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									Chapter Three Los Angeles – 2004 Jack reached into the pocket of his trousers and smiled when he pulled the keys to his car out. It was parked in the same spot he had parked it in when he left to board a flight to Australia to search for his father. The hearse containing his father’s was on its way to his parents’ home. From there, a funeral precession would begin to the church where the funeral would be taking place in. The same place he had held his father’s funeral after he had returned from the island. He looked at his watch. He had just enough time to go home and shower before the funeral was set to take place. When he arrived home, he found his place just as he’d left it before his mother had called him over to get him to go to Australia and look for his father. Everything was as it should be. He’d finally gotten his life back where it belonged. The only spanner in the works was he remembered what happened on the island, even though he’d made none of it really happen. He had hoped that all memory of the island and the three years he’d spent back home before returning to the island would be erased from his mind. He’d just have to pretend it was all a bad dream he had on his way back from Australia, because that’s what it was. None of it ever happened. After showering and changing, he went over to his mother’s house so they could drive to the funeral together. When he walked in the door, she coldly told him she would get her coat and be ready to go in a minute. This welcome was vastly different from the one he’d gotten when he had returned home from the island. “What’s the matter?” He asked, as they climbed in the back of the limousine and took their place in the funeral precession. “Don’t pretend you don’t know.” She turned to him and glared at him hatefully. “It’s your fault your father is dead. If you hadn’t done what you did he would have never gone to Australia and drank himself to death.” Jack felt like she’d just slapped him in the face. He couldn’t believe she’d just said that to him. “He operated drunk.” Jack said in his own defense. “He caused a woman’s death. The woman was pregnant. He didn’t just cause her death, but the death of her child. He had to be stopped before he harmed anyone else.”

“And whose fault was that, Jack?” She spat back. “Who drove him back to the bottle? He was your father. You should have covered for him. This was just another way for you to get back at your father because you have some insane idea in your head that he had an affair with Sarah.” “That’s ridiculous.” He wasn’t aware his mother knew about that. “I got over that idea a long time ago.” “Did you, Jack?” Her look and tone said she didn’t believe him. “Did you really? You beat your father up and sent him back to the bottle because you believed it. And yet you’re telling me you just got over it. You never get over anything.” “If you don’t stop this right this minute,” Jack warned her. “I’m getting out of this car and you can go to the funeral by yourself.” “Your father was trying to overcome his drinking problem.” She started to cry. “He was in a very fragile state, and you’re attacking him and accusing him of such a vile thing sent him over the edge. If you hadn’t done what you did, he wouldn’t have been drinking or caused that woman’s death. It’s your fault he did what he did, and then you turned around and destroyed his medical career.” She added. “If you hadn’t done what you did, we might not be having this funeral, today.” “I’m not going to discuss this with you any further.” He told her. “This is my father’s funeral. If you want to fight with me about whose fault Dad’s death was, you can wait until after we bury him.” They fell into a hostile silence as they continued on their way to the church. Jack was one of the pall bearers, and he helped carry his father’s coffin inside the church and placed it on the altar. Afterwards he took his seat next to his mother as the priest began the service. During the service he couldn’t stop scanning the crowd gathered there to see if he could spot Carole Littleton somewhere. He couldn’t see her and she didn’t come up to him after the funeral to tell him that Claire was his sister, so she mustn’t be there.

Before the cell door even slammed closed behind her, Kate was already planning some way to get out of this mess. She had no intention of spending her life in prison in punishment for wiping a piece of slime like Wayne off the face of the earth. She should be rewarded for that, not punished. It looked like neither Sawyer nor Jack was going to lift a finger to help her out of this mess, but she knew someone who might. She was entitled to one phone call, and she intended to use it. She yelled for the guard and demanded to make her one phone call. She made a long distance call to Florida, hoping the phone number was still the same. It was. He answered on the third ring. It took every ounce of guts she had to speak to him. “Hello, Kevin.” Kate said sweetly. “It’s me, Monica.” Kevin’s stomach had turned to lead the second he heard her voice. There had been a long time that he had prayed to hear her voice at the other end of the phone. Now it just filled him with anger. He knew the only reason she was calling him was because she finally got caught and she was hoping the cop husband she’d drugged and abandoned could get her out of the mess she was in. “Don’t you mean Kate?” Kevin asked bitterly. “I heard on the news they finally caught up with you.” “Kevin,” She tried to ignore his unfriendly tone. “I need your help. I’m in trouble and you’re the only one who can help me.” “You’re asking me for help?” He couldn’t believe it. “After you drugged me? After you left me? After you never tried to contact me to see if I was all right? To see if you hadn’t killed me with whatever you spiked my drink with?” “I did that to protect you.” Kate proclaimed passionately. “I knew it was only a matter of time before the truth came out and I didn’t want anyone to think you knew the truth about me. I didn’t want your career to be ruined.” “Shouldn’t you have thought about that before you married me?” He threw back at her in disgust. “I was the dupe who never knew he married a murderess. I became a laughingstock on the police force. The cop who didn’t even know he was married to a wanted criminal.” He added. “I guess I’m just

