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					                          THE TRUMPET

Volume 7 No. 1                                Local 854, I.A.F.F. AFL-CIO                                          March 2006
                         President’s Report
                              As I put pen to paper to write this   pointing recently between Mayor Bloomberg and PBA
                          article, a tentative agreement is in      President Pat Lynch on exactly who is responsible for the
                          the process of being signed. This         lower salaries; the fact of the matter is that both the City
                          agreement comes after many                appointed arbitrator and the PBA appointed arbitrator
                          months of tough negotiations. We          signed off on the agreement.
                          explored every possible way to
                                                                       Your Executive Board has explored every possibility to
                          create value in this round of
                                                                    create value, and we hired our own independent actuary
                          bargaining. In order to attain the 5%
                                                                    to analyze cost savings for every item put on the
                          & 5% raises that were given in the
                                                                    negotiating table. We have all lost our patience at times
                          PBA PERB award, all uniformed
                                                                    but we never lost sight of our goal of not stretching
                          unions had to find 4.24% in savings
                                                                    incumbent members and to make every effort to minimize
 in order to fund the raise; or to put it bluntly 4.24%
                                                                    the stretch of new Lieutenants.
 “givebacks”. While other unions did this in large part by
 selling their “unborn”, the UFOA met the challenge to                  I want to give a special thank you to our Delegates and
 creatively find other savings. “Unborn Captains, Battalion         Negotiating Advisory Committee who have guided us
 Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs” are UFOA members. And our                along the way. You elected all of us to represent you and
 true “unborn” are firefighters who like all of us gave up          I thank the entire membership for your patience.
 part of their lives to study for promotion.
         Of course we all know why we are dealing with
 attrition bargaining. When the starting salary of new police
 officers was reduced to $25,000 in arbitration, it forced all
 other unions to match the value created in that
 questionable award. There has been a lot of finger

 UFOA Legislative Report                                            eliminate the need to decline your accumulated terminal
 By Capt. John Dunne                                                leave days. This will require a City Council home rule
                         I am now serving as the UFOA
                                                                    • Heart bill amendment that will include disabilities
                     Albany Legislative and Political
                                                                    caused by stroke.
                     Action Director. We have hired Brian
                     Meara as our lobbyist to replace our           • Corpus Funding bill that will provide for a fully
                     long-time lobbyist Martin Steadman,            independent Fire Pension Retirement System with its own
                     who is semi-retired.                           director selected by the Pension Board of Trustees, as
     The UFOA enjoyed many legislative successes with               well as its own staff and office space. All administrative
 Marty, such as passage of the 9/11 World Trade Center              expenses will be drawn from the assets (corpus) of the
 Bill, the Cancer Bill, Hepatitis, HIV and TB Bill, Tier            fund, and then reimbursed by the City. This also requires
 Equity, Death Gamble Bill, Final Average Salary and                a home rule message.
 many more. Marty will stay on to handle our public
                                                                    •    Prior service bill that will include numerous titles
 relations work. I believe Brian and I will be a good team,
                                                                    credited as “up-front” time, to correct an error in recent
 and Marty will still be available for consultation. A
                                                                    legislation that prevented those who had previously
 special thank you is extended also to former
                                                                    transferred the time from purchasing the credit. Requires
 Lieutenants’ Representative Jack Ginty who worked
                                                                    a home rule also.
 many years with Marty in Albany.
                                                                    • MTA fare waiver bill that includes travel on LIRR and
     We have an ambitious legislative agenda for 2006 as
                                                                    other MTA transportation while performing our duties, or
                                                                    on our way to or from performing our duties.
 • Terminal Leave bill that will allow a monetary
                                                                                                         (Continued on Page 2)
 payment option in lieu of receiving terminal leave. It will
  “Legislative Report” (cont’d from Page 2)                           “blizzard of white jackets” as close to forty UFOA
                                                                      members approached his Staten Island campaign
  •   Line of Duty Widow’s 3% COLA bill.                              headquarters. The jacket is an immediately recognized
                                                                      icon among veteran politicians.
  • CUNY tuition waiver bill that will provide for one
  employment related course per semester in a                             Duties may entail door-to-door walk and talks with or
  baccalaureate or higher degree program at a senior                  without the candidate, literature drops to homes of
  college.                                                            registered voters, staffing phone banks, poll watching,
                                                                      etc. Although infrequently, we may be asked to provide
  • “Survivor of the Bravest” license plate bill that will            transportation to the polls for those who require it in
  allow family members of fire officers killed in the line of         vehicles provided by the UFOA. We may hand out flyers
  duty to purchase this distinctive license plate.                    or other literature at various subway stations, super
  •       211 Waiver bill that would allow retired fire officers      markets, or other large volume sites like the Staten Island
  to teach in the NYC Public School system without                    ferry terminal. We work in teams, usually under the
  forfeiting their pension.                                           direction of a battalion delegate. Lunch or dinner is
                                                                      provided by the UFOA. And the amount of time you
  •      Discipline subject to NYC Civil Service bill that            spend is up to you, depending upon your schedule. Any
  would establish that fire officers may appeal an                    amount of time you can spare is appreciated. Some fire
  OATH/Commissioner’s disciplinary decision to the NYC                officers work for their local politicians independent of the
  Civil Service Commission.                                           UFOA, which is fine also. They may spend many days at
  •    Three separate pension protection bills:                       it in the weeks leading up to Election Day. The effort a
       1. Removal of the 30-day requirement prior to                  politician expends to get reelected is labor intensive. They
          retiring.                                                   greatly appreciate our help.
       2. Once vested at 5 years, cannot lose pension for                 The success of our legislative agenda hinges on a
           disciplinary reasons.                                      number of issues, but it will primarily be impacted by our
       3. No forfeiture of pension for dismissal.                     ability to turn out workers at election time. Political action
     Additionally, the NYS Legislature last year mandated             during primary and election day is the key ingredient for a
  the NYS Comptroller’s Office to conduct a feasibility study         successful legislative program. Working directly for a
  on Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROP). The report              candidate is what gives us the political capital to get
  is due April 1. It is anticipated that further study will be        things accomplished in Albany. The UFOA reputation in
  done. Also, I represent the UFOA on the AFL-CIO Taylor              Albany is well deserved and hard earned. Our motto is
  Law Task Force, which is actively pursuing ways to                  “Fire Officers Remember in November.” We
  counterbalance the Taylor Law so it is not so lopsidedly in         remember our friends and we work hard to get them
  favor of the City.                                                  reelected. Let’s keep it that way by volunteering and
                                                                      turning out on Primary and Election Day when the UFOA
     This legislative session in Albany, which runs from              calls.
  January 4 to June 22, is shaping up to be very interesting,
  particularly because all one hundred fifty members of the
  Democratic controlled NYS Assembly, and all sixty-two               UNIFORMED FIRE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION
  members of the Republican controlled NYS Senate, are                       Local 854, I.A.F.F., AFL-CIO
  up for reelection; an event that occurs every two years.
                                                                              225 Broadway, Suite 401 New York, NY 10007
  The Republicans are hoping to hold on to their slim
                                                                                     (212) 293-9300 •
  majority in the senate and this presents the UFOA with an
  excellent opportunity to influence the outcome of a few
  pivotal races by doing what we do best, working hard to                           EXECUTIVE BOARD
  help reelect incumbents with whom we have enjoyed
  long-term relationships.                                                                Peter L. Gorman
     Political action means volunteering some of your
                                                                        Lt. Stephen J. Carbone         BC John J. McDonnell
  personal time to actually work for a candidate we have
                                                                        Vice President                 Treasurer
  endorsed. It is a critically important initiative. An individual
  UFOA Executive Board member coordinates activity at
                                                                        DC Nicholas J. Visconti        Lt. James J. McGowan
  each site. We usually start around 9:00 a.m. at the
                                                                        Recording Secretary            Financial Secretary
  candidate’s campaign headquarters, which is usually at
  or near your own hometown area to make it more
                                                                        Capt. Michael C. Currid        BC George S. Belnavis
  convenient. To begin with, all political action volunteers
                                                                        Sergeant-at-Arms               Chiefs’ Representative
  receive the distinctive UFOA “white jacket.” One
  politician, Eric Vitaliano, was addressing campaign
                                                                        Capt. John B. Dunne            Lt. Edward P. Boles
  supporters on the night of his successful assembly
                                                                        Captains’ Representative       Lieutenants’ Representative
  reelection, when he recalled his amazement at the

