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CDWBA MEMBER APPOINTED                                    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                   Eileen Stack and Matthew Clarke
      COURT JUDGE                                                  are very proud to share with you
                                                                   the announcement of the birth of
   Long time CDWBA member, Margaret                                their very beautiful baby girl,
Cangilos-Ruiz, was appointed United States                         Elizabeth Claire, who arrived on
Bankruptcy Court Judge for the Northern District                   February 22, 2007.
of New York on February 16, 2007.            Judge
Cangilos-Ruiz’s chambers will be located in
Syracuse, New York.
   Judge      Cangilos-Ruiz   has an      extensive
background in bankruptcy law with experience in
both the private and public sector. Prior to her
appointment, Judge Cangilos-Ruiz had been head
of the bankruptcy department at Whiteman,
Osterman & Hanna, LLP since 1995. Before joining
the firm of Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna, LLP she
served as law clerk to Hon. Justin J. Mahoney who
was the Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the Northern
District of New York. She also served as law clerk
to the Chief Bankruptcy Judge in the Southern
District of Florida.
   Judge Cangilos-Ruiz was a co-founder, with
Hon. Robert E. Littlefield, of the Capital Region
Bankruptcy Bar Association and served as its                   Elizabeth Claire Stack Clarke
president from 1991 to 1993. She chaired the
Bankruptcy Committee of the New York State Bar                    30th ANNUAL
Association’s Business Law Section from 2001 to
2004 and       served on the Section’s Executive
                                                             JUDICIAL RECEPTION
Committee through 2006. She also co-chaired the                    To be held at
Banking, Commercial Law and Bankruptcy
Committee of WBASNY from 1995 to 1996.
                                                                 The State Room
   Judge Cangilos-Ruiz is a graduate of Cornell               located in the former
University and Albany Law School.                         DeWitt Clinton Hotel Ballroom
                                                           142 State Street, Albany, NY
Material appearing herein, including editorial comment,     Thursday, March 29, 2007
represents the views of the respective authors and does
not necessarily carry the endorsement of the Capital                6-8:00 p.m.
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Exposure to Domestic Violence, conducted
by the Center for Court Innovation on Friday,                YWCA
March 30, 2007 from 11:30am-3 pm. Three                      Dana Boniewski
CLE credits are available for attorneys. The                 Patricia Rodriguez
program will be held at the Holiday Inn
                                                             Unity House
Express, 9 Empire Drive (off Route 4, near                   Coordinator – Abe Bolgatz
exit 9 of I-90) in Rensselaer. Costs are $30 for             Thomas Kenney
attorneys and $12 for non-attorneys. Lunch                   Jill Nagy
will be provided. Space is limited to the first
70 who register. Checks should be made out                   Mechanicville
to The Legal Project and mailed to The Legal                 Coordinator – Jessica Lennon
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12203 by March 23, 2007. For any questions,
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Assemblyman Robert Reilly presenting the The
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Assemblyman Robert Reilly Salary Fund award to Jessica       Coordinator – Stephanie Hollner
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Samantha Miller
       Everyone Else Can Do It,                              overestimating time. You save money (or you
                                                             should, right?) so you have a reserve in the event of
            Why Can’t I?                                     an unexpected expense.
 by: Merci Miglino, Motivational Speaker, Trainer                Build reserves of time – and be knowledgeable
                    and Coach                                about all your time – personal time, sick time, and
   Debunking the myths and revealing the secrets to          vacation time. Plan and track your time carefully to
          balancing your work and family.                    maximize both your responsibility to your
                                                             employer and to yourself by taking time when you
                            There is nothing wrong           need it.
                         with you. After all, you                So think of saving time in a bank for when you
                         are     a    creative    and        need an extra hour or day here or there. Just
                         resourceful      professional       because there are 24 hours in a day doesn’t mean
                         who manages a workload              you have to spend them all like it’s a one-day sale!
