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									                                        ST JOHN’S
                           PREPARATORY SCHOOL
                             NEWSLETTER No. 5
                                10 May 2007
Dear Parents and Boys

Welcome back! I have no doubt everyone        a mismatch between curriculum content
enjoyed a relaxing and much needed            and assessment, especially at Matric
break. Once again this is going to be a       level. Notwithstanding, OBE (the revised
busy term. Soccer starts immediately          national curriculum) has been highly
with trials and numerous festivals.           successful in a number of schools in South
Squash, tennis and rock climbing will be      Africa. One lesson, however, that needs
the other activities taking place this        to be learned from the Australian
term. It’s great to see the boys back at      experience is that any form of curriculum
school and full of enthusiasm.                development needs to acknowledge
                                              content and be flexible not only to
As you know during the holidays I had the     individual schools but also to the broader
wonderful opportunity to visit Schools in     South African context and global demands
Australia and New Zealand and attend the      and more importantly not be restricted by
International Confederation of Principals     bureaucracy.        More in my next
(ICP) in Auckland. I am presently writing     newsletter!
a report on the Conference and visit and
will include points of interest and           To all those who participated in the IQAA
relevant issues in my next newsletter.        Evaluation, my thanks for responding to
Just to mention briefly, however,             the questionnaire. We had a response
technology is a priority area in the          rate of over 85%. We have received the
curriculum with all schools having an         qualitative findings from IQAA and the
eclectic blend of lap tops, computer labs,    external part of the evaluation has
tablets and smart boards. Sport on the        already commenced. Brian Williams is
other hand (despite superb facilities) is     our external mentor. Inasmuch as the
not given the same emphasis in the            purpose of any evaluation is to look to
curriculum with only one practice and one     school improvement, the findings of the
match per week! All matches are played        study will be most useful in further
only on a Wednesday afternoon and are         developing the formal and informal
completed by 3:30 pm. Boys can choose         curriculum. Parents, boys and teachers
from a variety of sports but have to select   have participated in the process, and
only one sport. Most schools have superb      findings to date are most positive and
music auditoriums and libraries.       The    encouraging.
curriculum is under review at national                                        M. Workman
level as Outcome Based Education (OBE)
has failed in a number of areas as there is        Worry does not empty tomorrow of its
                                                sorrows; it empties today of its strength.
                                                                                   C. Boom
“Spud: the Madness                              Music Teachers’
Continues”                                      Conference
On Thursday last week, it was a great           During the April holidays Anita Rossouw
honour for the Prep to host a breakfast         attended the South African Society of
for the now famous author of the “Spud”         Music Teachers’ Conference at Rhodes
books, John van de Ruit. John’s                 University, Grahamstown.
wonderfully laid back style of
presentation lent it self to a most             The theme of the conference was:
enjoyable morning in which the author           Improvisation – Revisited. It consisted of
entertained us with wonderful anecdotes         lectures and workshops and was very
relating to his latest publication “Spud:       professionally presented. The interest of
the Madness Continues.” He answered             St John’s College was especially in the
numerous questions, many relating to the        Marimba Band used as a tool for
“realness” of the amusing characters that       improvisation in Class Music. We learned
John so expertly describes in both the          much of interest in this regard. The
books. The interest generated by this           management of The South African Society
author’s visit led to the sale and              of Music Teachers expressed its
autographing of many, many of his books.        appreciation on St John’s attendance of
                                                the conference.
                         Mrs Nicky Sulter                               Mrs Anita Rossouw

Mrs Popplewell getting her copy signed by John van de Ruit
St John’s boys lining up to get their copies autographed

Some Roedean girls were able to visit and get their copies autographed
                                           dice and when they attained the required
Upper I’s D&T Lesson                       number, they then had to go through a
On Monday this week, Mr Gunning took
                                           process of dressing up before being able
the Upper 1’s for Design and Technology.
                                           to attack a slab of chocolate – all whilst
They played a game to see the value of
                                           the rest of the boys continued to throw
step-by-step planning in a practical
                                           the dice in order to get a chance to dress
situation. The boys had a wonderful time
                                           up and gobble some chocolate as well.
playing this game. They had to throw
                                                                      Mr Jon Gunning

Upper ID during D & T

                                                 Long Legged Jack Russell

                                             A home is desperately needed
                                             for a beautiful 4 year old male
                                             Jack Russell called “Jack”. He is
                                             very friendly, loves children and
                                             needs a garden to run in. If you
                                             know of anyone who could give
                                             him a good loving home, please
                                             contact Jenny Saunders on 082
                                             3768 232
Roedean and St John’s
On Wednesday 4th April, Upper Three
students from St John’s and Roedean met     asked to vote for the best argument. In
to hold a combined debate in the Fred       the end, the vote favoured the
England Centre. The motion for discussion   proposition. Lara Tendereni was
was: The death penalty should be            commended as Best Speaker for the
reinstated in South Africa.                 morning. Contestants and spectators
                                            then enjoyed juice and a snack together
Students from both schools who were         before the Roedean girls left on the long
interested in participating in the debate   walk home.
were asked to prepare a short
presentation and then best candidates       Based on the success of this event, we
were selected to meet and form              have organized two further debates this
combined St John’s and Roedean teams.       term on the 6th June (at Roedean) and the
A preparation session was held on           18th July (at St John’s).
Thursday afternoon where
teams were able to discuss arguments and    The boys said:
prepare their speakers and floor
members. St John’s speakers were             “I really enjoyed the debate. It was very
Mohamed Sacranie, Milan Conkic and          exciting and I really learned a great deal
Jack de la Fargue. Roedean’s candidates     from it.” M. Kaskar
were Emily Asbury, Jacqueline Smit and      “This was a fun, exhilarating experience
Lara Tendereni.                             and there wasn’t much that could have
                                            been done to make it more competitive.”
The arguments put forward were well         M. Conkic
researched and convincing – and the         “Just watching this debate was fun and
debate proved more than entertaining.       exciting. I regret not speaking – but next
All Upper Three students from both          time! What an educational experience.”
schools attended the debate and were        S. Kalyan.
                                                                       Mrs Margot Long
                                             Jaishil Modi played in the U12 section of the
                                             SA Junior Chess Championships held in March
                                             2007. After two nail-biting playoffs, he was
                                             placed 2nd in the U12 age group.