Page Two                                                                                            March 2006
                                                                         “A Word on City Council”
                                                                         By Lt. Eddie Boles
                                                                                                    The focus of our attention in the
                                                                                              next few months will be to present
                                                                                              our issues to the members of city
                                                                                              government particularly the City
                                                                                              Council members who are on
                                                                                              committees that directly affect our
                                                                            As you may know, Christine Quinn was selected as
                                                                         the new Speaker of the City Council. Speaker Quinn is a
                                                                         person who has been a strong advocate for the working
                                                                         men and women of the City. The UFOA has enjoyed a
                                                                         long-standing relationship with Speaker Quinn and we
                                                                         feel she will be receptive to our concerns and issues of
                                                                         delivering the best possible fire and emergency service to
  Pete Gorman (l) and Jim McGowan (r) introduce Lt. Peter Kearney at     the citizens of New York. The UFOA Executive Board
  the February 2006 General Membership Meeting
                                                                         has a tentative meeting with the Speaker in March and
                                                                         we eagerly await this opportunity.
  UFOA MDA Week                                                               In February, we met with Miguel Martinez, the new
      For over 50 years, Professional Firefighters from all              Chair of the Fire and Public Safety Committee. Council
  over the U.S. and Canada have stood by the Muscular                    Member Martinez is from District #10 in upper Manhattan.
  Dystrophy Association, raising millions of dollars and                 At our meeting, we discussed many pertinent issues that
  helping to make a difference in the lives of those affected            affect not only the members of our Department but also
  by neuromuscular diseases. The I.A.F.F. is the greatest                the citizens of New York City. Our main focus was on
  contributor to the MDA with over 270,000 members                       three central issues: response times and how they have
  raising money through their “Fill the Boot” campaigns in               been affected by the increased workload on our
  which firefighters greet motorists, shoppers and others                members, especially after the closing of six firehouses;
  and ask them to donate money to The MDA.                               the status of fire apparatus and safety equipment,
                                                                         including the new rope system; and the issues
      The UFOA and UFA held their inaugural “MDA Week”                   surrounding the immersion of fire service and medical
  from January 29th to February 4th. Firefighters and Fire               service by the FDNY.
  Officers from every firehouse were asked to make a
  donation of $1 per man/per meal during this week. The                      Council Member Martinez was empathetic to our
  campaign is expected to raise nearly $42,000 for MDA.                  concerns and expressed his support in our quest to
  All proceeds will directly benefit families affected by                improve the current issues of this union and our
  muscular dystrophy who live in New York City and the                   membership. Our Board voiced strong opposition to any
  surrounding communities, including FDNY Lt. Peter                      further cuts in the upcoming fire budget and informed
  Kearney’s family.      Peter’s son, Kevin, has been                    Council Member Martinez of the need for an increase in
  diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease. If you are                     the FDNY budget. With a steady increase in our overall
  interested in making a donation to The MDA, please send                responses, response times, and a growing city population
  your check to: MDA, PO Box 3178, Grand Central                         along with a decrease in fire companies, manpower, and
  Station, New York, NY 10163. In the memo section of                    much needed upgrade in equipment, it is critical that the
  the check write, “FDNY”.                                               budget is increased appropriately.
                                                                                 As a union, we must continue our efforts in the
                                                                         political arena. Significant strides have been made
             JAMES M. CORCORAN                                           throughout the years as a result of our membership’s
                                                                         political action.  This action must continue to gain
                ATTORNEY-AT-LAW                                          momentum.
       Line of Duty Injuries – Wills – Real Estate
                                                                                From this current City Council the next Mayor may
                                                                         surface. It is most imperative that we continue to
   ALTIER & VOGT LLC               212-564-9090                          cultivate our relationships with City Hall not only to
   450 SEVENTH AVENUE        FAX: 212-268-8529                           acquire upcoming City bill and home rule messages but
   36TH FLOOR                 1-877-2THEJOB                              also to gain a greater foothold with those who will be the
                                                                         political power brokers of the future.
   NEW YORK, NY 10123            1-877-284-3562
                                        As always, we appreciate your commitment to our
                                                                         union’s political action activities and we look forward to
             Captain, FDNY (Retired)                                     your continued support in the future.

