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									        PDC.za                                 The South African
                                                 National Data Catalogue

            Your essential guide for all manufacturers & suppliers
            PDC.za is the South African National Product Data Catalogue. We enable brand owners, manu-
            facturers, suppliers, agents, wholesalers and importers to publish static non competitive data,
            such as product descriptions, weights and dimensions. We also maintain existing product infor-
            mation on a central database, accessible by industry through subscription. Retailers use PDC to
            integrate the data internally for accessibility and trading efficiency by all partners.

T : +27 (0) 11 789 5777
F: +27 (0) 11 919 0067
E: helpdesk@pdcza.org


              • The What – Explanation of the PDC.za .............................................................................. 2
              • The Why – Why use the PDC.za ......................................................................................... 2
              • Yesterday – Where did it all start ......................................................................................... 2 / 3
              • Today – Where are we at ................................................................................................... 3
              • Tomorrow – Where do we plan to go .................................................................................. 3
              • Together – How will we do this ........................................................................................... 3
              • Benefits of the PDC.za ....................................................................................................... 3

              Getting Started – Plan the project, Subscribe, Training, ........................................................ 3 / 4
              Data Collection, Data Loading and publishing, Viewing
              and subscribing to data, Upgrading software.

              Product Info Required - Mandatory Fields ............................................................................ 4

              GS1 Registration & Terms & Conditions ................................................................................. 5 / 8
             Complete if you are a new supplier and still need to
             allocate GTIN’s to your products.

              PDC.za Registration .............................................................................................................. 9 / 10
              Complete if you are an existing GS1 member and already have GTIN’s
              allocated to your product and only need to publish your data on the PDC.za.

              PDC.za Terms & Conditions ................................................................................................... 11

              PDF – Product Data Form ...................................................................................................... 12 / 13
              Complete if you wish to have PDC.za assist by publishing
              the data on your behalf (i.e. less than 20 products).

1. Product Data Catalogue

The What                                                           The Why
PDC.za is South Africa’s National Data Catalogue; a central        Inaccurate product data is the cause of many errors,
electronic database where suppliers and manufacturers list         delays and loss of income between trading partners
(publish), store and manage their static non competitive           throughout the supply chain. The South African retail
product data in a globally standardised format. All retailers &    trade required a more efficient and modern way of trading
wholesalers can browse and subscribe to the available              with their suppliers and aligning to their suppliers’ product
product data and filter this data into their own internal          data. Creating ONE standardised electronic database
systems for trading purposes with their suppliers. The main        (PDC.za) was a step in that direction, therefore the CGCSA
benefit of listing data on the PDC.za is the immediate             was tasked with the development and hosting of the sys-
availability of accurate electronic product data, at a touch       tem, on behalf of, and to the benefit of all its members.
of a button between trading partners!
                                                                   Retailers/wholesalers as well as manufacturers/ suppliers
PDC.za is a division of the Consumer Goods Council of SA           lose huge sums of money due to supply chain inefficien-
(CGCSA) and is a non-profit organisation that hosts and            cies caused by incorrect product data. Think about the
manages the Product Data Catalogue on behalf of the trade          many invoice and order disputes, reject notes, problematic
industry in South Africa. The PDC.za is represented by all         product deliveries, listing difficulties, logistical problems
major South African retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.        caused by the use of incorrect product data, etc. Pilot
                                                                   studies have revealed many losses including the following:

                                                                   • 3.5% of sales are lost due to supply information
                                                                   • 30% of item information used in catalogues by retailers
                                                                     and manufacturers are in error.

                    Poor data integrity or inconsistent data causes defects in the value chain and
                 is a momentum killer for Data Alignment, RFID, Synchronization and Collaboration.
                                                    Out of Stock Situations

                               Incorrect Orders                                    Delivery Errors
                               Discrepancies                                     Speed to Market

                           Difficulty in                                                  Penalties from
                           decision making                                                large retailers

                           Invoice                                                     Time to introduce
                           reconciliation issues                                     new trading partner

                           Surplus inventory                                      Customer service time

                           Logistics cost                                         Organizational mistrust
                                                                                 Inaccurate plan-o-grams

                                                    Lost customer loyalty

In May 1998 a task group was formed to determine the              The South African Retail Trade took a significant step
merits of a product data catalogue for the South African          forward in turning the vision of Electronic Commerce into a
FMCG industry. The most important advantage of this data          reality. Under the auspices of CGCSA, The Consumer Goods
catalogue was to achieve major improvements in supply             Council of South Africa, a decision was taken to imple-
chain management, not only in a specific country but              ment the National Product Data Catalogue (PDC.za). This
globally.                                                         is an integral part of the national ECR (Efficient Consumer
                                                                  Response) initiative and was endorsed by the ECR Board of
The committee, represented by major manufacturers/                South Africa.
suppliers/distributors, such as National Brands, Nestlé,
Reckitt Benckiser, Robertsons, TFD and Unilever and major         The catalogue enables both retailers and suppliers access to
retailers, such as Clicks, Massmart, Metcash Trading,             one central system that contains accurate and concise data
Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers and SPAR, unanimously               with significant advantages for all parties.
agreed that a national product data catalogue should be
developed in South Africa.                                        Since 1 July 2005, Participation in the PDC.za has been

