break fun.
                                                             main reading room of the library.      SINGLES’ BOOK LOVERS GROUP                         Please call the library at 303-795-3961 to
                                                             Kathryns is one of the few harp-       AND CINEMA CIRCLE                                  register for any of these “Unique and not at
                                                             ists in the world who is skilled in    Meet other singles for a lively discussion of      all Unfortunate” events:
                                                             playing the ancient Irish wire-        books and movies at the Singles’ Book Lovers
                                                             strung harp. She has authored two      Group and the Singles’ Cinema Circle. These        March 24 and 25 from 1-3 p.m. A multi-part
                                                             instructional books on the playing     two groups are open to single adults 18 and        program for grades 3-5 involving disguises,
                                                             of the harp and has recorded For       older. The Singles Book Lovers Group meets         mystery, inventions, and more!
                                                             Martha, a cassette tape of solo        on the third Thursday of the month from 7-9        March 26 at 2 p.m. Enjoy the “Magic of Mark
Gardening expert Marilyn Raff admires her Littleton gar-
                                                             harp music. Free refreshments          p.m. These titles will be discussed in March       Strivings.” Families welcome, but those
den where she grows hundreds of dryland plants.
                                                             will be provided.                      and April: on March 20, Ella Minnow Pea by         under six must attend with an adult.
XERISCAPING: IMAGINE THE                                                                            Mark Dunn, and on April 17 The Tempest by          March 27, 1-2:30 p.m. Special activities with
POSSIBILITIES                                    ARCHITECT J.J.B. BENEDICT’S                        William Shakespeare. The Singles’ Cinema           stories, games, and a craft for kids in grades
In spite of the drought all gardeners are suf-   GRANDSON TO SPEAK                                  Circle will view the film O Brother Where Art      K-2.
fering through, we can still have beautiful      Mike McPhee, grandson of noted local archi-        Thou? on March 12. For the anniversary of
gardens. On March 4 at 7 p.m., gardening         tect Jules Jacques Benedict, will talk and         William Shakespeare’s birth (April 23, 1564),      BOUNCING BABIES
expert Marilyn Raff will take you on a visual    show slides about his famous grandfather on        there will be a Shakespeare Film Festival on       Each Monday and Wednesday at 9:45 a.m.,
tour through her Littleton garden where she      March 18 at 7 p.m. Benedict was one of the         Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. Call the library for      our “Bouncing Babies” program will intro-
grows hundreds of dryland plants. From           most flamboyant architects of the early 20th       more information, 303-795-3961.                    duce infants birth to 18 months and their
perennials to shrubs, Raff will share her        century, and he designed four well-known                                                              caregivers to board books, rhythms, singing,
knowledge about plants that require very         buildings in Littleton: Town Hall Arts Center,     MORE NEWSPAPERS AVAILABLE                          fun with fingerplays, and social time. Call
little water once they are established. Learn    First Presbyterian Church, the former Carne-       ONLINE                                             303-795-3961 for more information.
which plants like it hot and dry, about soil     gie Library, and Benedict’s private residence,     The library has recently added 23 newspapers
management and mulching, and how to              which is now the Carmelite Monastery.              that can be accessed online from the library       STORY BOX is a program especially for
mingle plants together to create a picturesque   McPhee, who is a writer for The Denver Post,       computers. In addition to The Denver Post          children 36 months and under (with their
garden. Raff is the author of The Intuitive      will show rare photographs of the Benedict         and Rocky Mountain News, the following             caregivers) on Tuesdays at 9:30 and 10:30
Gardener: Finding Creative Freedom in the        family and buildings that Benedict designed        daily and back issues of newspapers can            a.m., and Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. Each ses-
Garden, an instructor at the Denver Botanic      in the Denver area.                                be viewed: Arizona Republic, LA Times,             sion is 30 minutes of stories, songs, and fun.
Gardens, and writes for the national maga-                                                          San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco               Space is limited; free tickets are available one
zine Gardening How-To.                           MONDAY BOOK DISCUSSION                             Chronicle, Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado          week in advance.