March 2006                                                                                          Page Three
                                                                      Since General President Harold Schaitberger took office
                                                                      in 2000, FIREPAC has doubled the amount of money it
                                                                      has contributed to Republicans.          General President
      Over the years, and especially during our most trying           Schaitberger preaches a simple political philosophy: the
  time after September 11, the IAFF has always been there             IAFF and FIREPAC will support those politicians that
  when we needed them. While many of the issues that                  support us, regardless of their political affiliation. It’s that
  directly affect us legislatively are dealt with at City Hall or     simple.
  in Albany, September 11 showed us that there are                         Because of what the IAFF has done for us here in
  significant legislative issues that the IAFF continues to           New York and what it has successfully accomplished for
  assist us with in Washington, D.C.                                  our brothers and sisters across our great nation, I am
      While many politicians rallied around us in September           writing to ask you to help IAFF FIREPAC. Local 854 has
  of 2001 and offered their words of comfort and support,             established a voluntary payroll deduction program for
  the IAFF was fighting on the front lines in Congress for            IAFF FIREPAC. You can support IAFF FIREPAC by
  months afterwards to turns those words into action. It              filling out the enclosed payroll deduction form. Please
  was the IAFF that fought Congress to not only increase              return the filled out form to Local 854’s office at 225
  the PSOB benefit, but also to expedite the application              Broadway, Suite 401, New York, NY 10007 not later than
  process and made retroactive its effective date. So not             March 1, 2006. Please note that participation is voluntary
  only did the families of our fallen brethren get the                and there is no reprisal for not participating. Your
  increased benefit, but so too did the families of those lost        contribution to FIREPAC will help the IAFF in its efforts to
  in the Queens Father’s Day fire. The IAFF is the one                continue to fight on our behalf in Congress.
  organization that spearheaded the efforts to ensure that
  Congress passed Medical Monitoring legislation to cover
  our members, and all the rescue workers at ground zero,
  to protect their health long term because of the harmful
  exposures they encountered during the recovery and
  clean up phases.
      With Homeland Security becoming commonplace in
  our vocabulary, the IAFF has been working hard to
  ensure that when Congress appropriates any money for
  homeland security needs, it is being done properly and
  that fire departments are getting the resources they need.
  With New York Congressmen Peter King assuming the
  chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee in the              Jim Fuchs, President of The Silver Shield foundation(l); Pete Gorman
  House, the IAFF has been working closely with his office            (c); and Brian Smith, Yankees VP of Corporate/Community Relations
  to ensure that this happens.
      But it’s more than about September 11. The IAFF has             UFOA Thanks The Silver Shield
  continually worked to pass federal legislation that
  provides other health and safety protections for fire                   Picture of Babe Ruth (in rubber turn out gear and
  fighters. Last year the IAFF was able to successfully               Engine 68 helmet) and Lou Gehrig presented to New
  pass into law the Hometown Heroes Act, which provides               York Yankee officials as a thank you for all George
  PSOB coverage for fire fighters who die from a heart                Steinbrenner and his Silver Shield Foundation have done
  attack or stroke on the job.                                        for the widows and children of New York City firefighters
                                                                      and police officers killed in the line of duty.
      In addition to health and safety issues, the IAFF has               Many years ago, the NYPD, FDNY and Sanitation
  successfully fought to protect our pensions and 457                 Dept. had baseball teams that played at Yankee Stadium
  plans. Besides one’s health, there is nothing more                  every year. It was a doubleheader, charity event with
  important than knowing that the money invested for one’s            tickets sold mainly to store owners in the city's
  retirement is protected and available when needed. Over             neighborhoods, who gave them to the kids on the block.
  the years as Congress has made numerous changes in                  The Yankees' contribution was the Stadium for the day,
  pension laws, the IAFF has fought to ensure that those              with legends like Ruth and Gehrig there to make the day
  changes don’t adversely affect our members.                         complete for the fans and the players, too.
       A lot of what the IAFF has been able to accomplish in              Capt. Mike Currid, UFOA Sergeant-At-Arms, obtained
  Congress has happened because the IAFF has been                     this photo from FF Tom Gabay, E-68, who Mike has
  successful in building relationships on both sides of the           known since he was a Captain in Ladder 49. This photo,
  political aisle. Unfortunately the IAFF doesn’t get the             as well as the famous Fr. Judge/343 Brothers 9/11 photo
  credit it deserves in this area. During the last two-year           became so popular that FF Gabay was able to use them
  election cycle, the IAFF through FIREPAC contributed                to raise money for several charities to benefit FDNY
  one-third of its PAC money to Republican candidates.                families.

Page Four                                                                                                March 2006
                                        Payroll Deduction Authorization Card
                                   Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York
                                                      Local 854
                                                                     26 Pay Periods

   I hereby authorize and direct you as my employer to deduct from my pay the sum of $__________ per
    pay period and remit that amount to IAFF FIREPAC.