                                                                                                            2. Product Data Catalogue

     a prerequisite to effective Electronic Commerce trading and         Benefits of the PDC.za
     comprises part of the Standard Terms and Conditions of              • User friendly database to store product data in an
     Trade, with the above mentioned retailers and others.                 electronic, easy accessible format
                                                                         • One accurate set of pre-validated product data flow
                                                                           between suppliers and retailers in all trade transactions
     Today                                                               • One distribution channel for static product data ensures
     Trading partners today see unnecessarily high costs from:             alignment of supplier & retailer product databases
     • supply chain information inefficiencies                           • Accurate product data means a reduction of erroneous
     • inaccurate data in transactions                                     orders, invoices & deliveries
     • invoices with errors                                              • Accurate industry standard dimensions and measurements
     • manual work-around processes to correct inefficiencies              of product data
                                                                         • Accurate information for all packaging levels
     Manufacturers and suppliers list their product data on the          • No duplicate or invalid barcode information
     PDC.za database themselves or they acquire the services of          • Efficient tool for listing products, supported by retailers.
     an Accredited Data Controller to assist with this task. A list of
     accredited data controllers is available on our website
                                                                           Getting started
     (www.pdcza.org) or contact the PDC.za Helpdesk for further
                                                                           Manufacturers, Suppliers and Brand Owners
     assistance (helpdesk@pdcza.org). Should a manufacturer /
     supplier choose to publish the product data themselves, they        In order for your company to experience the full benefit of
     will require PDC.za user training (one on one in Johannesburg,      the PDC.za, it is important that you proceed with the
     or by using our training DVD) and the necessary software for        following steps to help you plan this project.
     the PDC Local database. Should manufacturers / suppliers
     have less than 20 products to publish on the database, our          STEP 1: PLAN THE PROJECT
     helpdesk is always happy to assist and publish this data on         • Create awareness of the PDC.za in top management
     your behalf at a nominal cost. Alternatively you may make use         of you company
     of the PDC-Net, our online version. However, training is still      • Determine which business processes will be influenced/
     mandatory.                                                            changed by the PDC.za (i.e. if you require the PDC.za
                                                                           system to automatically link to your company’s internal
     Tomorrow                                                            • Establish a dedicated PDC project team, consisting of:
     What can be done? Synchronize your product data with your             a project champion to liaise with decision makers and
     trading partners. The PDC.za facilitates the electronic ex-           to oversee the smooth running of the project
     change of product data with multiple retailers / manufacturers      • Representation of all relevant divisions, i.e. IT, sales,
     / suppliers. The PDC.za creates:                                      marketing, finance etc.
     • One distribution channel for static product data                  • Appoint person/s to collect and check accuracy of
     • The sole means of listing products in future, supported             data for input
        by retailers                                                     • Appoint person/s to input data into PDC.za
     • Automated communication to retailers/wholesalers                  • Investigate which PDC.za software program to
        regarding: discontinuations, new product introductions,            implement as follows:
        product updates, etc.                                              - PDC-Net (Less than 20 products)
                                                                           - PDC-Local (More than 20 products)

                                                                         STEP 2: SUBSCRIBE
     Synchronised and harmonised master data between trading             • Your company must be a paid up member of
     partners’ systems can promote:                                        GS1 South Africa
     • smooth inter-company flow of goods                                • Ensure you have all the relevant information
     • better control of supply chain processes                            requested on PDC.za registration form. Submit form or
     • reduced costs in the supply chain                                   (fax 0119190067 or via Internet www.pdcza.org)
     • a robust foundation upon which the full benefits of               • Process required payment for the PDC.za registration if
       electronic collaboration can be achieved and scaled.                necessary
                                                                         • A PDC.za consultant will contact you with your User ID
                                                                           and Password, once above information has been received
                                                                         • Your company administrator will now be able to install
                                                                           the PDC Software onto your company’s server.

3. Product Data Catalogue

Installation takes place via a software CD which will be sup-     STEP 6: VIEWING AND SUBSCRIPTION TO DATA
plied to you. (On-site assistance is available on request, at a   • Once a PDC.za member has published their product
cost.) Contact the PDC.za helpdesk 08610 73292 or                   data, retailers that have subscribed to this information
helpdesk@pdcza.org for further information. The                     will be able to view and download it into their own
administrator will assign as many users and user rights as          internal ERP systems
needed.                                                           • You can also view your data online using the PDC-Net
                                                                    application by logging onto www.pdcza.org.
• Training is provided at our Johannesburg office and             STEP 7: UPGRADES AND CHANGES
  dates are available on our website or by calling the            • All upgrades or changes to the PDC-Local and PDC-Net
  helpdesk                                                          programs are transparent to users and are done
• Centres that do not wish to fly their staff up to                 automatically via the automated synchronisation process
  Johannesburg, may make use of our PDC.za Training               • It is therefore very important to ensure that the PDC
  DVD (Please contact the helpdesk to order the DVD)                Synchronisation Scheduler has been set to synchronize
• In the event that the PDC.za helpdesk publishes your              (communicate) with PDC-Central on a regular basis (at
  data on your behalf (less than 20 products) no training           least once a day) to avoid having to purchase
  will be required.                                                 unnecessary “upgraded” PDC.za software. Even if all
                                                                    your data has been published and you are now only
STEP 4: DATA COLLECTION                                             maintaining your product data monthly, your PDC.za
• Collect and Correct Data to be loaded                             software still needs to synchronise in order to remain a
• Data required for loading - Most of the mandatory data            current version of the software.
  required for loading is found on the Product Data Form
  (PDF). See back of brochure. This form typically requests
  information pertaining to GTINs, descriptions, dimensions       Product information required for publishing
  and packaging types                                             on the PDC.za System
• Ensure data is ready for loading: You will be required to       • The product information is the same information that
  identify the most accurate source of product data within          retailers require to list your product
  your organisation. Keep in mind that most companies             • As a PDC.za user, your will have access to the System
  already have an internal product catalogue, so this is            where all the mandatory fields must all be completed, or
  an ideal opportunity to “clean up” this information.              the product cannot be published. The non-mandatory
  Please note that the time and effort to perform this              fields are optional and if not completed, can be updated
  step is typically underestimated!                                 at a later date.

STEP 5: DATA LOADING AND PUBLISHING                               Mandatory fields
• Once all the data has been accumulated and checked              • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  for accuracy, it will be ready for capturing and publishing       / GTIN Type (GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, GTIN-14)
  on PDC-Local or PDC-Net                                         • Product Description:
• Both PDC-Local and PDC-Net will verify the correctness            - Brand (Brand Name and Sub Brand Name)
  of the information. PDC-Central will perform additional           - Product Type (What is the product i.e. Fruit Juice)
  data verifications                                                - Pack Size (250)
• If errors in your data are detected, you will be notified via     - Unit of Measure (ml)
  the PDC.za system to correct and re-publish your data           • Weights: Gross Weight, Nett Weight, Tare Weight
• If no errors are detected, the data will be published on        • Dimensions: Height, Width , Depth
  the PDC-Central system and the data will be immediately         • Product Category Classification
  viewable.                                                       • Packaging Type (i.e. Box, Case, Sachet, Pallet)
                                                                  • Quantity per pack

