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					                           FOR THE CHURCH
 Father, we rejoice in the beauty of our diversity, but we thank you most of all
  for our unity. We recognize that as believers, we are one blood, one family,
 and one kingdom. In Christ there is no Jew nor Gentile, no east nor west, no
        black nor white, no male nor female, but a new creation. Amen
Help us, Lord, to bless one another, to grow to love one another, to prefer one
 another in honour, and to pray for one another so that our nation may be
healed. Keep us aware, Lord, so that we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices to
                          divide and destroy. Amen

                 FOR THE ECONOMY & BUSINESS
                                                                                           WEEK OF PRAYER
 We pray for the leaders of business and industry and those who affect the
 economy of our region and nation. Restore the integrity of Britain’s financial     Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th May 2010
institutions which once had a place of honour throughout the world. Raise up
 righteous leaders and give them courage to demand righteousness again.

                                                                                    Prayer Guide
Give them answers to the problems that affect all of us. Provide for all those in
       need of work and meet their needs in these difficult times. Amen

                           FOR NEIGHBOURS
All this day, O Lord, let me touch as many lives as possible for you; and every
 life I touch, do you by your spirit quicken, whether through the word I speak,                               for
                    the prayer I breathe, or the life I live. Amen.
               (Prayer written in 1876 by Mothers' Union founder, Mary Sumner)
                    We lift our neighbours to you this day
                                                                                                   St Helens
                   Will you guard their lives with protection
                         and bless them with provision,
             but most of all will you reveal your presence to them
                        that they might have faith in you.
                           By our prayers and witness                           
              help us to give hope where there is hopelessness,
                       light where there is darkness and
                             joy where there is sorrow.
                           May we so reflect your love
                          that those who are burdened
                        will be drawn to you our Saviour.                              For more information contact TFH, PO Box 155, L15 0JH
                                                                                               Email 07711 556 369

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2-16 May is the HEAL OUR LAND fortnight, in the Mersey Region: a                                                FOR THE NATION
week of prayer followed by a week of evangelism that begins here and
                                                                                                                  The Lord’s Prayer
then tours cities through the UK. The aim is for churches to come to-
gether in unity, recognising the need of our nation for a move of God,                         Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name.
and to call out to Him in prayer together to bring healing. A key verse                                Your Kingdom come, Your will be done,
is:                                                                                                           on earth as it is in heaven
        “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble them-                                        Give us this day our daily bread.
        selves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked                  And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
        ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin                          And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
        and will heal their land”                                                       For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever.
                                              2 Chronicles 7:14                                                          Amen
                                                                                                            Heal our land, heal our Land
The central focus of the 2 weeks is the Prayer Concert on Monday 10th May
                                                                                                           Father in heaven, heal our land
at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Another hugely significant date in our
                                                                                                          Hear us O Lord as we humbly pray
week of prayer is the general election and local elections on May 6th. These
                                                                                                         Meet us O Lord as we seek your face
issues and others affecting the well-being of our society are covered in this
                                                                                                         Turning away from our wicked ways,
prayer guide.
                                                                                                                 Heal our land. Amen
Please use today to prepare for the week of prayer. Remember, you are part
of an army of people from many different churches across the Mersey Region,                                       FOR FAMILIES
who will be praying. As you come before the Lord in preparation for the com-
ing period of prayer, meditate on this Christian song from St Paul’s letter to the                  Heavenly Father, we intercede for our families,
Colossians. Pray it out to the Lord. Acknowledge His greatness and thank Him                                  for marriages, children,
for what He has done for us.                                                                          extended families, single parent families,
                                                                                                               widows and orphans.
                             Colossians 1:15-20                                                                 May the Holy Spirit
                                                                                                       move throughout our region and nation
         (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all                                    to heal broken families
                                       creation.                                                                  and broken lives.
      For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth,                                                 Amen
          visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or
              authorities; all things were created by him and for him.                              Heavenly Father, who sets the lonely in families
                                                                                                            We pray to you for all families,
           He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
                                                                                                    That members may be encouraged to live fully,
     And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and                And to discover the sanctity of human love and the value of family life.
       the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might                If times are troubled through separation or difficulties in relationships,
                                 have the supremacy.                                                       May people learn to be generous.
           For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him,                                             May all families grow
and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or                     in understanding and appreciation of each other
things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross..                                        and in love and respect.