   This authorization shall remain in full effect until revoked by me in writing and is made voluntary upon my
   specific understanding that:
   (1)       The signing of this authorization card and the making of these voluntary contributions are not condition of
             membership in the union or of employment by my employer;
   (2)       I may refuse to contribute without reprisal;
   (3)       And that FIREPAC, which is connected with the International Association of Fire Fighters, uses money received
             for political purposes, including, but not limited to making direct contributions to candidates, conducting
             expenditures on behalf of candidates and addressing political issues of public importance.

    Name:_______________________________________________________ Date:___________________

   Signature:__________________________________________ IAFF Membership #:_________________

    Please check one of the following:

    __________       I voluntary agree to contribute the amount noted above to IAFF FIREPAC.

    __________       I wish to stop my payroll deduction at this time.

                       Description of IAFF FIREPAC Donor Clubs and suggested contribution levels

             2006 LEADERSHIP TRUST                                         2006 CAPITOL CLUB
             Minimum $500 Annual Contribution                              $50 - $99 Annual Contribution
             ($ 19.24 per pay period)                                      ($1.93 per pay period)

             2006 FOUNDER’S CIRCLE                                         2006 FIREPAC SUPPORTER
             $200 - $499 Annual Contribution                                $25 - $49 Annual Contribution
             ($ 7.70 per pay period)                                       ($.97 per pay period)

             2006 PRESIDENT’S CLUB
             $100 - $199 Annual Contribution
             ($3.85 per pay period)

                            FIREPAC contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

March 2006                                                                                       Page Five
     Letters to the Editor
    Dear Peter, Nick and Steve:               effects and remedies of our treatment.                 New York City Bravest
        I first want to apologize for this    It is still hard to believe that both Jim              Scholarship Fund:
    tardy thank you letter. My life has       and Marilyn left us so soon. So many                       As a long time New York City
    been hectic until the end of last         thanks to you and all the members of                   resident, I have always appreciated
    week, when I finally left the Law         the Board for what you do.                             the protection we New Yorkers live
    Department, a week late. However,         Warmest Regards,                                       under as a result of the great job
    thanking you for the send-off you                                       Bill McDaniel            the New York City Fire Department
    gave me – the presents, the good                                       Ret. Ladder 3             does. My favorable impression was
    wishes, and the food – was on my          (Bill is referring to Lt. James Curran (ret.) of the   recently enhanced by a trip I took
    mind the entire time. As a result,        Burn Center who passed away in 2005.)                  with my son Jake, to Engine
    this is the first letter I am sending                                                            Company 22/Ladder Company 13.
    out from my new office, where the                                                                The entire fire house was very kind
    replica antique fire officer’s bull       To UFOA Executive Board,                               and generous with their time
    horn and the beautiful plaque will            I would like to take the time to                   especially Firefighter Jon. I would
    occupy a place of honor.                  thank you for the issuance of the                      like to thank you for taking the time
        I have to confess that it was an      plaque cards, especially to retired                    to teach my son about the firehouse
    emotional       goodbye      for  me:     members.                                               and the importance of the FDNY.
    eighteen years is a long time. I will         My father, John W. Sawula, Sr.                         I would also like to extend my
    miss coming to the Board and              was a fireman in 12 truck before being                 thanks by including a donation to
    giving advice as even-handedly as I       promoted to Lieutenant. He retired                     the Bravest Scholarship fund for
    could – even though it may not            from Ladder 152 in Queens.                             treating my family so special and
    always have appeared to you that              My dad is very proud and fond to                   also for all the work the FDNY does
    way – and to share in the                 have worked for the FDNY. He is                        for our city.
    camaraderie, which is special to the      soon to be 81 years old and retired                    Sincerely,
    Fire Board.       It was immensely        some 21 years. He is dealing with                                             Ricky Sandler
                                              some medical issues that sometimes                     (Mr. Sandler made a $10,000 donation to
    rewarding to be appreciated by the                                                               the Bravest Scholarship Fund.)
    board members from both the City          the elderly are confronted with. This
    and the unions, and the picture of        simple issuance of a plaque card
    the      entire   board     adequately    significantly reassures his connection
                                              to the job and is a welcomed mailing.                  To UFOA & Staff –
    represents that special feeling I                                                                    Thanks again for a wonderful
    have in my heart to every Board               I would also like to thank the Board
                                              for diligently working hard to obtain a                Christmas party – Great to see old
    member, past and present.                                                                        friends and meet new ones.
        Sincerely,                            fair contract for us. I have witnessed
                                              as a fireman and now as a new                              Keep up the struggle to protect
                       Magda Deconinck                                                               Labor and union members. I don’t
    (Magda was the Law Department             Lieutenant the professionalism and the
    Representative on the FDNY Pension Bd.)   determination the Board showed                         envy you this year as you try to find
                                              through 9/11 and to the present. You                   a way to share the gain and at the
    Peter,                                    have my trust, my support, and my                      same time share the pain of this
       Thanks so much for the                 gratitude.                                             latest contract. We trust you to do
    calendar, placards and cards. They        Respectfully,                                          the best you can as you always do.
    are deeply appreciated.                                 Lt. Michael Sawula, E-69                     “Never Forget”
       It was very moving to see the                                                                 Stay Safe, Fraternally,
    calendar dedicated to Jim. We                                                                                Jack Corcoran, Retired
    both went to Sloan on different days
    and used to converse on the side

                                                      Mr. G’s Tees
                                                       P.O. Box 90
                                                    Warwick, NY 10990