                                                                                                          4. Product Data Catalogue

     Please read this section before completing the form
     Our membership registration process is very structured and       Terms
     we ask that you please adhere to the following procedures:       1. We will only start processing your application once your
                                                                         payment is reflected on our bank statement. Deposits
     STEP 1
                                                                         made through banks other than Standard Bank can take
     • Complete the Membership Application Form. Make
                                                                         up to 3 days to reflect, kindly allow for this delay.
       sure you give a delivery address where someone will be
       available to accept and sign for the starter pack.
                                                                      2. You will receive your starter pack with your numbers
     • Select the amount of numbers that will adequately
                                                                         +/- 4 working days after processing via courier. Please
       cover all your existing products as well as any future
                                                                         ensure that you provide a current physical address for
       product development. The number ranges are listed
                                                                         the courier delivery. Failing to do so will delay the
       under the scale of Fees section. The minimum range
                                                                         delivery of your documentation. Should the incorrect
       available is 100 numbers.
                                                                         details be provided, the parcel will be returned to GS1
     STEP 2                                                              South Africa, and the company applying for the numbers
     • Deposit the corresponding monetary amount into CGCSA              will be responsible for arranging to have the
       bank account. Account details are provided. Please use            documentation collected or couriered at their own
       your company name as your reference.                              expense.
     STEP 3
                                                                      3 We may not fax or e-mail numbers to you or send them
     • Fax your completed form with a copy of your deposit
                                                                        to third parties, so please do not request that the
       slip/transfer receipt to (011) 919-0064 for the attention of
                                                                        membership department waive this.
       Sue Rogers. Please ensure that you sign and date the
       application form before returning it by fax.
                                                                      4. Should you wish to come to the GS1 offices to apply
                                                                         for barcode numbers – please call Sue Rogers to make
     PDC.za registration                                                 an appointment. Payment must be made in cash.

     1. Your entrance fee includes registration to the PDC.za.
                                                                      5. Office Hours – 8.00AM TO 4.30PM (Monday to
     2. PDC.za is the South African National Product Data
                                                                         Thursday) and FRIDAY 8.00AM TO 3.30PM
        Catalogue. We enable brand owners, manufacturers,
                                                                         • You will receive an annual invoice in March each year
        suppliers, agents, wholesalers and importers to
                                                                           reminding you to pay your annual licence fee. Please
        publish static non competitive data, like product
                                                                           inform us of any changes in address & contact
        descriptions, weights and dimensions, and maintain
                                                                           details. Should payment not be made, your number
        existing product information on a central database -
                                                                           bank will be cancelled and the data on the PDC.za
        accessible by industry through subscription. Retailers
                                                                           will be suspended.
        use PDC to integrate the data internally for accessibility
                                                                         • As part of the Terms and Conditions of membership.
        and trading efficiency by all partners. Loading data on
                                                                           one person is required to attend the Bar coding
        the PDC.za is seen as a condition of trade for the
                                                                           Workshop, free of charge. The GS1 South Africa
                                                                           workshop registration form must be completed and
     3. For PDC.za Training or further information regarding
                                                                           faxed to Antoinette Bosman on (011) 919-0064 as
        PDC.za contact helpdesk@pdcza.org or (011) 789 5777.
                                                                           soon as possible. Should you be based more than
        Training is held in Johannesburg, other centres may
                                                                           200km away from your closest main centre, please
        request the training DVD.
                                                                           contact Antoinette Bosman regarding the e-LEARN
                                                                           courses available. Please ensure that you complete
                                                                            the training within the first year of being a member.

5. Product Data Catalogue
          GS1 APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP [Please PRINT all information clearly]

Company Details
Company Name

Company Registration Number
(ID Number if Company Registration Number is not available)

VAT Registration Number (leave blank if not available)

Postal Address

Physical Address [for Courier Delivery]

Company’s email

Telephone                                                                               Fax

Managing Director                                                                       Email

Finance Manager                                                                         Email
Sales Manager                                                                           Email
Marketing Manager                                                                       Email
Contact Name                                                  Dr   Mr   Mrs     Ms

Direct Telephone No.                                                                 Cellular
Contact’s email
Size of Number bank Required                                                            Payment

Main Product
* Secondary Product
* Other Product
* Other Product

[* Only to be completed where applicable]

Email address for GS1 SA & PDC.za Bulletin


GS1 South Africa Magazine:                                                    Interested in receiving the quarterly Magazine
                                                                        Not interested in receiving the quarterly Magazine

To receive information on the following:                                                        (Tick applicable box: √ )
Workshops                                     PDC.za Training                                       Consultation Service

Name of contact to receive this information:

E-mail:                                                                                 Fax no.

                                                                                                                6. Product Data Catalogue
                       GS1 APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP [Please PRINT all information clearly]

     PDC.za Registration Form
     [ * Indicates mandatory information. ]

      *Business Classification:                              Supplier                         Retailer/ Wholesaler             Agent
      *Person responsible for product data:                                              Position:*

      *Tel:                                                                    Cell
       Fax:                                                                   *E-mail:
      **Authorised Signature for registration:                  Name:
         PDC.za Champion                                        Signature:

      *Approximate number of products:

                                   *Training on the PDC.za is Compulsory. Training is only held in Johannesburg. Other
                                                        centre’s may purchase the training DVD.

     Our company hereby applies for membership of GS1 South Africa                       I/We agree to the payment of an annual licence fee for the
     and, upon being accepted, agrees to abide by the Terms and Condi-                   continued use of the allocated barcode numbers.
     tions governing membership of GS1 South Africa.

         General Terms of Membership
         GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) may only be allocated by the            and complied with. Any use of the GS1 Numbering System after termi-
         member. In the event where a company, brand name or individual product        nation of membership for whatever reason is strictly forbidden.
         is sold to a third party, written permission and approval from GS1 South      Continued use renders the ex member liable for any damages which
         Africa is required if the GTIN is to remain with the product(s). Individual   might be suffered by GS1 South Africa and/or any of its members.
         GTINs may, under no circumstances whatsoever, be sold to any other
         party. Should any member be found to be in breach of these rules, mem-        The annual licence fee must be paid in full by no later than 30 days from
         bership shall be terminated with immediate effect and the entire number       date of invoice. GS1 South Africa reserves the right to cancel member-
         bank will be withdrawn.                                                       ship should payment not have been received.

         Members agree to abide by and comply with all technical standards as set      It is mandatory for each new member to receive training (either class-
         out by GS1 South Africa.                                                      room or online dependent on location of member), free of charge, within
                                                                                       one year of joining GS1 South Africa.
         GS1 South Africa reserves the right to inspect your operation with re-
         gard to the identification, numbering and bar coding of your products         The complete Terms and Conditions of Membership are included in the
         as and when needed to ensure that the terms and conditions are being          documentation sent to all new Members.