                         with      efficiency     and        You get more time the next day. Use unexpected
                         aplomb. Well, on most               time for de-stressors like a power nap, returning
                         days. So why is it that we          personal calls, walking, reading, socializing, doing
                         judge ourselves somehow             errands and making health care appointments.
                         inadequate when it comes                Yes is not a good answer and NO a bad answer.
                         to fully mastering the              Get out of the trap of believing that people will be
                         juggling of family and              mad if you say no or that good people ALWAYS
                         work responsibilities? We           say yes. These beliefs are dualistic, too black and
often see the problems we’re having in this regard           white to be true in every single case. Learn to say
as a measure of our shortcomings even though we              NO and mean it. Let go of the misconception that
generally know what we have to do to manage the              you can do it all (you can’t and you shouldn’t), that
balance.                                                     no one else will do it (probably but you’ll never
   We find ourselves looking for the fast-fix, the           know if you step in all the time), or that you need
one tip or strategy that will finally turn this              the acknowledgement, praise or recognition this
insanity around and bring with it a good night’s             YES will bring you (in the end the only opinion that
sleep. Get real, as we used to say back in the day.          matters is yours).
The solution lies not in more tips and tools but in              Get help around the house. Yes, the kids and the
reevaluating your expectations and strongly held             spouse/partner can help out and you’re right; they
beliefs about what should be vs. what is really              will never do it just like you. But how important is
possible.                                                    it that every household task is done to absolute
   In short, the problems we experience with this            perfection? The way mother always did it? The
balancing act are not the result of our inadequacies         way we think other woman do it? Challenge your
but in our perception of the conflict. The source of         perspective on what constitutes clean. Try
the problem has to do with our beliefs concerning            REQUESTING your family’s help. Invite them to
what we “should” do, what everyone else is doing,            find something they can do to bring organization
and our unrealistic idea of what constitutes a               and calm to the home. A request or invitation must
“good” worker, parent, friend, etc. By exploring             be done with complete willingness on your part to
these misconceptions, looking for a more accurate            hear a declination, or a negotiation. If you really
belief about our personal and professional roles, we         want a specific response then don’t ask - demand
can begin to employ the strategies that will                 their help. But frankly this approach is inefficient.
alleviate the stress and conflict between the two            Even if they acquiesce to your orders, they will do
roles.                                                       the task with resentment and resistance and
   Here are some commonly held beliefs we might              certainly not as good as you. So ASK THEM what
want to reflect on and adjust. Let’s get real about          they would be willing to do to help you manage
these things:                                                the balancing of family and work. You’ll get greater
   There are only 24 hours in a day. Read that               buy-in and they will begin to see you as human
again. We all know this fact but act as if we can            rather than superwoman (are you really ready to
manufacturer minutes, hours, even days! Instead of           give up the cape and tights?) and treat you with
racing against the clock, get into the habit of              greater compassion and respect.

    Find good childcare. Nothing can relieve the
burden of the balancing act like a great childcare
                                                                        MEMBER NEWS
provider. Don’t stop until you find one. Make a list
of critical services you need – flexible hours, sick            •    Lisa Frisch has been chosen to receive the
care back up, vacation day coverage etc. Yes, your                   Schenectady      YWCA’s       Women       of
child’s safety and well-being is paramount but this                  Achievement Award. The award will be
alone will not relieve your stress, your work-family                 presented at a dinner to be held at the Glen
needs must be addressed as well. Keep exploring                      Sanders Mansion on March 22, 2007.
until you find one that meets your needs. And, by               •     Christine M. Galvin has been named by
the way, it’s okay for you to have a day off and still               Lawdragon to the publication’s Lawdragon
take your child to daycare or call in a sitter. That’s               500 Leading Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in
why it’s called a day off.                                           America. Christine’s profile is included
    Ask for help. Often and with gusto! We labor in                  online at and the
the misconception that we are supposed to do it all.                 magazine’s Winter 2007 issue. Christine, a
Do we believe that if the project or chore is shared                 former CDWBA board member, is the Vice
it will somehow diminish our legitimate claim to its                 President and Director of the Gordon, Siegel
success? Be truthful. Independence and self-                         Law Firm where her practice focuses on
sufficiency are excellent character traits; however,                 personal injury and medical malpractice.