lucky you didn’t shoot me in the leg like you did the dupe you got to rob that bank for you all so you could get your hands on a toy airplane.” “You know about that?” She was shocked to find that out. She’d hoped all Kevin would know about is what she did to him. This was going to be more difficult then she thought. “When I heard you were involved in the bank robbery,” Kevin revealed, “I went to talk to your lover to see what he had to say about you. Just like I talked to Edward Mars. I thought it was time I found out just what kind of woman I was married to.” He added. “You tried to make a dupe out of him, too, calling him up and telling him you were innocent, but he was too smart for you.” “Kevin, I am innocent.” She had the nerve to say. “I didn’t do the things they said I did. You have to believe me. You have to help me.” “I know that toy airplane belong to your ex-boyfriend, Tom Brennan.” He shocked her further. “You stole that airplane because it belonged to him, but did you ever give me a second thought after you drugged me? Did you ever try to contact me? The only reason you’re calling me now is because you finally got caught and you think having a cop in your pocket will get you out of this mess.” “Kevin, you were a cop.” She told him. “If I contacted you, you would have had to choose between me and doing your job. I wouldn’t do that to you.” “Edward Mars was a cop, too.” He reminded her. “That didn’t stop you from calling him up.” “Kevin, I can’t go to prison.” She started crying. “I’ll never survive it. You’ve got to help me.” “Maybe you should have thought of that,” He spat back, “Before you murdered your father.” He added in a hurt tone. “You want to know the sad truth? If you had just told me the truth, instead of drugging me, I would have helped you. But you couldn’t do that, could you? And you’re still not telling me the truth. You did everything they said you did. There were witnesses who saw you do it. Yet you think I’m so gullible I’m going to swallow whatever lies you feed me.”

“You didn’t know Wayne.” She said in her defense. “You didn’t know what he was like.” She added. “Look, if you won’t help me, then for what we once meant to each other, will you deliver a message to someone who will help me?” It was back to Sawyer, Kate decided. When the plane landed, he’d probably head straight to Miami to find Juliet and try to pick things up with here where they’d left them off. He was her only hope. “Who?” He wanted to know. “Some other man you can dupe into helping you?” “There’s a woman named Dr. Juliet Burke.” She told him. “Tell her I need to see her.” She decided it was best not to mention Sawyer’s name. She had a better chance of getting Kevin to do it, if he didn’t know she just wanted Juliet to pass a message on to Sawyer. “Kevin, I know I have no right to ask you to do this for me,” She replied, already writing him off as a dead end, “but if you ever loved me, just do this for me. Tell Juliet Burke I need to see her.” Hurley woke up in his room in Santa Rosa. Last time, he’d wanted to be here. It had been a safe place to hide away from the world. This time, he didn’t. He was finally fine with himself and ready to get on with his life. Now it seemed he wasn’t going to get the chance. Libby came in and smiled at him. “Hello, Hugo.” She approached his bed carefully, as if she was afraid he might lunge at her and grab her by the throat. “How are you feeling?” “How do you think I’m feeling?” He looked at her like she was the crazy one to ask him such a stupid question. “I’ve just been drugged and forcefully committed to the happy factory when there’s nothing wrong with me.” He added. “How would you feel if that had happened to you?” “It did happen to me.” She pulled up a chair and sat down. “And I wasn’t happy about it at the time, either, but now I’m grateful for it. It saved my life. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And the same thing can happen for you if you’ll just let us help you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Hurley told her. “Why won’t anyone believe me? I’m fine. I don’t belong here?” “What about the numbers, Hugo?” She suddenly threw at him. “Are you fine with them now? Do you now realize they’re just numbers and they don’t make bad things happen to you? If you were to see them in this room, would you be able to handle it or would you start freaking out again? Do you now accept that bad things happen to everyone and you’re not cursed because of those numbers?” “It isn’t just me.” He knew he should play along and tell her what she wanted to hear, but he just couldn’t. “They’ve made bad things happen to other people, too. I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, but those numbers are bad, and nothing you say is going to convince I’m wrong.” “All right, Hugo.” Libby decided to humor him. “Let’s say you’re right and the numbers are bad. Since you seem to think these numbers have some strange power, just what do you think they mean?” “I don’t know.” He couldn’t tell her about the island and that the numbers had been engraved on the hatch and you had to enter them into the Doomsday computer or that they had brought Danielle Rousseau to the island and she’d ended up killing her entire crew. “I just know they’re bad.” “Then it seems my first job is going to be to convince you that you’re wrong.” Libby offered. “That they mean nothing. That they have no power to make bad things happen.” “How are you going to do that?” If she could actually do that it would be a huge wait off his shoulders. He was afraid because he’d used those numbers he’d unleashed something horrible and there was no way to stop it. “I have a friend.” She told him. “He’s dedicated his life to numbers. If these numbers have any kind of meaning, he’ll be able to find it out. I’ll have him come here and talk to you. And once he tells you those numbers mean nothing, we’ll go on from there.”