                                                                                                                • Joe Ginley
     Customized Banners                           Sweatshirts                                                   • Engine 8, Retired
     Company Pins and Patches                     Golf Outing Caps & Shirts                                     • Phone: 845.986.0679
     Tee’s – Hats                                 World Trade Center Patches & Pins                             • Fax: 845.986.0805
Page Six                                                                                                    March 2006
  Medicare Part D Update                                                    FIRE SAFETY DIRECTOR
  By Kevin Sullivan                                                            Training Courses
     In several sources it has been stated that: “The rumor               at PACE UNIVERSITY, downtown Manhattan
  has it that the unions may keep letting the Retirees                    by REMS Training, Inc. Jerry Strollo, Director
  Welfare Funds (SBF, etc) diminish until the benefits are
  less than what Medicare Part D would cover, thus forcing                              F.D.N.Y. Instructors
  Medicare recipients to take the Medicare Plan.”                        Same location 12 years • Evening and Daytime
     The fact is the unions, and in particular, the Fire                                   classes
  Officers, have been struggling to maintain a prescription              For more info and class schedules please visit:
  drug benefit in the face of costs that have risen at a rate          
  that is more than fivefold of that of the general Cost of
                                                                   Tel: 212 591-6700 or 718 670-6700 Fax: 888-802-5637
  Living Index for the last eight years. The Retired Fire
  Officers Family Protection Plan had actually increased           Mailing Address: REMS Training, Inc.
  the drug benefit twice, from a reimbursement of 50% to                            267 Sunrise Hwy. Suite 1, PMB 184
  75%, in the period immediately prior to this spiraling drug                       Rockville Centre, NY 11570
  cost cycle.                                                      E-Mail:
      The Medicare Modernization Act is recognition that
  this problem has affected the entire retiree population
  nationwide, and seniors were in jeopardy of losing the                          NEED FORMS?
  ability to pay for life sustaining drugs.
       Steeply escalating losses forced the Retired Fire
                                                                     You can download forms directly from
  Officers Family Protection Plan to make changes to                      our website:
  reduce costs and the Plan acted to negotiate deeper
  discounts, and make benefit changes to increase                            or call FPP at (212) 376-8400
  utilization of generic and preferred drugs and share more
  of the cost of the drug with members for the 2005 Plan
  Year. Despite all of these measures, the Plan has only                          PENSION PROBLEM?
  been successful in reducing the losses to the plan, not
  eliminating them completely.                                              SANDERS & DECONINCK LLP
     We believe that the subsidy provided by Medicare Part                         Former Senior Counsels
  D, at present levels, may produce sufficient revenue to                    NYC Law Department Pensions Division
  stem the losses to keep the drug benefit afloat without
  making further cuts or eliminating the retiree drug benefit            We Know the Heart Bill, the Lung Bill, the Cancer
                                                                          Bill, the WTC Bill, the Case Law, the Winning
  completely, as some other plans have been forced to do.                                    Strategies
  We have fully described the coverage to each member,
  and have stated that the Plan provides coverage equal to               • Disability Pensions
  or better than the Medicare Part D plan (creditable                    • Beneficiary Claims
  coverage). The Plan will receive a 28% subsidy of actual               • Protecting Pension Assets in Divorce Proceedings
  drug costs after a $250 deductible and it is estimated to              • Service Credit and Benefit Disputes
  yield an average of about $450 per Medicare eligible
  person for 2006. We hope this subsidy will allow the Plan                         For the past two decades we
  to maintain the drug benefit. Any individual can only get              • Handled all major pension litigation for the NYC Law
  creditable coverage in one plan; consequently only one                   Department
                                                                         • Served as NYC Law Department counsel to the
  plan will receive the subsidy.
                                                                           administrations and Boards of Trustees of the Fire
     The Trustees look forward to being retirees, and strive               Department Pension Fund, Police Pension Fund,
  to maximize benefits as much as possible. The start of                   NYCERS and TRS
  Medicare Part D has been rocky and no one knows what
  changes will be made. There are some unique cases                                  225 Broadway, Suite 3900
  where members or dependents may require or be eligible                               New York, NY 10007
  for benefits from other plans at less cost. We now
                                                                                    Call for a free consultation
  provide information to these individuals to assist them in
  their unique situation. The Plan will continue to inform our                         (212) 227-5220
  membership of the facts: good or bad, as they emerge
  and are known.                                                                 WE ARE THE PENSION
                                                                                  PROBLEM SOLVERS
March 2006                                                                                     Page Seven
PROMOTIONS                                                               Plaque Dedications
                                                                         January 23, 2006
 LIEUTENANTS                           CAPTAINS
                                                                         A memorial mass and plaque
                                                                         dedication were held at the quarters
 LT. BRIAN BAIKER                      CAPT. JOHN J. COLLINS
                                                                         of Ladder 27/Engine 46 to honor Lt.
                                                                         Curtis Meyran and FF John Bellew
                                                                         (posthumously promoted to Lt.) who
                                                                         made the supreme sacrifice on
                                                                         January 23, 2005 at Bronx Box 3-3
 LT. JOHN J. BRADLEY                   CAPT. JAMES M. HURLEY
 LT. JAMES J. CAROLLO                  CAPT. JAMES E. KANE               January 24, 2006
                                                                         A plaque dedication was held at the
                                                                         quarters of Ladder 103/Engine 290
                                                                         to honor FF Richard Sclafani who
 LT. JOHN A. DE MARCO                  CAPT. WILLIAM P. MOOG
                                                                         made the supreme sacrifice on
                                                                         January 23, 2005 at Brooklyn Box
 LT. CHRIS ENGLAND                     CAPT. JOHN W. MURPHY
                                                                         2-2 1770
 LT. CHARLES W. HENDRY                 CAPT. JOSEPH W. QUINN             125th Anniversary
 LT. MICHAEL JOHNSON                   CAPT. GLENN A. ROHAN              Please join the Officers and
 LT. JOHN V. KAZAN                     CAPT. PETER S. WRIGHT             Members of Engine Company 44
 LT. JOSEPH L. KENNEDY                                                   Thursday, April 13, 2006
 LT. KEVIN KROMAR                      BATTALION CHIEFS                  11:00 AM at the Firehouse
 LT. KEVIN R. MAHONEY                                                    221 East 75th 9 Street
                                       BC BC KEVIN J. BRENNAN
 LT. LOUIS MANCUSO                                                       New York, NY
                                       BC STEPHEN J. DE LOUGHRY
 LT. DANIEL MC CARVILL                                                   212-570-4244
                                       BC GEORGE K. HEALY
 LT. ROBERT F. NORRIS                  BC JOHN POLLY                     Centennial Celebration
 LT. CHRISTOPHER S. PERRY                                                Engine 83 and Ladder 29 in the
 LT. CHRISTOHPER S. PHILLIPS                                             Bronx celebrated their centennial
 LT. MICHAEL T. SCHEIBE                                                  on February 1, 2006.
 LT. JOHN P. TOBIN                     MEDICAL OFFICERS                  Thank you for serving the people of
 LT. JOHN P. TRAVERS                   MO KEVIN V. KELLY                 the Bronx with pride and dedication
 LT. JACOB A. VORMITTAG III                                              for the last hundred years.