they involve leveraging the energy, skills and                  •    Jill Novak Smith is now a Senior Insurance
talents of others. So think instead what can you                     Attorney with the New York State
delegate? Eliminate? Teach others to do? Better                      Insurance Department/Health Bureau, One
organize? Challenge yourself to see that great                       Commerce Plaza, Albany, New York 12257.
women ask for help. The yet-to-be-fully-great are                    Telephone:     (518)    486-7815;     E-mail:
still trying to do it all by themselves.                   
                                                                •    Hon. Leslie Stein has been chosen to
                                                                     receive Albany Law School’s 2007 Kate
           CORRECTION TO                                             Stoneman Day Award. The award will be
         2006-2007 DIRECTORY                                         presented at the 12th Annual Kate Stoneman
                                                                     Day to be held at the law school on March
Susan Aron was inadvertently omitted from being                      22, 2007.
listed under Appellate Practice on page 26 of the
2006-2007 CDWBA Directory. Kindly make note of                  •    Margaret Tabak represented CDWBA on
Susan’s practice area.                                               WBASNY’s Judicial Screening panel for the
                                                                     Court of Appeals. Margaret is a former past
                                                                     President of CDWBA. She is a co-chair of
                                                                     CDWBA’s Sole Practitioners and Small
                                                                     Firm Committee. Her practice focuses on
                                                                     matrimonial and family law.
     ADIRONDACK CHAPTER                                         •    Kim Troisi-Paton is now an Assistant
     SPONSORING ETHICS CLE                                           Deputy Counsel at Unified Court System's
                                                                     Town and Village Resource Center, 98 River
Representing Multiple Interests/Conflict of Interests and            Street,      Cohoes,        New        York.
              Attorney Escrow Accounts                               Telephone: (518)238-4339;
            DATE: Friday, April 20, 2007                             E-mail: Kim is
             TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                           a former CDWBA Board member.
   PLACE: Courtyard Marriot, Saratoga Springs
               CLE Credits: 3.0 Ethics                                      Save the Date!
    COST: Breakfast and CLE $60.00 WBASNY
          members/ $80.00 non-members                                  For The Legal Project's Annual
 To register or for more information contact Cindy                    Wine and Cheese Open House on
         Lunsford, Esq. at (518)832-6439, or
                                           Monday, April 23, 2007, 5:30 - 7:30 pm!

                  Time for a Change: Colorectal Cancer and the Law
                                             by: Kimberly Troisi-Paton
                                                             of information about “colons,” “colorectal cancer,”
    On May 16, 2005, I first heard the word cancer           and “colonoscopies” – probably three terms toward
mentioned in reference to a part of my own body.             the top of the list of unspeakable things no one
It is a life-altering experience, I assure you.              should utter above a whisper in good company. It
Fortunately, these days, it does not have to be a            is incredibly frustrating that we are finally
life-ending experience. Sadly, though, I believe             permitted to discuss “breasts,” “mammography,”
that it is an experience I could have avoided had I          and “prostates” without the blink of an eye. Yet,
been more aware of certain medical issues – and              the exit end of the alimentary canal remains taboo.
more willing to discuss them. As a Stage IV                  Indeed, even my spell-checker refuses to recognize
survivor of colon cancer at the age of 37, I am now          the words “colorectal” and “colonoscopy.” It is
determined to raise my voice and raise awareness             time that we acknowledge not only that we can and
about what I see as a critical public health issue.          should be educated about colons but that we are
    Looking back, I believe my medical problems              entitled to screening for colon cancer, whether we
began in 1990. Through a tragic combination of               are fifteen or fifty.