Locke and Jin arrived at the church Charles Widmore had told Locke he would be able to find Eloise Hawking in. “Are you sure this woman can help us?” Jin was already having doubts about coming here. “I’m not sure,” Locke admitted, “but she’s the only one I know to go to.” “If she can’t help us,” Jin wanted to know, “where do we go from here?” “I don’t know.” Locke sighed. “The truth is that what Jack has done, we may not be able to undo. Hopefully we’ll know more after we talk to Eloise Hawkings.” Eloise Hawking had her back to them as they entered the church. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She told them as she turned around to face them. “I knew it would only be a matter of time before you sought me out. Although I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.” “You knew we would come to you?” Locke asked, already intrigued by this strange woman. “Not you in particular.” She admitted. “Although I’m not surprised it’s you who came to me. You no doubt want to go back to the island to achieve your destiny, not to mention get back the use of your legs. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Once the island is through with someone, they can never get back to it. If you don’t believe me, ask Charles Widmore. He’s been trying to get back to the island for twenty years and he hasn’t been able to succeed.” “Where is my wife?” Jin demanded. “She’s on the island.” She looked sadly at Jin. “I’m sorry about your wife, Mr. Kwon. She was, unfortunately, collateral damage in this whole sorry business. Many end up like that. My own son did.” She shook off her sorrow about Daniel. “I didn’t know which ones had to go back. So I said they all had to go back, but your wife didn’t need to return. She played no part in the past. As a result, your child has ceased to exist and you will never see your wife, again, either. Not that it matters. Your child would cease to exist even if your wife hadn’t gone back because you did what you did.” “What did I do?” Jin wanted to know, horrified he had done something to cause all this.

“You went along with Jack’s plan.” She explained. “It was the island that gave you a child, and by letting Jack reset things, the island has taken it back. You should have stopped him from doing what he did. Now it’s too late.” “Why didn’t Sun end up back on the plane with us?” Locke wanted to know. “Why didn’t the others end up back on the plane? Jack said James was standing right next to him and he didn’t end up back on the plane.” “Because the island wanted it that way for various reasons.” Hawkings told them. “The island is extracting a steep price from Mr. Kwon for going along with Jack’s plan. He never gave a thought about what would happen to his child if Jack reset things; all he cared about was being with his wife again. Now he’ll never see his wife, again. It’s the price he must pay.” “What about the others?” Locke asked. “Why weren’t they on the plane?” “Rose and Bernard succeeded in doing what no one has been able to do on the island.” She told him. “They distanced themselves from all the nonsense going on and found peace and happiness. The island decided that shouldn’t be taken away from them, so it let them stay in1977 to live out the rest of their lives from that moment on.” “What about James and Claire?” Locke persisted in getting an answer. “All the dead returned to the plane alive. Why didn’t James or Claire return?” “James and Claire did return to your plane briefly.” She told them. “So the island could reset their minds to the point before the plane crashed, then it brought them back.” “Why would it do that?” Locke was completely baffled by what she was telling him. “Because they were always supposed to come to the island.” Hawkings informed them. “That was always the island’s plan for them, only the plan got skewed when the entire plane load of people crashed on it. The island tried to work around that to achieve its plan for them, but when Jack decided to try and reset things, the island decided to take advantage of it and return things to the way it originally planned.”

