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					                                Home workout routines for
                                women may absolutely include
                                abdominal exercise. This is a
                                great workout to make a flatter
                                stomach. What’s good about this
workout is that you don’t need to go to enroll yourself in the gym
to get a good abs workout. Another good thing about this is that
it can be than one at a time, what you just need is just a
minimum of 15 minutes. Some of the following abs workout
routines may include the following:

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Squat and Toss: You can perform this workout with the help of a
medicinal ball. Now, on the floor, place the ball and put your feet
in front. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower down
yourself into a squat position. Then pick up the ball with your
both hands. After you are done, throw the ball in the air about
three feet and catch it then squat back down, let the ball touch
the floor. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times.

Twist: Also with the use of a medicine ball, stand with your back
at least 2 feet away from the wall. Hold your medicine ball in your
hands and keep your shoulder width apart. While holding the ball,
stretch your arms out, shoulder level. Then turn your body slowly
to one side until you are able to touch the wall using the ball.

Leg Raises: This exercise is very simple, you don’t need any
accessories in order to perform it. What you just need is a room
with enough space for you to execute this workout. Doing leg
raises is done first by, lying on the floor with your legs straight.
Make sure that you’re legs are parallel to the floor, then slowly lift
your legs for up to 45 degrees and slowly go back to your original
position. Repeat this exercise at least 15 – 25 times.
You can easily achieve your body’s top performance in doing each
workout. Remember that home workout routines for women don’t
need to be complicated.

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