                                                 If you enjoy talking about books, join our         Springs Gazette, Fort Collins Coloradoan,
SINGLES VALENTINE’S DAY DANCE                    Evening Book Group that meets on the sec-                   Herald
                                                                                                    Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitu-            PRESCHOOL STORY TIME is held on
A “Back to the Fifties” dance and mixer will     ond Monday of the month at 7 p.m. House of         tion, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Detroit       Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., and on
highlight an evening of entertainment for        Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus will be dis-                                       Star
                                                                                                    Free Press, Kansas City Star, Albuquerque          Fridays at 10:30 a.m. If you are 3-5 years old,
singles on February 14 from 7-10:30 p.m. The     cussed on February 10, Heart of the Matter                                             Observer
                                                                                                    Journal, New York Post, Charlotte Observer,        this story time is especially for you. Thirty
humorous side of the single life, performed      by Graham Greene on March 10, and Book-                                                 Inquirer
                                                                                                    Portland Oregonian, Philadelphia Inquirer,         minutes of stories, crafts and more. Story
by a comedian who has appeared at the Com-       shop by Penelope Fitzgerald on April 14.           Salt Lake City Deseret News, Dallas Morn-          times are held in the Cloud Forest and you do
edy Works, will add to the fun. The event will                                                                             Star
                                                                                                    ing News, Fort Worth Star, Washington Post,        not need a ticket.
also feature Greg Wasleski, author of The        POETRY AND PROSE                                   and the Seattle Times.
Denver Singles Guide, who will talk about        The Poetry and Prose Writers group is an                                                              NIGHT TALES, on Thursdays at 7 p.m., is a
the best places to meet singles. Free snacks     informal gathering of poets, essayists, novel-     TALK ENGLISH CONVERSATION                          time for families to share stories in the Cloud
and beverages, as well as free copies of The     ists, and others who like to discuss writing       SESSIONS                                           Forest. No ticket needed.
Denver Singles Guide, will be provided.          and have their work informally critiqued.          If you are learning to speak English, you can
                                                 The group gets together on the second and          join the Talk English conversation sessions        WACKY WEDNESDAY KIDS CLUB,
JAZZ MUSICIAN TO PERFORM                         fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. and       on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 to practice       stories and activities for grades kindergarten
In honor of Black History Month, nation-         upcoming meetings are scheduled for Febru-         your English in an informal group setting and      through second, is held every other Wednes-
ally known jazz musician Billy Tolles will       ary 12 and 26, and March 12 and 26. Free pas-      learn about American culture. No registra-         day at 4 p.m. Please call to register for any
perform on saxophone in the main reading         tries donated by Panera Breads are served at       tion is required and the sessions will be held     or all of these programs: February 5 (Safari),
room of the library on February 19 from 2-4      each session. A group newsletter, The Nexus,       through February 27.                               February 19 (Hearty Animals), March 5
p.m. Tolles has performed with Miles Davis,      is published each month and features literary                                                         (Wind Chimes).
Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, and many           contributions from participants.                   CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS
other jazz musicians. He also hosted his own                                                        NAME OUR BEAR!                                     TELL-TALE THURSDAY KIDS CLUB,
television show, “The Billy Tolles Rock and      COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAMS                         The library is proud to announce the recent        stories and activities for grades 3-5, is held
Roll Show,” for two years, and his jazz band     The following free computer classes will be        arrival of a North American Black Bear             every other Thursday at 4 p.m. Please call to
has won several awards. Free refreshments        offered through April. Call the library at 303-    to the Children’s Room. He’s big, cuddly,          register for any of these programs: February
will be provided.                                795-3961 to register for a class, or stop by the   friendly, and needs a name! So come in and         13 (Dreams of Africa), February 27 (Hearty
                                                 Reference Desk.                                    help us give him one. We will be taking sug-       Animals II), March 13 (All That Jazz).
INSIDE THE WORLD OF A SAN                        Getting Started on the Internet: February 5        gestions from February 1 until spring break
FRANCISCO CHEF                                   and 15, March 1, April 9, from 9-10 a.m.           in March.                                          GARDENING WITH GRANDKIDS
Noted chef Greg Wong will talk about the         Advanced Internet Skills: February 19,                                                                On March 24 at 2 p.m., Constance Hardesty,
chaotic and creative world behind the kitchen    March 19, April 19, from 9-10 a.m.                 WEAVER OF WORDS                                    author of Grow Your Own Pizza: Gardening
doors at a free program for seniors on Febru-    Computer Basics for the Novice with com-           Kay Negash is a nationally recognized story-       Plans and Recipes for Kids, will present a
ary 24 at 2 p.m. Wong has worked as a chef in    puter consultant Herb Engler: February 22          teller who will entertain, delight, and amuse      fun and practical program on how to plan
some of San Francisco’s leading restaurants      from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.                                 us on February 22 at 3 p.m. by weaving a           and maintain a gardening project with your
and also spent a year as a chef in France. In    Windows 98 Basics with computer consultant         special story of words and songs. Families         grandkids. Hardesty is a Littleton resident
addition to sharing many restaurant anec-        Herb Engler: March 29, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.           are welcome, and those under six must attend       who is also an instructor and trainer at the
dotes, Wong will demonstrate several cook-       Microsoft Word Basics with computer con-           with an adult. Please call the library at 303-     Denver Botanic Gardens, where she creates
ing techniques for preparing vegetables and      sultant Herb Engler: April 26, 9 a.m.-12:30        795-3961 to register.                              and leads children’s tours. This free program
salads.                                          p.m.                                                                                                  is part of the senior events at the library.
