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									 Annapolis Royal Region
Tourism Destination Area

      A Tourism Vision
 for the Town and the Region
The Tourism Vision Project
Lead by the Annapolis Region Tourism
  Council (ARTC)
• An adhoc group formed following the
  completion of the Tourism Destination
  Area Workbook (The ‘Blue Book’) to
  advance the process
• The “primary role” of the ARTC is to
  provide strategic advice and to coordinate
  activities with respect to the business of
  tourism for the region with the objective
  of industry growth
• Annapolis Region Tourism Council (ARTC)
  – Paul Stackhouse (Chair) - Hillsdale House Inn
  – Linda Brown – Narrow Gate Cottages
  – Amery Boyer – Town of Annapolis Royal
  – Trish Fry – Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
  – Theresa Bunbury – Parks Canada
  – Janet Caldwell – Anna Gloria’s
  – Lillian Stewart – Annapolis Heritage Society
  – Steve Raftery – Town of Bridgetown
  – Joy O’Neill – Annapolis Digby Economic Development
  – Wayne Currie – Music Industry
  – Sally Burnie – Marketing Manager, Town of AR
ARTC has:
• Coordinated the hiring of consultant, John Hockin, to
    facilitate Vision project
•   Facilitated development of various discussion documents
    and reports
•   Led a major workshop in June 2007
•   Monitored discussion around vision/brand themes as
    they have developed
•   Outputs:
    – Tourism Vision for Annapolis Royal and area
    – Brand theme (initially for Annapolis Royal) that will support the
    – High level goals for tourism in the area
Tourism Vision project

• ARTC has gathered tourism stakeholders
• Vision and branding themes help set the
 stage for coordinated action by many
 players - individual companies,
 municipalities/other entities, acting
 independently or in partnerships, around
 core common themes
A Critical Time
• Tourism one of 3 development themes outlined
    in 2003 Annapolis County Development strategy:
    – Geomatics Nr COGS
    – Tourism around Annapolis Royal
    – Conferences/events around Cornwallis
• Tourism Vision can set tone for economic and
    infrastructure development for a generation
•   Vision balances need for preservation of heritage
    & way of life with need for vibrant tourism
Tourism Insights 2007 - Grant Thornton
• Survey of 164 local governments nationally-
  their perspectives on community tourism
• Many consider tourism a growing priority with
  culture/heritage and nature as key themes
• Barriers to progress include insufficient
  development and marketing funding, lack of a
  destination management plan and lack of
  community based partnerships
Lessons learned in the 164 communities
• The importance of partnerships
• The importance of planning
• Local govt. & citizens must recognize value of
  tourism and support it proactively
• The importance of strategic marketing
• Successful communities don’t wait for external
  gov’ts. or others to define their future - they
  define it themselves
The Vision
Introducing Annapolis Royal
• 1st permanent European Settlement in Canada
• Largely untouched by modern architecture
• More authentic than many European towns of
    same vintage
•   Destination of National/International significance
•   Town population shrinking – a need for
    appropriate economic development
Why is Annapolis Royal a destination of
National/International significance?
• One of Canada’s most important heritage
    tourism destinations
•   Heritage Icon for NS equal to Louisbourg
    – The 2 towns are the “book ends” of North American
      history- the rivalry for NA between France & England
      in the 18th century
• Its citizens are a United Nations - artisans,
    teachers, professionals, etc. - a blend of old
    families and those who have chosen the area
“So how do Tourism, Culture and
    Heritage work together?”
              Heritage – our history

Culture – who                          Tourism –
we are, and how                        how we take
 we celebrate                          it to market
       Town of Annapolis Royal
           Strategic Plan

    “To maintain and enhance the Town of
Annapolis Royal’s heritage, values and beauty;
 protect its small town character, nurture its
  economic social and cultural environment,
  thereby enabling our rich quality of life for
   residents and guests to our community.”
A Hub & Spokes
• Hub is a critical mass of services & experiences that
    encourage people to base a visit in the area
•   Spokes – the surrounding communities/experiences that
    work with the hub to extend visitors length of stay and
•   Tourism Industry Vision is compatible with
    plans/strategies of other groups/orgs:
    – Towns/Municipality
    – NS Tourism, Culture & Heritage
    – Destination Southwest Nova Scotia
    – Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency
    – Annapolis Basin Conference Centre
    – etc.
    We need to leverage this!
Why a Hub?
• A “big idea” that can enable innovation/artistic
    expression for decades
•   All organizations & businesses can play a role -
    maximum freedom of expression
•   With critical mass of experiences we can pull
    visitors to the region and encourage them to
    stay longer
•   Change travel patterns by positioning the region
    as a first choice for visitors
•   Projects/events/ideas likely to find more support
    if seen as part of a bigger idea, part of the
    “umbrella” vision
Hub and spokes - they leverage
each other
                    Fundy Shore