“With James and Claire on the island,” Locke deduced, “And the rest of us landing safely in Los Angeles.” “Yes,” she smiled at him like he was an extremely bright child to get what she was telling him. “Why does the island want them?” Locke was finally asking questions, like he should have been from the start. “And not me. I’m the chosen, not them. Why didn’t it reset me and take me off the plane, too?” “Do you even know what it is to be chosen?” She asked him angrily. “Or was all that mattered to you was that it made you special? If you knew, you wouldn’t wish it on yourself.” She added. “Although given your nature, perhaps you would wish it. That’s probably why you weren’t chosen.” “What are you talking about?” He threw back at her. “I am chosen. Richard told me. Ben told me. That man in the cabin told me. Charles Widmore told me.” “They told you what you wanted to hear.” She informed him. “To get you to do what they wanted you to do. Samuel promised Charles that if he helped you he would let Charles come back to the island. Samuel told you that you were chosen to get you to move the wheel. Samuel is very good at telling people what they want to hear to get them what he wants them to do.” “Who’s Samuel?” Locke had no idea who she was talking about. “You know him as Christian Shephard and Yemi.” Hawkings told him. “He likes to take on the forms of the dead. After Ben killed you and took you back to the island, he took on your form and manipulated Ben into killing Jacob for him.” “Jacob’s dead?” Locke was horrified. “Yes,” she shrugged, not seeming that upset about it. “I’m sure Samuel is breaking his arm patting himself on the back for his cleverness in finally getting rid of Jacob. He thinks the island is finally his to do with it as he pleases. What he hasn’t realized yet was Jacob wanted to die. He was tired of living the existence he was living and he wanted to be free. But to be free, he had to find his replacement.”

“Me.” Locke smiled. “When I was in his cabin, he asked me to help him.” “That cabin didn’t belong to Jacob.” She told him. “It belonged to Samuel. It was Samuel who asked you to help him. You’re not the replacement. It was almost you. Richard visited you as a child, because you told him you were going to be leader and Jacob had sent you to him, but you failed the test. It’s a pity, because you would have been perfect. You had no parents.” “What does that have to do with anything?” Locke wanted to know. “To be leader of the Others,” Hawkings explained. “You can’t have parents. The island has to become your parents. That’s why Ben had to kill his father. Richard told him if he wanted to be leader his father would have to die. And he wanted to be leader, so he killed his father. “Is that why Ben brought my father to the island?” Locke wanted to know. “And told me I had to kill him?” “Anthony Cooper was never brought to the island for you.” She revealed, waiting for him to put the pieces together. “If my father wasn’t brought there for me than who…?” She smiled the moment he figured it out. “James?” “The quest had to finally come to an end.” Hawkings answered. “And we needed your help to put it to an end.” “What quest?” He didn’t have any idea what she was talking about. “The Chosen must go on a quest,” she explained, “to prove himself. We didn’t want to take it as far as it went. It was supposed to end when he killed that man Duckett in Australia, discovering afterwards he had killed an innocent man, but he was still determined to find Cooper, so we needed your help to lead him to his prey.” “You used me!” He was outraged. “Do you know what you put me through making me think I had to kill my father?”

“We didn’t tell you to become an Other.” She reminded him. “That was your own idea. And did we do anything different than what you did to that boy so you could become an Other?” “You knew I’d want to become an Other if you made me think I was special.” He accused. “I don’t know why Ben just couldn’t have told James himself that he had my father and where he could find him.” “Do you think we told Ben?” She acted like he was insane to even think of such a thing. “If he knew, he would have wondered why we cared that James got his revenge. We couldn’t have that.” “You used me as bait.” Locke realized the depth that he was used. “You made Ben think I was chosen so he’d come after me and leave James alone.” “The chosen had to be protected.” She didn’t feel the least bit sorry about what had been done to him. “You were right.” He turned to Jin, “When you said the island was bad. You were right.” “If the island is bad,” She threw back at him. “Then what are you? The island hasn’t done anything you haven’t done yourself.” “What if James doesn’t want to be chosen?” He threw right back at her. “He has no choice in the matter.” Hawkings informed him. “The island has chosen him and he will take Jacob’s place now that Jacob is gone.” “You said Richard gave me a test when I was a child.” He vaguely remembered it. “Was James given the same test by Richard?” “Yes,” She answered, not sure where he was going with this. “And he passed the test.” “When was he chosen?” Locke wanted to know. “Before his parents died or after they died?” “I don’t see what difference that makes.” She replied in a stiff tone. She knew exactly where he was going with this.

“It makes a big difference if James was chosen before his parents were killed.” Locke insisted. “You said the chosen needs to be an orphan. Did the island make James an orphan?” “You really should stop thinking about James.” Hawkings advised him. “He’s where he’s supposed to be and he’s with who he’s supposed to be with. He belongs to the island, now. You should spend what time you have left thinking about yourself.” “What do you mean,” he asked. “What time I have left?” “You’re going to die, Mr. Locke.” She announced. She looked over at Jin. “You’re all going to die.”

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