             JOSEPH H. DIRKS, ESQ.                               JEFFREY L. GOLDBERG
              BATTALION CHIEF, RETIRED                             ATTORNEY AT LAW
                 Personal Injury Matters
                                                                  JEFFREY L. GOLDBERG, P.C.
                                                                    2001 MARCUS AVENUE
                                                                  LAKE SUCCESS, NEW YORK
     60 SECOND STREET STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11231                              11049
                                            TEL: (516) 775-9400
                                                                      FAX: (516) 775-4477

Page Eight                                                                  March 2006
  Attention Pre-9/11 Retirees                            RETIREMENTS
     A recent study of Firefighters who helped in       NAME                             COMMAND DATE
  the clean up effort at the WTC site, following        LT. MICHAEL G. BACH                 LADDER 160              12/09/05
  the 9/11 attack, showed that some had 12              LT. ROBERT BOLKER                   LADDER 84               01/31/06
  times the normal rate of pulmonary function           LT. BRIAN E. BONSIGNORE             LADDER 160              10/29/05
  decline. If you are a pre-9/11 retiree, feeling ill   LT DANIEL F. BUCKHEIT               LADDER 154              08/03/05
  since your participation (at least one day) at        CAPT. JOHN E. BYRNES                LADDER 35               01/23/06
  the World Trade Center tragedy 9/11                   BC GERARD F. CANAVAN                OPERATIONS              12/01/05
  operations, there are services available to           CAPT. RALPH F. CELENTANI            DIVISION 13             01/01/06
  examine that illness. You may be eligible for a       LT. ROBERT CERESIA                  BATTALION 14            12/31/05
  special program, if you were engaged in first         CAPT. ROCCO J. CITENO               LADDER 144              12/13/05
  response, rescue and recovery, service                LT. MICHAEL J. CONNOLLY III                                 12/08/05
  restoration or any of the cleanup efforts at          LT. KENNETH M. COURTNEY             ENGINE 228              01/23/06
  Ground Zero, and related sites.                       LT. DAVID A. DEERING                LADDER 147              12/14/05
  Contact: Bureau of Health Services (BHS)              LT. JIMMY V. DI COSTANZO            ENGINE 308              11/01/05
  World Trade Center Monitoring Program                 LT. JOHN P. DI SALVO                LADDER 17               12/09/05
  New York City Fire Department                         LT. RICHARD J. FARRELL III          ENGINE 294              10/29/05
  9 Metrotech Room: 2E-13                               LT. MICHAEL J. FOY                  MARINE 9                07/08/05
  Brooklyn, NY 11201                                    SFM ROBERT A. GOLDBACH              BFI                     10/28/05
  (718) 999-1858                                        CAPT. ABRAHAM S. HAIMAN             LADDER 32               11/27/05
                                                        LT. FRANCIS T. HASKELL              ENGINE 276              12/01/05
     Also request from Bureau of Health                 BC ROBERT J. HEMSWORTH              BATTALION 31            12/22/05
  Services (BHS) the “Dear FDNY Retired                 CAPT. JOHN E. HENRICKSEN            ENGINE 242              12/01/05
  Member” BHS letter with the Retiree Contact           BC GEORGE J. IDIART                 DIVISION 1              10/10/05
  Form, and Postage Free reply envelope, to             LT. THOMAS J. IMBORNONI             LADDER 149              12/01/05
  sign up for the no cost World Trade Center            LT. MATTHEW M. JANKOWSKI            LADDER 33               12/22/05
  Medical Monitoring Program.                           LT. STEPHEN F. JEZYCKI              ENGINE 153              12/09/05
                                                        BC ISAIAH JOHNSON                   BATTALION 58            12/31/05
  In Addition:                                          BC JOHN J. LA FEMINA                BATTALION 44            12/01/05
     If you have been diagnosed with any                BC JOHN B. LA PERCHE                BATTALION 14            01/10/06
  physical or mental health problems, you may           LT. KEITH M. LOUGHLIN               LADDER 109              10/29/05
  be referred to one of the other area treatment        LT. PAUL A. LUPANO                  LADDER 35               11/24/05
  programs run by Mt. Sinai.                            CAPT. PATRICK J. MAHANEY            LADDER 77               01/16/06
                                                        CAPT. JOHN M. MALONEY               LADDER 138              11/12/05
  Contact: Mt. Sinai World Trade Center                 CAPT. ALAN M. MAURER                DIVISION 13             11/19/05
  Medical Monitoring Program                            CAPT. JOSEPH A. MAURO               ENGINE 14               12/09/05
  Free of charge Registration:                          LT. MARK W. MC KAY                  LADDER 45               11/15/05
  (888) 702-0630                                        DC PATRICK T. MC KNIGHT             DIVISION 7              01/05/06
                                                        LT. DAVID F. MOLITERNI                                      12/31/05
       As it presently stands the WTC                   LT. JOHN P. MOLLOY                  LADDER 131              12/22/05
  “Presumptive Evidence” Legislation bill ONLY          LT. SCOTT V. PASKEWITZ              BATTALION 20            12/01/05
  permits those to apply for an accidental              LT. JOSEPH PILAT                                            12/16/05
  disability retirement, “IF” they were retired         LT ROBERT P. REGAN                  BATTALION 44            12/01/05
  “AFTER” the World Trade Center Center                 LT. ROBERT J. SCHIAVONE             ENGINE 65               01/31/06
  September 11th, 2001 tragedy operation, “NOT          BC ROBERT J. STEC                   OPERATIONS              01/01/06
  BEFORE.”         However, the two Medical             SFM MARIO J. VASCONI                BFI                     01/10/06
  Monitoring Programs listed here are a step            CAPT. ROBERT P. WILSON              DIVISION 8              12/01/05
  towards recognizing the need for a required
  modification to the “Presumptive Evidence”
  bill, to involve ALL who did serve at the site,       Comp Time
  including those who were retired, “PREVIOUS”          The UFOA is looking for members with more than 200 hours of accrued
  to the day of the 9/11 tragedy. Read UFA Fire         comp time to step up and apply for at least 24 hours comp time each month
  Lines, Jan. 2006, covering the “Presumptive”          for the next three months. Fax any declines to the UFOA attention BC
  bill.                                                 George Belnavis at (212) 292-1563. Don’t be placed on hold. Tell O.A.D.
                                                        you want to know now if you are either approved or declined. Don’t forget,
  Reprinted from Retired Member’s Assn, Inc. 2/06       send all declines to the UFOA. If you have any questions, please call your
  Newsletter                                            Chiefs’ Rep. George Belnavis at (212) 293-9300.