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               OUR NEIGHBOURS                                                                                THE FAMILY
When Jesus was asked what is the       One way of praying for your neigh-         Protecting human life, protect-            PRAY for organisations that support
most important commandment in          bours is to use the acronym BLESS.         ing marriage, and protecting               and strengthen family life, such as
the law, he said, “Love the Lord                                                  freedom of conscience are                  “Care for the Family” , “Care Trust” and
                                       B - pray for their bodily needs
your God with all your heart and                                                  foundational for creating and              “The National Couple Support Network”
with all your soul and with all your   L - pray that they will know God’s love    maintaining strong families.               PRAY for government legislation that
mind”, and went on to say, “Love                                                  Because of our Christian faith
                                       E - pray for their economic needs                                                     will be positive towards marriage and
your neighbour as yourself.”                                                      we can pray believing it will              the family.
What a way to show love for them S - pray for their spiritual needs               make a difference to the family
by praying for them. At a time of S - pray for their social needs                 in our community                           PRAY for an increase in the awareness
great insecurity, our neighbours                                                                                             of the value of marriage that promotes
need our prayer more than ever.      Pray for an openness to the Gospel, for              MARRIAGE FACTS                     marriage as the best environment for
                                     the “Lord to open their hearts to re-                                                   children to be brought up in.
You can pray for their practical and spond” (Acts 16:4                            85% of UK couples are married.
emotional needs, and you can pray                                                                                            PRAY for those in families in St Helens
                                     Pray for salvation                           74% of people think that being married     who are:
for their spiritual needs.                                                        is the most desirable way to live
                                     Pray for opportunities to meet your                                                     Going through difficult times;
                                                                                  9 out of 10 teenagers under 16 say
As you pray for your neighbours neighbours and to be their friends                                                           Coping with illness or disability in their
                                                                                  they want to marry.
meditate on this: prayer is first                                                                                            family;
                                       Pray for God’s gifts to help you discern   There were over 300,000 marriages in
and foremost a relationship with       their felt needs and their unspoken                                                   Feeling the pain of family breakdown;
                                                                                  the UK last year
God; it is a position of depend-       needs.                                                                                Not sure they are loved and valued for
ence on God and it is being in the                                                                                           who they are;
place of His loving embrace.           Pray for the things they ask you to pray           ABORTION FACTS
                                       for.                                                                                  Tired and exhausted;
                                                                                  There are 600 abortions a day in the
                                                                                  UK, equal to 200,000 per year.             Experiencing the effects of unemploy-
  LIST THE NAMES OF YOUR                     LIST THE NEEDS OF YOUR               98% of all abortions are for social rea-
      NEIGHBOURS HERE                            NEIGHBOURS HERE                  sons.                                      PRAY about the issues families have to
                                                                                                                             face including bullying; the Internet, particu-
_____________________________            _____________________________            The parliamentary inquiry in 2006/7,       larly social networking sites; inappropriate
                                                                                  according to one report, was shaped        TV programmes; that the Lord would help
_____________________________            _____________________________            by ideological and financial interests.    us to act wisely and righteously in our fami-
_____________________________            _____________________________            Only 27% of people questioned in a         lies.
                                                                                  poll believed that the current 24 week     PRAY about the on-going issue of abortion
_____________________________            _____________________________
                                                                                  legal limit for abortion should be re-     (see left) that is a blight on our nation. Pray
_____________________________            _____________________________            tained while 58% of those questioned       for a parliament that will not act in a biased
                                                                                  by YouGov said abortions should not        way when it reconsiders the legislation.
_____________________________            _____________________________            be carried out after the 20th week of      Pray for godly men and women in positions
                                                                                  pregnancy                                  of influence who will work to bring about
_____________________________            _____________________________
                                                                                                                             godly change in the legislation.

