; The Event
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The Event


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									         The Event
           by wrathex

   A post apocalyptic account of
         The Event in 2012
     from a lonely survivor in a
flooded and depopulated Cape Town

I sit on the stoep watching the huge flock of hadedas peck at the soaked soil, shoving their long

beaks rhythmically into the mud, they remind me of the the old Pink Floyd video starring the

marching hammers.

I feel nostalgic this morning, I miss my computer, the internet, watching dvd's, the microwave oven,

it's been 15 years since the event and I'm desperately lonely.

It's quiet now that the machines are off, but not that quiet, early morning as the sun rises, the waking

calls of the birds are crisp and clear, down in the flooded valley the hippos hoot, they arrived about

6 years ago, I'm not sure from where, maybe from a nearby game farm.

I don't miss the sound of weed eaters, air conditioners and the hum of overstuffed highways,

at least I have that.

I kept blogging even after the event, only I now blog on paper, which I have in endless supply

having scrounged for supplies at the few remaining homes and businesses above the flood line.

The first 5 years after the event was the worst, the world stank of rotting corpses, the survivors so

shocked, so incapable, most died of the terrible diseases that followed, unable to care for

themselves, unable to survive in a world suddenly without governments, officials, police, medical

and emergency services, electricity, electronics and technology.

I don't know why I made it, why I'm still here, of course there are other people around, I've seen

them here and there, at night I see their little fires and I smell their smoke and braai and on occasion

I hear their voices, I once heard the singing of a woman, I think it was a Xhosa song, it was

beautiful and sad.

I'm careful about being seen, being a woman, I know the danger that is man, the viciousness,

the murderousness, the rape, even now in a world where few are left, there is still madness,

hatred, violence, it is after all part of the nature of man.

I've barricaded the house, there was already burglar bars on the outside, but I ripped planks from

nearby buildings and barred the windows from the inside.

I gathered medicines, and walked my legs off lugging canisters of gas, and then water enough to

last me till the end, the little gas stove I had bought in Thailand and brought with me back home to

Stellenbosch was a little life saver, so easy to use.

The first few years I was a bit crazy, heartbroken from losing my children, or should I say

not knowing where they are, how they died, if they live, or if they went up, my daughter was

working as an au pair in Amsterdam and my son was at Cambridge University in England. Oh god

I miss them.

My husky died from old age year before last, I lay beside her, curled up in a spoon position my arm

over her and when I woke up in the morning, she was cold and stiff, I could barely take it, I wept

and wept, I think, not only for her, but for everything, for all the death, heartache, pain and

suffering, sometimes the burden is too much.

I still don't know exactly what the event was, I think it started when Israel was nuked, one minute it

was all over the TV channels & You Tube, the next minute all electricity and electronics failed,

outside the sky became weird, it was like the auroras, only it was everywhere and it was static, as if

it was an electromagnetic event. Lightning arched all across the skies, horizontally and vertically,

then the earthquakes, the earth shaking, and the ground rolling as if it was waves on the ocean.

The UFOs appeared within hours and people and animals and plants lifted off the ground as if

in some sort of beam and were taken into the ships, only when I saw the UFOs did I realise it was

worldwide, or that's what I think, I have no way of knowing for a fact, I can only surmise.

I was at home, when it happened, I was online, watching the news reports about the nuking of

Israel and was about to post a comment about it in the forum when the electricity went off and that's

when I saw the sky and all the hair on my body stood erect, a feeling of a light shock went through

my body, I feeling of impending doom and death - visions of what I had read in Revelations in the

Bible flashed through my mind at that moment and that's when the quakes began.

I tried calling Jessica (my daughter, and I was going to call my son Tron next), but my cellphone

was dead too, I panicked, I ran around the house closing the windows, hands shaking, my legs like

jelly, my eyes drawn to the spectacle in the sky, I had never been so scared, it was absolutely


The house shook, objects tumbled out of cupboards and off racks, my dog whined and went to

lie under my bed, Ella my cat was lying in a sunny spot on the roof and jumped down into the

pepper tree and came whizzing into the house, in a state of petrification, and when I went to my

bedroom, my cockatiel Vlerkies was dead, she had died of shock when the quakes started.

In my state of shock, my senses expanded, I saw the grains of objects, details usually taken for

granted, I experienced a deafening silence and heard a distant roaring all at the same time, I could

also hear and feel my heart beat, pounding fast and loudly and as if from very very far away I heard

screaming, yelping, crashing, breaking.

I went and crouched with Laika my dog under the bed, Ella was there too, her hair remained erect

for quite a while, she sat under my desk in the corner.