                                    Application is only processed once payment is reflected on our bank statement

                                      Signature:                                                  Date

     Scale of fees
     As license fees are payable on a pro-rata basis, total payable                      GS1 General Specifications
     fees will change every month. Please call the GS1 office to                         Available on CD-Rom, at a nominal charge.
     check the latest fee structure before making payment.
                                                                                         GTIN Management Program
     Getting Started Guidelines
                                                                                         This program is available on the GS1 South Africa’s web site:
     Supplied to new member companies at no charge, and provides all
                                                                                         http://www.gs1za.org, at a nominal charge
     the information needed to number and symbol mark
     products supplied to retail and cash & carry customers.
                                                                                         Return Address
     GS1 South Africa User Manual                                                        GS1 South Africa, P O Box 41417, Craighall 2024.
     This is a national manual containing comprehensive information.
     Downloadable at no charge from GS1 South Africa’s web site in                       Enquiries:
     Word format on completion and return of the Manual Order Form                       T: 011 789 5777      F: 011 919 0064 E: info@gs1za.org
     which is obtainable from the website or from Martie Barnard on
     e-mail address martie.barnard@gs1za.org

      BANKING DETAILS - Banking details are as follows:
      Bank: Standard Bank of S A Ltd                                                     Branch [where account held]: Hyde Park Branch
      IBT No: 00 66 05                                                                   Type of Acc.: Cheque / Current

       Name of Acc. Holder: C G C S A                                                    Beneficiary Acc. No: 02 229 445 7