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   THE ECONOMY & BUSINESS                                                                                    HEAL OUR LAND
Everybody knows that a major is-           PRAY for the increased prosperity and        The two weeks from 2nd to PRAISE GOD for all the people in-
sue for the nation and the region is       growth of employment in the town, that       16th May are the Heal Our Land volved in praying during this week of
the economy. As Christians our             the affects of the recession will be over-   fortnight in the Mersey Region. prayer. Give thanks that God has heard
perspective is that we face not only       come by diligence and integrity.                                                   our prayers as we have lifted our hands
an economic crisis, but a spiritual                                                     The first week is a week of prayer, and hearts to him.
                                           PRAY for established businesses in St        where churches, groups and indi-
and moral crisis. It is an age of
compliance not conscience. When
                                           Helens that they prosper and provide         viduals will be be praying for God to PRAY for one outcome to be an in-
                                           secure employment for the people of the      heal our nation and region.           crease in the prayers of grass-roots
a government loses its moral com-
                                           town                                                                               Christians as they comprehend the
pass everything flounders.                                                              On Monday 10th May at 7.30 pm at power of prayer to bring spiritual
PLEASE PRAY for a new appreci-             PRAY for Christian Business leaders &        the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral change to our city.
ation of the need for a moral, right-      owners in St Helens to get a new under-      the prayer will culminate in a great
eous basis for doing business, as          standing of God’s purpose for business       Prayer Concert celebrating the PRAY for the week of evangelism 10th
opposed to the greed culture that          and economic growth. That they have          great diversity in the church in the to 16th May, for events taking place
has dominated many parts of busi-          hearts set to support our local communi-     region and calling out to God for a across Liverpool - that many people will
                                           ties, particularly regarding the allevia-    move of His power here.               hear a credible presentation of the
ness in recent years.
                                           tion of poverty and the enabling of men                                            Good News about Jesus Christ.
PLEASE PRAY for good leadership            and women to start new businesses.           The prayer concert also launches a
in the business sector, in our re-                                                      week of local evangelism across PRAY for the special multi-church out-
                                   PRAY for young Christian men and                     the region.                           reach planned for Newsham Park, Liv-
gion and nationally.               women to rise up as a new generation                                                       erpool on 15th May.
PRAY for the North West Develop- of entrepreneurs, supported by estab-                         PRAYER CONCERT
ment Agency in Warrington, that    lished Christian business men and
                                                                                        Please remember the event at the Ca-              A SUGGESTED PRAYER
they continue to operate under the women who will sponsor and mentor                    thedral on Monday 10th.
new government.                    them.                                                                                            Father, we come to you as God’s people
                                                                                        Pray for the rehearsal at Liverpool         because we believe greater things have
                                                                                        Lighthouse tonight.                         yet to come and greater things are still
PRAY for Christian organisations           Heavenly Father, we pray for all those
working for the Kingdom of God in          Christians involved in the business          Pray for all the narrators, singers,        to be done in this region and nation. But
the business world. Especially re-         world. May they carry your presence and      dancers choirs, musicians, leaders          today our nation is in the midst of deep
member the North West Christian            speak your peace into the workplace.         and pray-ers involved in the concert,       problems. As we have turned from the
Business Forum (led by Christopher         Anoint their gifts of creativity and their   that God will receive all the glory.        righteous ways of the Lord, the land has
Gibaud & John Manwell) and the             energy that they may bring you honour in                                                 become polluted by corrupting forces
                                                                                        Pray for a full congregation
International Christian Chamber of         the tasks they face. When they are con-                                                  that have swept away centuries of
Commerce (Pam Coates plays a               fused, guide them. When they are weary,      Pray for the finances, that all the costs   blessing and protection. So we ask for-
leading role locally). Pray for all in-    energize them. When they are burned          will be covered.                            giveness, and pray for the power of the
volved, that they will have a real un-     out, infuse them with the light of Your      Pray for a great encouragement for          Holy Spirit to transform Great Britain into
derstanding of these times and that        Holy Spirit. May their efforts bring hope,   the people who come to the concert,         all God designed her to be, and to bring
they will receive all the resources that   light and courage to all that they come      that they may grow in faith and in con-     the values of your Kingdom into the lives
they need to carry out their roles.        into contact with. Amen                      fidence in the Gospel.                      of our communities in this region. Amen