March 2006                                                                                        Page Nine
 About The UFOA                                                    Heroes Stamp Act – Updated
 “NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund”                                    Information
     The NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund was established                  As a result of the Federal 9/11 Heroes Stamp Act of
 in 1999 to honor Captain John Henry “Hans” Meister who            2001, the United States Postal Service (USPS) sold a
 died on October 13, 1943, five days after fighting a five         postage stamp for a value greater than that of a regular
 alarm electrical fire in Long Island City. Capt. Meister          first class stamp in order to raise funds to be distributed
 suffered severe chest pains after this fire and today his         to families of emergency relief personnel killed or
 death would most likely be considered line of duty. The           permanently physically disabled while serving in the line
 scholarship began with a considerable donation from his           of duty in connection with the terrorist attacks against the
 grandson, Richard Meister.                                        United States on September 11, 2001.
    The Fund has awarded ninety seven (97) scholarships
                                                                      FEMA is the Federal Agency responsible for
 to the children of deceased fire officers and firefighters
                                                                   distributing the funds raised.    Additional information
 who died while active members of the NYC Fire
                                                                   regarding the program and the application may be
 Department. For the school year 2005-06, the Fund                                                                      The
                                                                   obtained at
 awarded 19 scholarships and renewed the scholarships              application deadline is 5 pm on April 3, 2006. Your
 of an additional 46 students. To date, the Fund has               employer is required to verify certain parts of the
 distributed $531,500.                                             application. Please note that we require the signature on
    The Uniformed Fire Officers Association is proud to            page 4 to be notarized before completing the employer
 administer the NYC Bravest Scholarship Fund. 100% of              verification section.
 the donations received go directly to scholarships. The
                                                                       All families who suffered a death on September 11,
 Uniformed Fire Officers Association absorbs all
                                                                   2001 should send pages 3 and 4 of the application to the
 administrative costs. We are also proud of our tradition of
 never forgetting the families of our deceased brothers.           Family Assistance Unit, Room 8S-11, 9 MetroTech
                                                                   Center, Brooklyn NY 11201 and direct questions to Claire
    If you would like to contribute money to provide future        Jensen or Evelyn Tesoriero at 718-999-1473. All other
 scholarships for the children of our deceased members             applicants should submit pages 3 and 4 of the application
 please send check payable to:                                     to the FDNY, 9 MetroTech Center, Room 8N-5, Attn: Alex
     The New York City Bravest Scholarship Fund                    Fisher, Brooklyn, NY 11201, tel.: 718-999-2945/1428.

           c/o Uniformed Fire Officers Association                    These pages will be returned to all applicants so that
                  225 Broadway, Suite 401                          they may submit a complete package to FEMA.
                    New York, New York                             Please note that if applicants do not receive the pages
                  Attn: Nicholas Visconti                          back from the FDNY by March 15, 2006, applicants
                                                                   should submit the incomplete package to FEMA with a
                                                                   note indicating that the FDNY is still in the process of
 IN MEMORIUM                                                       completing the forms. FEMA will accept the application
 NAME                      RET DATE                    DOD         and FDNY will return the forms as soon as possible to the
 LT. HAROLD C. BAKER JR     11/30/76                 11/24/05      applicant.
 LT. JOHN E. BEIRNE         05/29/76                 10/28/05
 BC ROBERT E. CLICKNER      02/01/75                 11/05/05      Health Insurance Reminder for
 CAPT. GEORGE CONTENTO      07/25/77                 11/08/05
 BC FRANCIS D. CURRY II     08/28/76                 10/08/05      College Age Dependents
 LT. FRANK A. DE GIOIA      07/03/75                 09/24/05
 LT. EDWARD W. HALE         01/02/73                 09/27/05         Upon your dependent reaching 19 years of age,
 LT. TIMOTHY F. HOWARD      01/02/86                 09/12/05      he/she is no longer covered under the City's Health Plan
 LT. EDWARD J. LANGFORD     02/01/79                 10/21/05      and the UFOA Family Protection. The exception is if the
 LT. PETER B. LUND          05/22/03                 06/14/05      dependent is a full time college student taking a minimum
 LT. KENNETH L. MAIER       10/23/94                 10/08/05      of 12 credits. The City and the UFOA/FPP will then
 CAPT. PAUL W. MAYER        01/16/74                 10/11/05      continue their coverage until the age of 23.
 CAPT. JOHN W. MC ANDREWS 10/08/81                   11/01/05          In order for your dependent to have coverage while
 LT. GILBERT J. MOSCATELLO  09/26/73                 09/25/05      attending school, the Fire Officer must submit proof of
 LT. JOHN N. O’SHEA         08/15/74                 08/15/05      attendance to both the City Health Plan and the UFOA
 BC WILLIAM J REGAN I       04/02/92                 09/30/05      Family Protection Plan each school semester.
 LT. NORBERT I TIMMONS      08/04/73                 10/18/05
 LT. JOHN J. TREANOR        09/04/80                 09/24/05         Please make sure you submit a letter from your
 CAPT. HENRY W. WINDELS     01/02/71                 09/14/05      registrar’s office to the UFOA so that there will not be a
 CAPT. ARTHU R. WOOD        07/01/73                 09/27/05      lapse in benefits for your dependent.