doctors not taking me seriously and my being too                 Despite the increasing recognition that colorectal
embarrassed to describe my symptoms in detail, I             cancer is a devastating – yet preventable – disease,
was not screened for colon cancer until fifteen years        New York State is sadly lacking in the realm of
later, at the age of 35. At that time, I essentially         mandatory screening.          We have mandatory
self-diagnosed and demanded a referral for a                 insurance coverage for prostate cancer screening
colonoscopy. Fortunately, the GI doctor to whom I            and mammography. We have mandatory access to
was referred took me seriously, expedited the                colorectal cancer screening for uninsured or low
process, and scheduled me for a colonoscopy four             income people and mandatory access to treatment
days after first meeting with me.                            should that screening uncover a problem. Yet, we
    A week after my colonoscopy, I underwent                 have no laws requiring universal insurance
major abdominal surgery. I had a foot of my large            coverage of colorectal cancer screening for insured
intestine removed and have a nearly eight-inch scar          New Yorkers who do not fall below certain
to prove it. Had the cancer been caught early                financial parameters and above certain age ranges.
enough, I would not have needed chemotherapy,                It is time to change that deficiency, and excellent
but such was not the case. Indeed, had the cancer            examples exist for us to follow.
been caught early enough, it could have been                     Recently, Arkansas implemented legislation –
removed during the colonoscopy itself, or the mass           The Colorectal Cancer Act of 2005 – to require
of cells might not even have turned cancerous yet.           insurance companies to cover colorectal cancer
Colon cancer is one of the few cancers that can be           screening for people 50 or older. The legislation
prevented before it even starts – polyps in the              also requires insurance companies to cover anyone
intestine can be removed before they become                  under 50 who has a family history of colorectal
malignant, which they typically do.                          cancer or who is experiencing certain symptoms.
    Americans are encouraged to be screened                  The law was drafted in cooperation with insurance
regularly for colon cancer starting at the age of 50,        companies and will be able to accommodate
which is the age cited – statistically speaking – as         advances in screening methods as the related
the time when colon cancer is first preparing to             medicine continues to improve. The Arkansas law
strike. Many insurance companies will cover a                also supports research efforts with regard to early
colonoscopy at that time. However, many                      detection and educational activities to help inform
insurance companies will not cover screening for             the public about colorectal cancer screening.
younger people; even when insurance will cover                   In the summer of 2006 – six months after I
the tests, many doctors are reluctant to refer young         completed my first round of chemotherapy (I now
patients     for    these     “costly”    procedures.        have metastasis and am undergoing a second
Unfortunately, cancer does not pay so much                   round) – I participated in the creation of the 2007
attention to demographics and statistics.                    “Colondar.” It is a calendar featuring colorectal
                                                             cancer survivors, all of whom were diagnosed
    Since my diagnosis, I have learned vast amounts          under the age of 50. The purpose of the calendar is

to help combat the stereotypical notion that                          “THE GOOD WIFE”?
colorectal cancer is a disease that affects only old,
                                                                               by: Dana Salazar
white men. Indeed, most of the Colondar models
were women much younger than me, and I                      The whole crisis boils down to this, Twentieth-century
pondered the question whether younger women                 women have radically changed, and men, by and large,
are affected disproportionately compared to                 did not.”
younger men. The statistics show that young men                                                    Terrence Real
are affected equally, but the consensus was that                                                           Author
women are more willing to talk about such issues.                            Quoted in Albany Times Union, D1
If that is the case, then it is up to women to bring                                             February 8, 2007
this issue to the forefront.