7. Product Data Catalogue

Terms and Conditions of Membership with GS1 South Africa
The following terms and conditions apply to the Membership           5.3 Standards: You will abide by and comply with the techni-        13. CONFIDENTIALITY
of GS1 South Africa and the Licence to use the GS1 System            cal standards set out in the GS1 South Africa manuals/guide-        You will always keep confidential and secure, and not exploit
and numbers granted by GS1 South Africa to the Member.               lines and such other directions as GS1 may give from time           or otherwise misuse, any information of GS1’s which is
Use of GS1 Numbers constitutes agreement by the Member               to time.                                                            identified as or would reasonably be expected to be,
to these Terms and Conditions. Failure to observe and abide                                                                              proprietary, confidential or commercially sensitive. You will
by these terms and conditions may lead to termination of the         6. USE OF GS1 NUMBERS AND OTHER                                     only disclose that information to the extent:
Membership and the Licence.                                          INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                                               (a) necessary to perform Your obligations under the Licence
                                                                     6.1 Use of GS1 Numbers: You are only entitled to use the            and on a “need-toknow” basis only;
1. DEFINITIONS:                                                      GS1 Numbers issued to You by GS1. You must not use any              (b) GS1 authorises it in writing; or
The following definitions will apply within these terms and          numbers issued by GS1 to any other person. You may not              (c) as required by law.
conditions:                                                          use any numbers which purport to be issued by GS1 but
1.1 “Business Day” means any day of the week except                  which are not genuine GS1 numbers or which copy the GS1             14. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLICENCES
Saturday, Sunday or a national public holiday.                       numbering system. You will only use the GS1 Numbers issued          You shall not assign, transfer or sublicense Your rights and
1.2 “GS1” means GS1 South Africa, a Division of CGCSA, an            to You in connection with the manufacture, sale and                 obligations under the Licence.
Incorporated Association not for gain.                               identification of Your Products.
1.3 “GS1 Numbers” means the GS1 membership number                    6.2 Not Alter the Numbers: You will not alter the GS1               15. TERMINATION
and product numbers that are issued to You by GS1 for Your           Numbers licensed to You in any way.                                 GS1 shall have the right to terminate the Licence immediately
use in accordance with these terms and conditions.                   6.3 No Dealing with Numbers: You recognise GS1’s title to           by giving notice if:
1.4 “Intellectual Property” means patents, registered de-            the GS1 Numbers and related Intellectual Property and shall         15.1 Failure to Pay Licence fee: You fail to pay the annual
signs, utility models, trade marks, applications for any of the      not at any time door suffer to be done any act or thing which       Membership fee by its due date;
foregoing, inventions, unregistered trade marks, copyright,          may in any way impair GS1’s rights in the GS1 Numbers or            15.2 Breach: You commit a breach of Your obligations under
confidential information, know-how, processes and trade              related Intellectual Property.                                      these terms and conditions, and you fail to remedy such
secrets and other intellectual property, and equivalents of          6.4 No Challenge or Misuse of GS1 Numbers: You shall                breach;
any of the foregoing anywhere in the world and includes the          not at any time, either during the term of this Licence or after    15.3 Insolvency: You are declared bankrupt, go into
Trade Marks.                                                         termination, directly or indirectly:                                liquidation, have a receiver or statutory manager appointed,
1.5 “Licence” means the licence granted by GS1 to You to             6.4.1 Challenge Ownership of Numbers: challenge, call into          or (being a company) are wound up otherwise than for the
use the GS1 Numbers.                                                 question or raise any questions concerning the validity or          purpose of a reconstruction; or
1.6 “Licensee” means You.                                            ownership of the GS1 System or related Intellectual                 15.4 Head Licence Terminates: GS1 ceases to hold the nec-
1.7 “Member” means You.                                              Property; or                                                        essary licence rights to issue GS1 numbers in South Africa.
1.8 “Membership” means the state of being a member of                6.4.2 Seek Registration of similar Numbers: use or seek             15.5. Termination by either Party: Either GS1 or
GS1 South Africa.                                                    registration of any Intellectual Property including any design      You may otherwise terminate this Licence in any other circum-
1.9 “Products” means the products manufactured and/or                which incorporates or includes, or is substantially identical       stances by giving six months written notice to the other party.
sold by You.                                                         to, or deceptively or confusingly similar to, the GS1 Numbers       15.6. No Release from Obligations: Terminationof this
1.10 “Application Form” means the GS1 Application form               or related Intellectual Property without GS1’s prior written        Licence does not relieve either GS1 or You from liability arising
whereby persons apply to become members of GS1 and for               consent.                                                            from any prior breach of the terms of this Licence.
the issue of GS1 Numbers.                                            6.5 Proprietary Notices: You will ensure that all proprietary
1.11 “terms and conditions” means these terms and condi-             notices that GS1 may require from time to time, appear on           16. CONSEQUENCES TERMINATION
tions as varied by time to time by GS1 in accordance with            the Products. Terms and Conditions of Membership with               On termination of this Licence, Your rights under this Licence
clause 9.                                                            GS1 South Africa                                                    shall terminate and You will immediately comply with the
1.12 “Trade Marks” means the trade marks associated with                                                                                 following:
GS1 and/or the GS1 numbering system.                                 7. USE OF GS1 NUMBERS AND TRADE                                     16.1. Cease to Use Intellectual Property: cease all direct
1.13 “You” means the person, company, corporation or other           MARKS FOR MARKETING /PROMOTION                                      or indirect use of the GS1 Numbers and related Intellectual
legal entity that has signed the Application Form applying           7.1 Limited Rights to Use for Marketing/Promotion: GS1              Property save in respect of products bearing GS1 numbers
for membership of GS1 and the issuance of GS1 numbers.               understands that in the marketing and promotion of the              that are already in the market place at the date of termination
“Your” has a corresponding meaning.                                  Products, You may also wish to use the GS1 Numbers and              of membership;
                                                                     the Trade Marks. Your only rights to use the GS1 Numbers            16.2. Return Materials: return (without retaining copies
2. GRANT OF MEMBERSHIP AND LICENCE                                   and the Trade Marks on marketing and promotional materials          thereof) all material, notes, data, instructions and other
2.1 If GS1 accepts Your application for membership and               are specified in this clause.                                       papers, samples, materials and property GS1 has supplied or
issues You with GS1 Numbers, GS1 also grants You a nonex-            7.2 GS1 Consent: GS1 must be given prior written notice of          other items which contain GS1’s confidential information or
clusive non-transferable licence to use those GS1 Numbers            Your desire to use the GS1 Numbers and the Trade Marks in           Intellectual Property relating to the GS1 Numbers; and
in connection with the supply and sale of Your Products. The         marketing and promotional materials. You may only use the           16.3. Cease applying GS1 Numbers to Products: cease
Licence will commence on the date that GS1 issues You with           GS1 Numbers and/or the Trade Marks if GS1 gives its ap-             applying the GS1 Numbers to any of Your Products
Your GS1 Member Number and will continue until terminated            proval to such use (such approval to be granted or withheld in      manufactured or sold by You after the termination date.
as provided in clause 15.                                            GS1’s sole discretion; such permission will not be unreason-
2.2 Notwithstanding the above clause 2.1, the written permis-        ably withheld). You will submit samples of the proposed mar-        17. DISPUTE RESOLUTION
sion and approval of GS1 South Africa is required in the event       keting and promotional materials to GS1 for approval at least       Where any dispute arises in relation to the Licence or any
that You sell the company, brand name, or individual products        15 Business Days prior to the intended date of publication.         matter arising under it, GS1 and You will make genuine efforts
to a third party and require that Your GS1 Member Number, or         7.3 Correct Reproduction of Trade Marks: If You are permit-         to resolve the dispute by negotiation. Nothing in this clause
specific GS1 Numbers transfers with the products to the new          ted to use the Trade Marks for marketing and promotional            prevents either GS1 or You from applying to a court for urgent
owner. (Such approval to be granted or withheld at GS1’s sole        materials, You must ensure that the Trade Marks are correctly       relief.
discretion; such approval will not be unreasonably withheld.)        reproduced.
                                                                                                                                         18. NOTICES
3. COMMENCEMENT DATE                                                 8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                                            All notices and other communications required or permitted
3.1 Effect: These terms and conditions come into effect for          INFRINGEMENT                                                        under this Licence shall be in writing and shall be delivered
You on the later of 1 January 2004 or the date on which the          In the event that it comes to Your notice that:                     personally, sent by registered post (within South Africa),
GS1 Numbers are issued to You.                                       (a) there is an infringement or suspected infringement of           sent by facsimile transmission (and promptly confirmed by
                                                                     the Intellectual Property in the GS1 Numbers or the Trade           registered post or, in the case of overseas mail, by air courier
4. FEES                                                              Marks; or                                                           service), or via the GS1 South Africa Newsletter. Any such no-
4.1 Entrance Fee: On joining GS1 South Africa, You will pay          (b) the GS1 Numbers infringe or are suspected of infringing         tice shall be deemed given when so delivered personally, or if
an Entrance Fee as specified in the Application Form.                intellectual property rights of others, You will promptly notify    sent by facsimile transmission on the next following business
4.2 Annual Licence fee is Payable: You will pay to GS1 an            GS1 in writing. GS1 will have control over any steps GS1 may        day in the country in which it is received, or the next day after
annual Licence fee to be invoiced 1st March of every year.           wish to take in relation to the suspected infringement and all      sending by registered or ordinary post within South Africa.
This must be paid within 30 days from date of invoice. GS1           such steps shall be at GS1’s cost. You will provide informa-        Notices for You will be sent to the address specified on Your
may, from time to time, increase the Licence fee by giving           tion and assistance in respect of such suspected infringement       Application Form (or such other address as You may notify
You at least 20 Business Days written notice. On expiry of           as GS1 reasonably requests.                                         GS1 of from time to time). Notices for GS1 must be sent to the
the notice period the increase shall be effective and due and                                                                            Chief Executive Officer of GS1 at GS1’s
payable.                                                             9. VARIATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                address as notified to You from time to time.
4.3 Amount of Entrance Fee and Licence fee: As at the                GS1 has the right to vary these terms and conditions at any
commencement of the Membership the amount of the                     time by giving written notice to You. Any such variation noti-      19. GENERAL LEGAL PROVISIONS
Entrance Fee and the annual Licence fee is as specified in the       fied by GS1 shall take effect immediately (unless a later date      19.1 Governing law: The terms and conditions are governed
Application Form. Your initial Licence fee will be a pro-rata        is specified in the notice).                                        by the law of South Africa and GS1 and You submit to the
amount dependent on the month of joining.                                                                                                nonexclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.
4.4 Fees Payable after Termination of Membership: Where              10. COMPLIANCE WITH GS1 RULES                                       19.2 Waiver: No waiver, extension or excuse (as the case may
Products bearing GS1 Numbers issued to You are already in            As long as You remain a member of GS1 You must comply               be) shall be deemed to arise unless it is in writing and signed
the marketplace at the time of termination of the Membership         with the rules of GS1, as contained within these Terms and          by the relevant party providing it.
pursuant to clause 15, notwithstanding such termination You          Conditions as well as with the GS1 General Specifications.          19.3 No favour, delay, relaxation or indulgence on the part of
will remain liable for a fee equivalent to the Licence fee for the   GS1 South Africa reserves the right to inspect Your opera-          either party in exercising any power or right conferred on such
period that those Products remain in the marketplace.                tions and Products which relate to the GS1 Numbers at               party in terms of this agreement shall operate as a waiver of
4.5 Default Interest: You will pay interest on any amount due        regular intervals to ensure that these terms and conditions are     such power or right nor shall any single or partial exercise
and not paid within 60 days of due date. Such interest will be       being observed and complied with.                                   of any such power or right preclude any other or further
payable on the amount outstanding from the due date until                                                                                exercises thereof or the
payment at the maximum interest rate allowable.                      11. SURVIVAL                                                        exercise of any other power or right under this agreement.
4.6 VAT: All amounts payable under this clause are exclusive         The covenants and acknowledgements contained in clauses             19.4 Severance: If any provision contained in these terms
of VAT. You will also pay any VAT in addition to the base            4.3, 5.2, 8, 12, 13 and 15 shall remain in force and effect after   and conditions is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it
amount payable.                                                      the termination or expiry of the Licence for any reason and         shall be severable, shall be deemed to be deleted from these
                                                                     shall not be deemed waived, merged or extinguished upon             terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity or
5. YOUR CONDUCT                                                      such termination or expiry.                                         enforceability of other provisions in these terms and
5.1 Training: You are required to register and undergo train-                                                                            conditions.
ing, either classroom or online, dependant on location, within       12. INDEMNITY
1 year of joining GS1 South Africa (one delegate at no cost).        You agree to indemnify GS1 against claims, suits, losses,
5.2. Not Prejudice GS1’s Goodwill: You will not at any time          damages or costs suffered or incurred by GS1 as a result of
during the term of the Membership, or after its termination, be      Your conduct, Your use of the GS1 Numbers and any breach
a party to any act, matter or thing whereby GS1’s goodwill,          of these terms and conditions by You (except to the extent
trade or business may be prejudicially affected or brought           GS1 causes or contributes to the claims, suits, losses, dam-
into disrepute.                                                      ages or costs).

