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									Water Fasting

For those engaging in water fasting, they have decided to only consume
water for that period of time. This is to help curb hunger pangs and to
ensure they don’t become dehydrated. A person that fasts but consumes
plenty of water helps to offset various types of damage to their body as
well. You do have to be careful though as you can get very ill by
consuming too much water. People tend to take in twice as much of it when
they are fasting.

There are many different reasons why people choose to water fast. Most do
it for religious reasons. It depends on how strong their spiritual
beliefs are though and what faith they are a part of. For monks this is
still a common part of their traditions and routines that they faithfully
follow. For many others they decide to give up a certain type of food for
a span of time rather than giving up all foods.

Others want to do something to make their bodies healthier so the engage
in water fasting. They want to cleanse their body of the various
impurities. They also want their body to feed off their fat reserves so
they can build more muscle. Some people think water fasting is an easy
way to drop pounds quickly. Yet they often gain them right back once they
start to eat again.

Sometimes a person does water fasting under the advice of medical
professionals. This process is highly debated so it will depend on what
your personal preferences are. Most medical professionals agree that
water fasting for three days isn’t going to cause any serious harm for
most people. Some strongly believe a series of water fasting for at least
five days can help a person to overcome various types of illnesses.

It is best if you always consult with a doctor before you engage in any
type of water fasting. While it can hold some value you don’t want to
risk damaging your body from it. Not everyone is healthy enough for water
fasting to be a good idea. You also don’t want to do it too often or you
can create some very serious health problems for yourself.

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