Page Ten                                                                                     March 2006
  Just For Retirees
                                                                      and Medicare Part D.
                                                                         I see Retiree organizations such as URFA as a great
                                       This is just a quick note      asset to my job. The hard questions they posed help me
                               to introduce myself to our             recognize the problems and obstacles we face. I am
                               retirees. A few months ago the         more than happy to come to meetings of our retiree
                               UFOA suddenly lost their funds         groups to speak, answer questions, and listen to your
                               administrator, Mike Carten. As         concerns and problems. I am here at the UFOA offices
                               a result I was approached to fill      Monday through Friday and I look forward to your calls.
                               his position as the Funds
  By Mike Donovan             administrator. The job basically
                              entailed writing checks to pay          Express Scripts Prescription Do’s and
  for benefits and maintaining the books. While I find
  bookkeeping and finance reasonably interesting, the part
  of the job that really appealed to me was Retiree Liaison.          Do… use a retail pharmacy for a new prescription. If you
  Pete Gorman, along with the UFOA’s executive board                  have never taken a medication before, use your local
  and the Family Protection Plan’s Administrator’s                    pharmacy first. You will be reminded when you need to
  recognized a need for someone to address retiree issues.            use the mail order benefit.
      The UFA has had a retiree liaison for a few years now,
  and the time seemed right for the UFOA to do the same.              Do…ask your doctor for two prescriptions. One should
  The opportunity to help some of our retirees was in large           be a 30 day supply (with one refill) for your local
  part the reason I accepted the job. As anyone who keeps             pharmacy. The other should be for a 90 day supply (with
  abreast of current events realizes, health and pension              3 refills), which you can send to the mail order facility.
  benefits are becoming increasingly difficult to manage.
  Many of the problems that plague private industry also              Do…include all patient information with a new mail order
  affect this union, and our benefits. If you look in any             prescription.
  newspaper on a given day, there are a number of articles
  written about changing or declining benefits. Recently the          Do…order your refills by phone or the web. These are
  hot topic has been prescription drugs and Medicare part             the quickest ways to order refills.
  D. My role as the UFOA’s Family Protection Plans
  Retiree Liaison is to try and help retirees sort through
                                                                      Do…call customer service if you are unsure if the
  these changes, and to give a voice to our retirees and              medication is covered.
  their concerns. In brief, I am here to answer your                  Do…use        the    Express      Scripts   website   at
  questions and deal with your problems.                            to    verify   co-payment
      Learning the intricacies of our health plans and                information, request refill reminders and to review/make
  benefits is a daunting task. I wouldn’t pretend to be an            payment on your mail order account.
  expert at this time, but if I don’t have an answer, I will get
  one and I promise I will return your phone call.                    Don’t…send controlled substance prescriptions to the
      In future issues of the “Trumpet”, I will try and use this      mail order facility. There are strict laws for these
  column as a forum to discuss the issues facing our                  medications. Talk to your doctor.
  membership. I encourage your questions, phone calls,
  and E-mails. I have direct access to the Family Protection          Don’t…send your payment with your prescriptions. This
  Plan’s Administrators, as well as all of the members of             can cause delays. There is a separate envelope with
  the UFOA executive board. Additionally, I am developing             your order to make payments by check.
  a network of contacts at Fire Department Headquarters
  as well as with our benefit vendors to deal with problems           Don’t…wait until the day you run out of medication to
  our members might encounter. What’s important to                    order a refill. You can request a refill up to a month in
  understand is that I am a liaison, and not an elected               advance.
  representative. My role is not political in nature. It’s simply
  to help retirees with problems that they may have trouble
  solving themselves.                                                 PINELAWN (L.I.) BURIAL CRYPT
      Recently Kevin Sullivan and myself were invited to
  speak at a meeting for URFA, the United Retired                     FOR SALE
  Firefighters Association. I was very impressed with the
  level of commitment, and grasp of the many issues facing
  our retirees by this group. The membership expressed a
                                                                      Single crypt on 4th level of Pine Court/West
  great concern for preserving and enhancing our benefits.            End Gallery; $3,600.
  In addition we discussed the loss of benefits as a result of
  contract negotiations, concerns about the future of the             Call 718-356-9348
  VSF, as well as issues about the prescription drug plan

March 2006                                                                                     Page Eleven
 Uniformed Fire Officers Association
 225 Broadway, Suite 401
 New York, NY 10007


Get in Touch…Stay in Touch
   If you have an E-mail address, please send it
to John Cavanaugh at the UFOA office:
    Having the entire membership’s E-mail
addresses will help us communicate more
quickly and easily. Please also send your rank,
name, your status as active or retired and the
last four digits of your Social Security number
(for identification purposes).

Notice of Examination
Promotion to Captain Exam #5534
When to apply: March 1-21, 2006
Test Date: Sunday, June 10, 2006

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