    Historically, women have been able to push for          “The first step toward a remedy, paradoxically, may be
great leaps and alter significant laws related to           to persuade [those less educated and less rewarded
cancer and non-cancer issues alike – from Title IX          women] to value marriage less, to see it less as a state of
to breast cancer to domestic violence. Therefore, I         sacred bliss that cannot be approached until all the
am confident that we can join in the fight to stop          conditions are perfect, and more as a social machine,
colorectal cancer, and I firmly believe that now is         which, if accompanied with the right instruction
the time. We can change perceptions, alter the              manual, can be useful for achieving practical ends”
dialog, and educate doctors and patients alike. In                                                          Editorial
the end, we can save lives.                                  Published in Albany Times Union, story ID 554832
    Taking advantage of my residency in the Capital                                                January 19, 2007
District, I am pursing meetings with lawmakers –
successfully in some instances – to discuss this            “Women workers in the prime working ages of 26 to 59
matter for the legislative agenda. I would welcome          make only 38 percent of what prime-age men earn across
anyone interested in joining me in this effort.             the 15 years in the study. . . . Among those prime age
    I also would welcome participation in my April          adults who work every year and average less than
19th fundraiser to benefit the Colon Club, a not-for-       $15,000 annually, more than 90 percent are women.”
profit organization that produces the Colondar.                           Stephen J. Rose and Heidi I. Hartmann
Proceeds will go toward funding next year’s April                          Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Colondar page and toward a great new project I am              Still a Man’s Labor Market: The Long-Term Earnings
developing with the club to help educate and raise                                                            Gap
awareness about colorectal cancer. A flyer with
more details is included with this newsletter. For             I have heard that poorer women, and minority
further information, please e-mail me at                    women in some cases, are less likely to marry than                                      affluent women. Recently, I have also read that
    For further information about colorectal cancer,        many older, retirement age women are choosing to
please visit The Colon Club website at                      remain single rather than opting for marriage. To view or purchase the                  Assume that the first quote above is generally true
Colondar, please visit                    (that men’s expectations of marriage have
                                                            remained the same and women’s have changed).
*March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.                Also assume that the first part of the second quote
                                                            (that women working full time will make 38% of
                                                            what a man will make) is true because men on
                                                            average work more hours than women do both in
                                                            average hours worked in a year and in terms of
                                                            taking stretches of time off.
                                                               It seems obvious that women work fewer hours
                                                            than men do because they are still the person
                                                            primarily responsible for the household and
                                                            children. “Compared with men, women are more
                                                            likely to work part-time, less likely to work year-
                                                            round, and more likely to have entire years out of
                                                            the labor force” (Rose and Hartman, page iii).

When promotions and merit increases are based, at                         SAVE THE DATE!
least in part, on one’s commitment to the job and
hours present, lifetime wages will be lower for a                        CONVENTION 2007
person not working at least full time with at least           WESTIN RIO MAR BEACH GOLD RESORT & SPA
occasional overtime. A woman returning her                            RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO
attention to a career after focusing on family for a                   THURSDAY MAY 31, 2007-
time, will be earning less than her male
counterparts with no gap in career focus. There is                      MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2007
no way to catch back up even if merit increases and
promotions are given equally to both workers from                    PICTURE YOURSELF AT WBASNY
that point on.                                                            CONVENTION 2007
   The middle quote is from an editorial titled
“Children lose out in a single world.” The author                by: Mindy R. Zlotogura and Linda Morrone,
noted that “[o]nly 10 percent of students at an elite                   Convention 2007 Co-Chairs
college like Cornell are from divorced families . . ..”
The implication is that children from two parent                       We invite you to join us for WBASNY’s 28th
homes are more likely to succeed in college. (Isn’t           annual convention on May 31, 2007 through June 4,
there also an implication that wealthy parents of             2007 at the Westin Rio Mar just outside of San Juan,
children that can afford an “elite college” are less          Puerto Rico.        For 27 consecutive years the
likely to divorce?) So why are these lower income             WBASNY Convention has been the site of
women and retirement age women less likely to                 innovative programs and speakers, given our
marry? Is it because the men that are available               members an opportunity to network in a relaxed
(presumably lower income or no-income men)                    atmosphere and provided us with the opportunity
have much less to bring to the relationship if they           to publicly honor the achievements of our
are unwilling or unable to contribute to household            members. We have traveled as far away as New
and child-rearing chores?                                     Orleans, Montreal, Florida and Washington D.C.