                                                                                                    TEEN SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY
MYSTERY OF CROP CIRCLES                          CELEBRATE NATIONAL LIBRARY                         DISCUSSION GROUP                                   TEEN WRITERS GROUP
Ron Russell is one of the world’s leading        WEEK                                               On February 28 and March 28 from 3:30-5            Join teens in grades six through 12 for the
investigators of the mysterious crop circles     The Bemis Library is joining libraries around      p.m., teens in grades six through 12 can meet      Bemis Teen Writer’s Group on February 10
that appear each summer in England, the          the country in celebrating National Library        with other teens interested in the science         and 24, and March 10 and 24 from 3:30-5
United States, and worldwide. Hear his           Week from April 6-12. Children, teens, and         fiction and fantasy realms of entertainment,       p.m. The group explores different types of
fascinating account of this phenomenon on        adults are invited to submit a photograph (on      including books, movies, games, comic              writing and members can share their work.
February 25 at 7 p.m. Russell’s aerial photo-    disk if a digital photo is submitted) or draw-     books, and television. Members of the group        Call 303-795-3961 for more information.
graphs capture the beauty of the formations      ing depicting reading. Winning submissions         will structure the discussion and plan the
                                                                                                                                                                         February 2003 • Page 8

 Soiree Chocolat to benefit ACC Foundation                                                              Winter’s Day at the Museum returns Feb. 23
     The Colorado ANGELS and Park                    are Stephanie Doss and Susan Sweeney.                 The Littleton Historical Museum will              Liz Masterson and Sean Blackburn
Meadows are teaming up to present “The               Reggie Rivers, a media personality, former        hold their annual Winter’s Day at the             will entertain with vintage western music
Sweetheart Signature Men’s Fashion Show              Denver Bronco and the Colorado ANGELS             Museum on February 23 from 1-3:30 p.m.            from the 1930s and 1940s along with com-
and Soiree Chocolat” Sunday, February 9              celebrity spokesperson, will serve as emcee       Museum volunteers will prepare freshly            edy, and yodeling.
to benefit the Arapahoe Community Col-               for this romantic evening’s events.               cooked and smoked meats, fried apples,                Dress warmly for this out-of-doors
lege Foundation.                                          The Arapahoe Community College               cornbread and hot apple cider. Stop by for        event. There will be benches to sit on, but
     This elegant evening event will fea-            Foundation is a charitable, non-profit cor-       a tasting.                                        you might need a blanket to keep warm.
ture a runway fashion show spotlighting              poration dedicated to raising friends and             Historic site interpreters will show-         This event is free and open to the public
male models from the media, sports and               funds for Arapahoe Community College.             case selections from nineteenth century           but reservations are a must by Thursday,
corporate worlds as well as the commu-               The foundation partners with the commu-           foodways. Interpreters will demonstrate           February 20.
nity. Silent and live auctions, dinner and           nity to support and strengthen the college’s      the finer points of cured sausages, as well           Call 303-795-3950 for reservations.
the Soiree Chocolat Dessert Tasting will             role in serving the educational needs of the      as other winter stores. Smoked, salted and        The Friends of the Littleton Library and
                                                                                                       pickled foods will illustrate a nineteenth        Museum sponsor the event.
round out the festivities. Attire is black tie       community by providing student scholar-
                                                                                                       century winter diet.
optional.                                            ships and grants to enhance learning op-
     Honorary chairs for the “The Sweet-             portunities, as well as supporting special
heart Signature Men’s Fashion Show and               projects.
Soiree Chocolat” are Florence Kessler                     For more information about this event,
Ruston and Scottie Taylor Iverson, co-               or to reserve seats or tables, contact Kathie
founders of the Colorado ANGELS, an in-              Repola at 303-797-5712.
dependent fundraising guild. Event chairs

Western Welcome Week nears 75th anniversary
    It is an exciting time for Western               Associates Architects; John Tracey, owner
Welcome Week as they commemorate                     of Southpark Tire & Auto; Jill Schneider
their 75th anniversary. This year’s theme,           of Community Shares; Mike Ward, of Kuni
“Homecoming,” pays homage to 75 years                Lexus, Inc.; and Bruce Wolf of Prudential
of celebrating community spirit, heritage            Legend Realty. New to the board in 2003
and unity. Houstoun Waring, former Edi-              is Joan Facchinello - WWW chair-elect,
tor of the Littleton                                                           retired       from
Independent,                                                                   Littleton Public
had tremendous                                                                 Schools; Dennis         A new concrete staircase was recently completed linking the Littleton Center to Geneva Lake
insight when he                                                                Frichtel of Kubat       Park.
started      Home-                                                             Equipment        &                                  The Littleton! Show is a half-hour program that showcases
coming Days in                                                                 Service      Com-                                   people, places, things, and events in and around Littleton.