                                               Well-styled boys’ hair cuts (R40) with Dee!
Karate                                                     Across Rice Field
Zayan Daya entered the regional Goju Kai                     (7 Elm Street)
Karate tournament on Saturday, 3 March. He       Tel: 011-648 6367 / 082 462 6813
won a silver medal for Kata and a bronze
medal for Kumite.                                 P.S. I also do Moms cuts and colours

                   Trinity Term 2007

                                                                                                                                  D.H. Lawrence
                                                                                  one’s mistakes, and the second in which to profit by them.
                                                                                  If only we could live two lives: the first in which to make
Welcome to a new term of tennis.

Tennis times as follows from Monday, 10 May 2007:

Mondays     -     14h00 to 15h00 U11, U12 and Open

Tuesdays    -     14h00 to 15h00 U9 and U10

Thursdays -       Matches for the team players

Fridays     -     13h30 to 14h30 Practice for the team players

The Inter-House matches will be played on:

Tuesday 29 May for the Juniors
Thursday 31 May for the Seniors.

We look forward to an enjoyable term!
Jean Clarence (Cell: 083 287 5182)
                                                        U10A                U10B
                                                        Played 4            Played 3
                                                        Won 3               Won 3
                                                        Lost 1

Soccer                                                  U9A                 U9B
                                                        Played 5            Played 3
                                                        Won 5               Won 2
Saturday, 5 May                                                             Lost 1
Ist Team

vs The Ridge           lost    1-0                               Have you lost a Blazer or
vs Redhill             drew    1-1                               jersey or any of your
vs St Stithians        won     1-0
                                                                 school uniform??? Have
vs WHPS                lost    2-1
vs KEPS                lost    2-0                               a look in the Library as
vs de la Salle         lost    2-0                               our boxes are overflowing
                                                                 with lost property.
2nds                   U11A
Played 4               Played 6
Won 2                  Won 1
Lost 1                 Lost 3
Drew 1                 Drew 2

                                                                                  The longer you
                           Come and pamper yourself!!                             delay admitting a
                                                                                  mistake the more
      Mechelle has a luxurious Beauty Salon behind the Johannian Club.            time you waste
                              MAY SPECIALS!!                                      yourself.
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      •    Free foot massage with every mini facial
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               - 10 x 20 min Lymphatic Drainage Massage                           When you have
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               - Centimetre and cellulite loss (including detoxifying and
                  reoxygenating)                                                  say nothing!
                                                                                            C. Colton
                               Contact Mechelle on
                                 011-487 1970
Don’t forget tickets for the play!!!
                                           Thank     you   for   your
                                           response to our earlier
                                           communication regarding
                                           the Prep history book
                                           Greater Than We Know by
                                           Walter         Macfarlane,
                                           indicating your interest in
                                           purchasing a copy.

                                           We are happy to inform
                                           you that the book has been
                                           published and is available
                                           from      the     Marketing
                                           Department        (opposite
                                           Reception in the main
                                           archway) at a cost of
                                           R260.00       per     copy,
                                           excluding postage. If you
                                           would prefer, we are able
                                           to charge the book to your
                                           son’s school account (in
                                           this case please advise
                                           whether you would like to
                                           collect personally or have
                                           it sent home with your

Postage Costs:
South Africa           R 50,00 (including registration)
Elsewhere in Africa    R150,00 (insured parcel post)
Out of Africa          R200,00 (insured parcel post)

    Please indicate whether you wish your copy to be posted or
      collected by contacting Angie O’Brien on (011) 645-3112
The   Swop Shop will open during the following times:
  •   Monday 12h00 – 14h00
  •   Tuesday 12h00 – 14h00
  •   Thursday 12h00 – 14h00

We are in desperate need of more mothers to assist us in
the Swop Shop. If you are willing to help, please contact
                        me on
                      082 456 0551
                                            Rose Dryden
   A well-known speaker started his talk by holding up a R200 note and asking,
   “Who would like this R200 note?”

   Hands started going up. He said, “I am going to give this R200 to one of you,
   but first, let me do this.” He proceeded to crumple up the R200 note and then
   asked, “Who still wants it?” Still the hands were up in the air.

   “Well,” he replied, “what if I do this?” And he dropped it on the ground and
   started to grind it into the floor with his shoe.

   He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty, and asked, “Now, who still wants it?”

   And still the hands went into the air.

   “My friends,” he said, “we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter
   what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in
   value. It was still worth R200.

   “Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and ground into the dirt by
   the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We may feel
   as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will
   happen, you will never lose your value.

   “Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who
   DO LOVE you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we
   know, but by WHO WE ARE.”

                                            Source: Adapted from Internet wit and wisdom

Nothing will ever be attempted if all
possible objectives must be first
overcome.                                                        Michael Workman
                          S. Johnson                                Headmaster

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