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									                 Mrs. Howard’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

Welcome to 6th Grade English Language Arts Class! (ELA)!

This sheet is a course outline for your ELA class. On this sheet you will find important classroom
policies and procedures as well as an outline of what we will be focusing on for the remainder of the

       Please place this document in the front of your binder as a reference tool! (if you have hole
reinforcers, it would be a GOOD idea to use them on this page)

What We Do in ELA Class
►Listening and speaking skills
►Building our Vocabulary
►Reading Comprehension Strategies
►Literary Elements
►Parts of speech
►Word Study/Spelling

Classroom Procedures

Entering the Room
      -Please enter the room quietly and prepared to learn.
      -Look at the board for any homework assignments and immediately write them in your
      -Take any materials required for the day’s lesson from the bin near the door.
      -Take out homework, sharpen pencils and begin any warm-up activity that might be

Leaving the Room
      -The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
      -When the tables, chairs and floor have been straightened up, you will be dismissed.
Proper Heading
      -Please use the standard heading for all of your papers

                   Subject                               Name
                   Date                                  Mod:

Homework happens! It is an important part of the learning process and will be assigned on a
regular basis to support the skills and concepts learned in class.

Late homework is DISCOURAGED. If you turn in an assignment late, the grade will be reduced
by 25% if it is one day late and you will receive a checkmark on your weekly assessment.
Anything past 2 days late will not be accepted.

We ALL have bad days!! Each marking period I will eliminate your lowest grade so that one bad
day will not hurt you.

Our Rules

Our classroom rules revolve around the Viking Values of Respect, Responsibility and Safety.
The rules are as follows:

      Be Respectful
   -Follow directions the first time they are given.
   -Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
   -Encourage Everyone
   -Touch only your own property

      Be Responsible
   -Be on time for class
   -Bring all required materials for class

      Be Safe
   -Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
Our Consequences
The consequences for choosing not to follow the classroom rules are as follows.

1st Offense:       Verbal Warning
2nd Offense:       Stay 1 minute after class – no late pass given
3rd Offense:       Call Home
4th Offense:       Send to Office

Severe Clause:     Any severe disruptions in class will be reported to the office immediately.

Weekly Assessment Sheet

Each week you will be given an assessment sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to monitor your
homework, preparation, behavior as well as classroom participation. You must have this sheet
with you every day and your goal is to keep this sheet blank each week If there are no
checkmarks or notes on the sheet, then you have met the expectations for the week in the
classroom. Students maintaining a clean weekly assessment sheet will have the opportunity to
participate in a classroom game.

-If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to obtain the make-up work.

-Make-up work will be labeled and on the student information table

-Check the model binder for additional information/notes that you may have missed.

-My website will have all of the daily assignments posted and is a good source of information.


STUDENT: I have read and understand these rules and procedures.

Signature: _____________________________________           Date: ________________________

PARENT: I have read and understand these rules and procedures.

Signature: _____________________________________           Date: ________________________

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