1928. He recog-                                                                pany; Jim Hat-                                      This month, Historic Preservation in Littleton will examine
nized the value                                                                field of Re/Max                                     the efforts of citizens and the City of Littleton to preserve
of      celebrating                                                            Professionals;                                      the community’s historic treasures. Each historical landmark
to help preserve                                                               and Gerry Place                                     and district in Littleton is also showcased. You can see the
Littleton’s sense                                                              of Professional                                     Littleton! Show at 7 a.m., noon, and 6:30 p.m. every day. Be
of     community.                                                              Documents Solu-                                     sure to check out Let’s Talk with Ed Sardella, this month Ed
Thousands have kept the tradition alive in           tions. Board liaisons include Tim Weaver                                      talks with Bronco Terrell Davis. Let’s Talk can be seen at 8
a multitude of ways, creating a fun filled           of the City of Littleton; Jean Flynn of                                       p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays.
event for all ages.                                  South Suburban Parks and Recreation; and
   The WWW Board is an all-volunteer                 Jim Taylor, Littleton City Council. WWW
“working” board. Heading up the board                office staff are Cindy Hathaway, executive          Littleton “Handyman Program” seeks work
as president is Mike Giesen from Key                 director and Pauline Flierl, executive assis-
                                                                                                         The Littleton Handyman Program is currently available to assist the elderly and disabled
Bank and Littleton native; Sue Hill -                tant.
                                                                                                         who have limited resources to accomplish small tasks and repairs. In less than three years,
vice president, from Hartford Insurance;                Western Welcome Week is an 11-day                259 people have benefited from the Littleton Handyman Program volunteers. If you would
Kathy Thompson- secretary, a counselor               festival with over 40 events in locations           like to find out if you qualify for assistance, call Chuck Fraser at 303-794-9216.
for Denver Public Schools; John Boeck-               throughout Littleton. This year’s event
man - treasurer, and vice president of               runs from August 7-17. Festival day with
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.; and WWW Chair                  the grand parade, arts and crafts, and all-
Shari Lawson of Colorado United Way.                 day entertainment is on Saturday, August
                                                                                                          Need Part-Time Help?
Other directors include Ken Coddington,              16.                                                  Littleton Public Schools students are looking for part-time work with variable hours to
retired Littleton Public Schools elementary             For more info visit the WWW web site              supplement their educational program. Students are available during the day, evenings or
principal, Mary Jo Collins, long-time com-           at, or                    weekends, for all types of work. Students are looking for work experience. For more infor-
munity volunteer; Renee Fisher of Fisher             contact the office at 303-794-4870.                  mation, contact Mary Loughran at 303-347-3388.

                                                       Littleton City Council

      Pat Cronenberger                Rebecca Kast                 Ray Koernig                 Stewart Meagher           John Ostermiller               Jim Taylor               Susan Thornton
       Mayor Pro Tem                  303-730-2639                 303-798-0464                  303-730-8437              303-798-9665                303-795-6161                  Mayor
        303-798-4708                   District IV                  District III                   At Large                  At Large                    District I               303-798-0844
          District II                                                                                                                                                               At Large

              City Council Accommodations                                                                                    Littleton Report credits
      The public is invited to attend all regular meetings or study sessions of the Littleton City            The Littleton Report is published bi-monthly by the city manager’s office,
   Council or any city board, commission or public program.                                                  2255 West Berry Avenue, Littleton, CO 80165, and sent to all postal patrons.
      Please call 303-795-3857 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting or program if you will
   need special assistance or any reasonable accomodation in order to be in attendance at or
                                                                                                                                               Kelli Narde
                                                                                                                  Jim Woods             Asst. to the City Manager              Cecile Bugh
   participate in any such meeting or program.
                                                                                                                 City Manager                                               Executive Secretary
      For any additional information concerning the city’s compliance with the Americans                                                    Chris Harguth
   With Disabilities Act, please call 303-795-3857.                                                          Phil Cortese              Public Relations Specialist              Doug Reed
                                                                                                          Deputy City Manager                                                  Video Producer
      Additional city government information can now be accessed via the Internet at http://                                                Catherine Weaver                                                                                                                       Webmaster

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