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Fasting relates to not eating or drinking either certain items or for a
particular period of time. Some people fast in an effort to make a
statement of protest against something. Others do it for religious
reasons or because they have read that it can speed up their metabolism
and they are doing everything they can to get into shape. Many athletes
believe that fasting will help them to be able to cleanse their body of
toxins in a manner that is very natural.

This process can involve not eating anything at all or only removing
certain food items from the diet. Many individuals that fast completely
allow themselves to continue drinking only water. This keeps them from
becoming as hungry and it also ensures that they will remain hydrated.
Others also drink juice while fasting as it helps their body to get some
of the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Many individuals feel that fasting is an important part of their
spiritual growth. There are many passages in the Bible that refer to
fasting and so it is a part of many different religions. For some
families only the adults fast while in others they expect their children
to take part in it as well. For some this is a form of child abuse but if
the parents are doing it for religious reasons then it isn’t classified
as so.

Some people fast as a way for them to explore what goes on in other
countries. They may want to help with relief efforts for those starving
in third world countries. They agree to fast for a period of several days
so they can feel first hand what it is like for these individuals on a
daily basis. As a result they are more compassionate and work harder to
help make changes in such countries.

It is a good idea to speak with your doctor about fasting. It can be very
dangerous for your body if you do it too often. It can also deprive your
body of the essential nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. A person
that fasts for too long at one period of time or too often can do
irreversible damage to their liver. A person may also experience high
blood pressure due to the process of fasting.

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