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                           THE CHURCH                                                                         THE COMMUNITY
“Make every effort to keep the unity            PRAISE GOD for all the good things          St Helens Council is divided into 16      PRAY for schools in your neighbour-
of the Spirit through the bond of               about the Church in St Helens, particu-     wards, each ward being represent-         hood. List some of the schools here:
peace. There is one body and one                larly the level of mutual recognition and   ed by 3 councillors. There is an
Spirit—just as you were called to               support between churches and Chris-         election of one councillor to each of
one hope when you were called—                  tians through SHINE. Praise God for         the wards each year, which takes          _______________________________
one Lord, one faith, one baptism;               the commitment to Christ being at the       place on 6th May this year.
one God and Father of all, who is                                                                                               _______________________________
                                                centre of St Helens, and for the desire
                                                                                            Elections are held in thirds, with
over all and through all and in all.”           to see Christ at the heart of the plans
                                                                                            one seat for each ward becoming _______________________________
                             Ephesians 4:3-6    for the town. PRAY for the right person
                                                                                            vacant annually. Each councillor is Pray for the teachers, that they are able
                                                to be the faith community representa-
                                                                                            elected for a term of 4 years       to exercise good discipline and be effec-
PRAY FOR CHURCH LEADERS                         tive on the Economic Development and
                                                Enterprise Group in the town                                                    tive teachers. Pray that the children are
PRAY for their pastoral role - bringing                                                      ST HELENS COUNCIL WARDS kept safe and in an environment that
the love of Jesus to those around               GIVE THANKS for all the positive con-                                           helps them to learn. Pray for Christian
                                                                                            Billinge & Seneley Green; Black-
them shepherding their church mem-              tributions that the Church has made to                                          teachers, that the presence of Jesus in
                                                                                            brook; Bold ; Earlestown;
bers.                                           the life of the town.                                                           their lives will radiantly shine in the
                                                                                            Eccleston; Haydock; Moss Bank;
PRAY for their preaching ministry, that                                                     Newton; Parr; Rainford;             classrooms and staff rooms.
                                                PRAY for an increase in the depth of
they would hear, and believe God's
                                                the unity between churches, that Chris-     Rainhill; Sutton; Thatto Heath;      PRAY for the elderly in your community.
word, and proclaim it faithfully - being
effective in their communication.               tians hear Paul’s injunction to “make       Town Centre;West Park; Windle;       Pray for a more secure environment for
                                                every effort to keep the unity of the                                            them to move in. Pray for their financial
PRAY for their leadership role - seek-
ing future vision, and leading the              Spirit”.                                    The BNP will be standing in 8 of needs, particularly those whose pen-
church into that vision, encouraging                                                        the wards, underlined above.         sions have been affected by the eco-
and enabling church members in min-                                                         Please pray against the voice of ex- nomic crisis. Pray for care homes in
istry.                                                 A SUGGESTED PRAYER                   tremism, and that moderation will be your area - list them here:
PRAY for their own walk of faith - for                       Father in heaven,              heard in all the wards, especially the
                                                                                            ones indicated.                           _______________________________
their prayer life, for their faith, that they   May your Church on earth be united in
would grow spiritually and in their love            spirit and intent on one purpose.       Please pray for Christian candidates to   _______________________________
for God.                                          May we be one even as your Son is         have a favourable hearing and to be
                                                                                                                                      PRAY for people with special needs.
PRAY for their personal time - for re-                         one with you,                elected. Pray that regardless of the
                                                                                                                                      Community based care has meant many
laxation and renewal, to avoid the                that the world might believe that you     outcome they would be seen as men
pressures and stress of ministry.                                                           and women of integrity and relevance.     more special needs people are finding the
                                                          sent him into the world.                                                    fulfilment of living in their own homes,
PRAY for them if appropriate as                    Take away all prejudice from our         Pray that all politicians who will be     supported by teams of care workers.
husband/wife, and as father/mother.             hearts and cause us to love one anoth-      elected will be open and sympathetic to   Praise God for this support of the most
PRAY for them as they lead worship,                  er even as you have loved us,          what Christians say and the wrok they     vulnerable in our communities. Pray that
and in their roles as church leader -            that the world might know that we are      do in the town.                           they find contentment and security where
particularly their relationships with           your disciples and so that you might be                                               they live, and that they come to know
church members, and any relation-                                                           Pray that the town will flourish under
                                                     glorified in your Church. Amen         the the government of the new council.    God’s love.
ships that are difficult at this time.