       Digby                           Kejimkujik

                  Annapolis Royal

                                    Along the River -
     Bear River                        Bridgetown

Hub has 3 themes - Heritage,
Nature and the Arts
• Building a hub allows integration of these
    themes in the minds of visitors
•   Visitors choose area as a base because they can
    have experiences related to all 3 themes – they
    see value of an extended stay because so many
    experiences they come to Nova Scotia for are
    available to them here
•   Hub allows max. freedom of expression to all
    businesses – a vision that is inclusive
•   Will encourage maximum number of individuals
    and organizations to link their efforts to the
    common vision
The hub – momentum
• Tourism industry supports Vision through ARTC
•   Annapolis Royal - part of its strategic plan
•   Existing infrastructure, commercial services,
    experiences will enable the Hub concept
•   Our vision of Hub may attract new funding
    partners for additional infrastructure needs
•   Exciting external partnerships already
    developing – e.g. Twinning's with Royan, France
    and Annapolis, Maryland
    – Annapolis, MD - 4M + annual visitors & keen to
      explore cross promotion opportunities!
Our Tourism Brand
 – what we ‘promise’ visitors
• Branding is deeper than slogans – it’s the
    ‘promise’ we make to visitors
•   Job one is consensus on an umbrella brand for
    town of Annapolis Royal
•   Brand message must be authentic/provide
    support to broader TDA message as it develops
•   Annapolis Royal brand message now in draft
•   In due course we will develop tourism brand for
    the entire region. The vision (hub) will remain
    the same
•   Messages/Icons/logos play a supportive role;
    visible symbols of what we stand for
Brand framework - four elements

(Source - United We Brand - Mike Moser)
We looked at:
• Values
• Personality
• Message (slogan)
• Icon (logo)
  Many groups/individuals helped shape the
  Annapolis Royal tourism brand – they spent
  considerable time on values & personality
  elements, core to the message
A number of themes were tested before
settling on the final recommendation:
• A living treasure
• Annapolis Royal is magic!
• Canada’s mystical town
• Experience the arts in a natural wonderland
• Natural wonders/vibrant arts
• Living history - step back in time
• Where visitors are one of us
• Our past inspires our art
• The secret of Canada’s past
• Discover the secret of Annapolis Royal
• Safe harbour from the world
Many ideas were considered

• When searching for common themes it
 was apparent that 2 large themes
 emerged - “Magical” and “Natural
The brand icon
Milestones and Goals
At 2 years:
• Tourism vision is known; “umbrella” branding is
    being used on signage/extensively by businesses
•   Region is top of mind with NS Tourism & other
    gov’t. agencies who can be partners in fulfilment
    of tourism vision
•   ARTC defines new approach to visitor servicing
•   Annapolis Royal Wharf Project moves forward
•   Process begins to refine master land use plan for
    town, to reflect vision of a Tourism Hub
•   Implementation - ARTC facilitates agreement on
    a model for cooperation among stakeholders in
    the region
At 2 years:
• Agreement on which organizations are leading
    which initiatives re: infrastructure, programming,
    experiences, and partnerships
•   Cross-promotion plan with Annapolis, MD in
    place to leverage their 4M visitors (1% of this is
    40,000 visitors!)
•   Tracking system established and targets set for
    visitation by segment, length-of-stay and $$’s
•   1 or more marketing co-ops launched
•   Process begun to develop experience-based
At 5 years:
• Leverage of Annapolis Royal brand out to
  the region – “Land of……”
• New highway signage is up at entry points
  to the region
• Revision of master Annapolis Royal land
  use plan complete
  – final look for the town as a Tourism Hub
    defined including accommodations, attractions
    & infrastructure
At 5 years:
• Shoulder/winter season strategy in place
  including winter/shoulder sports activities
• New major marquee shoulder season
  (Spring & Fall) events launched
• Major experience-based product will have
  been developed. Ten experiences in each
  of the 3 major areas of product focus ->
  heritage, nature and the arts = 30
 marketable experiences developed in one,
 two and three day categories
At 10 years:

• Major elements of the master infrastructure plan
    under development or complete - e.g.
    Auberge/Timeshare style development, Centre
    for Design & the Arts, Indoor/outdoor
    Multipurpose Market complex, etc.
•   The tourism community under the leadership of
    the ARTC is seen as a benchmark of community-
    based experiential product development and
 At 25 years:

• Annapolis Royal & area have become another icon for NS
    - like Peggy’s Cove & Cabot Trail - a rural Mecca for
    experiences in heritage, nature and the arts
•   Area will be described by others as one of the 2 or 3
    areas that are a “must-visit” in Nova Scotia; and on a
    short list for Canada
•   Visitation has grown from the current estimated
    benchmark of 40,000 to 120,000 annually
•   Region no longer is a seasonal destination
•   Annapolis Royal region is considered a must-visit
    destination in all of NA for arts & culture, set in
    untouched historical & natural surroundings
“So how are we going to
accomplish these goals?”
• We all have a role to play
• New partnerships (Public/Private)
  –   Product development
  –   Infrastructure enhancement/development
  –   packaging
• Multi-community/Regional Co-ops
  – Marketing
  – Product Development
• Priority setting – we will have to make choices
  – Limited resources, i.e. people (paid & volunteers) and
Current Initiatives
• Sister Cities Initiative with Annapolis,
• Twinning with Royan, France
• Ride the Lobster 2008 (June)
• Bermuda Ocean Race
• Annapolis Royal Wharf Extension
• Fundy Riches & Valley Traditions
• Coast to Coast Heritage Experience
• Lt. Governor’s Community Spirit Award
• Communities in Bloom Int’l Competition
  – Vision Phase I Completion
  – Visitor Services Review
  – Facilitating VIC Operation Plan
  – Providing Input for 2008 Marketing Plan
  – Vision Phase II (Implementation) Planning
  – Working with Retail Community on several
Next Steps
• Communicate the Vision to the broad community
    – Late November 2007
•   Work with communities, and particularly with
    organizations that have a complementary
    development vision - Ongoing
•   Move to the next phase of the project –
    gathering interested parties to agree on the
    implementation responsibilities, priorities and
    schedule - Winter 2008
•   Develop Implementation Plan - 1st Qtr 2008
•   Commence implementation - Spring 2008
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