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                               School                                          Newsletter Number 12

                                                                                  11 October 2007

From the Headmaster...                               Upper 1 Trip to Croc City
                                                     As part of the theme on
Dear Parents and Boys                                Reptiles, the Upper I’s
                                                     went on a trip to Croc
                                                     City. The trip proved to
The rain has finally come!         For all those     be very valuable and
hayfever sufferers — I hope you are feeling          was      enjoyed       by
better. It’s always good to have rain: just to see   everyone. The activities were interactive and
the fields turn green again gives me great           included a tour around the farm where they saw
pleasure! But it must rain in the evenings and       crocodiles of different ages and sizes, a talk and
the boys must have a chance to play their            a demonstration of various specimens and a
cricket! Mid-term next week already! Herewith        video. The boys even got to hold a “live” baby
the latest news for the Prep School.                 crocodile. They showed how clever they were
                                                     and were able to answer any question put to
                                                     them. One boy even knew what a “cloaca” was
                                 Mike Workman        — ”where you do a number one and a number
                                                     two”. We were very proud of the boys, not only
                                                     for their excellent behaviour but for their
Chatterbox Public                                    positive attitude and eagerness to learn and
                                                     participate in the activities.
Speaking Festival
The Chatterbox Public Speaking Festival for this
term took place on Thursday 27 September at
St John’s. Pupils from Roedean, The Ridge,                                        Thomas Mattiuzzo
APPS and St Katharine’s participated in the                                       and Matthew Moore
festival. All speeches were “impromptu”      (in                                  each holding the
reality pupils had 5-10 minutes preparation                                       baby crocodiles.
time) and covered a wide range of topics. The
young orators excelled themselves, making
intelligent and entertaining speeches. The
following boys participated and received
Lower II       Andre Venter
               Matthew Stopforth
               Rohan Gupta
Upper II       Aashish Diayar
               Jamie Batchelor
               Jeremy Prior
Lower III      Lulu Kahla
               Cameron Dry
               Devon Schoemaker
Upper III      Laurence Nel
               Anthony Testa
               Mohamed Sacranie
               Lee-Jean Chinnah
                                 Karen Maitland
                                                                                    Upper I Teachers
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F1 in Schools’ National Finals
On Friday the 5th October, Team Phoenix and Team Volvo           Early
Racing, both from St John’s Prep, took part in the F1 in
Schools’ National Championships. There were 24 teams
participating from all over South Africa. The teams had
to design a racing car on computer, have it cut out from
                                                                 swimming training
a block of balsa wood, paint it and prepare it for racing.
They also had to put together a display showing aspects          There will be early morning swimming
of their project, a portfolio detailing everything they did in
                                                                 training every Tuesday, Wednesday and
order to get to the finished car, and they had to make a
presentation to a panel of judges. They then had to race         Thursday from 06h45 to 07h15. All boys
their cars down a 25m track in order to get a set of
                                                                 are encouraged to attend and we hope
racing-times. Marks were allocated for every aspect of
the project.                                                     the Team Swimmers will come on at least
    Team Volvo Racing (Paul Ontong, Gerald Campher,              two of the days. The training will be held
Tinaye Tengende, Niels Kuehnemann and Julian Cowper)
                                                                 in the Valley Pool which is heated. Please
were placed 2nd in the Junior category, and received a
Silver Medal.                                                    encourage your sons to come along. It’s
    Team Phoenix (Laurence Nel, Marius Vermaak,                  good for them and good for St John’s.
Thomas Workman, Craig Murrell, Aaron Chiu and
Simon Blackie) were placed 1st in the Junior Category,
receiving a Gold Medal, and were also given the Award
for Best Engineered Car in South Africa. Well done to all
the boys!
                                               Jon Gunning

Inter-Schools’ Quiz                                              The pessimist complains about the wind;
                                                                 the optimist expects it to change; the
Last Wednesday evening Jonathon Beard and Cameron
                                                                 realist adjusts the sails.
Fisher took part in the Inter-Schools Quiz at the Ridge.
The theme of the quiz was “Africa” and as the Upper III                                      W.A. Word
boys had their geography assessment on Thursday on
Africa, both boys acquitted themselves exceptionally well
and were able to answer even the trickiest of questions
about their continent. Cameron’s team was placed first
and Jonathon’s second. Many thanks and well done
                                               Nicky Sulter

