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What You Need To Know About A Car Insurance Adjuster?

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Just be a little careful when dealing with a car insurance adjuster.

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If you’re in need of a car insurance adjuster then there are a few facts
you should know before you meet with him/her. The first rule of thumb is
that if your car insurance adjuster is over friendly remember, he is
there to save money for the company he works with, not especially for

Don’t ever sign anything without reading every detail and never
underestimate the good will of the car insurance adjuster. If the
adjuster wants to discuss anything on the phone, request that you would
rather meet with him/her in person until after your insurance claim is

You can be pleasant with the insurance adjuster but stay firm. No matter
what happened at the scene of the accident, it is not the car insurance
adjuster’s fault if the person that hit you was an idiot. Don’t
underestimate the importance of an adjuster’s impressions because they
all go into your file. The way you act toward him/her could have an
influence on your insurance claim later.

Even if, for example, your car hit a deer, insurance adjusters will even
be called for this too, to estimate the amount of damage to the car.
Again let the adjuster do his/her job and be friendly. When you hit a
deer it can cause the same amount of damage in some cases as hitting a
car, or even worse. Let the car insurance adjuster look at the damage and
make up his/her own mind regarding the extent of damage. Again don’t sign
any thing until your car insurance claim is settled.

An independent car insurance adjuster is also expected to settle
insurance claims quickly. This person may not owe a particular allegiance
to a specific insurance company, but they want to collect the fee from
the company. An insurance adjuster’s authority to settle a claim is
restricted, but the adjuster will do everything possible to make sure you
get treated fairly

The bottom line is don’t let a car insurance adjuster suck you into
thinking he’s your best friend in the world, only to be let down later.
This is the nature of job and no matter how friendly the adjuster is,
he/she is there to do a job. You have little to do with that except
provide them with information needed to assess the damages to your car.
Just be a little careful when dealing with a car insurance adjuster.

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