   At the risk of making sweeping generalities that           We have also enjoyed the hospitality of local
do not fit everyone, traditionally if a man gains a           chapters across the state.
wife he gains at the very least a homemaker. He                  This year’s statewide convention committee has
may also gain an income stream. If his wife is not
                                                              worked hard to live up to the achievements of the
working outside the home, he is likely to gain a full
time caretaker – for his needs. The opposite is               past and to bring you yet another unforgettable
hardly likely for a woman. If a woman gains a                 convention weekend. If you have any doubt about
husband and he doesn’t work, she still may gain a             the facility, we urge you to visit the hotel’s web site
person expecting a caretaker – for his needs. So              at The Westin is a truly
while the editorial above seems to suggest that               luxurious beach front resort with phenomenal
women’s expectations are too high when it comes               conference facilities. Indulge yourself with a day at
to marriage, perhaps they are exactly where they              the spa, challenge yourself to a round of golf, play
should be. Perhaps these women are conscious of
exactly what marriage means and they know that                some tennis or just enjoy the beach. Special
gaining a husband is not the same as gaining a                facilities are available for children ages 4-12 and for
wife.                                                         teenagers. While you may be tempted to spend all
   I have joked before that I would love to have a            of your time at the resort, we have planned a group
traditional wife. (My husband has made the same               excursion to the El Yunque Carribbean Rain Forest
joke . . .). But seriously, what are the “practical           for Friday afternoon and a second trip to historical
ends” that are gained when wives are adding                   Old San Juan on Saturday afternoon. Other
responsibilities without husbands adding any? It
may just seem easier to a woman to continue to try            excursions are in the works or may be arranged
to do it all – have a family, a husband, and a career.        directly from the hotel.
And, perhaps, those Cornell students with intact                 This year we have the following 8 CLE
parental unions are the result of affluent couples            programs scheduled: Get What You Pay For-
able to outsource many of the traditional                     Business Valuation; Challenges of Trying a
responsibilities of homemaking. If husbands are               Matrimonial Case; Decision Making Ability in
not up for vacuuming and dusting, and wives have              Estate Planning; Ethics and Professionalism in a
less time for it – hiring a housekeeper is an option
                                                              Pro Bono Case; Immigration-Should They Stay or
only for those couples able to afford it.
   But I bet the person they hire is not a man.               Should They Leave; Intellectual Property; CPLR
                                                              Update; and How Perception Can Affect Your

Practice.    CLE courses will begin on Friday                             Meghan Keenholts, Esq.
morning so, plan on being with us on Thursday                                  E. Stewart Jones
evening for a lavish pool party complete with live                             28 Second Street
                                                                               Troy, NY 12180
musical entertainment.
                                                                                (518) 274-5820
    On Friday evening we will be honoring                     Appellate practice, litigation (medical malpractice),
WBASNY’s award recipients.            On Saturday            (negligence/torts/products liability, (personal injury)
evening we will be honoring the out-going officers
and installing a new slate of officers for 2007-2008.                   Alice Walker Leaman, Esq.
This year we will also be paying tribute to the                       Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP
accomplishments of current and past Chapter                           30 South Pearl Street, 12th Floor
                                                                             Albany, NY 12207
Presidents. All members are encouraged to take a
                                                                               (518) 431-6702
Journal ad to honor our award recipients,                         Corporate/commercial, health, not-for-profit
WBASNY officers, and Chapter Presidents.                                         corporations
Information about Journal Ads and other
sponsorship opportunities are available on-line at                      Monique B. McBride, Esq. or can be arranged by contacting                     Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC
WBASNY’s headquarters.                                                     219 Great Oaks Blvd
    Watch the mail for registration materials. You                          Albany, NY 12203
                                                                              (518) 464-6000
will also be able to register on-line at                                    Family, matrimonial We look forward to seeing you
all in Puerto Rico.                                                          Jessica Meigher, Esq.