It was surreal, the three of us crouching together while the world changed around us, after a while

my body cramped, I was lying in one position, I suppose I too, like Ella was petrified, I got up, and

went to Jess's old bedroom and looked through the window and that's when I saw people, animals

and plants drifting up into the air.

I gaped, frozen and at first didn't even see the UFOs and when I did, I nearly died of shock. I can't

remember the details, I was too far gone, but I think it was mostly children and young people who

went up, I don't know, some plants and animals too, I think I saw some dogs, cats, I saw an ostrich

and a cycad go up. I don't know how long I gaped, but I came out of my stupor and again my senses

changed, a distant roaring was coming from the south, from Somerset-West way, I looked and saw

the wall of water, I cannot describe what it is you feel beyond fear, when fear itself seems

benevolent to what is beyond fear.

I had a near death experience, for a few seconds I seemed to lift out of my body and see myself

standing at the window, gaping, I remember seeing that my hair was white instead of red, I looked

small and fragile and I had a feeling of great compassion for myself down there.

It was 17 minutes past eleven in the morning, on Friday the 21st of December 2012, Jes and Tron

were going to fly home for Christmas on the 22nd and all I could think about was them, for a while

my mind was broken, I was insane, I kept looping the same thought, which was oh my god, Jes and

Tron, oh my god, Jes and Tron, it was a mantra, it was all I was capable of.

The out of body experience faded and suddenly I felt the heaviness of gravity and I was back in my

body seeing the sea coming, the wall of water came close to my home high up on the slopes of

Stellenbosch mountain and everything lower down was submerged, afterwards I found dead fish,

birds, shells, seaweed and debris all over the garden and in the pool.

The water came rushing, gurgling, and at the same time, the earth kept shaking, when I walked or

stood, it was as if I was drunk and off-balance, so many things were happening at once, the sky was

not blue or grey or anything natural, the lightening was definately not normal lightning, it was

something else and truelly just like in the old Asterix and Obelix stories, it felt as if the sky was

falling on our heads.

The UFOs I saw were of many different types, there was the typical saucer types that governments

had denied existed for so long, there was large saucers and smaller ones, I also saw UFOs that were

cigar shaped, they were higher up and seemed to have some sort of field around them, as they could

be clearly seen even though the sky around them was in turmoil, I saw ships that looked like big

buttons, some looked like wheels with spokes radiating from a central axis, others looked like the

Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series, some looked like gargantuan submarines and I think I

saw several (about 3) that were of immense size, these were higher, further away and in my fertile

imagination I think they were mother ships, but I'm talking really big, almost moon sized.

I comfort myself with the thought that my children went up, they were after all, young and healthy,

there were intelligent, creative and gentle, but the truth is, that I really don't know and there are

times that the doubt gnaws at me. I dream about them, my dreams are very vivid, I dream we are

just doing ordinary family stuff, decorating a Christmas tree, wrapping gifts, eating Quality Street

sweets and drinking wine, I even dream that they were with me when the event happened, I dream

that Tron, Jes and I looted abandoned buildings together, that we found silly things in homes, that

we laughed together, lugging all kinds of stuff to our home. When I wake up from the dreams, I am

depressed, my heart aches, I am listless and think of suicide, I am unbearably lonely then.

The heartache and chaos, death, destruction, stink and disease in the aftermath was something

terrible, most who survived or who did not go up, became incapable of taking care of themselves,

some committed suicide, most died of the diseases, of drinking and eating contaminated food, I

think Koeberg nuclear power station on the West Coast was broken, probably from a wave or the

quakes, I think I've survived because I was more informed about such things as radiation and

disease than most, or should I say, I was more paranoia about it, my sense of self-preservation

kicking in and the thought that perhaps, somehow I would be re-united with my children.

I gathered sealed water containers, canned food and looted the Radiation Medicine Labs at

Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic for information, tablets and purifying chemicals.

I think those of us that are left are all sterile, in the fifteen years since the event, I have not heard the

cry of a baby or seen a child. I think most of us are old now, I think human civilisation is over, the

UFOs departed and have never been back.

In my crazy lonely mind I imagine that humans deserved what happened, we were out of control,

making war, violent and murderous crime had become the norm, most of the population was poor

before the event, and the rich lived in bubble societies in obscene luxury and safety, rich countries

plundered poorer countries, terrorism was everywhere, religious fanatics were killing people left

right and centre, it was a world on the edge of catastrophe anyway.

Something has disturbed the hadedas, they rise up from the mud and take to the sky, their cries echo

forlornly over the water reverberating off the Stellenbosch berg and now they remind me of


                                               * * *


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