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									              The Global Market for Medical Devices
Published Date : 1 March 2010

Pages : 145

The medical device market is vast and everything from a large imaging system to a disposable item
can be classified as a type of medical device. Throughout the past decade,It has covered many device
markets in detail. Certain areas such as infusion pumps, patient monitoring and catheters have shown
promising growth. Others have solid market leaders earning stable revenue. What are the best
markets for medical devices? Who are the main participants and what have been their recent
competitive moves? What can makers of medical devices and those making investments in the market
expect from device companies for the next five years? How has the industry fared in the recent global

This report, The Global Market for Medical Devices answers these questions and examines the global
medical device industry and the key competitors participating in it. As part of its coverage, the report

       Current Medical Device Market and Forecast
       Regional Breakout of Device Market (US, Europe, Asia, ROW)
       Discussion of Hospital Spending, Population and other Trends
       Look at Key Device Markets (Pacemakers, Catheters, Imaging Equipment, Stents, Respiratory
        Equipment, Wound Care and Other Areas)
       Market Share of Competitors
       Profiles of Top Medical Device Companies

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