                                                                                                                                                                       8. Product Data Catalogue
                      PDC.za REGISTRATION

     Please fill out the form below, and fax to 011 919-0067
     or email to: helpdesk@pdcza.org

     * indicates mandatory information.                                                    Date:
      Vendor Name:*
      Global Location Number(GLN):*                      6      0       0
      Company VAT Registration Number:*
      Business Classification*                               Supplier                 Retailer/ Wholesaler            Agent
      Person responsible:*                                                             Position:*
      for product data
      Tel:*                                                         Cell:
      Fax:                                                          E-mail
      Authorised Signature for registration & invoice:              Name:                                      Signature:

                                                                             Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Hyde Park Branch
                      CGCSA BANKING DETAILS:                                          Account name: CGCSA

                           PAYMENT DUE = R                                               IBT (00) 6605 (34)
                                                                                     Account No: 02 229 445 7

                                 Postal Address*:                                Physical Address*

          Town / Suburb*:
          Postal Code*:

      Approximate number of products*:                                                              20 PDCnet
      PDC.za Application Software selection:            Single / PDCnet / PDC Local                 PDC Local (21+ products)
      Please list:
      GS1 company prefixes that belong to your company: (If more than 5 please attach list)
      *Your barcodes start with this prefix, e.g. (6001234).

      1*                                             Allocated to Company *

      2                                              Allocated to Company *

      3                                              Allocated to Company *

      Does your company own or allocate 8 digit barcodes to your products?                          Yes                     No
                                                                                               Please list on p2

      Does your company own or allocate international GTIN’s (barcodes)                             Yes                     No
      to your products?                                                                        Please list on p2.

      Did your company buy over a product range from another company?                               Yes                     No
                                                                                               Please list on p2.

      Have you authorized other companies to supply any of your products?                           Yes                     No
                                                                                               Please list on p2.

      Have you read and do you accept the PDC.za Terms and Conditions?                              Yes                     No
                                                                                               Please list on p2.

9. Product Data Catalogue
            PDC.za REGISTRATION

Please list if applicable
8 Digit Barcodes (EAN/UCC-8’s) (If more than 10, please attach list)
GTIN #1                                                            GTIN #6
GTIN #2                                                            GTIN #7
GTIN #3                                                            GTIN #8
GTIN #4                                                            GTIN #9
GTIN #5                                                            GTIN #10

Please list if applicable
International Prefixes / GTIN’s (barcodes) owned or allocated by your company (If more than 5, please attach list)
                          Prefix / GTIN                                                    Company Name

Please list if applicable
GTINs (barcodes) obtained from other company when you bought over a product range from the
other company? (If more than 5, please attach list)
                             GTIN                                                          Company Name

Please list if applicable
Names of companies authorized to supply any of your products? (If more than 2, please attach list)

                                                        FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Check GS1 membership                Prefix Check – Local &         Authorisation letters       Company Created
                                    International                  received
Installation Letter for             Contact Database updated       Invoice done                Training booked / DVD sent
Local or Net sent                   for bulletin
Software couriered                  PDF’s received for
                                    publication (if applicable)