                                                                       15 North Helderberg Parkway
                                                                            Slingerlands, NY 12159
Attention law firms: If you have a position you would               Labor, employment, family, matrimonial,
like advertised, you can have it published in the            discrimination/civil rights, litigation (personal injury)
CDWBA Newsletter for FREE! Send your information                           Kelly M. Oliver, Esq.
by the 15th of the month to CDWBA Newsletter, P.O.                         MapInfo Corporation
Box 3747, Albany, New York 12203 or e-mail it to                              One Global View                                                          Troy, NY 12180
                                                                                (518) 285-7217
                                                                  Corporate/commercial, intellectual property
                                                                   (copyright/trademark/patent), technology
                                                                       Sustaining Members
We are pleased to welcome the following NEW
MEMBERS:                                                              (renewing since February)
                                                                             Peter Danziger, Esq.
              Jennifer Albright, Esq.
                                                                          Diane Lufkin Schilling, Esq.
             21 Everett Road Extension
                 Albany, NY 12205
                   (518) 459-1819                              WBASNY ANNOUNCES 2007
                 Family, matrimonial
                                                                 AWARD RECIPIENTS
           Carolyn A. D’Agostino, Esq.
             PO Box 88, 240 Ford Road                           The WBASNY Awards Committee met at the
                Melrose, NY 12121                           January Board of Directors meeting to review and
                   (518) 391-9650                           discuss the chapters’ nominees for the 2007
   Pension consultation and QDRO preparation for            WBASNY awards. After careful consideration, the
     matrimonial attorneys, estate planning and             Committee voted to select the following
                 disability advocacy
                                                            individuals to receive the awards.
           Michele Mealy Fatone, Esq.                           The Joan L. Ellenbogen Founders Award is
               1334 Union Street                            given to a distinguished member of the bar whose
            Schenectady, NY 12308                           acts exemplify the essence of justice, thereby
                 (518) 395-2525                             demonstrating harmony with the founding

principles of WBASNY, for a singular outstanding
achievement, a series of significant involvements or
                                                                  ALBANY COUNTY BAR
a lifetime of constancy of purpose in advancing the                 ANNOUNCES THE
status of women in society and the law. This year’s                FOLLOWING CLE’s:
Founders Award recipient is WBASNY past
president and Rockland chapter member, Ellen B.                Article 78. March 15. Speakers: Jeffrey H.
                                                            Sherrin, O’Connell & Aronowitz, Senior Partner/Co-
Holtzman. This is the first time a member of the
                                                            Chair of Health Law Dept. and Wayne L. Benjamin,
Rockland Chapter will be receiving a WBASNY                 Deputy Solicitor General of Appeals & Opinions, NYS
Award.                                                      Attorney General’s Office. 2 CLE credits
      The Marilyn R. Menge Award is given to an                   State and Federal Bar Criminal Law Update.
outstanding member of WBASNY who has made                   March 22. Speakers: F. Stanton Ackerman, Henry
valuable and significant contributions to a chapter         Greenberg, Prof. Pat Connors, Sarah Lord and
or to the statewide organization. The award is              Raymond Kelly. CLE Credits 7 hours professional
named in honor of a member whose work ensured               practice and 1 hour of ethics.
WBASNY’s early success and who was a member
of the Capital District Chapter.         This year’s        For more information, call 445-7691.
recipient is Joan E. McNichol, past-president of
WBASNY and long time member of the Suffolk
Chapter.                                                             TOP TEN TIPS FOR
      The Hanna S. Cohn Pro Bono Award is given                    SOLE PRACTITIONERS
to a WBASNY member for contributions to the                   Sponsored by the Sole Practitioners and Small Firm
provision of pro bono legal services to the
community in which the member practices, beyond                                  Committee
the recipient’s employment responsibilities. This                    DATE: Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Years recipient is Melinda R. Saran, Co-chair of                              TIME: 6:00 p.m.