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                                   The General Election
                                    In the last general election only 22% of the electorate voted for the party that formed the government. On this
                                    day when we choose who will govern us for the next five years, please pray for Christians to make use of their
                                    votes; to be motivated by concern for our nation and not by apathy. When Archbishop Desmond Tutu was first
                                    allowed to vote he was over 60 years old! Pray for people in our region to be stirred to exercise the democratic
                                    privilege they have enjoyed throughout their adult lives.
ST HELENS has two constituencies: St Helens North and St Helens South & Whiston. Confirmed candidates for the General Election
2010 in these constituencies at the time of producing this guide are:
                                                                                   PLEASE PRAY FOR:
                                                                                   the government of the Lord’s choosing;
                             St Helens North.                                      a government who will be able to deal with the serious challenge of the budg-
                                                                                   et deficit and that can create the productive capacity for the nation to prosper;
                                                                                   a government that values marriage and the family and positively supports the
            Conservative                  Paul Greenhall
                                                                                   traditional values of man and woman committed together for life;
            UKIP                          Gary Robinson
                                                                                   a government that protects the vulnerable, including children, born and un-
            Liberal Democrat              John Beirne                              born, all those who are sick, disabled, addicted, elderly, and all the disadvan-
            Labour                        David Watts                              taged;
                                                                                   a government that will respect and protect the right of Christians to hold their
                                                                                   beliefs and to act according to their Christian consciences.
                     St Helens South & Whiston
                                                                                          PRAYER FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION
            Conservative                 Val Allen                                  Loving God,
                                                                                    Thank you for caring about how our country is run, and that we have the right to vote
            UKIP                         John Sumner
                                                                                    for our politicians and government.
            Liberal Democrat             Brian Spencer
                                                                                    But in the run-up to this general election there are so many policies to understand,
            Labour                       Shaun Woodward                             and so many different points of view to consider - sometimes I wonder whether
                                                                                    there's any point in voting, whether anyone cares what I think.
            BNP                          James Winstanley
                                                                                    As I choose who I am going to vote for, help me not to be cynical about politics and
                                                                                    politicians, help me to remember that my vote can make a difference and help me
                                                                                    vote for those people who will protect the poor and vulnerable, and do all they can to
                                                                                    make our nation a place of fairness and peace.
                                                                                    Because you call us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you, our God.
Today local elections are also taking place. Pray for men and women of integrity
  to be elected to these positions of importance in local government. See P5              Courtesy of the Church of England web site

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