The Magic Flute
What an incredible privilege it was for me to accompany
the Upper III’s to a schools’ performance of Mozart’s op-
era “The Magic Flute”. What sets this production apart is
the fact that the set was designed by South African and
world-renowned artist William Kentridge. With the use of
exquisite charcoal drawings and amazing laser
techniques Kentridge creates a set that mirrors the
dramatic plot of the opera. It is difficult to describe just
how it all works together, but it certainly does and it
provides an incredible feast for both eyes and ears.
Judging from the warm applause, this culturally rich
experience was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by
the 1000 school pupils in the audience.
                                               Nicky Sulter
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Individual Achievements

Water Polo                                                               Cricket
Four of our boys have been selected for the Gauteng U13 Water Polo       Owen Newton-Hill has
team who will represent Gauteng in the SA Schools’ Provincial            been selected to attend
Tournament in Cape Town in December. This is an outstanding              the U13 Gauteng East
achievement, and our warm congratulations go to Wesley Antonites,        Regional team trials later
Roarke Olver, Dan Trninic and Devon Henson. Roarke and Dan are           this month. We wish him
still U12, and Devon is only U11 — the youngest player to play in this   all the very best.
tournament! Well done, we are very proud of you!

                                                                         Failure is not falling
                                                                         down but staying down.

                                                                         Hockey Results
                                                                         Saturday, 29 September
                                                                         1sts vs St Peter’s
                                                                         Lost 1-0

                                                                         1sts vs CBC Boksburg
                                                                         Lost 2-0

Cricket Results
1st team cricket at St Peter’s 20/20 festival:

vs St Peter’s 2nds          St John’s 139 (Pretorius 40)
                            St Peter’s 81 for 6
                            Match Won
vs Youth Development XI 1 St John’s 74 for 7 (Maxton 21)
                            Match rained out
vs St David’s               St John’s 74 for 8
                            St David’s 75 for 5
                            Match Lost
vs Youth Development XI 2   St John’s 170 (Pretorius 117
                                           Tregoning 48)
                            Youth Dev XI 2 71 for 8
                            Match Won
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Upper II Art Work
The Upper II boys were required to draw creepy crawlies in a bottle.

Aasif Bulbulia                                              Benjamin Hurlbatt

Hiren Mistry                                              Jason Madavo
                       St John’s Preparatory School                           Page 5

Upper II Art Work
The Upper II boys were required to draw creepy crawlies in a bottle.

 Thomas Kirk                                                 Hugh Ledlie

 Tariq Koor                                                  Michael Bucher
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MySchool Programme
Below is a letter detailing the MySchool programme. We would like to encourage all parents to make use
of this programme as it is an effortless way to raise funds for the School. When you use your MySchool
card, the school benefits by being awarded a small percentage of the value of your purchases. St John’s
has decided to utilize these donations from the MySchool programme to assist current parents by offering
temporary bursaries to existing pupils as opposed to new pupils. This will include the Pre-Prep, Prep and
College families. Please support this programme.
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                                                 changed the format of our
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           professional                          the size from an A5 booklet to
                                                 an A4 booklet. We would love
         service from her                        to hear how you feel about the
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                       Learn to take “no” as a vitamin.
                                                   S. De Passe
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       A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got
      together to visit their old University of Notre Dame lecturer.
Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

           Offering his guests coffee, the lecturer went to the
 kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of
     cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, some plain looking and some
 expensive and exquisite, telling them to help themselves to hot coffee.

        When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the
lecturer said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking, expensive cups were
  taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is but
    normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the
source of your problems and stress. What all of you really wanted was
 coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the better cups and
                     are eyeing each other's cups."

        "Now, if Life is coffee, then the jobs, money and position
  in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life,
                 but the quality of Life doesn't change."

                                                                            Mike Workman

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