WBASNY’s Amicus Curiae Committee and a                                PLACE: The Spada Law Firm,
member of the Western New York Chapter.                                  107 Everett Road, Albany
                                                                    Pizza and beverages will be served
      The Doris S. Hoffman Outstanding New
Lawyer Award is given to a WBASNY member
                                                               To register and for more information contact
who, as of December 31st prior to the convention at
                                                                Maggie Tabak at or
which the award will be presented, has been a
member of the bar for not more than five (5) years,
and who has made outstanding achievements
within the profession or outstanding contributions
within WBASNY, or both. The award is named in
honor of WBASNY’s 1994-1995 President, who                             Albany Law School
encouraged new lawyers to become active                                         presents the
contributors to their profession and community,                 12th Annual Kate Stoneman Day
and mentored them on how to do so. This year’s                             Thursday, March 22, 2007
recipient is Danielle M. McCann, Co-chair of                      5:00 p.m. Program and Awards Presentation
WBASNY’s Fundraising Committee and member                              Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom
of the Central New York Chapter.                                          KEYNOTE - Cheryl D. Mills
      The Stephanie E. Kupferman Juvenile Justice                          2007 Stoneman Honorees
Award is an award established and endowed by                                    Cheryl D. Mills
the Honorable Theodore R. Kupferman in 1999 and                                  Marina Angel
named in honor of WBASNY member Stephanie E.                     2006 Visiting Stoneman Professor of Law and
Kupferman. This award is given to a WBASNY                                        Democracy
member who has shown outstanding achievement
in legal matters involving juveniles over a period of                       Hon. Leslie E. Stein ‘81
three or more years as a prosecutor, defense                                  Sharon P. Stiller ‘75
counsel, law guardian or judge.          This year’s                          6:00 p.m. Reception
recipient is Jo Ann Douglas, member of the New                                     East Foyer
York Chapter.                                                      R.S.V.P. By Friday, March 16, 2007 to
      The awards will be presented at WBASNY’s                               Tammy Weinman
annual Awards dinner on Friday, June 1, 2007,
during WBASNY’s annual convention in Puerto                        at #445-3210 or

One of the benefits of CDWBA membership
includes the opportunity to share information
concerning    the    occurrence   of    significant
professional and personal events with other
members. Any member may submit relevant
information and photographs concerning such
events, including but not limited to professional
and    academic     achievements,    changes     in
employment status, candidacy for elective office,
marriages and births.       Please submit such
information to

Mar 6    Legal Clinic
         Albany Public Library
Mar 7    Legal Clinic
Mar 7    Legal Clinic
Mar 8    Legal Clinic
         South End
Mar 8    Raising the Bar: Pioneering Women
         Lawyers in the NYS Attorney General’s
         5:00 p.m., Albany Law School, Room 200
Mar 13   CDWBA Board Meeting
         Legal Project
         5:45 p.m.
Mar 14   Legal Clinic
         Unity House
Mar 22   Legal Clinic
Mar 22   Kate Stoneman Day
         5:00 p.m., Albany Law School
Mar 27   Diversity Panel
         Albany Law School, 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Mar 27   Sole Practitioners and Small Firm
         Program, 6:00 p.m., The Spada Law Firm
Mar 28   Legal Clinic
Mar 28   CDWBA CLE: Marketing and Ethics
         11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
         Crowne Plaza Hotel
Mar 29   Annual Judicial Reception
Apr 3    Legal Clinic
         Albany Public Library
Apr 4    Legal Clinic

Please make sure to submit notices of events by
the 15th of the month to for
publication in the newsletter.


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