                                                                                                         10. Product Data Catalogue
                        PDC.za TERMS AND CONDITIONS

     1. PDC.ZA Catalogue Deliverables                         5. Usage                                                  8. Jurisdiction
     a. Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors or Whole-      a. Manufacturer and Supplier Usage                        The partners hereby irrevocably consent to the
     salers can utilise PDC Local, PDC Webservices            Manufacturers and Suppliers populate the PDC.za           jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in the Republic
     or PDC Net to populate the catalogue - “publish”         Catalogue with product data in order to make this         of South Africa in respect of any proceedings that
     product details.                                         information available to Retailers, Wholesalers, and      may be initiated by either party arising out of this
     b. PDC Local and PDC Webservices are reserved            subscribing Third Party Users (Logistics / Sales and      agreement, provided that the aggrieved party shall
     for companies with 20 or more products. It is            Merchandisers). Use of this information is restricted     be entitled, in its sole discretion, to institute such
     incumbent on Retailers, Data Controllers and 3rd         to internal use only and does not permit the copying      proceedings in the High Court of South Africa and,
     Party PDC.za Data Users to use PDC Local or PDC          or forwarding to any third party for reuse or financial   in such event, the party consents to the jurisdiction
     Webservices.                                             gain.                                                     of the said court.
     c. PDC Net is not intended for companies with
     more than 20 products.                                   b. Retailer Usage                                         9. General
     d. Retailers and 3rd Party PDC Data Users can            Retailers have access to all public published             The parties acknowledge and agree that this
     access the catalogue and download selected prod-         products, as determined by the Suppliers and              agreement sets out the whole of the agreement
     uct details. Access to the system can be executed        Manufacturers, on the PDC.za Catalogue on a, as           between them and that there are no other
     after Retailers and 3rd Party PDC.za Data Users          required basis. Use of this information is restricted     agreements, guarantees or representations, either
     have “subscribed” to listed products by presenting       to internal use only and does not permit the copying      verbal or in writing, in regard thereto, upon which
     “product subscription lists” to the PDC.za.              or forwarding to any third party for reuse or financial   any party is relying in concluding this agreement.
     e. PDC.za Training is available in Johannesburg.         gain.                                                     The online acceptance of these Terms and
     Companies in other centre’s may attend the                                                                         Conditions will be deemed a legal agreement
     Johannesburg training sessions or purchase the           c. Any Other 3rd Party Usage                              between the parties. No variation of this agreement
     training DVD.                                            i. 3rd Party PDC.za Data Users have access to all         shall be binding unless recorded in writing and
                                                              public published products, as determined by the           signed by the parties.
     2. Subscription To The PDC.za                            Suppliers and Manufacturers, on the PDC.za
                                                              Catalogue on a, as required basis.                        10. Non Disclosure Agreement
     a. Any manufacturer, supplier, retailer, distributor,
                                                              ii. Value added services or products can be added         The abovementioned and undersigned Parties
     wholesaler, agent, service provider or 3rd Party
                                                              to this data and the value added products or              agree as follows:
     PDC Data User can become a subscriber to the
                                                              services can be sold for financial gain.                  a. The System User will receive and has discussed
     PDC.za catalogue. Any company, appointed as a
                                                              iii. The PDC.za data, without any value added             with the CGCSA certain proprietary data and
     data controller, must become a PDC.za subscriber.
                                                              product or services is expressly forbidden without         confidential information, which include the
     b. PDC.za access is conditional on subscribers
                                                              the written approval and consent of CGCSA.                application software and the associated databases,
     being paid-up members of GS1 (a division of
                                                              iv. If the value added products or services prove         methodology and any other specifications regarding
                                                              to be                                                     the PDC.za.
                                                              superficial and/or differ from the services/products      b. The System User undertakes to protect and keep
     3. Subscription Termination or Cancellation
                                                              indicated on the PDC.za Data Usage application,           in strict confidence the propriety data, and will use
     a. Either party, on prior written notice of 1 calendar
                                                              CGCSA reserves the right to suspend data access           the same degree of precautions it would use to
     month, can terminate this agreement. Termination
                                                              to the PDC.za.                                            protect its own propriety data.
     will not result in any refund by CGCSA of any
                                                                                                                        c. The System User acknowledges that the propri-
     pre-payments made. Any outstanding balances
                                                              6. Availability                                           ety data received is confidential in nature and any
     remain valid and have to be settled within 30 days
                                                              a. CGCSA will endeavour to keep the PDC.za                disclosure may cause serious harm or damage to
     of termination.
                                                              available                                                 its owners and officers.
     b. Cancellation of GS1 Membership will lead to
                                                              24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.           d. The System User undertakes not to disclose or
     automatic termination of access to the PDC.za.
                                                              b. Helpdesk facilities will be available during normal    make use of this information to or in favour of any
                                                              office hours – 08:00 00 – 16:30 Mondays to Fridays,       third party or use any methods of exploitation of
     4. PDC.za Charges
                                                              excluding Public Holidays.                                said data and confidential information contrary to
     a. Subscription Charges
                                                                                                                        this agreement.
     New subscriptions –
                                                              7. Indemnity                                              e. The System User agrees that no modifications
     • A once-off charge per company for setting up the
                                                              a. The subscriber indemnifies CGCSA against all           to the propriety data, or any installed IT files and or
     company for use of the PDC-Local or PDC- Web-
                                                              direct losses or damages it may suffer arising out        linked databases will be allowed in any way, albeit
     Services or PDC Net application (This is part of
                                                              of a breach of any of the terms or conditions of this     directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally.
     the initial GS1 membership fee when joining the
                                                              agreement, by CGCSA.                                      f. The System User acknowledges that any changes
                                                              b. CGCSA shall endeavor to notify the client of any       resulting in CGCSA having to repair the data will be
     • An annual PDC.za Data Usage fee is also payable
                                                              maintenance and repairs which may result in the           chargeable per hour with a minimum fee of
     for a 3rd Party PDC.za Data Usage company.
                                                              system being unavailable, but does not warrant            R1 000-00.
     Subscription Renewal
                                                              that notice shall be given to the client prior to such    g. In case of irreparable damage caused by the
     • Subscription to PDC Local or PDC Web Services
                                                              maintenance and repairs being undertaken.                 “System User / Company”, the “System User /
     or PDC Net is automatically renewed, at no extra
                                                              c. Without limiting the generality of the above the       Company” will be held liable for all resultant costs
     cost, when the GS1 annual membership fee is
                                                              subscriber indemnifies and holds CGCSA harmless           and damages.
     paid. 3rd Party PDC.za Data Usage is automatically
                                                              against any and all losses, injury, damage, penalties
     renewed when the annual PDC.za Data Usage fee
                                                              or claims of whatever nature and howsoever arising
     is also paid.
                                                              from or in connection with the service hereby made
     • In the event of failure to renew GS1 subscription
                                                              available by CGCSA.
     or PDC.za Data Usage subscription, access to any
     product data on the PDC.za will, on confirmation
     from GS1, be prohibited until payments due are

11. Product Data Catalogue
              PRODUCT DATA FORM

The Product Data Form must be completed by all Suppliers / Manufacturers so as to provide standard product
information to the Major Retailing groups who wish to list their product, or amend listed products. This information
is also required in the PDC.za. This form only applies to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Please note the following:
1) At this point in time, this form will only be used for fixed weight products.
2) All information covering existing packaging levels is to be considered mandatory.
3) If pallets are used they must be allocated a GTIN.
Following is a description of fields that may need explanation.

Supplier Details
Vendor Name: Name of source Manufacturer / Supplier.
Global Location No. (GLN): This is an GTIN-13 number used to identify the Corporate identity of the Vendor / Agent.
It is used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the PDC.za.

Within the following levels, certain fields are common and the same description applies.
GTIN: Only one Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is required. This GTIN would be either an GTIN-8, GTIN-13, GTIN-14, or GTIN-12
number. Note that the UPC-E numbers should be expanded to their UPC-A equivalent and reflected under GTIN-12. The six-digit
UPC-E number should also be reflected to provide a double check on accuracy.
Supplier Item Code: This is the Supplier’s internal code for the item.
Pack Mat.: Examples of Packing Material are Cardboard, Plastic, Glass etc.
Pack Type: Examples of Packing Type are Box, Bottle, Tube, Bag, Case etc. For PDC.za, choose a Pack Type from the standard
Pack Type list available.
Pack Qty.: The number of units of the previous packaging level contained within this packaging level. Consumer Unit Determine the
default front panel (promotional panel). If a product package has more than one possible front, the highest side is considered to be
the Default. Consult the General GS1 Specification if in doubt.
Height: The vertical dimension from base to top of pack.
Width: The horizontal dimension from left to right of the front panel (promotional panel). In the case of cylindrical containers, this
would reflect the diameter.
Depth: The horizontal dimension from front panel to rear panel. In the case of cylindrical containers, this dimension is the same as width.
Non-Consumer Unit: First determine the natural base or underside. (For pallets - if the contents do extend beyond the edges of the
pallet base, it will influence the dimensions of width and depth).
Height: The vertical dimension from natural base to top of pack. For pallets, this height includes the height of the pallet base.
Width: The shortest horizontal dimension of the natural base. In the case of cylindrical containers, this would reflect the diameter.
Depth: The longest horizontal dimension of the natural base. In the case of cylindrical containers, this dimension is the same as width.
Gross Weight: Gross weight in Kilograms to three decimal places.
Tare Weight: Weight of packaging in Kilograms to three decimal places at each level (excluding weight of packaging from all previous
packaging levels). For pallets this will be the weight of the pallet base.
Commercial (Invoice) Description: If the Packaging level is an Order or Invoice Unit, then the Commercial Description is the description
as it will appear on the Supplier’s Invoice. (A maximum of 35 characters).

Consumer Unit
Description of Product
Elements of the description should be stated separately as contained within the bold line box on the next page.
An example would be :

 Brand Name                  Product                     Variant                       Pack Size                  Pack Size UOM

 Jemay                       Fruit Juice                 Orange                        250                        ml

The Product Data Catalogue (PDC.za) will concatenate these fields into a full description, thus : Jemay Fruit Juice Orange 250 ml

Category: The retailers will complete this information.
Shelf Life: Where applicable, the shelf life of the product must be supplied. It must be indicated whether days, weeks
or months are being used.
Temperature Requirement: Where applicable, the temperature range in °C recommended for this product must be supplied.
Country of Origin: To be completed if the country of origin is NOT the Republic of South Africa.
Peg Hole to LHS / Peg Hole to Top: These two fields apply to the hole in carded products only. They need to be
expressed in millimetres from the Left Hand Side (LHS) and the Top of the card to the centre of the hole respectively.
Alcohol Content %: If the product contains alcohol then the percentage content must be supplied.

Units/Layer: Number of units of the previous packaging level per layer of the pallet.
Units/Pallet: Number of units of the previous packaging level contained on a full pallet. Remaining fields are self-explanatory.

                                                                                                                   12. Product Data Catalogue
                      PRODUCT DATA FORM

     Supplier Details                                                             New                      Amend                      Delete

      Vendor Name                                                            Selling Agent Name
      Global Location No.                                                    Global Location No.
      Contact                                                                Contact
      Tel (       )                     Fax (           )                    Tel (        )                          Fax (      )
      E-mail Address                                                         E-mail Address
                              DD   MM            YYYY                        DD      MM           YYYY                          DD      MM     YYYY
      Date of Listing                                       Date Available                                Date Discontinued

     Consumer Unit
      GTIN-8                                                UPC-E                                   Supplier Item Code
      GTIN-13                                                                GTIN-12          0
      Brand Name                                                             VAT Exempt Y/N                           VAT %          Order Unit Y/N
      Product                                                                Category                                                Invoice Unit Y/N
      Variant                                                                Pack Size                                Pack Size UOM
      Pack Mat.                          Pack Type                           Shelf Life           Days/Wks/Mnths Temperature Req. °C Min Max
                                                                                                  (Circle Applicable)

      Height (mm)                        Width (mm)                          Depth (mm)                               Alcohol Content %
      Gross Weight (Kg)                  Tare Weight (Kg)                    Peg Hole to LHS (mm)               Peg Hole to Top (mm)
                                                                             Dangerous Goods Y/N                Special Handling Y/N
      Country of Origin                                                          (If “Y” for any Category, Attach Documentation)

      Commercial (Invoice) Description
      (35 char max)

      GTIN-13                                                                Supplier Item Code                              Consumer Unit Y/N

      GTIN-12             0                                                  Gross Weight (Kg)                        Tare Weight (Kg)

      Pack Mat.                                 Pack Type                    Pack Qty.                                Order Unit Y/N
      Height (mm)                               Width (mm)                   Depth (mm)                               Invoice Unit Y/N
      Commercial (Invoice) Description
      (35 char max)

     Outer Case
      GTIN-13                                                                Supplier Item Code
      GTIN-14                                                                Gross Weight (Kg)                         Tare Weight (Kg)
      Pack Mat.                                 Pack Type                    Pack Qty.                                Order Unit Y/N
      Height (mm)                               Width (mm)                   Depth (mm)                               Invoice Unit Y/N
      Commercial (Invoice) Description
      (35 char max)

      GTIN-13                                                                Supplier Item Code
      GTIN-14                                                                Gross Weight (Kg)                         Tare Weight (Kg)
      Pack Mat.                                 Pack Type                    Pack Qty.                                Order Unit Y/N
      Height (mm)                               Width (mm)                   Depth (mm)                               Invoice Unit Y/N
      Commercial (Invoice) Description
      (35 char max)

     Submitted by                                                     Date                               Signature

13. Product Data Catalogue
         subscribing to   PDC.za DATA


                                 SHOPRITE S


T : +27 (0) 11 789 5777
F: +27 (0) 11 919 0067
E: helpdesk@pdcza.org
Toll free no.: 08610 73292

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